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tv   President Meets with National Association of Manufacturers  CSPAN  March 31, 2017 1:23pm-1:41pm EDT

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chinese altar from the 1880 1880 chico chinese temple. watch sunday at 2:00 p.m. on american history tv on c-span three. working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> president trump met with the national association of manufacturers at the white house today and help the group released a new survey. have found that more than 93% of members polled now have a positive outlook on their companies, up from less than 57% this time last year. jay timmons says the number is the highest in the quarterly survey's 20 year history. >> hello everybody.
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>> we have some really good news today. it's really fantastic, these numbers. i'm delighted to welcome the national association of manufacturers to the white house. it's a great group of people. i know many of them well. i want to thank your president and ceo jay timmons for being here with us today. great job. my administration is working every day to make it easier for manufacturers to build higher and grow in america. we are removing job killing regulations and lifting the
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burdens on american industry like have never been lifted before. we have done a lot of work over the past 60, 70 days and i think you are seeing some real production. i think we can say this, like never before. earlier this week, i signed an executive order to end the war on coal. we had coal miners up at the office. it was an amazing scene. very tough, very strong powerful men who were crying, actually, and they were crying with happiness and produce more american energy and more american jobs which is how i got elected in the first place. we've created a task force and every agency to eliminate wasteful regulations. today at 330, with the
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department of commerce, we will sign two very powerful executive orders. it will be something very important, very special. that will be with commerce. one of the reasons we are here today is to announce the extraordinary results of a new survey from the national association of manufacturers. the survey shows 93% of manufacturers now have a positive outlook on the future of their business in this country. 93%. it was, just a few months ago, 56. that's a slight difference. [applause] >> that's the highest it's been in 20 years, and it's going higher. maybe you could come back next month jay.
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i'm not sure how much higher it can go. we are all proud of that and the manufactures are really starting to invest big money and a lot of things are happening. it's a new surgeon optimism which is sweeping across our land. at the vote of confidence in our plan to bring back jobs, lower taxes and provide a level playing field for our workers. the manufacturing companies represent and represented here today are just an extraordinary group of people. they are leaders. they are brilliant in some anyways. the filled has not been a level field. jobs have been leaving our country, going to china and mexico and lots of other places, and you will be seeing what's happening over the next few weeks. it should be very interesting to watch. as you know, president. [inaudible] president from china is traveling to florida and we are having a meeting.
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it will be something very important, very special. i look forward to meeting him and the delegation and we will see what happens, but i am very proud of what you've been able to do in a short amount of time. the optimism is so high. i see the billions of dollars that are being invested by your people and your representatives in finance and equipment and jobs and i appreciate it very much. congratulations. you may want to say a few words. >> i do and i want to reemphasize that this quarterly survey of our 14000 members has been going on for 20 years. to the point you made, this was the highest level of optimism that our manufacturers have expressed in 20 years. the other statistic that i think you will find interesting is the right track, wrong track question that our manufacturers
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answered just a month before a d moderation day, the right track number was only 26%. today it is over 60%. that is a huge growth as well. that's because of the focus on taxes, regulation, infrastructure investment and we appreciate your commitment to investment and job creation and manufacturing and we will deliver. >> thank you. >> tricia, would you like to say something? it's pretty outstanding what you've done. >> thank you, i appreciate being here. i own a manufacturing company near chicago. we are a three-year startup with a 40 year legacy. it's great to be part of manufacturing in the u.s. >> it's great. you've done a great job. really great. >> good morning. i am president of equipment manufacturing. we manufacturing capital equipment.
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we employ 175 and most of them are skilled trade people. that the best skilled trade people in the state of wisconsin. we would love to have you out in the retail wisconsin. >> i love the state of wisconsin. >> as do i. :
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we make over a thousand industrial safety handling products. we want to thank you for the work that you have done. >> they thought maybe at the end of the four-year term nobody thought we were going to do that. we're going to get it going. >> good morning. i am the ceo and co-owner with my sister of a philadelphia-based company that protects people in the workplace i partner with manufacturers to make sure that no one gets hurt. good morning mister president. chuck wetherington.
