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tv   Washington Journal Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman Discusses the...  CSPAN  April 28, 2017 12:20am-12:52am EDT

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she still think that she's middle-class. gina said, i don't think there is a middle class in america anymore. if there was, i would not have to go to the food pantry at the end of every month. >> the life of president nixon saturday at -- talking with journalists. >> he was in the cover-up to snack and then they attempted over the years to try to run the cover-up are in the halls they tried to betray him. the tapes don't show that. they show that right from the start he was gonna play it rough. he was going to be tough and it was a terrible downfall. >> for more of the schedule visit
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>> next, look at the recent increase in arrest a custom enforcements. we spoke to bonnie watson coleman of new jersey. this is 30 minutes. >> at the table this morning to talk about the increase in immigration arrest, bonnie served on the security committee, thank you for being here. let's remind our viewers what daca is and who qualifies it. >> guest: those are the individuals who have come to this country very young, whose parents are not documented in these children do not necessarily have fulls their citizenship. but they have grown here and they only know the sensor country.e so these are the individuals that we have educated and from elementary school to college these are the young people welel
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recognize we needed to provide educational opportunities at thd highest level were citizenshipe requirements. these are really americans. children who believe they are americans, young people who believe they are americans. >> and how to qualify for the program? >> guest: why don't know what process you have to go through.g i am certain with all of the dreamers coming out and making it known there is this issue and it's not just this administration but the former administration there's a process to go through that you can establish that you have been here. that you did not come here on your own and you are not an adult who is come across thehe border you are brought here. many times these young people are not just moving out of wher
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they came from because they're looking for a better life for better job, some of them their families have been fleeing very serious conditions. >> what is the status of this program >> that is a good question. obviously under the obama administration there were protections that were guaranteed. that you as a law-abiding, you resident going to school and working you're not going to be the target of any deportation it is unclear what is unclear what is happening now. worrhe one hand the president will say doctor people don't need to worry. and when the other hand some of those individuals found themselves supported and detained. i'm not sure the left handles with the right hand is doing. right now we sent a letter to secretary kelly asking him just
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tell us what the policy is, tele us what the direction and guidance you're giving to people. that not unlike the set aren't to the white house. >> what's happening in your district? how are you seeing the impact? >> , diverse district. and i have mayors and councilmembers who believe that our cities are not saying when we are threatening people who are legally allowed to be here. that it becomes even more dangerous when those individuals may see a crime or be a victim of a crime but refused reported because they're afraid is going to lead to something else. we have illustrations of ice of taking a parent away we have
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children in society that has a facility in one of our strip malls where they have a daca car out there and we have a supreme court judge in new jersey who says that that's not be happening in the court.of so we have a lot of tension in the community and a lot of fear. and a lot of determination on the part of our mayors to ensure that the communities are safe. >> houses different this administration then under the previous administration when president obama was called the reporter in chief. his numbers were higher than the previous republican president. >> i just think he manipulates v fear that may not be legitimately based in any evidence. president obama was criticized for that.
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he was also going to continue to focus on those who are dangerous. they're dangerous because of the criminal background in activity. not because of their national origin. the difference here is there are some since about people who arel here that are a erroneous and based upon their proved religion or national origin. the is a huge difference. that undermines the safety and security about the communities and the people in the communities. it also creates a divisivenessan in our communities and countries that were not seen. >> host: we invite yourco questions and comments about immigration. we want to hear your thoughts as well. congresswoman, is president trump focusing on the dangerous immigrants, criminals by
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withholding money for sanctuary cities for the cities who do not cooperate with law-enforcement weather trying to catch and deport the most dangerous?eport >> guest: here's the issue. there is not this correlation between womanist polities are doing an ice trying to depart the most dangerous. these cities are not cities that are harboring criminals, they are cities that are protective his residence in trying to create safety and security for all of its residents. citizens or otherwise. i believe this a ministration says one thing but does another, i believe ice has the presence in our community that is frightening and fearful. i think we need to deal with tht respect of our young children who are seen are young children ripped apart from them and w communities that are being threatened with regard to
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withholding resources, that is not can happen. so i think our president needs to stop empty threats. >> what is say it's not going to. >> first of all you're not a whole withhold money in a municipality because this local law enforcement agency heads neither the desire nor the capacity to devote its attention to doing federal work. you not being paid to do federal worker ice like agents. number two, there is noimmigr indication that having immigrants in your communities presents danger to this homeland and a district judge in california.ite house. >> this week they said it's
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congress who gets to decide how money is appropriated and not, not the white house. >> it well let's hope there's hope from that aspect. that is true and accurate. >> let's hear what our viewers have to say. >> money mike. >> first i want to say that i want to commend bobby. i read sometimes about congressional members and i am a fan of hers so i want to let her know that first off. and the next, i want to say th's our country needs to protect its borders, i am a registered democrat and i voted for obama twice. i voted for hillary and i hope a moderate democrat runs in 2020. we need to protect our country because none of our citizens can move to honduras or guatemala and not be deported.d we have to keep that in mind. i do believe that daca should b protected.ion all the daca people should be
