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tv   Senator Marco Rubio Calls for Renewed Focus on Western Hemisphere  CSPAN  May 9, 2017 10:51pm-11:27pm EDT

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[applause] >> good afternoon coming from all over the hemisphere to be with us today. on behalf of the council of america is silent reduce our keynote speaker marco rubio
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and his members of his team senator rubio is a strong advocate for shared prosperity as of member the senate foreign relations committee to played instrumental role to remain vested in growth and development in the western hemisphere. as chairman of the senate subcommittee civilian security in human-rights and global women's issues that they have been the region of the invoice on human-rights in the hemisphere commend cuba and venezuela up.
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and to be married to a cuban-american the something that i appreciate from humble origins to burn their way to the of middle-class. to be consolidated that is considered unlikely to have that courageous leadership of those deep rooted challenges with the national political scene with a presidential candidate in 2016 mr. senator thank you for your leadership on issues of consequence. [applause]
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>> thank you very much. a month ago i had to buy these that walgreen something happen in the overnight i i started to deteriorate? is that normal laugh 45? i am honored to be here with you for the council of americans for inviting me to speak this is a great honor to be here with you a place named after our founding fathers also laughter international diplomacy to them particular to think the chairman of the council of american society and the ceo and those that will be of
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the subcommittee. this is an exciting time because it gives us an opportunity in many ways since the end of the cold war there has done a lack of focus for the government in the hemisphere and that needs to be reversed quickly and i say and region because we talk what is happening as part of that. so it is an opportunity to beat here and gathering spots with those years in the senate i am troubled by
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the policies in general and u.s. foreign policy that is tactically driven vs strategically driven. may spend a lot of time sanctions and no sanctions. diplomatic engagements you are wasting a lot of time and don't pretend to have that all building strategy but i do know we have ideas we tend to share for those who work in the building and with the chevy you here today. so i do believe delaware lay the groundwork was began by constructing those three pillars of first safety and
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security and national security the second is expanding prosperity and third our values for all three equally important and they're all interrelated you cannot do any of the three without the other to so how we keep america safe and the western hemisphere as many head you are aware the highest, side rates in the world kelso added pressure to central america to mexico as well as the u.s. border as well as the cartel that works to strengthen a border security to force those immigration laws and we're partnering to stem the flow
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by transnational groups trying to bring those listed items to the indicted states. what is the strategy look like? it begins by working with mexico and guatemala for their own borders security reusing u.s. existing canadian programs from our counterparts in mexico and working with other willing partners as a key transit point. by using the department of defense to help build capacity in central and south america to revitalize the coast guard shipbuilding budget to ensure the presence for interdiction efforts to be with greater resources for partnership engagement trading how to
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dismantle the smuggling network how the department of homeland security posted one from the northern triangle. . .
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including the court system, public prosecutor, police forces with a special emphasis on mexico building on the initiatives by helping countries in the region tackle corruption by strengthening the forfeiture law and the initiatives. those that are not living up to their international control obligation accountable and making clear by working with colombia and peru are the plans to reduce the trafficking working with colombia and mexico
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to eradicate the crops and the hemisphere for the heroin entering the united states by utilizing the tools including the designation act. security also means addressing the reality of outside actors. we are focused on the crisis in the world many. for the purposes of raising money could also use the networks to access u.s. territory. the region hasn't been immune to the rise of our friends in trinidad that we would talk about. iran, north korea with some in the region that counter these disturbing trends there's a
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number of things we should do first we should make it clear the united states doesn't expect others to trade with us but we will not allow our enemies and security prosperity and human rights to establish a foothold in the region to speak out and support the leaders who seek to deepen cooperation in the united states and to make clear america isn't going to leave a vacuum in the region for others to fill. by utilizing the agreements to increase u.s. economic engagement in the region including by leveraging the economic power of the allies and by assisting the companies to bid military sales in the region to monitor thing of the activities in the region by deepening intelligence relationships with key latin american partners and assist those such as argentina for
