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tv   Secretary Kelly Travel Ban Injunctions Hobbling Homeland Security...  CSPAN  June 7, 2017 12:52am-2:58am EDT

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>> and hillary clinton talks about the 2016 presidential election and her upcoming book. >> you may think you know what happened. you might be right to a certain extent based on what you have perceived and how you process it. but i'm gonna tell you what i felt and thought because you cannot make up what happened. >> c-span programs are available by searching the video library. >> homeland security secretary, john kelly testified today at a capitol hill hearing on his departments 2018 budget. the white house has asked for $44 billion to go to the department of homeland security included increased funding for border security. secretary kelly answer questions about terrorism and the
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president spoke post travel ban from six majority muslim countries. this hearing is two hours. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> i asked consent that my written opening statement be
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entered into the record. >> i want to welcome secretary kelly, this is a hearing on the department of homeland security's fiscal year 2018 budget. this is the third time secretary kelly has appeared before the committee. second time as secretary of the department. we welcome you and appreciate your service to this country. in the of my opening statement going to make a couple of comments. by vocation i am a accountant our talk about the department of homeland security budget. when you look at total budget authority, and the department was first it up it was 2004 and the department's budget was
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$36.5 billion. had that budget grown by inflation today's request would be under $50 billion. instead, total budget authority is $70.6 billion, but a 90% increase. that represents on a bipartisan fashion president bush, president obama now president trump realist the threat environment that america faces has become more severe. it's growing and evolving in the department needs or resources to keep us safe. as much as i'm concerned about the long-term budget situation in this country the money that we are already in debt we cannot be penny wise and pound foolish. i've not seen an accurate assessment of how much economic loss we suffer because of 9/11.
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we have to do a we can. i want to be supportive of the secretaries request. it is tough budget times but we need to allocate the resources to keep us safe. the next point i want to make is the dramatic change in terms of total apprehension. we have a chart here. the only of three months of history under the new administration. come back and have my staff prepare a three month moving average of apprehensions along the southwest border. this incredibly revealing. prior to the last three months, on average were apprehending around 122,000 people coming in illegally. the last three months total it was under 56000.
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we are about 46% of the previous for five years average. that's remarkable. since taking over the chairmanship that the problem of our illegal entry into the southwest board i've been saying the first thing we need to do is speak being committed to securing the border and then eliminate incentives and i was a lack of enforcement has been a huge incentive and under the new secretary we have committed to securing our border. i was concerned when people taking credit for this reduction after three months we'll see what happens. i think just that alone has had a powerful effect and we're seeing the results now.
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i commend the secretary for standing strong against severe criticism and enforcing the laws of this nation. i now turn it over chart ranking member. >> thank you. you appear before the committee a couple months ago for the first time after being confirmed. when i look at the developments that have occurred where you have had to be all hands on deck for serious issues facing the national homeland security. a man 11th he met with the airline executives about your concerns about large electronic bands with international travel. i may 12 we had a cyber attack that struck more than 200,000 computers and more than hundred 50 companies shutting down --
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tragically a may 22, a tear suicide bomber killed 22 innocent children and adults in manchester, england on this past weekend terrorist killed seven in london. these are a few examples of why we are counting on you and why we respect the job you have to do and how difficult it is. it also speaks to the critical responsibility we have been providing oversight. i've never known of a government agency notes work better with less oversight. asking her questions is how you do aggressive oversight. i am pleased that you are not afraid to answer tough questions. it is who you are. you have been that way. in fact, i noticed in your speech you get to the coast guard cadets come i will tell quote you, tell the truth to your seniors even those uncomfortable and you they may not want to hear. they deserve that. tell the truth. i know you will continue to speak truth to power and i look
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for to your honest assessment that regard. . .
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the president's budget is going to completely eliminate the law enforcemenenforcement officers reimbursement program that provides assistance to local law enforcement agencies to help secure the airport. particularly for smaller this is important. they provide security to the transportation system. i'm concerned they are not getting the attention they deserved in light of what is going on in the world. we may be focused on a shiny object which has come to be known as the travel ban when we need to be focused on how many people we had to prevent these
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attacks we are asked to fund a different object of additional agents and offices but there is no provision additional office officers. the officers of the one responsible for finding and stopping them. we cannot neglect as we try to increase resources. i can't tell you how much it means to both democrats and republicans. i hope the rest of the administration follows your example because our setting a very good one.
