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tv   Senator Schumer on Russia and Health Care  CSPAN  March 28, 2017 1:49am-2:03am EDT

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dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. schumer: mr. president, i rise this afternoon on a few topics, first on the investigation into the trump campaign's potential ties to russia. this is a matter of such gravity we need to get it right. there should be no doubt about the integrity and impartiality of the investigation, either in the executive branch where the f.b.i. and department of justice are looking into it or in congress where the intelligence committees of both chambers are conducting an investigation. unfortunately, the house intelligence committee has come under a cloud of suspicion and partisanship. a few months ago, chairman nunez spoke to reporters at the request of the white house to tamp down stories on the links between the trump campaign and russia, which is exactly what his committee must now investigate.
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this past week, chairman nunez broke with committee process and tradition to brief the president on information he learned but hadn't yet shared with the committee. now we learn this morning that chairman nunez was at the white house a day before that event. doing what? we don't know. mr. president, it could very well be the case that chairman nunez was briefing members of the administration about an investigation of which they are the subject. chairman nunez is falling down on the job and seems to be more interested in protecting the president than in seeking the truth. you cannot have the person in charge of an impartial investigation be partial to one side. it's an inherent contradiction,
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and it undermines decades of bipartisan cooperation on the intelligence committee, which handles such sensitive information paramount to national security. it undermines congress as a co-equal branch of government, meant to hold the executive branch accountable for its actions, and it corrodes the american people's confidence in our government. mr. president, if speaker ryan wants the house to have a credible investigation, he needs to replace chairman nunes. congress was meant by the framers to be separate and equal, and i sincerely worry that under his direction, mr. nunes is pushing the committee into a direction of object seek us itness and not one that is asking the hard questions and getting the important answers. there has always been a grand tradition of bipartisanship on the intelligence committees. when members go into the skiff,
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the room where they get secure briefings, they check their partisanship at the door. chairman nunes is right on the edge of doing permanent damage to that grand tradition of bipartisanship. chairman nunes seems to be more of a partisan for the president than an impartial actor. he has not been cooperating like someone who is interested in getting to the unvarnished truth. his actions look like those of someone who is interested in protecting the president and his party, and that doesn't work when the goal of the committee is to investigate russia and its connection to the president and his campaign. without further adieu, speaker ryan should replace chairman nunes. now, mr. president, on another matter, the failure of trumpcare. this past friday was a good day
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for the american people. we can finally put to bed the disaster of a bill that was trumpcare which would have resulted in spottier coverage, 24 million fewer americans with health coverage and higher costs, premiums and deductibles for the middle class, the working poor and older americans. all to finance close to $600 billion in tax breaks for wealthy americans. americans should breathe a sigh of relief that trumpcare will not become law. we're happy that it's gone and we can finally move on. and as i have said many times, we democrats provided our republican colleagues to drop replace and stop undermining the a.c.a. we're willing to work with our republican friends to improve the existing law. no one ever said the affordable care act was perfect. we have ideas to improve it.
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hopefully our colleagues on the republican side do as well. i hope once replace is dropped, the a.c.a. is no longer undermined by the administration, we can sit down and talk about it. but unfortunately, the administration has already done >>he and that undermine a lot and hurt the people. during that final week of a roman the trump administration discontinued the public advertising campaign encouraging people to sign up for insurance. commiseration is working behind-the-scenes to give flexibility to offer america is coverage for the health care they need. in the eighth tentativeng order that president trump issued directing agencies to facilitate the repeal and replace to destabilize the market place.
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now the trump carries off the table the president should be sent a executive order and today i ever do the president and his entire administration to really seize all efforts to undermine the hca. people's lives are at stake. the president should dieor hope the health care system explodes he doesn't want premiums to go up by his watch. he should not hopeless that americans blues treatment for addiction on his watch for mrs. raleigh into ways profession for most because it hurts people the president must be leader. is a leadership for the president to hurt people and actively work to undermine the nation's health care system simply because he isg angry in the not get his way with repealing of hca. that is not.
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it is petulance. double trump is no launder outsider he is president. help the bear camp people are looking to him to help solve their problems. or it will hurt him and pointing the finger of blame lot saba anyone's problems. that strategy is bad for the bearer to people and will backfire politically. m he is in charge. people want them better because of a political anger the or vendetta. i know many colleagues do cared deeply about fixing the health care problem. the but repealed must be taken s off the table and the president must operating
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businesses via underbite underbite --- to undermining the affordable care act. on tap, mr. president now that the gate is up with health care in our republican friends have signaled they will turn to their tax is a hope they have learned their lessons. one other reason it failed so spectacularly as republicans tried to rush it through with the reconciliation process even though it was deeply unpopular with the public of last poll showed release 70 percent of americans supported trump care so large number also. y? the probably because it would have given the wealthiest a t tax cut while hammering over americans and middle-class would higher costs and less care.therd
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/ with say to griffin's if you try to pass the republican tax plan using the same reconciliation muffins to get a huge tax break for the wealthy will fail. the american people god bless the will of the better doing just fine. but it seems the republican colleagues ahead in that direction. even the president campaigned his the ministrations is all heart rate pro corporate perotple. special interest against the working people if they continue in that direction a proposing policy shifting those burdens off the wealthy and not a means to help the middle class are
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working finley's, the efforts will continue to fail. tax and also returning tax reform into an issue. the white house says it surely will be officially propose massive tax cuts for the wealthy. if republicans go down that road republican attack team will have the same fate as trump care. i hope they don't go down that road. i yield the floor. and then note the absence of bookworm. palms -- a quorum. . .
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