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example that take the influence seriously. while standing up to the organizations that deliberately exclude the united states. that is the first pillar of security but that alone will not be enough. i will not be possible until we do the other two things. second would be expanding economic prosperity because it isn't a zero sum game. economic opportunity for the neighbors not only makes it less likely that they would come to the united states in the way that is irregular but also helps the economies that become trade partners with us. in the absence we need robust trade and economic agenda for the hemisphere that makes clear
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china and other actors are not an alternative to the u.s. market. so this talks about things like forging closer economic ties including those that prioritize the market reform and tackle corruption to help the partners when they connect and deepen their economic relationship in the region by modernizing after but ensuring the process doesn't send the message that the united states is closed for business prioritized the strengthening of the property protection and strict labor standards. the modernization is impossible to mexico but it's designed to be beneficial to all of us. accelerate the growth of the private sector through a presidential initiative called the america economic freedom
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initiative to show partners in the region that has not been needed to join the bank and this would be based on the assistance but to find ways to incentivize the other measures that deliver the dems in the production of the distribution for the range of products and production and distribution of the range of products and services particularly energy allowing the countries to become less reliant on the regime and partnering with our caribbean neighbors to develop the sources of energy so they can reduce the reliance on the regime. the second aspect is to fight corruption by making common cause of the generation of those that are battling countries like guatemala and the opposition leaders in the society actors by
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publicly speaking out against the cost of corruption especially for the poor in the region as well as american exporters and replicating the advisory council bringing together business leaders to discuss corporate governance rule of law with countries like brazil, mexico and those such as this and by reinvigorating the oecd to impose sanctions for individuals and national compliance. third is the one i spent standing up for the freedom of democracy. for the better part of 40 years too much time has been used and
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we looked the other way as right-wing dictators in the hopes of keeping out the soviet union. like ecuador and bolivia and sadly from the southern decades cuba. presidential messaging and leadership is critical and needed to reverse the perception in the united states that's tougher on its allies than it is and that's why we will recalculate the dictatorship in cuba and we will pressure the government in venezuela to follow its own. to recognize the right of the people that speak freely and in
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the end the solution is one election away and there's n theo way that anyone can get elected. it's important to diplomatically isolate countries that refuse to work on shark simply to tackle and in that way it is critical to the. in this region and throughout the world to ensure that the programs are reflective but we need a robustly engaged organization in the states to rescue the charter and make clear to the partners that they will also be expected to speak out as many are now doing in mexico, colombia, peru.
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speak out when the neighbors are violating the rights of citizens. it's critical as well to reassure the allies for far too long we've neglected many of the partners in the region and we need to build on the ties with countries like canada, mexico, colombia and grasp the opportunities in peru and brazil and argentina to name a few. i believe canada can play a key role with partners like colombia and mexico have great potential to expand their engagement within. we need to empower the organizations to fulfill its mission as stipulated in article one of the charter's i believe we need to develop new policy planning discussions with partners in the region to discuss regional and global
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challenges and we need to engage with the partners international issues unrelated to the western hemisphere by establishing the military to military engagements with peru, argentina and expand the current engagements with mexico, el salvador, guatemala, uruguay, chile, costa rica and the sales to encourage acquisition for what i believe our allies also agree by expanding the relationships and exercise program to formalize the military cooperation and security cooperation in the region by region assuring the colombian people that the united states supports the implementation and that i they will be conditioned on the full compliance and we will work with the colombian government, the democratically elected chosen to ensure the crimes committed do not go unpunished and victims
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are adequately compensated. finally by reassessing the program in the region to assure the effort is actually having the desired impact in places like haiti and they are not undermining the effectiveness of the support we must make clear fiscal constraints the united states is willing to support those partners and we commit to dealing with security challenges for the norms into the room of law that support these broad issues. that's a lot to digest and i know it is creating almost like a powerpoint, but i want to get that on the record because as i said earlier the one point i try to make to my colleague is more often than not i said this last night about columbia.
