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tv   Government Funding for Fiscal Year 2017  CSPAN  April 25, 2017 11:20pm-11:31pm EDT

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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] >> joining us from capitol hill on tuesday is steven dunn. he covers congress for the washington times. thank you for being with us. >> it's my pleasure. >> the talks continue to avert a friday government shutdown.
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where do things stand this evening. >> right now, as of the afternoon, you had negotiations going on capitol hill from all sides. essentially the top members of the appropriations committee, republicans and democrats from house and senate involved in those negotiations and, as of right now, surprising number of open issues, at least a half-dozen from very big to somewhat big open issues that they are still trying to nail down. it's one of those situations where as a until everything is agreed to, nothing is agreed too. >> one of the issues off the table, president trump sang the debate over funding the border wall will wait until later this year. how significant was that? >> from the democrats can point, it was a major breakthrough. it's probably worth stepping back. democrats said we need to see cost sharing payments. obamacare cost sharin sharing payments, money needs to be included in the bill. that was sort of a new demand. there is litigation that the
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house republicans filed on the issue and democrats suddenly said we need to see that money proactively put into the spending bill. that was a new offer. you could look the wall as sort of the white house is retaliation or response thing okay fine, if you're going to ask for obamacare payments, we will ask for the wall. the white house, for a long time, had not been pushing the wall and suddenly last week they said the wall is an important ingredient and we need to see money for it. they've now backed off of that and now you need to watch for whether or not democrats back off of the obamacare. we've seen a little bit of that today where they are refusing to draw a line and say they wouldn't accept the bill without the cost sharing money in there. they said something similar where they said they aren't drawing those lines.
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both sides came off the very big sticking point which leads us with the cost payment sharing issue the way the law has, but it looks like there are still other issues hanging out there. >> who are at the table? who are the key people you are watching. >> one of the things schumer said is that he wanted to get the president out of negotiations. he said president trump and his team were particularly helpful in offering the wall demand late last week. now that trump is out, the top republican and top democrat on the appropriations committee in the house and senate are the ones that are most involved in writing the deal. >> clearly the funding of the wall has been a big issue. they've been trying to delay
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it for another month to give them time to negotiate the details. >> i don't rule that out especially given this is tuesday and they are saying we hope to have a deal in the next few days. of course without a deal in the next few days we hit the deadline i don't know that it's likely, but i wouldn't rule out the fact that we have to do short-term continuing resolutions to bridge us to a longer-term deal. there is plenty of precedent for that. that happened fairly regularly.
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more importantly, not be able to brief all their members. the leaders might've reached an agreement but they needed to present it to the members. >> do you have a sense, is either party prepared to own the government shutdown. >> this is the big issue. this is part of why president trump likely had to back down. first of all he hadn't done a very good job of selling the detail to capitol hill. you had republicans and democrats saying the president never justified that proposal. given that he wasn't able to sell that, the wall was never going to get in. we are here because of a pre-election agreement for part-time cr. provide some perspective, what happened in the fall and what were seeing this week. >> the deadline for getting the annual spending bills done is september 30. the fiscal year runs october 1
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through september 30. they were supposed to have, they were supposed to have 12 spending bills done. i can't remember the last time we've had all 12 done. maybe there is one or two done by that deadline and they pass continuing resolution until they can actually get things done. as of last september, they are waiting for the outcome of the election and they figured they'd come back around christmas time finish out the fiscal year 2017 bill. his incoming administration said they want to say in what's happening since republicans will have complete control over the process. it would be better if you punted until the new year end give us a chance to get involved. we are already seven months through the fiscal year end we are working on stopgap
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funding. that's why we are where we are. you talked about the blame for the shutdown. if you trace back where we been for the past five or six years, democrats are convinced that no matter what happens, if there is a shutdown, what are th whatever the democrats role, it is republicans who will take the blame for shutdown because republicans took most the blame or all of the blame for the 2013 shutdown. republicans really hurt themselves over the past few years by getting enough of a agreement and giving democrats leverage. even though they are the minority in both chambers and don't have the white house, their sole power of obstruction is really through the senate and the ability to use a filibuster to deny passage of bills. they are able to leverage that in way that i've never seen
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before. it's incredible how much power they have in the minority and it's all because republicans went through the 2013 shutdown and offered a couple different chances where we looked like we were on the brink of a shutdown over immigration and obamacare in the past. >> bottom line, once i get through these negotiations, the next budget talks will begin almost immediately. based on what you are hearing, what you think will happen this week? >> i guess i think we end up with a couple short-term bills to get us into next week. what the details of the short-term bills are, and more importantly the details of the big bills will have to wait and see. there are a lot of things, a lot of issues that are undecided based on what the leaders are telling us. you often get to this point and you have one or two big sticking points. if they're backing off of the obamacare cost sharing payments and there's some indication of that and trump
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has backed off of the wall, but it hasn't happened yet. >> thank you for your time. >> cspan "washington journal", live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, new york democratic tom swazi, ace chair of the problem solving process discusses the upcoming deadline and tax reform. :
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>> president trump spoke at an annual event at the capital to aunt honor the victims of the holocaust. members of congress and survivors took part in this one hour-long ceremony. [inaudible] ladies and gentlemen, tom bernstein, chairman of the united states holocaust memorial council. survivors of the holocaust museum, friends, distinguished guest, welcome to the ceremony


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