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tv   Washington Journal Tom Coburn Discusses Limiting the Power of the Federal...  CSPAN  June 4, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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their own incumbancy. blaup .... >> washington journal continues. host: our first guest, former u.s. senator from oklahoma he is the author of the book, smashing d.c. he is also a senior advisor of the convention of state project. could you talk about what
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article five said and what it offers as far as power to the states? guest: colonel george mason when they were having the discussion on our constitution stood up and said we have made a grievous error. we have to make sure that because nowhere in history has powerful governments ceded power back to the >> >> and allows the states to call the amendment convention and is not a constitutional convention but the states can offer amendments which are nothing recommendations that go back to the states and three quarter of the states would have to approve that. i so what it does is the relief and bawled for the a states when there is no longer rebalance power
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between the three branches but also no longer a balanceof of power because 60 percent on average of the states when they raise money than the federal bureaucrats tell them how they have to spend at. so this is about the balancing the bridges in washington in a relationship between the states and the federal government. >> with congress on the application of the legislature which shall be valid and it goes on from there so how many states are currently selling don?. >> you have 34 then congress does not have a choice they have to call a convention of the state's which means each state gets one vote on anything that happens then whichever comes out of that
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has to coincide with the application there is already jurisprudence so if you apply for those three areas you cannot go outside of those areas. >> in our application to limit the scope and jurisdiction to force financial responsibility of a balanced budget amends - - amendment of the elected officials so why aren't they considering economic or fiscal restraint? eighty-five% of america once that but nobody does that in washington it will not i happen unless we make that happen.
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>> host: is this a bipartisan?. >> it is. and then some are supporting this going for word they're only interested in and from one standpoint, i'm trying to remember the court case but we have a lots of opposition because people like the power concentratedave here in washington but we have a lot of support we have those that have a
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volunteer every legislative district in the country. >> you still have quite a s ways to go out realistically could that happen?. >> it depends on what happens in washington they agree that we do need to make some changes the fact that not much is happening so where is the work together?. >> the president was electeded >> but the point is this supersedes politics where the real problems we have as a nation? how do we be evaluate the balance ofse power because essentially
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congress has given all of its power away. they don't have much power a more with the courts and the executive branch control that. >> and those that take a look but they say impart the constitution has no guidance on ground rules for conventions the fundamental questions are as to how the delegates are chosen whether the supermajority?. >> you'll the requirement is that the constitution says the selection of who comes is left up to the states but what they don't understand everything happens for a convention as a matter of fact congress said read 18
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article five convention. but here is my a position as somebody who cares about our position how do we guarantee ? here is a number inat sticks with me $144 trillion in unfunded liabilities right now if you take that -- all the millenials who will be the wage earners how is it that they have $30,000 per year that they have to pay off that we are responsible for? to do nothing is a moral in justice people don't want to pay attention to that for
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those that come after us to be irresponsible steward. >> the book is called smashing the d.c. monopoly the first call is from texas democratic line. >> caller: hello. i get what you were doing and i appreciated very much we need this and a terrible way there is no way where a sitting president could implement anything that they wanted to because there is too much that is broken right now could congress muster the courage with the
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independent commission from the top down were to divorce of money that is paid to congressmen or senators because it is always a perpetual election with very little getting done while they are there. it is all about taking money to stay in power. >> as a physician the disease is raise money and beat reelected to enhance my ability with this position. is f but term limits is the answer to that and that is what we're proposing in this application if we limit the terms a large portion of the
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senate has never had a job d outside of politics. that limits their exposure and thought patterns so i am with you i think money raising is a symptom. anybody from the constitutional convention that was for term limits with the exception with the new york representative and 26 states did decide. th so the way we never do this what the states approve but they cannot have any control. us be but this fetid is effective.
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>> this is nothing but the old states rights but going back to the states' rights to give power to the states of the republicans but so that happened at the turn ofba the century so they gave it to the white farmers they gave of the money to their friends and other white farmers. try t so that is why a that is a
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way that we do things but toin make things right for all people. >> i could not disagree more but to give you example with a highway bill it costs 50% more to build these the exact highway if you do with state money because of all b the bureaucrats in the regulations and requirements that is for everybody in the country. >>. >> also i could not disagree with you more this is nothing but false advertisement it is the g.o.p. agenda you have the majority of the stategi legislatures it is backed by alec with nothing more thann
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false advertising like your right to work state is bad news when the open this up through knows it has everything to do with race this is what the country is about to. don't be fooled, america. >> host: so specifically blood is wrong with the proposal or amendment?. >>. >> host: he is >> guest: i am understand they see this but it has nothing to do with it. we didn't have the majority of the house but the problem in front of the country that we will pay for that eventually may be not meme because i'm older but my children and grandchildren
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are so do you reach out and fix the problem? this is about expanding everybody and do we really need day big brother from washington? if you have been discriminated against you may feel that way that is not a way to establish freedom this is the problem that is in front of the assassination so who decides? who will decide your future who you -- or a bureaucrat was never run for office or you? as u.s. senator are represented almost 4 million people. they will call the state legislature but i can speak
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to a legislator i decide to drive 95 miles and make my voice heard that does not have been happier most the time you get a letter back thinking you for your letter but no specific response your question. >> are they governed by republicans largely?. >> i've been that is true alaska indiana, indiana, missouri, tennessee indiana, missouri, tennessee , louisiana, i a bad is true. >> is still nikki goes in their beds states first because they want freedom to go back to the states so how do you make that happen with the same three principles?. >> so take just fiscal