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i'm the president of bt technologies. we are a manufacturer of high-tech pedicle devices use infinite physical therapy. the focus is on workplace injury reduction. and we work with large employers doing that kind of work. my name is drew i am the owner of marlin steel. in the pharmaceutical industry. we make everything in baltimore maryland and we use steel from illinois and indiana. we are thrilled with the policies that you are pursuing. great optimism. we are thankful for the approach that you have taken. were 45 miles from where you are sitting right now.
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we're not finished yet. even seen this in 25 years. mister president good morning. the ceo of clean enterprises. they are related to infrastructure in terms of the other half of our business with caterpillar and john deere it is depending on the policies moving forward. >> nice to meet you. my name is doug mcgarry and the ceo out of detroit michigan. we are very much a leading edge research and develop meant company.
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we had built the most advanced virtual reality. it's can affect not only everybody at the table but really every facet of our lives. and ulcers of medical applications. it's such an important technology that we meet and commitment to manufacture here. and we've a lot going on. those plants would never even think about it. were you thinking about getting out? >> i would not abandon the united states under any circumstances we deftly had have a rough ago. they're really bringing michigan back. >> it's nice to see you again.
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i'm the president and ceo of the manufactures. we are out about ohio. i'm especially thankful for having that. we are very busy. you have to be. it's a big difference. the industry has changed over the last couple months. over the last couple of weeks the industry has changed. we are a family owned business. hundred 20 employees. it's a great place. i'm kelly johnson president.
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it's a six-year-old family business. a supplier to the industry we had built products out of metal has launched. we employ 200 of the best men and women in our industry. in on behalf of all of them thank you for what you're doing for our economy. and we would love to have you come and visit. i will never forget my husband and i approaching you with the flag controversy was going on. we respected your position. they worked out well. >> it was a very good decision. [inaudible]
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will bring you a live coverage of today's white house briefing. until then more from earlier today at the white house we were able to deliver some news to the president every quarter the national association of manufacturers surveys are 14,000 members. and it's about their outlook on the economy and on the success of their business. for the first time in many years i have an uptick in optimism among manufacturers it was 93.3% positive to put that into perspective one year ago the number was 56% positive. it's the highest number from optimism that we have seen.
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that we been conducted the survey. we were able to share this with the president is the right track wrong track number from the perspective of manufacturers. manufactures. a month before he came into office the right track number was at a very low 26 percent. the number was 60%. we were very happy to be able to share this news with the president and let him know that manufacturers are very manufactures are very excited about his agenda for tax reform regulatory. 90% of our members are small and medium-size. they were happy to be here to present the good news to the president. see that a lot of this has to do with the agenda and that that they had been putting forward any action to date that we have seen from the white house. what i would like to do is
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turn it over to drew greenblatt. i am the owner of marlin steel we are a factory in baltimore city we make everything and baltimore city in baltimore city we export to 39 countries we make wire baskets for automotive's and pharmaceutical applications. we are very optimistic about the future of american manufacturing we believe that there is an american manufacturing renaissance. the inflection point is right now. it was a very exciting time things we talked about with the president include taxes right now we have an opportunity to cut taxes so that we can be more effective and higher more people and grow more jobs right now my company is competing on a job for huge factory in europe we are making the wire baskets for the sector in europe. we are competing with the german company has lower taxes
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than marlin does. we pay 40 something percent. because of that we have a challenge to some other so some of the things we talked about with president trump was that if we could get to 15% we could win this job and higher unemployed baltimore city people and bring them into the middle class. it's a very exciting time for american manufacturers. less regulations cutting taxes it's having a big impact in american manufacturing. thank you. >> kelly johnson. president ace clearwater. we take you life to today's white house briefing with press secretary press secretary sean spicer just getting underway. >> on the executive orders. the first order directs the department of congre


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