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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2017 1:21pm-1:31pm EDT

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border. we are to have a pipeline that would include citizenships. if undocumented have a child, that child is a citizen and kenya's anchor they call it, anchor baby, a way of extending the number of people here. even if the border slows, they are still in the pipeline. and also the family reunification is quite right at this point. it also allows people to bring in to bring and family come extended family who can in turn bring in others in the 195 immigration legislation. >> host: the book is called "the chicken trail: following workers, migrants, and corporations across the americas" across the americas. university sociology professor, kathleen schwartzman. >> guest: thank you.
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>> i think i'm in a different phase of my life. i do want to continue to be a force for good. we just made public today that i sign on to be a provider adviser to the foundation and i'm very interested in what they can do. >> i have predicted reinventing american health care will get of the thousand house bills. we are taken out of the four walls of the medical institutions and delivering it at home or another facilities, big, big part of transformation. we should not be in facilities.
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>> we will not be afraid to stand up and i don't think we'll be shy about the values of america. it is something that should be commended and celebrated. >> getting more women into clinical trials could possibly lead to the cure for all of us. >> i want to begin by introducing new to someone from our boat.
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ken powers bridges. kim owns and operates bridges funeral home in tennessee. she's not from tennessee. kim is actually from oklahoma. she started her first business they are, a few rogue is nice, but she had to leave oklahoma when she ran afoul of the law. turns out kim was engaged in a very dangerous as a selling caskets about a funeral this license. before that in the early 1980s was on the executive in a family of hard-working she enjoyed a lot of success. and eventually she ended up as one of the nation's largest funeral companies and their she sold funeral services future saw this as a way with her drive and
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business to help people through her work and asked before, she was very successful and not business. but after a few year she began to notice they need, a niche to be filled by the classic entrepreneur and that was she saw in a few girl industry, the merchandise that was sold with marks up a significant amount. caskets for instance mark up from 250 to 600%. so she began to think, how could i put together a business model that would enable me to sell the same merchandise but at a much lower cost. so she eventually left the funeral business. she joined up with dennis bridges who left the same company and spent a year farming but became memorial concepts online.
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particular caskets over the intercept. they would have an inventory on hand. that enabled to keep their costs very low and they passed on those savings to the consumer's. they thought they had a winning business plan and they did. but they ran into a problem. the problem was oklahoma state law says that if you want to sell a casket to consumers and oklahoma oklahoma based company, you must be licensed as a funeral director and kim was not. she could have gone back to earn this license, but it would require her to go to school for two years. she would have to complete an internship during which time she would involve and have a brick-and-mortar business in which she would have a selection room, preparation room, viewing room and she would have to have inventory on hand.
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none of which they were then. this is not a rational enough. they sell a box because that's a casket is, an empty box. the law created a circumstance where an oklahoma based company had to be a licensed funeral director and oklahoma, but companies outside of the state who sold consumers and oklahoma did not have to have a funeral directors late. so kids could have taken her business, which was essentially computer servers. she could've taken her servers and moved across the state line. and they are the consumers and oklahoma all day long. but she didn't want to do that. she wanted to raise her family and her hometown. and she thought the law was wrong. not only rock, but injurious because it enabled funeral
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directors to market their merchandise and take advantage of people who are the typical time in their lives. so she stayed in oklahoma and she thought the law. she wasn't the only one. legislators did so as well. regaining in 1999, they began introducing a series of bills every year to remote the licensing requirement. kim testified on behalf of several of these skills. every year they lost. they last for one reason and one reason alone. that was the licensed funeral are of the would go to the legislature and not the gressively to protect their life. every year they succeeded. so today in oklahoma, if you want to sell a casket and you are an oklahoma based company, you must have a funeral to bill. what can in the legislators ran
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in to us what we call in our book the bottleneck or is. the or somebody who advocate the creation of perpetuation of a government regulation, particularly an occupational license to restrict the free flow of workers into an occupation in order to enjoy an economic benefit as a result. >> one of the things i loved about "the l.a. times" festival of books when i was driving there in showing up first thing in the morning because i wanted to be first in line or staff is not we had all these panels with her offers her novelist. or for writing about syria. these are people so there is this moment of conversation where these people are saying
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something that they are just coming up with at that very instant and effects and electric exchange of ideas that can only happen in the moment. >> in on booktv, part 2 at the reading of elie wiesel "night." journals, actors, politicians and public figures recently came together at the museum of jewish heritage in new york city to read the entire book. part 3 will air at 5:00 p.m. eastern and you can watch part 1 on my ibook tv.ordered. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome back. again, may we remind you that the taking of flash photography is strictly prohibited. this check your cell phones to


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