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tv   Senators Mc Connell and Schumer on Supreme Court Nominee and Syria  CSPAN  April 7, 2017 12:42pm-12:52pm EDT

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monday, april 10, at 1:30.. mccm president. the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. mcconnell: last evening the vice president notified me of the president's decision to of the president's decision to last evening the vice president
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notified me of the president's decision to respond to the syrian regime use of chemical weapons against his own people through military action. the action was taken to deter the asad regime from using chemical weapons again. i support both the action and the objective for the planning of this operation was clearly well considered, it was taken against the airfield from which the aircraft used in the attack had been launched.gainst where chemical weapons had been stored, and was taken against assets important to the regime. aircraft and air defense systems. in the days ahead, i am committed to working with the administration to continue developing a counter iso- strategy and establish objectives for dealing with the asad regime in a manner thatut preserves the institution of
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government in an effort to prevent the failed state. our gratitude goes out to the world's most capable military which, in a span of hours, presented options, capabilities and plans for the a difficult mission. none of the sick occurs without years of training, investment and dedication i our service members. this was an action of consequence. it is a clear signal from america but asad can no longer use chemical weapons against his own people with impunity. we will have a briefing on this matter later today. now, on another matter, yesterday as we know, it was a consequential one for the senate. in the end, we restored to this body of tradition, democrats first upset in 2003 by using a
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tool democrats first employed in he's as a result we will move to the confirmation of judge gorsuch shortly. he will make an incredible addition to the court. he will make.ri >> and people proud. after all, a few things about this man seem beyond dispute. he has sterling credentials, an excellent record, and an ideal judicial temperament. he has the independence of mind and reputation for fairness. he has also earned applaud from so many across the political spectrum. he lauded him as one of the most thoughtful and brilliant judges to have served our nation over the past half-century. while president obama's legal mentor called judge gorsuch a
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brilliant, terrific guy that would do the courts work with distinction. an appointee of president clinton, judge robertson said he is superbly qualified, prepared to serve as an associate justice there is no dispute about that. an appointee of president carter, judge john kane summed it up best when he said i'm not sure we could expect better than judge gorsuch or that better presently exists. in other words, no one is better. and of course, we all know what longtime democrat and constitutional society frederick had to say about him. the senate should confirm him because there is no sensible reason to vote no. no principal reason to vote no. there is a reason he enjoys the support of a bipartisan majority of the senate. there is a reason a bipartisan majority stands ready to confirm him today.
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he is an exceptional choice and i am very much looking forward to confirming him today. of course i wish that important aspects of this process had played out differently. it didn't have to be this way, but today is a new day.r i hope my democratic friends will take this moment to reflect and perhaps consider a turning point in their outlook going forward. the senate has a number of important issues to consider inh the coming months. each member, if he or she chooses, can play a particl cril part in the process.y i would urge colleagues to consider what they can achieve and what we have achievedd working together in years past including the bipartisan accomplishments of the last congress but we all know the senate does more than confirm supreme court nominees.
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although, i sure am looking forward to confirming this one.: >> democratic leader. >> i asked unanimous that the quorum be addressed. >> let me address the nomination that will soon proceed to a final vote over the objection of the democrats. even though democrats had principled reasons to oppose this judge, even though we offered many times to meet with the majority to discuss a new nominee and a way forward, the republicans chose to break the rules and rais erased the 60 voe threshold for all judicial nominees. they had many options and they chose, unfortunately, the nuclear option.a i believe it will make this body a more partisan place. it will make the cooling saucer of the senate considerably hotter. it will make the supreme court a
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more partisan place. as a result, america's faith in the integrity of the court and their trust in the basic impartiality of the law will suffer. those are serious things to this republic.ill prior to yesterday's vote, i shared my views on this momenthe at length. i will let those comments stand in the record. week, over the past week, let us go no further down this road and i hope the republican leader and i can, in the coming months, find a way to build a firewall along the legislative filibuster which is the most important distinction between the senate and the house. this senate becomes a majority institution like the house. much more subject to the windsf of short-term electoral change.f no senator would like to see this happen so let's find a way to further protect the 60 vote
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rule for legislation. now, madame president, since you will soon become the ninth justice of the court, i hope judge gorsuch has listened to our debate in the senate, particularly about our concerns about the supreme court increasingly drifting towards we becoming a pro- corporate court that favors employers, corporations and specialhe anger interests overworking america. we all know there is an anger and sourness in the land because average people aren't getting a fair shake compared to the powerful. in many cases, the supreme court is the last resort for everyday americans who are seeking fairness and justice against forces much larger than themselves.nd are at a time when folks are struggling to stay in the middle class and are struggling as hard as ever to get into the middle
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class, we need a justice on the court who will help swing it back in the direction of the people. we are charging judge gorsuch to be the independent and fair-minded justice that america badly needs. if he is instead, a justice for the federalist society and the higher dis heritage foundation,t will spell trouble for america. finally madame president, on syria, i sai salute the professionalism and skill of our armed forces. the people of syria have suffered violence at the hands of ashad. making sure asad knows when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay the price is the right thing to do. it is now incumbent on the trump administration to come up with a coherent strategy and consult


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