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protected but we also have tore remember that we cannot take care of the rest of the world. s . . to protect our interests and we do need the border wall. we needed everyone around the world says we need it. i am a big fan of yours and keep doing your good work. guest: thank you. it is nice to have the first call from a person who says he is a fan. we need to protect our border and no question we need to protect all of our borders and all of the access into the united states that can possibly be opportunity for those who want to do us harm. it is not a wall that we need to be worried about building. it is not a wall we need to spend billions of dollars building. it is the upgraded technology, human resources on these various borders and not just the
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southern border. we do not worry about going to guatemala honduras or other places because we are not going live -- leave the security of a democracy we have to go to places where people are fleeing because of the sort of what the -- authoritarianism or death bots in charge. ,e also need to determine who what is our role in dealing with let's say refugees? president trump recently bond syria because -- bond syria because he was upset or his daughter was upset about the release all sarin gas on citizens deserve better. the next day, we decided we were going to bomb a blank space. at the same time, we are refusing t at the same time we are refusing to allow the refugees to comee
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into this country. we acknowledge the billions of dollars of bombs but there is a danger. we need to be consistent with what we say and what we do and there are a lot that concerned me. all of the data we have been receiving are these so-called individuals coming across the border that are not necessarily the ones creating the greatest problem for us if you look at the attacks that have been in the united states of america they happen to people who were born and raised here in our citizens and are not the people
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mr. trump kind of lumped together. >> caller: good morning representative. i am a fellow new jersey and. in our community we had an unhappy situation a 6-year-old child was molested by an undocumented illegal immigrants. he talked about not being a danger to the community, that man was a danger to the child and i would like to know how you address the parents and family in our community. how would you protect people that are here.e. i'm not saying that everybody a that comes here is a criminal but there are criminals and if that man had been here, that childhood and have been molested by him and i would like to hear your response of how you protect the people that are legalan
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residents and citizens. >> guest: >> guest: i agree 100% we need to protect from those that do us harm. i think the problem is we ought not create a generalization full about immigrants that are not full citizen citizens and to say are the danger. the danger is dangerous peoplepe and they come in all forms. basicallthey should be subjectee same law enforcement as any other person. >> host: can you elaborate how
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i.c.e. is able to conduct sweeps? >> guest: i don't know their specific source. there are people on the radar that shouldn't be here because they are dangerous. lew i.c.e. operates under thee authority of the law. >> guest: i think >> caller: i think we are addressing this from a standpoint of the basic fear. when immigrants are coming to the city taking jobs that wasn't
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a problem. when the business is moved in immigrants came and took the jobs that now as the immigrants are coming in in large numbers taking jobs you begin tor recognize it as a major problem and the majority will become the minority and so i think until you take that chambers of commerce and some of the churches that accept the people and who need people to expand their numbers you look at this until you find the people who hire them you're going to have e the same problem. historically we know how to be prejudice and control people and how to deny them and we deny american citizens their right when you have immigrants coming in and getting free health care, having babies have become immediate citizens since you have to look at this from the
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standpoint why they don't have their health plan and there is 3% of the people that are driven out so look at the basic root causes and then you can solve it. >> guest: they need people to work in the fields and believe that immigrants are good source of workforce for those purposes as well as the tech fields, engineering fields, science fields. but the united states is a country of immigrants, and it's immigrants working together have made this country great. the beauty of the united states is that it's the most subverts country in the world and i don't
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believe that we should be feeling someone is taking our jobs. we have work to do. i had heard as mrs., large businesses and even sort of small technical businesses say we don't have the kind of workforce here that we need. we need to be looking at our higher education offerings to make sure that our citizens are interested in those fields but then we need to make sure that those offerings are available. i think integration in and ofof itself is not the issue. we need to recognize we all have a place in a strong economy. there are policies we need to be looking at or even articulated out some degree out of the
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current administration but no action has followed to make these things happen. this whole notion of high air american by an american has come out of the rhetoric of thehe administration where it's okay to go ahead and he said we are going to use american steel but that pipeline is going to be built by foreign steel so we need to be working in this country on economic opportunities, job growth opportunities, things that were. promised during his candidacy that we haven't seen happen. >> host: "the new york times" with this headline, the new office aids victims of crime and announced the creation to help families that have been the victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants to aggressively crack down on illegal immigration.offered
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we have the unveiling of this new office by the homeland security secretary you can find on the website, but i am curious what your thoughts are on this y new office.onths ag >> guest: a few months ago menti this office was mentioned that we would create this office and my instinct was that there is an office i know in the state level that deals with victims of violent crime. i think to say that this is juss an office is going to look at crimes perpetrated by people who are immigrants to suggest thatle there is a problem larger than there is in big fuels the kind of distrust of one another and dislike and disrespect, and it fuels the discrimination under the religion discrimination and the bias tha that is unfounded d any evidence and so i think we could have placed our money in a
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better situation. >> host: berkeley springs, republican. >> caller: good p i have to say i am pretty bitter because i worked in the dc areaa for 27 years. during that time, my boss started hiring kids from el salvador telling me teach them how to weld. okay. i i was a good employee so i taught them how to weld and do the arm work. well, i was 55-years-old and one day my boss called me into the office and said you know, carl, josé can do your job, you are getting up there in years and he will do the job for one third what i am paying you so i'm going to have to let you go.
