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tv   Combating ISIS  CSPAN  March 27, 2017 6:50pm-7:35pm EDT

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that cybersecurity is not the problem the cybersecurity is a problem that is here tuesday. -- to stay . >> [inaudible conversations]
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good morning. they give rorer participating in this conference was to counter isis' it is encouraging to see the forces of isis to engineer a tv in their computer monitors they will seek a combined 68 nations and organizations to share a resolve of isis or daish lasting defeat the coalition is united to stop the nicest resurgence halting global ambitions and we're ready to
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grow stronger in battle. with the joint session of congress to make clear it is the policy of the united states to demolish and destroy this barbaric terrorist organization many of us represent countries that marks one year since 32 illness and people were killed and 300 wounded with the attack on brussels. the fourth minister home says this is a solemn day but we are grateful to have him with us today in the same month lead child was killed and 600 iraqis injured and i sis has carried out horrific attacks
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in paris and in stable of - - install and also on social media the phenomenon we're working to combat together with the major point of discussion today. has become a memory and warned let us honor him with the unwavering dedication. the great commonality to bring down a global force in emphasize the word commended for the success of the mission with the stated objective in the run-up palm $2 billion of stabilization for the liberated areas of iraq and syria 2017 i am pleased to announce we have
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surpassed that total. let's fill the of pledges to disburse the funds that we need to carry on operations for the rest of the year. to reflect on the past year we should be encouraged by progress that we are making as a coalition the flow into syria and iraq is down 90 percent of the past year. it is harder for the terrorists to get in and get out. to threaten the homeland. turkey has pushed vice is off the border through operations in the entire border is now in -- not excessive will and we will make sure it stays that way. many deputies are now dead
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it is only a matter of time the libyan government to deprive of its own territory outside the fire iraq and syria to have representatives here today and over partners on the ground as of liberated square kilometers freeing the people from cities and villages and towns with the liberation of all this territory that isis has recovered none of it. those that have content in five languages with the attack with the on-line presence yielding a 75% reduction of content of the
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internet in one year and 475,000 linked twitter accounts. more than 1 million iraqis have returned to their homes the displacement we must insure this continues those closest to the conflict have undertaken a widespread humanitarian response to the refugee crisis that many are working to reintegrate and we should recognize the republic of iraq that prime minister who was with me on stage to show commitment and courage to incur said troops to make sure people are cared for the desire for
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stability drives the vision for the future of iraq. the iraqi retaking is liberated more than 1 million civilians those under trained by the coalition for performing heroically so this campaign could not have succeeded without the cooperation between the iraqi security forces i am pleased to cns representative from the government here today with the prime minister with this close cooperation between the iraqi people and their leaders to hasten isis alternate defeat to ensure they can never return to iraq. hard-fought victories have swung of momentum but we
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must increase the intensity in the next phase of the counter isis' fight. we must defeat isis' i recognize those challenges but the number one goal is in the region as he said before everything is a priority nothing is a priority we must keep up on the most urgent matter at hand. at this moment characterized by major military operations to necessitate a large-scale military response but the end goal is the elimination of isis through military force it will remain where
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the caliphate existed in order to set the conditions for full recovery under president trump's leadership the economy will remain under intense pressure ciller these efforts will enter a new phase of a major military operation for stabilization. the coalition will continue to clear landmines and return water and electricity to allow people to return to their homes such of coal emission will contribute to provide humanitarian assistance and as necessary
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we appreciate the work of the facility for immediate stabilization to help iraq return home happen million displaced persons from the in our province alone. police training to clear hazardous materials we will continue to facilitate people to their homes to work with local leadership and they will provide stable governments and provide the essential services. we will use the diplomatic presence for the dialogue between local leadership these initiatives are working well and arak in reworking to tailor a similar approach well in
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more defined course of action is still coming together united states will increase the pressure to work to establish this cease-fire for the refugees to go home and a coalition of your nine the business of nation-building reconstruction but must ensure that the precious unlimited resources are prevented to the resurgence of physis into take the lead to return to stability. a successful stabilization period but today the stabilization projects are clearing land mines 30,000 boys and girls are back in school they are led by iraqis locally to south
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america. this month dozens were killed or wounded when members the vices were disguised as doctors
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attacked a hospital. but the combined strength of the coalition will be the final blow to isis and in order to stay ahead of the global zero break we must adopt the following countermeasures to spur growth first continue to persist with law enforcement operations all of us must maintain pressure on the networks to take decisive actions to stop growth. is connected mess work to break every link in interpol is the newest member of the coalition critical to close all roberts teethree and the homely and. second we need greater domestic intelligence agencies information sharing
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of a coalition must expand and accelerate regardless of the international rivalries one example is west african nations putting aside national differences to combat boko haram. we must also look to the ideology of a warped warped, interpretation of islam that threatens all of our people. everything they are and everything they do is a blatant violation. i spiders are not all from four or impoverished communities many come from middle-class backgrounds drawn to radical utopian vision muslim partners in
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leaders must combat this ideological message we are grateful so many have in your ready to take up the responsibility lastly in tandem we must break the ability to spread the message to recruit new followers on line the digital caliphate must not replace the physical one and as we have seen from attacks the internet is isis best friend for turning the recruit into a self radicalized attack the new call has become stay where you are worth every lived. the handlers around though world communicating with the
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would-be terrorist that the keyboard to develop local networks in their own countries. we are making progress but we need to do more to attack the threat those that haven't impact that shed be replicated and expanded elsewhere. the second to you in the on-line arena for legislators to have opportunities to speak out against radicalization the muslim partners have important roles to play with other radical islamic terrorist groups to prevent a group did technologies to
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enable the extremist collaboration we need that global tech industry and rethink those several already responding to this challenge we must capitalize on the data analytics to discover the propaganda and researchers of the united states are already developing tools but they need help to get to their destination faster. later be will hear from the speaker on how to achieve victory in this arena but let me be clear we must fight on-line as aggressively as we do on the ground as messines it is a lot more powerful than we