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please rise and raise your right hand. >> gees were the testimony is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? secretary kelly is the fifth homeland security prior served as commander of the southern command where he worked closed with law enforcement and dhs personnel. the reserve and reinforces more than served as senior military assistant to secretary gates. after his retirement, secretary kelly returned to the secretary
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of homeland security. he's retired four-star general in america couldn't be more appreciative. distinguished members of the committee every day the men and women in the department protect americans from the threats we face a and the missions they carry out 24/7/365.
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the department will make it possible to expand in many ways the ability to protect the nation and the people. the world is a different place today across the domain of the attack they are making a difference while the department of defense fights the away game and it together because of the dedication and effective agency a million state and local professionals america today is safe. secure and prepared to.
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it's a budget that manages the mission i think that this budget does that. being 2018 budget requests 41 billion for the major disasters and to the relief fu fund. behind each and every dollar they protect the american people. in the freedom and the rule of law above all its investment in the security of the american people as far as i am concerned you cannot invest too much in
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security. they are horrific reminders of the challenges we face daily to keep us safe that means getting better about the identity and making sure people are they say they are. force them to offer great at the levels work at an we work at ant is the real idea initiative which most of the states and territories have taken seriously and are working hard at compliant. someone elected in the position to have the fundamental responsibility to safeguard the nation and have chosen to drag their feet or ignore the law i
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will not. we will make america safer than it already is. real idea for all federal facilities. there is a critically important commission recommendation others have been willing to ignore with no extension for states that are taking the efforts egregiously. for the states and territories but cannot and will not make the january 2018 deadline, they should encourage citizen now other forms of id are compliant with the law like passports available from the state department. we need to prevent benefactors regardless of race and nationality from entering the country. in recent years we witnessed an unprecedented spike. there are two servic service tos in the foot soldiers now than almost any time in history in
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iraq for instance we have thousands of jiha jihad fightert have converged. as our superb military should be to veto machine, other like minded partners as they succeed in the battlefield in iraq and syria, they are returning home to europe, south asia, australia and who knows what they are up to. they're heading to what they think are safe havens to get about hate, death and intolerance and whatever they are too high. someone will carry out the attacks. the president issued direction in the form of the yeshiva to the entire branch to prevent the entry of those that seek to do us harm. the current junction.
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some discuss debate and the professional men and women like me are in the business of implementing the president intends to secure the nation, and we are doing that. self-appointed critics talk about the name and i see the wisdom of the president is trying to do to protect america and its people. to congress willing to work in the business of securing the nation and it's been my experience with less than four months on the job congress is committed to that. the quote where why aliens with they have the same countries that identify in the congress in the previous administration in
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2015 that are of great concern. at the time the expectation was those are in the business of securing the nation would focus additional intention on the nation and others similar circumstances or supplementary interactive betting that has nothing to do with religion or skin color or the way they live their lives but all about security for the united states and nothing else. these are countries that are either unable or unwilling to help us identify the identities and backgrounds. i am not fully confident that we are doing all that we can to weed out the potential wrongdoers to conduct proper screening not just those identified in a specific order it from every country across the globe also prevents me from conducting the review.