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responsibility if oklahoma wants to send 10 or 20 but they still get one vote you have to pass a recommendation here is the constitutional amendment to have a balanced budget amendment if you have to move over the next ted years. because most of the timeenator they will not make a hard choice because they may not be reelected because maintaining power so if we have the balanced budget amendment but i had to vote the analysis they have to work within our means instead of continuing to bar
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off the backs of those who did not support it. >> host: independent line from florida. >> caller: good morning.g i agree with the earlier callers this is another bone negative nothing more than undermining democracy in america with the hedge funds that is going on there. >> host: how do you make that connection between the two?. >> caller: because that is what all the red states represent, the non-union people wage controls of $7 an hour $7.50 an hour they destroy democracy that way
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of life in america we stabbed during the '50s and '60s. >> again, it is very informative to see their w response that is one of the problems because you are bad if you live in a red state they think you cannot care for people and we just heard an explanation from read state from two different individuals i've receivedar and how those values that are needed. the red states care for those people as well as they do with the blue states. so i understand polarization that we see is difficult but if we have a convention of states to force that's so is
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there a moral question? you don't think that you should pay for what is coming down the pike to benefit you were just charged that your children? that is the moral question but that is what we tried to do. >> do you hear that argument around representational government?. >> no. this is exactly what the founders intended. they do what some point the effectiveness and the cost of the central government that they would have to be neutralized this is restoring what is originally in the constitution with the states having the ability to make so that $100 billion
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per year waste and the military? i have that documented in a written beaucoup was working on that right now? nobody's so we will continue to waste money waste fraud and abuse yese and duplication. they just cannot yesterday to say inappropriate pavements $145 billion why do we continue to allow that? i interstate and what we hear what the hell think that has any bearing. >> host: trying to stop runaway government for -- author of our guest now we have michigan of the republican >> caller: i love the idea
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of the government closest to the people governs best you cannot govern the people of the united states from one spot. i would prefer under donald trump in the republican:-- congress i would not want texas or indiana under the policies of rock above the corporation nikki policy so if we do that we have more. freedom but when he do that because if you look back at the civil war prior to the civil war there is only one entity that was the northern states so that is a fallacy this will restore freedom if people have more choices with more competition and
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accountability and i've loved this plan. >> i agree. it is about who decides this isn't about undermining civil-rights it is about being responsible and what we heard was a good summation of but the other reason is because local much freer we have heard this morning.e expe do we expect the elites in washington to do what is best long term for the country when the real conflict is for their career? so one example from last year $484 billion deficit that was published
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by the cbo but the debt went up 4.$6 trillion the last and accounting major that does not work. the unfunded liabilities grow $6 trillion. we could ignore that but what that means is the average millenials will live at a 30% decrease standard of living where we are right now. it is more imperative that we fix that. >> host: so the president is expected to release his budget today like with public-private partnerships or the potential of 600 billion for medicaid is that a right approach?. >> look at pennsylvania and ohio people that only signed
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up for medicaid lied on the application and they compare them to the automobile applications compared to what they told the state in they were not eligible. so for a republic to survive vir you have to have a virtuous and reformed public so those that sign the bill the glee for a government program that costs $7,000 per year that's is a lot of money. if you have the same amount of fraud elsewhere what is coming on? the new 40 percent of those people are disabled but those from the oversight who works on that now? our goal ought to be somebody needs help to
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maintain to be personally responsible. learned dependency is tierney because you lose your ability to flower and grow. but the other is happinessif selfie create programs thatne help those that need it and don't allow fraud and abuse knowing there is $120 million think about is that is enough to build every new bridge from now one every report all the newd highways if we just got rid of that fraud didn't want to do the hard work so i have not looked at president trump's budget summit that
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will be good some of it willgo not. i read the papers it is already dead because we will bloater sells many from the public treasury and everyone has died. they ha we're the -- standing republic they have all died of the same thing. >>. >> good morning you are asi true politician who speak out of both sides of your mouth. you were part of the of the to -- even the ted washington why did you do something at the time? you do spend the money you decided where the money would go then you spent it so now that you act like i of the guilty one because now i and the social security age in the money is not there so i have done
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something wrong. you were supposed to be a good steward. you were there with the money.e s you are the one that is responsible. not us. it is time to pay the piper. we worked our entire lives. i started working at i was the oldest of five and i had to go to work. at 18 i got out of high school and i stayed at the silver company until the data i retired i worked, married, children and raise my family had t bought a home to all the things it is required of me but you did not. now you spend my money and now crying because it isn't there for you to spend again it needs to be put back where we paid. user are told they the money
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back now you want to tell me how bad idea because i have a decent life. i am not asking to live them luxury like you but i would like to pass my gas and electric and mortgage bill in the same month. >> she obviously does not know my voting record i did not go over one appropriation bill the entire time i was in the a senate because it thought i was a moral. i am the guy that did the oversight to straighten things out to outline the ways soya understand your opinion but if you check my voting record. >> host: but what about the 34?. >> we are expanding thein grass roots base that gives
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us say grass roots are b-2 lobbied of legislators and to pick up maybe eight or 10 states next year which will put us somewhere between 20s. and 22 states then take the same resources and grass-roots. >> host: a convention of t the state' if you want to learn more also author of the book smashing the d.c. monopoly. former senator from oklahoma . thank you. >> it is a pleasure.
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. >> it is an honor to be here


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