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i raised five kids on death pay and i get no other choice but to sell my house and move to westa virginia and take a job drivingg a school bus is paid about one third of what i was making. i am pretty bitter i have toto tell you about the situation because of what happened to me. to hear you say these people are not coming in here taking our jobs it's ridiculous. i just have to tell you i can't see how you can look us in the eye and tell us that they arell doing jobs we won't do. >> guest: i am sorry for the experience that you've had and it's not an experience i'd notrd heard of before but let's look
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at the responsibility here i think there are some laws that we have proposed that say you can't underpay or you can't use these immigrants as a source of workforce and then underpay them the value of the job. you are speaking of an issue of age that should be discrimination. you are speaking of employers that are taking advantage not only of you but even of the individual that they are probably paying a subpar wage for a job that is of a higher value. those are things that have to end. this isn't just individuals coming in and pushing ourour fai workers out. this is our failure to hold thef businesses responsible for the benefits they pay workers, the salary they pay workers, thehe equity and the pay for the jobs that they are being replaced on
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and to offer something we have to deal with as it relates to age but the discrimination against older adults and we need to be able to work and make that illegal. >> host: lincoln nebraska, you are on the air. you have to listen through the phone. turn your tv down. are you ready?er: >> caller: this is and why it is if? >> host: yes you are on national tv, go ahead.i have >> caller: all of my stlegiances are to the unitedd states, but as far as this border wall is concerned, if i
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were mexico i would say that it goes two ways. if mexicans are not allowed in the united states that americans shouldn't be allowed in mexico.n there is a residence, american citizens that live in mexico because of the low cost of living if they are retiring or using the communities.. also, the tourism that goes in and then flies out. they take advantage of the low cost of doing trade with people down there. l when a plane lands from america, check the identification and put them back on the plane to the united states. the wall goes both ways. >> guest: i think that republicans and democrats do noe support the border wall.
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when you support enhanced and significant and relevant protection of the borders i think that this whole issue of building the border is more often than anything else and i really think that congress, i know democrats in congress and i hope reasonable republicans in congress are not going to spend 14 to $20 billion building a wall that doesn't make us any safer that makes no sense and that is totally unnecessary and we are just running away from the kind of programs that we need to train the workers to support jobs and support our communities here as we should bo doing.woodbr >> host: in virginia, what are your thoughts on immigration policy? i apologize the connection is
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terrible and we cannot understand you. i hope you can try to call back in but we are running out of time, so apologies. show in crystal lake illinois, go ahead. >> caller: hello, how are you thanks for taking my call. we have american criminals do crime and go to jail, we have illegal criminals that do crime in the sanctuary cities. the criminals don't have a chance. but you shift all of our jobs over to canada or mexico or wherever paying them $3 an hour and say the only reason they pa is because they give them free health care. that is just slave labor and you get kickbacks from those corporations.
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>> guest: that is one of the reasons i don't support a lot of these agreements and i don't agree china has been fair in its trade. you are absolutely right about lowering the wages of individuals and they want to compete in the united states. sanctuary cities are not harbors for criminals it your community and my community using resources to make sure all criminals are responsible for paying their debt to society. this information that is being fueled by the divisiveness in this administration is making people both distrustful and
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unsure and it needs to stop. >> host: thank you for the conversation this morning.
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>> the state of the news media and double of the free pass. we will hear from this years winneryear'swinners of the walte award for excellence in television journalism
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the un security council met for a briefing about the ongoing conflict in syria. the unite united nations undersecretary general for humanitariaundersecretary generr humanitarian affairs reported that the situation is a teary reading rapidly and called for a cease-fire to allow the routes to be open. we also hear from security council members including u.s. ambassador nick e. nikki haley. this is about two hours. >> [inaudible conversations]


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