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i await the court to complete the action one way or another so i can get to work. the delay has prevented us from doing that. we need to protect our homeland. i didn't, appreciate the opportunity to appear today and i think you for your continued support and committees continued support for the men and women in the department and the mission we take this seriously. i remain committed and made changes in the organization since i've been a department head to increase responsiveness,
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availability and we have done all of that in a big way and i am pleased to answer any questions >> i'm going to be for my questioning. hispanic thank you mr. chairman. i appreciate the note you ended on, secretary kelly, and i, while i condemn the leak and the person that leaked it we have verified information that they not only accessed a vendor of the voters software but the databases in the months prior to the election. in circumstances this would be an earthquake but because of everything else going on i don't
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think enough attention has been given to something that is your responsibility and that is critical infrastructure including the election system. i've asked for a number of pieces of information and this is one area we haven't gotten a response and i appreciate you have got frozen us out. many of my colleagues are being frozen out across the governme government. i am deeply grateful for this. i'm anxious to get more information about what we know about these attempts and whether or not they accessed the population it is clear they were trying to. i don't think they were going to just hang out. imagine the description if people showed up to vote and their names were no longer on the file what would we do, how
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would we address that in terms of fairness. so are you deferring the investigation of this to the fbi raised the department engaged in protecting the voter files for the russian government? >> i'm not going to dodge any question relative to anything. i would say up front because of the allegations and things that have been released or so highly classified i wouldn't want to confirm or deny anything we just have to wait for the investigation. i'm happy to send people to talk to you at the level they can about what actually took place and i believe members deserve but given the level of classification that i share your concern i do not disagree with anything relative to the
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sanctity of the voting process. it is an inter agency investigation. it was in fact critical infrastructure. i've had a large amount of pushback from the states. it was done before i took over and we are looking at that to understand what it means that i am meeting with the professionals next week in the city. do you see us as partners and
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helpers inside the states and to make sure that your systems are protected but there is nothing more fundamental to the democracy then voting. hispanic it would be one thing for the states to say we don't want the federal government -- >> i don't think the federal government should be telling me how to run their election on the other hand this was bradshaw. it wasn't someone at a university screwing around with one state. it was an international attempt to contact the elections. you are in the best position to
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do that. is someone working on the investigation over this intrusion into the datafiles? >> the other area i wanted to talk about about the funding in the program and the law enforcement reimbursement program and urban area grants that are so important that you address those cuts >> i referenced it a little bit in my opening statement we are in a different tha then we were5 years ago when 9/11 to place. whether it is the largest or
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small towns in the counties with few professionals, this is in the dna. we should have right after 9/11 t9/11to get to know a $45 billin 15 years helped states acquire equipment. the dod has a program they give excess equipment for way. in a perfect world i would love to fund everything but 15 years on and we are at a different
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place locally in terms of protecting the homeland. i understand the point you're making though i don't think we would think of as the threat of a terrorist attack today than it was 15 years ago and i can speak for many of the communities, to have the resources they needed that this allows them to is important so i hope we can work together to figure that out. >> it's much more metastasized and i'm with you a thousand% but the one fundamental difference is we have state, local and
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federal focus and training and equipment. >> senator tester. >> thank you for being here secretary kelly. you have bipartisan support because of your track record and you are in front of the subcommittee here a few weeks back and i appreciate your testimony. since then it was report to the president's son-in-law attempted to establish secret back channel communications with the kremlin through the russian ambassador. you were asked about his back channel discussions with russia and eu support in setting up the back channel communications.
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i believe they did occur whether there was anything classified or not and i think it is a big deal because we are talking about russia. to your credit you are a little bit older than me but you look younger. but you remember russia in height of the cold war i don't trust them anymor any more thand when i was in grade school. to have somebody sitting at the back channels before they were in office through a russian embassy is disturbing. have you spoke about this issue? >> i have not. >> has anybody spoken to him about this to find out what kind of information this was?
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there is all sorts we need to get to the bottom of and so. many of the staff did not directly. back channel communications. i have back channel communications. if i say have a conversation with them it is difficult. i would offer we have to make the assumption he has a
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clearance at the same level as i understand and he was trying to open information through the back channels to get to putin or anyone else to say we are concerned about this or this is what you might want to consider doing because if it is official it is a whole different dynamic. >> there were no red flags at all? >> can you tell me if it's normal to go to an embassy where we had a faux through world war ii is that an example?
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>> if i were to do that you would think it's okay, if i were to walk over to an embassy and to say i want a back channel communication and it appears nobody will know what i'm talking about and that's okay. >> as a senator and member of the committees, you better stop that whatever it is. that is essentiallthis is essenk channel communications. whether classified information
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is delivered or not i find this unacceptable. when they set hide under your desk i was like what good will that do. if we don't get to the bottom of what's going on does all sorts of stuff going on we don't know which direction to have the investigation happened. if it needs to be you, you have the credentials on the committee and congress because it doesn't make me sleep better at night and your eyes are probably wide open on this.
