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tv   After Words with Melissa Fleming  CSPAN  April 15, 2017 1:03am-1:55am EDT

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>> host: did to believe u.s. spokesperson for the commissioner of refugees u.s.-made your remarks by telling your story have now decided to move from the short story to the long narrative and what prompted you to make this decision? immigrate to ceiling again. i am in charge of communications and my job is to get people to a understand who are the people fleeing from their lives and not just by putting up the facts if you just tell people the masses fleeing you may even in info fear. individual stories have a
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lot of power and i have found this particular story to be so remarkable almost every single refugee story is remarkable but this one is quite remarkable as they represent those refugees on the run. >> and starts with life in syria the young lady has of modest life so what happens? how did things get to that point? >> this is 2011 but maybe
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things could change and then one is inspired to go out to see what is happening in witnesses that the protesters are shot at so this develops into a terrible spark that brings about the conflict then her neighborhood becomes a war zone and others are jailed
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in their stories of real women who are kidnapped and raped it turned our father own day barbershop been showed up one day it was completely destroyed trying to cut one last customers' hair and then they realized no livelihood any more and there is danger all over so they made the decision we cannot stay here we have to leave the country and across the of border and they went to egypt. >> there is one that says it wants to take you out but he says the five taking out even before deciding to
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leave. until it is torn away from you and the identity and still fell to very linked. looking across her shoulder that she felt her country behind her crying and she hoped so much it would be temporary. >> and to be impacted for the girls and particular with the risk this is a story we have heard many times about sexual violence
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to become one factor. >> i think any father that is one of the worst nightmares the adl that somebody would attack their daughter. this community is very religious the way they honor the women and girls is extremely important and in this society is a weapon of war and it is very powerful because you know, you can distrait a family and it is a threat and it is powerful and an ugly nasty tool. it was too much for the father his girls did not
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want to leave and one wanted to stay in felt very passionate to fight for a better syria but she laughed . she was 16 and did not have a choice and they ended up in egypt. >> also practically the perception is they just go to the country it is not that easy you need money it was not easy. >> no. certainly the government does not want to make it easy very often you have to pay bribes or struck -- smugglers will find ways out it was still early when they left and it was relatively easy to leave. but no it is near impossible
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. the neighboring countries feel with the most the 5 million refugees they have legitimate security fears to cross the same borders now sit sheers later into the war. >> so they decide to go to egypt and will stay there for three years the might as a refugee goes through distinct phases. >> yes. using this as an example egypt was very welcoming led by more see who was part of the muslim brotherhood with links to those syrian refugees in both the syrians
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with open arms. even when they got off the ferry expected the person to be menacing instead you are brothers and sisters you do need to pay. the felt they had a connection with their arrived the egyptian community also invited them but then things changed politically a there was a coup with the new government coming into power the syrian refugees were associated with them and there were statements made and the people who used to not silence them in the
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afternoon start to avert their eyes to give them cold stares. it wasn't only difficult because there's very little money. >> but that lesson that is broader with political leadership and that is the change that is quite dramatic. >> to have an international refugee convention but they are obliged and they have of right to seek asylum under international law. there are countries like egypt to did not sign the
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refugee convention but were very generous but very often unfortunately human beings were vulnerable and they often become targets exploded for political campaigning in using them to generate those easy votes even though it is the wrong thing to do it is incorrect under international law. >> ivory that brings those difficulties do we say our don't we? so some of the misery of her life would be what the young
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lady was inspired to do in do not move the family is not complete the is an agreement. the is one of the things of the refugee experience the most important feigning is love. and this love story finally he wins her over and convinces her this is no life. and then they were getting posts from friends of theirs posing next to a big agenda
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amsterdam or to be on the streets of munich. then it seems the apostle bowl reality but where they've been welcomed and unfortunately the smugglers who are notorious businessmen exploiting the dreams of the unpeople and then go to europe ricans start your new life. and then to make their way.
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>> and there we have some of the most haunting pages and would not have gotten anywhere close. >> and it is horrendous. even if things were horrible. there is nothing else that transpires. and then they attempt to reach europe. >> then finally at age six thou never to go near the of water.
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>> they did not believe it would be beautiful cruise ship they cannot imagine in their wildest dreams. >> there were 500 refugees on the boat 100 were children. but it was nasty with the conditions on this boat. and not to be treated well but they felt like they were making progress asking the captain, to launder? seventeen hours you would be in italy. daystar did tousing with
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solidarity. there were going to a better place. they just needed to suffer for a little while longer there the other life would be better. >> bendel whole dream breaks with those haunting scenes and spending four days at sea. >> we will never know why these evil men approached them to another boat to put pieces of wood at the of so
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that those below the deck were doomed she saw kids could not been the propeller and and then they found them floating set she climbs up onto the floating ring and then he will tread water next to her perk or initially there were only 100 survivors but by this second day more and more people are drowning. and then intentionally taking off their life vest. it wasn't that they were drowning that losing no other family members they could not take it. there is the dialogue
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back-and-forth she sees her becoming weaker and weaker than their approach curb with in says i have lost 27 members of my family. take this child. i will bob survive i am addressing this baby to you. and soon after she starts to get weaker as she lost the love of relied drowning before her eyes. and then there was another child. and then let this child in the family and then to do
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some interactions with her. and then she lost her older sister and then on the verge of death she asked her to do what she could to help her survive and then doing everything she could she was an read the words from the car ron they had no food is abundant water. and doing everything they could but lee 11 survivors but then the of merchant
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vessel. not necessarily search and rescue. and actually be word giving up. and then when they were crying in the distance but unfortunately the little one died. but what about those the unsung heroes.
