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Charles Schumer
  Senator Schumer on Federal Spending and Health Care  CSPAN  May 4, 2017 8:08pm-8:22pm EDT

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importantly it achieves conforming spending caps in reducing progress in elim consolidating eliminating a resending funds for over 150 government programs andso bec initiatives. aisle, so because of hard work for both chambers on both sides of the aisle we have a funding bill to force that can make many important and positive impacts in the lives of the people we represent. i know i will be supporting it and i would urge colleagues to do the same. i look forward to sending the agreement to president trump for his signature.ons >> house approved on the abyss of preparation spell that will fund the government throughesult september is the result of weeks and weeks of bipartisan bicameral negotiations. the final product and the give-and-take of those negotiations. again want to thank the majority leader for all of his hard worko and desire to come to good agreement as well as the houseao leaders and the leadership of
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the appropriations committees. it is proved to many that washington can work when we work together. my view this is a very good bill for the american people. not only does it explicitly preclude funding for unnecessary and ineffective order while it excludes over 160 poison pill riders and increases investment in programs that the middle class relies on like medical research education andlt infrastructure. the national institute of health will get an additional $2 billion on cancer -- pell grants will be restored for over 1 million students. infrastructure programs like cdbg and tiger. programs to combat the terrible scourge of the opioid abuse will receive an increase to clean energy research was receive an increase in 99% epa's budget was protected and in addition a permanent extension of miners
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health benefits thanks to the hard work of joe manchin and so many others.s. funding to shore up medicaid programs and a mechanism to allow the island to restructure its debt and funding to help states like california, west virginia louisiana and north carolina recover from natural disasters and it has a very good increase for nasa which i will talk about at the end of my remarks before my colleague from florida speaks about the successful work yes done on the nasa budget. of course the bill doesn't include all the things that we want. doesn't include all of the things our republican colleagues wanted. that is the nature of compromist that at the end of the day this is an agreement that reflects her basic turntables and it's something both democrats and republicans support. the bill shows how bipartisanship in congress should work. both parties negotiating in good faith in order to find consensus
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passed in the house with antisam overwhelming bipartisan majority of 309 votes and i expect it will receive the senate approval later today. i more broadly i hope this deal provides a blueprint for future budget negotiations between our two parties here in congress. a in the four corners senate and house democrats and republicans work as well on the 2018 budget as we did on the 2017 budget we will have a product we can be proud of with no worries about any kind of government shutdown. now on health care mr. president because the house plans to vote on their new vision of trumpcarn later today i just want to room lined the american people of the few things. we are now on the second major s attempt to pass trumpcare and while the focus in the media has been on the changes to the bill we shouldn't forget the bad things that stay in theer underlining bill of what they would mean for millions of
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americans. under the new build as under thd old, trumpcare would mean premiums go up 20% in the first few years. average cost goes up high over $1500 a year on the middle class. he would mean if you're struggling to make it into the middle class incomes of around $30,000 a year or costs will go up by three or $4000. it would mean insurers to charge older americans five times or even more now the amount as the charges younger folks, even though 1-5 ratio as bad as it was in his much as it led to hassles of aarp and senior a citizens 50-year-olds to 64-year-olds throughout america come this bill makes that worse. would devastate medicaid program covering 68 million americans c and that affects poor people in the inner city but it also affects people in nursing homes
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and the young men and women 45ng to 50 in nursing homes are going to have to face an awful choice, more money out of their pockets or their parents have to find t another place to live. it would still mean worst of all 24 million fewer americans will have health insurance. all those things stay the same.e a minor change made by the house and the last senate doesn't change any of those things. the same recent trumpcare wonpl the support of 17% of the american people will mean that trumpcare two will probably have less support and all the while to pay for this, sorry, all the while all these cuts and up with a massive tax break to the wealthiest americans, those