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are when we stand together we must sort them as they maintain a presence on the ground and enhance cooperation importer security aviation security and law enforcement counter messaging and intelligence sharing of those liberated areas to help the innocent people rebuild this means continuing to clear explosives to forge partnerships to reject extremism for that open and honest exchange of information the allies dedicated to defeating a common enemy to respect one another's perspectives to adopt the ada to achieve the
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mission now is the time to strengthen the shared commitment to invest in the fight in which we all have a stake. [applause] >> as mentioned in my remarks the next beaker has been a courageous ally in this fight to show bravery and persistence we admire his people even though they have suffered an irresolute please join me to welcome the prime minister of iraq. [applause]
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translator: of the most powerful and the heads of the delegation it is good to be here upon you. since our previous meeting of the coalition against daish we achieved many great victories and could achieve these by cooperating together on the ground but i was in mosul and instead side-by-side all of them believe want of the destiny
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of against the enemy of the minorities in the large part to drive them out of the city's. and with those efforts of daish and if they go to cities and villages to stabilize many of the city's over 70 percent and more than 90 percent that have been returned to their homes
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and other essential services. and to know that impact but it is very much as well to return to these regions even against the fight against isis and daish and then on the left side of mosul growing and then on the right side of the city we have tried hard to provide services and also the
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enemies who tried to provide otherwise. we are very proud of our diversity in our country and within the boundaries of our country. today we have given them an enemy to build empire and heavier challenge to liberate to send the very strong message and we see
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many daish members but they are resorting to pakistan and iraq and what they want for the john people but to data fight against daish as a major victory to completely decimate daish. mass saying it is not a very dangerous matter and we cannot go there but did is
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the organizing and the killing but there is no recommended before a racist and the modern world this is a heinous crime from this terrorist group that have been decimated and for what we have achieved by being allies to share the decimate daish and with those regional conflicts.
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me have made many efforts and with those that have been elected but this strengthens the we do not ever go back on that. that major essentials services and those that work with the governors in now
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and the city's with the economic life to support the local economy. and despite the distraction of the world but in iraq daily demonstrations in redo respect of democrats in iraq
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and the security forces provide protection within the boundaries of the of law. this is a great forecast if someone express his their views with our freedom and to remain united in with
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that such diversity but with those other occupations and then daish was destroyed this not sounding correct
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redo have to be unified over the entire region that may must destroy a racist mendez to continued of cooperation and then to start a program and this is for the all
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hierarchy's that terrorism was of plague and then that will lead to a very dangerous consequence. but the superior is corrupt and i know this is a very difficult issue in a situation of corruption so
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terrorism and corruption is a common played -- played against those for their goals. of the iraqi to go side-by-side not with each other it is not a matter of interest of the iraqi army and the pest redact --- pest bird bath for the understanding from the iraqi army to date and from the
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general forces into all of the other units. and then to look at the human-rights. and then also to participate but then all the other a governor's with these forces
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to decimate daish. also based accordingly under the armed forces and is within the system with these air iraqi discipline set to be sure that the weapons are not separated no weapon must me outside the scoped of the
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government. and then to sacrifice themselves under the umbrella of the iraqi leadership so we are very keen with the dignity of this country. >> this is a very dangerous group but we must combat and
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investigate of fat in treating those economic means to fight terrorism to change the way of doing things of the injustice of the region with a regional conflict that is placed so
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they're far these are one of the main reasons syria and libya really get that support but this coalition and then also looking at the support and asking all together and then we fight side-by-side on the ground
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and then as we move forward we have the means to deal with that. and those that serve the boards of the region. and those of us terrorists from iraq and prevent them from expanding the efforts
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and thank you for listening. [applause] . >> i m days did it here and the first 100 days above for trump to grasp the understanding we did not although for him but we're all represented under him. but at low -- as the
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commander in chief. >> for the first 100 days also like to see in the first 100 days of starting obamacare and i would like to see that. . . i believe that trump should
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improve the immigration policy. i mean, for one, the muslim ban is -- i don't agree with the muslim ban because, for one, i have a present who is muslim and is not a terrorist, and as nor wall policy, not going for work. i believe illegal immigration shouldn't -- it's an issue and all but building a wall isn't going to help. >> i'm a communications major and a junior here. my message to president donald trump, i know a lot of candidates make a lot of promises when running for president but i would like him to lower the rate of up employment. >> voices from the road, on c-span2. >> tonight on communicators we viv the state of the net conference and speak with the senior adviser to house majority
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legalitier kevin mccor the, and the co- -- mccarthy, and then how congress and companies are addressing the questions about privacy and cyber security. >> the government has no choice but to reflect that reality, and it will. i don't think we have ever been through this before, our democracy was create fedden in agrarian society and survived and thrived and i would argue improved upon itself for democracy as we go into an industrial society, and we are that same point today between an industrial economy and informational economy and that creates an amazing opportunity to survive as a democracy, but to create the -- a more perfect union. >> i believe that the cyber security agenda in general is
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super, super important agenda we need to be pushed. and the reason is that cybersecurity is not a problem it was in technology and then it will be gone. cybersecurity is a problem that is here to stay. >> representative lloyd smucker is serving his first term representing the 16th 16th congressional district of pennsylvania. he was born into an amish family and is the 10th child out of 12. this is ten minutes and you can watch more c-span profile interviews at >> congressman smucker, when did you get involved in politics and why? >> i was a small business owner for 25 years, and really didn't san tis pate that -- anticipate -- i first in the state senate and i didn't


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