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>> don't you think we should assure that is correct? there's numerous investigations looking into this. >> there've been folks that have been frozen out by different agencies i think that is not appropriate if you are with congress oversight does the job and i appreciate. as i was going through the confirmation, they gave me a office cold. one thing i've heard is how nonresponsive the department is. since i've been running the show
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to the degree that i think i'm running it, we have over 37 appearance is. prior to that it was a tiny fraction talking to senator grassley who was the biggest critic and he gave me nothing but high marks and we will make that better. we will respond to any congress shall inquiry and if we can get it together it .-full-stop the cavalry we can't get to it real quick we will call the staff but
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it will be weeks or months before we get it to you if need be we will send a letter. i think in every case. >> senator peter's. >> thank you for being here and i would like to thank you for your trip to detroit i appreciate you taking the effo effort. >> i am in the president's budget and first responders in michigan is the areas and state homeland security to the almond,
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search and rescue missions, maintenance of the emergency response. the cost requirements of the locarequirement for thelocal got a number. i know you think it's important to have skin in the game and that the local communities have some cash as bayern in the matching programs but given the fact we are facing global attacks. can we addressed that in the
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future? >> referencing previous commen comments, they are in a different place we all know that, their hitters in the game. the grants over the years have caused that to happen because we give additional ongoing. states and local governments now need to sustain all that we have helped them get to and that combined a lone wolf and you know this, the thing we are
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facing off with a lone wolf attacks is a different dynamic it is absolutely other than getting into people's business legally and outreach and all that. my point is an unlimited amount of money parcels out might prevent a lone wolf attack. we make the decisions in many ways based on formulas we receive from th a congress that
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might be at higher risk than other municipalities from an external terrorist. >> i appreciate the fact that this is a challenge and we don't have unlimited amounts of money but i want to challenge the assessment that others are prepared for. resources are tight for them as well so hopefully we can revisit some of those programs to make sure the communities that may be the highest risk but also have a fairly challenging budget situation in the community.
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the first traveled in order required the secretary of homeland security to submit a report that provides a list of countries that do not provide adequate information for vetting within 30 days of the date of the order it is my understanding the district court in seattle did not state that aspect of the order and as you know a site from sections to have the remainder is not affected by any subsequent injunctions. more than twice as much time is required and report required by the second executive order is overdue by about 30 days. do you begin the procedures that the initial executive order
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required? >> we have been very cautious. i did have to get back to where we are on the report and one of the things regardless thinking about other countries but not studying it and looking at the vetting procedures but not studying it. it's not going to limit you from doing your own reviews of policies and procedures. we are too close on some of
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these issues and it's best just to show good faith and not get too close to it. >> thank you mr. chair and ranking member and good morning secretary kelly. the men and women at the station are working overtime on the nation's budget to secure the northern border including preventing narcotic smuggling. they are doing an incredible job with limited resources bu that y need support and wireless ebp is getting a boost in their funding in this budget we know this funding isn't going to be used to shore up the northern border and it isn't just the northern
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border. tsa in charge of protecting aviation borders and stopping to the rest is facing a sizable cut to some of its programs and the coast guard protects the largest border but despite its assets run down and outdated facilities the coast guard is also getting cut so this tells me fighting off all of it at the secondary. we should ensure others as well so what is your plan for making sure they get the funding
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increases they desperately need? >> the good news is from my perspective we have two great purchasers, canada and new mexico. the bad news for the southwest border is largely because of our job demand, it's cracked up to be the incredibly developed network goes from mexico into the united states, so that's where the overwhelming amount come through because of the network or landmass or geographical feature.
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>> it seems to me a totally false choice to leave a border involving a relatively open. it may disrupting things for a time but it doesn't do us any good if there are other ports of entry. the coast guard is not able to intervene in the narcotics trafficking because they don't have the resources when they know they are there and that would be an important aspect. >> for right now to southern border isn't the problem. if we were to seal it we could
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control it and go from where we were several months ago to pretty good control they will figure other ways to get throu through. we also have to keep people in the northern part of the country safe. i want to move on to another issue we discussed last time you were here when i asked about an innovative way to protect the system from cyber attacks and possible applications the pentagon's pilot program to probe the pentagon's networks for vulnerabilities. in a few weeks the program ran a collected 130 previously undiscovered vulnerabilities and
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since then expanded the program and gsa announced an effort to launch a similar program. we introduced a bill to allow for vulnerabilities and report them to the dhs. as my friend said we will fight hackers with hackers. you promised to look into whether they would be fit so i'm askiniam asking that you take ad look at this though there's been a similar bill introduced in the house by the representatives so could you take a look at the bills and see what you think of them.