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>> i have talked to those who would get in touch with the caption they were just say that you have to go to this location there has spanish shipwreck and they did not even hesitate a merchant vessel already said give up and been the captain said i cannot 92 major for myself there are no survivors. there's us storm brewing it was getting dark and he sent his men on the life votes into the sea to put search lights out in the soon as they spread that they would not give up so they are absolutely true heroes and done recognize.
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>> many years ago going to the norwegian captain who rescued those of the way to australia in seoul in the name of all the captains to forget. >> all of them need to be rescued. >> and before we go to the rest of the story. >> and with that identity. with the word can in the community and then she fights back when she saves the of baby the i was
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wondering that they cannot buy and then the hands of smugglers. the where does that bring us? >> them what is a good one to do that. with over 60 million the mostly those that like it that way they stay there. only the bare minimum and
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then to think about the future. >> far too little investment of the refugees. for example, in a serious situation.
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will syria btps will place? the politicians in the mayor's or those that will perpetuate the cycle of violence? i simply do not understand. in fact, many of them do. >> but you gave dave pled
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this is where you meant. >> the should not be languishing said the b-movie investing in a five emission
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pet the of refugees you have
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pretty much been given a
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little stipend any threat to build on the fears of the people libby a tremendous shame. >> we see the same. with the future number of -- a huge number of refugees. with those concentrations looking around the world and yet the media word have you believe all those refugees
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they already there in jordan or turkey or kenya. these countries are not being reported enough they are expected to have the same infrastructure and water system without much support and be organizations and organizations are constantly under funded. do you think for the european countries redo maintain for these two are desperate for:.
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>> the people smuggling business has become one of the biggest high profit markets in the world the only way to shut it down there has been some rest in some countries but frankly to exploit the people for high profits and also killing people many people of died in the mediterranean we know very few of their names. and many we don't even know they could be much higher. they put them on overcrowded votes.
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there is node justice if not given an alternative. and those dying at sea the but they are back now so the numbers reaching europe have gone down. >> closing borders does not solve the problem. >> and then they were
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totally unconcerned. none then they were already looking at the trinity. the is to were stuck and our very despairing of what was next. and describe what has happened to her.
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>> you can imagine the media attention and then she mistaken to a pediatric hospital but if she does to put her with the brain damage the cases you are around wonderful and the singing to her and the entire population but up in
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in northern sweden they could find with the kids a going to school.
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she you went through but none either hand her mother hope to convince her bit to put that aside to help the people of syria those who
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don't understand why this awful war, so many people to run for their lives struggle as the refugee and to risk their lives again would the story to understand better that need our help right now. and then to help others. >> people think refugees but
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yes she would love to become a lawyer i have never met a refugee to say that i don't want to go home. all refugees one-two go home. the one-two contribute. said every a refugee once to work to contribute to the new society but most really want to go home.
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>> it is a lovely and into a compelling book. is hard sometimes but then we could do much more. so prompting initiatives of share and now there is a commitment to prepare the refugee compact agreement. will we have seen from countries right now pakistan has started to do the same. and with the determination with the change date the path of the refugees.
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really is contribute police siege today in reality in the field'' we have now is not really working. and then to rewrite the basis in the number of people that we have a the season before -- but i think
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if we look at what is a great healer in our communities with the american society and european society to believe in the principle to help people in need those of a conflict and those that should do their part to contribute. and they have a system called sponsorship whoso the european division of lurking in the and you want to
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sponsor a family summer else you have to come up with money there are so many canadians they not only find this so satisfying but also it has enriched their own life. and to hold up these examples where people are compassionate. >> but the former highway commissioner, leahy has been
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nominated to be the most transparent and then to mitigate that final line. the thing that is good news for the u.n. because also created expectation in been in particular all of these events that took place last year those who have very strong values for leaders values for those who need us.
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and then living in poverty and to fight for them one of the toughest jobs in the world but where people are looking for this kind of the dishes at them looking for a better place for humanity. in this new position and what has come up repeatedly
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in yet i don't know how many children. only 20% in lebanon on. and for the refugees children in what could be witness. and those other also traumatized.
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in to learn and grow. and then in their own self-interest. so wind this from the partners. >> if you months ago and those that have been on the road but yet she interpreted for me. the eveready has a cellphone no.
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all those children and then i go home. and then doing have to go tomorrow? with that lesson to appreciate that they're actually in a privileged situation edition be something not even debatable that every child should be in school but unfortunately with refugee children they
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see the value that if they have lost everything. >> very often ask refugees when the bombs were falling and one refugee said what did you take? his eyes lit up to say i did when high-school diploma. he proudly showed it to me and this was the one thing that he picked to take because this is my future. no happily he is in canada. there are some very good stories.
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>> gang given those reparations and much more and to be a partner. >> and the proceeds


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