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making over $250,000 a year,air, multimillionaires, ilya mares and even insurance executives who make over 500,000 dollars a year get a tax break while middle-class and older americans get the short end of the stick. here we are telling average americans they will get less coverage that they are going pay for so they can get the multimillionaire a tax break. who would be for that? more and more americans find ous a vote over there is going to be much less popular even than it is today and it's very unpopular today. 17% of americans like the bill. hard to get lower than that but i think as people learn more and more about this bill it will get even lower. the house republicans have added an amendment that makes the bill even more cruel. would allow states to opt out other requirement to cover
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pre-existing conditions for thee services they need. god forbid if you have a pre-existing condition and live in a state that doesn't meet the requirement you're only option might the poorly subsidized high-risk pool which might be forced to wait in line for virtually unaffordable coverage. remember the scare tactic used against obama kerik on the death penalty these high-risk pools, long lines and affordable coverage are the real death penalty that same amendment means an insurance company could charge an older americans five times more than the amount theyb are charged under the bill. it would take us back to the days when insurance companies priced sick people out oficans insurance and drove older americans to bankruptcy by charging outlandish rates. that is what house republicans
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did with the bill to win more votes. it's unfathomable. we don't even know how the large negative impact of these changes will be because we don't have a cbo score but does anyone imagine this amendment will result in more americans being insured? does anyone imagine it would provide better coverage for americans with pre-existing conditions?nt i don't think so. that explains why a republican colleagues in the house are rushing through with hardly any committee, no hearings in no those new cbo score in this bill. they don't want the american people to see this bill. the leaders of the house will they didn't pass the bills today their members would go home in two weeks they are in recess over the house yet their constituents hated this bill and they back off. 17% of americans, only 17%
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approve of trumpcare. the rest hold public forums to demand their congress members reject it if they wrote, called e-mail contacted their representatives through social e media. it was the voices of average americans who stop the trumpmpce care, the first trumpcare proposal from even receiving a vote. so now republicans are trying to send a worse version of trumpcare. trying so now republicans are trying to get through an worse version of trumpcare without debate or any analysis of what it would mean for our country.ore. it raises costs on working americans even more. maybe it doubles the amount of uninsured americans. the house won't know before voting on the bill.
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i sincerely hope if this bill passes and i pray it does and w that the senate won't mimic the house and try to rush a bill through without hearing more debate or analysis. mr. president regardless of the process trumpcare is just a breathtakingly irresponsiblet piece of legislation that would endanger the health of tens of millions of americans and break the bank for millions more. i don't know what my friends in the house would say to their constituents if they vote for this y bill. what would you say to a 56-year-old in your district who is already struggling to balance the cost of medicine rent and groceries when she has to pay more than five times as much in health care than someone who is 35 and healthy? what would you say to the mothers in your district whose daughter has cancer and is worried if she ever lapses in
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coverage and insurance company could raise the rates so high on her family she couldn't afford to get health insurance for her daughter and would have to watch her suffer, the agony of parent would go through.t what would you say to thate mother? i don't know how any of my republican colleagues here in the senate, we get this bill and now in the house and explain why they voted to take away people's health care? if they are hippocratic oath for congress do no harm trumpcare would never come up for a vote. it harms the american people int so many ways. it doesn't have to be this way. republicans can drop these efforts for repeal, drop these attempts which are undermining our health care system and causing insurance to leave the marketplace and come work with democrats in improving the health care system. our door is open. so i would just make one final
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plea to my republican friends in the house. i know they rarely listen to senate leaders especiallyic democratic ones but this is an issue where so much is at stake. i hope they forget party labels at the moment. i asked them to do what representatives should do, v something very simple, thinknt about your constituents, consult your congress come your conscience before you vote for this bill. i believe that they truly do and consider what every independent expert and medical association is saying about this bill and what it will mean for our health care system, they will come to the right conclusion and vote no today.
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seen at the hearing will come to order. we are certainly pleased to have our witnesses