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>> i don't want to reiterate everything senator peterson said that as a former governor with first responder forces, part-time police departments, the elimination or cuts to critical state aid and grant programs everything from airport security to other kinds of security efforts to fight homegrown pitcher for some unique ongoing resources. the notion is a false notion,
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the cuts here are troubling. and last, maybe we can talk off-line about the president's opioid commission. i understand the first report is due shortly we just haven't heard anything about it. >> if i could have a minute to respond they are onboar on boarh our attempts to not only safeguard the border but also get to the demand problem. i know the secretary price and
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my head who i've spoken to change his attitude to the child going forward and we will get together. i think we spoke about this that we suffer in the united states to suggest all they've got to do is put something up their nose, and their mouth, solve all the problems and limiting things like medicaid expansion and insurance companies treat addiction which gets to the overmedication. 36.5 million had to grow by inflation instead it's about
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70s at $22 billion more, growth in spending in this department because what the reality is in terms of increase in spending over. >> we have dramatically increased. >> thanks for your testimony. last timthe last time we were he talked about coming across the border and your responses i don't believe we are doing it. we are still waiting for the response i thought i would list a couple of the episodes of this
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happening. it indicated his participation is mandatory and threatened to detain chen or seizure if she didn't comply. that was ironic "-begin-double-quote to turn over their phones, unlock them or provide passwords. is the answer i still don't believe we are doing it? >> my answer is if the billion
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or so that come into the country, half of 1% is checked and it typically goes at the ports of entry and questioning of individuals for whatever has tipped them off will cause them to certain conversations. an individual is returning from sex tourism or something like that. but again, seldom done and always.
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how long will they be detained generally it is secondary aware the follow-up questions to. >> ther >> there is a reason they do it. this wouldn't necessarily be american jurisprudence if we have internal rules if you publish with the rules are. >> at the ports of entry where the officers have procedures to
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look at electronics there are procedures whether they are published or not are specific enough to publish but i can get back to you. >> we would also like to see the form. we've introduced legislation to try to stop you from doing this and to go to court and you have to present evidence and to specify an individual and. >> that prohibited us from looking in bags and things like that.
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looking for an immediate threat, that is in the scope of that jurisdiction but looking at someone's phone is more personal and extensive into their life and it fortifies us to think you can go back to your country. there's advice not to take your phone abroad because your country won't let you unless you let them look at your life and we can live in a secure state if we have no freedom to travel and there can be two different standards there can be one for somebody coming from the first time from afghanistan who has no name and background but if a
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citizen leaves and comes back they ought to be protected when they come home. thank you mr. chairman. as far as having the procedures in place that you want and particularly the countries include the presidency. establishing the procedures the way you want them set up and particularly with regards to in any law we have been pretty reserved i will tell you that
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there's two aspects of this, some of it i control and some of the state department has issued a number of additional questio questions. that is an easier thing because they are coming out of countries or present a passport as an example and there've always been certain questions in place to. the un as hard as they try they
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are in the same position we are although they are not in a position to allow people to come to a given country they themselves as they do their initial screening they don't do screening they do refugee registration. then we need to know how you support yourself in a given country so that we can prove who you are and what points of contact we can call.
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many. i believe what will give us an advantage is when we start to deal with them on the social account, telephone registration, that kind of thing. >> you mentioned earlier in the middle east with which we have it in place. there are 38.
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we have confidence in their systems but not every country is a piece of waiver country because even though they are western countries first world they don't have what they think they need so they set the bar very high and.
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the database is only good if you are on it. not to get into another i don't want to may not have been on those lists so had they decided to come you are right. they wouldn't be getting on something like that. if we are trying to do somethi
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something. the countries that are committed to it that were all committed to making it better. in regards to the senator's comments regarding the northern border. the committee of appropriations as well as the committees the unmanned. we have 900 miles of border security.
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and also with the technology parks we have at the air force base is a. that is how you drove some of the concerns she raised. >> as a follow-up to the question, you mentioned that you had back channel conversations is the correct?
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is that in your current capacity? in my current as well as test assignments with members of the diplomatic countries. >> have you initiated a -- >> i have had conversations with members and foreign diplomats in different places and talked about what they could do differently. >> included in the presidents
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budget is a provision that says says," the secretary made conditioning grant or cooperative agreement awarded by the department of homeland security to the subdivision of the state are preparing for and protecting against or responding to acts of terrorism. ..
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