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they are in answer, not a problem and more often than not it's more than we believe. now obviously they don't cover the western hemisphere as much as it once did much of the global attention is paid to what is happening and these are issues of incredible importance. but i believe the extraordinary opportunity that exists in the hemisphere for the 21st century of shared prosperity is extraordinary and perhaps it is because i live in miami that i have seen firsthand i remember vividly a wife is of colombian dissent so i remember not only traveling to visit relatives, but in fact there was the fear someone you love could be next month because of political engagements that they had to be at the right place at the wrong time and with blood, sacrifice
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and american assistance to people othepeople of colombia wm being on the verge of a failed state to the strongest regional partner today and one of the most capable perhaps in the world. although that is the result of the engagement and "-begin-double-quotes the responsibility fell on the colombian people and its leaders and they lived up to that. but we helped and it wasn't charity. and you see it every day in south florida and those that arise are shipped through logistics run by americans or colombian americans from our airports and seaports creating extraordinary economic opportunity. in the prosperity and places like venezuela one of the resource countries in the planet with the average according to
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recent reports lost 19 pounds in the last year and it wasn't a result of exercise or diet, the result of economic calamity as a disaster and so you see right there in the two bordering countries the distress of the governance and policies and opportunities of the good leadership and economic engagement this is what we hope for in the region and it's important, it is our benefit as a nation and i can tell you 40, 30, 20 years from now we are in a hemisphere that we have more countries with a growing middle class like colombia despite the challenges growing like brazil which has now gone through the process and will be able to move forward like argentina that is embracing the free market and the opportunity to bring with it would life be morwith life the s and safer or less prosperous every oneveryone in this roomeve
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answer but it begins by prioritizing so my hope is that in the united states from the subcommittee and our engagements such as this we can encourage more of the colleagues on both sides of the aisle to engage in the western hemisphere because the opportunities for the region and the world are truly extraordinary and the great thing about it is we have been debating it for far too long as of now there are no partisan lines and there are no pre-existing conditions. it is an open and a blank slate and allows us to write in a way for the broad region and i thank you for the importance in highlighting this is my hope is that in the years to come as we come back and engage with you many of the ideas you are
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producing an offer has become reality and the fruits are out there for all to see. thank you for this opportunity and i look forward to continuing to work with you and achieve prosperity together with you and our partners in the region. thank you very much. [applause] >> senator, thank you for that vision of the u.s. engagement and collaboration. now we have a few minutes for q-and-a and people will be circulating with microphones so please raise your hand if you have a question. >> thank you for your time and are letting us be here with you. you mentioned in the first part of the speech the relevance and i would agree with you more of what corruption does.
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one of the things as you very well know it also comes from the u.s. and the border. i've kind of limited it and maybe you are right we should examine that as part of that strategy. the first has always been true for the market consumption. marijuana, cocaine and no heroine.
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that remains the case and the other reality that we are facing as the nations become more prosperous is increased internally as well as a joint problem in that regard. the roll continues to see the programs not just to prevent prediction that begins with a prescription row rouse but to tt people with medical conditions and the fact is that medical researchers as clear as it could be when you are addicted, your ability to break free from the military intervention, listen to me, the medical intervention -- airstrikes [laughter] those resources don't exist so we try to work it from the ground up and where they manifest themselves in the local
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level. six or seven times a week multiple times a day who are overdosing so now we have to cut off that demand part of it and the supply-side is important. as soon as you cut off on one it migrates to another, so this will be a challenge going forward but you are fair to point out that is a big part of the inventor and that is the demand side and i would guess in these years to come they will see an uptick and we may need to be working hand in hand in a best practice in that regard but you are absolutely right to point that out
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>> my question the unfolding of this is uncertain but what is the planning for the totals would collapse that's going to take resources from the region lacks >> the nature of the issue in venezuela because in the countries you have a government of power and civil society against them. the issue is different. you have a national assembly despite a fraud against them who've basically been canceled so the way that might explain is imagine if they said i'm cutting off your funding, we are not going to put them in place or pay you any salaries, anything.
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we are just going to ignore any laws that you pass and that is the state of affairs and you're taking out every element and i'm going to get my good friend to buy it so they can report my side of it and imagine on top of that invites the foregoing power to come in and take over your intelligence gathering obligation and the like because in some ways you don't trust your own people to do it when push comes to shove that the demand is the majority in the assembly that simple under the constitution put in place they were supposed to have been this year. follow your own law.
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that is being ignored and so i have been very pleased to see the nations in the region take leadership. it's been one of the most uplifting experiences to see the growing number enjoying that and you talk about the humanitarian crisis. it would be available to help transition in venezuela and those two reasons one is that it would be difficult but successful after any sort of a transition and by the way ideally that's what i wanted it to be at the ballot box and i don't prefer it any other way but it would be better for venezuela at the ballot box but
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even if that were to occur, the challenges they face are extraordinary and the government will fail so the creation and the authorization that is available to provide assistance as soon as we are allowed to provide it impacts those in the region and the last thing they need is a crisis of their own border that faces significant challenges in the implementation of the plan and the others faced by some of these cartels that have emerged. the last thing brazil needs is a challenge so that is also the assistance to them. we offered that bill and places beyond to authorize the money so it is to provide the aid is of necessary but this is an important moment for the region and it's important we should leave and i have been pleasantly surprised despite people's
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political views i will say this i was able to take and receive multiple reports that they always ask about venezuela. that is good news into the state department and the national security council and the other divisions to do something. america's voice is important. it's had a greater impact than the things we have done and one of the best ways to create stronger ties with our allies in the region is to start doing things together and engage
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together in the products of joint interest and i think that it should be one of them so in many ways i think it's been a promising exercise in that regard as well. [applause] as the senator is exiting please join me one more time in a round of applause. [applause]
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