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tv   President Pushes Infrastructure Agenda in Cincinnati Ohio  CSPAN  June 7, 2017 10:06pm-10:42pm EDT

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[applause] [applause] >> they give very elected is great to be back in ohio. we love ohio. we remember ohio.
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it was supposed to be close and it was not close. [laughter] so wonderful to speak on the shores of the very magnificent ohio river. we're talking rebuilding the nation's infrastructure. is in that about time? spending money all over the world except here. and we will do it using the american labor, energy, iron , aluminum , and steel. [applause] we believe in the dignity of work in the greatness of the american worker. i want to think secretary perdue and administrator pruitt for joining us today for you saw what we did what happened last week with the so-called paris accord.
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we will keep our nation so great and so strong we will never have outside forces telling us what to do or how to do it. [applause] that would have been a huge acre on our country. also we are glad we're here the lieutenant governor could be here in the lieutenant governor from ohio. [applause] also to be joined by the top later -- labor leaders that
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they get the job done? right? together we will put our skills back to work. in the north american building trades union as one of the very first readings at the white house. for the keystone xl pipeline has started. in that will happen 40,000 jobs. and that is with the dakota pipeline. also president of the united ironworkers.
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and also from the laborers international union of america. in what we told believe reunions even with an open door at the white house we had a great day. [applause] we love our workers. we're pleased to be joined by north america, cf industries. a case deal, nucor steel, scotts miracle grow and others to build the of bridges and roads in the tunnels and the waterways
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where are you guys? and then as the builders of our country. [applause] i have to do this? they are big talkers unless they are behind a desk. >> we are fortunate to have the greatest builder in america. [applause] standing behind the infrastructure program that america sorely needs and is
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ready. [laughter] >> but they are great builders. they look over their shoulders believe me they don't need the money it will come in on time and under budget as he said on time and under budget which -- with some of those big jobs. the bad is the standard. that will not happen now with this administration. the american people deserve the best infrastructure anywhere in the world. so that states the panama canal the transcontinental
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railroad with a great highway system. and then to get them going again. not oleander some means of commerce with millions and millions of people in with the american spirit it is time to recapture with new means of travel and discovery and always to the future and it will be bright. and in my campaign for president i traveled all across the nation.
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because the averages were so dangerous they could not use them. and wanted to know why we could rebuild. to spend trillions a and trillions of dollars outside of the nation but we cannot build a highway or a bridge in the watch everything falling into disrepair in to bring back our jobs to put america first. [applause]
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while it is very early in the administration that everyone has noticed like they have never noticed before. and it fell to lowest point of 16 years. [applause] right now more small businesses are looking to higher than at any point to the last decade. last week the stock market soared to record highs, the highest ever. looking your pensions in retirement accounts of those hard-working americans. over $350 billion of economic investments. due to millions of jobs.
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also the king of saudi arabia, king solomon we spent a lot of time together and they're doing a great job. the deal with terrorism or the funding of terrorism. to front -- to stop funding radical islamic terrorism. they will stop. [applause] and over all muslim countries in the history of this world like what took place two weeks ago. and hopefully that can be the beginning of the end to this horrible situation in the world is suffering right now. and then to be very smart
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and we will end it. [applause] and i send a clear message to have a level playing field but every other country looks out for their interest it is time that we finally start looking out for our interest in the united states. [applause] so to sacrifice american jobs the death of american prosperity has come to a screeching halt but a new era of american greatness is about to begin. am looking at our industrial
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might they have been waiting for us to say hello. hello capt.. seventy-two creates a tax base to put new infrastructure all over the country. we must repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] so premiums have increased by an average of 75% and 86 percent in ohio and kentucky. that's it. bye-bye. what a mess. that could mean another 20 counties of 19,000 people
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will not have a plan. but those who have been working very hard to pass a law to pass a replacement bill now is time for the senate to act and to save americans from this catastrophic event because obamacare is dead. it was one of the biggest broken promises in the history of politics. you can keep your doctor and your plan and end up paying not to have insurance because it was cheaper. and another promise washington has repeatedly broken is where we are here today it is called restoring
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america and restoring our country. and with that modern infrastructure. those livelihood's depend on our action together. boy have they tried every single thing. i won't get health care on a death spiral so just think about it it is just an obstruction. >> i don't think honestly and they do positive things
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in to see it all come together. or call those republicans to join together so those countless american industries so those that are in dire it in a desperate position. for those that are on the verge of total failure and collapse. to be representative of those industries that is a critical component of the infrastructure of those 12,000 miles of inland waterways.
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because those coal miners are happy. so then to have clean beautiful hair and crystal water you can have your jobs. so for each of you for the work you have done because it will be a beautiful thing these citizens know firsthand the rivers, like the beautiful ohio river carries the lifeblood so i am very proud behind us
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today are those 12 barges. looked at this. west for genuine love west virginia? next week we're opening a coal mine that has not happened in a long time. and putting the coal miners back to work the contents of just one barge carries the equivalent of 1,000 semi tractor-trailers'. people don't realize that. and because of the grain exports. more than half was produced within to want -- to another 50 miles of where we're still day get their production depends on the
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inland waterway system and wait until you see what i will do for steel and your steel companies. and to stop all of these wonderful other countries with our countries and our workers. and with those refineries. with those locks and dams more than half a century old and as you know, or that anybody is in very bad shape. couple improvements of the system to be massively
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underfunded with a maintenance backlog that is only getting bigger and worse. of the ohio river near pittsburgh no more than 50 years ago had to be shut down for five days due to hydraulic failure and you know, what that means that means everything comes to a halt. we simply cannot tolerate a five day shutdown on a major thoroughfare of american oil and steel. america must have the best and vice fastest and most reliable infrastructure anywhere in the world we cannot accept these conditions any longer a few years ago would be to broke from the hinges and it took
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nearly five months to repair. that was not a pretty picture and then to delay everything broke the great american businesses like landau lakes from minnesota stand up. they fear that the lock and dam system are no longer bird defendable. -- defendable with all those businesses in me be more before in me are those
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businesses. we will create the first class infrastructure that the people deserve. my new mission for american infrastructure will rebuild the country by generating what a trillion dollars of infrastructure investment. [applause] and as of a few months ago we spent $6 trillion in the middle east along with the death of so many incredible people and all of the other problems we have been watching on television. $6 trillion but everywhere to fix the road or school or
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major a bridge is not collapse, we don't ever seem to have the money. it has got to change. that infrastructure program forging new partnerships for every federal taxpayer dollar the federal government will drastically reduce burdensome regulations but it is going rapidly the when people telling me we're doing the lack largest tax cuts so this is what i believe. nobody would have believed it.
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to massively streamline that permit process burrell -- already by a administration has expedited if prior mental reviews -- environmental reviews. thousands of big jobs project type of jobs that are proved rapidly. and we tell them you will not get approved. all over the united states. he has done an amazing job. [applause] just to make sure that
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environment is perfect i am pleased to announce the dakota access pipeline is now officially open for business 3.$8 billion investment we did that the canny politician would have the guts to approve the final leg and i just closed my eyes and didn't. [applause] i said that is not fair but now it is running and it is beautiful the sun is shining the water is clean.
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but wiedmaier proved that i thought i would take a lot of heat i actually took nine. but it took so much hate for nonsense it is like a decoy. [laughter] america builds the golden gate bridge in just four years in the hoover dam in five years. think of that proportion not take ted years to get approval -- ted years for a small piece of infrastructure. with my administration it will not happen like that anymore. for what they need to do and
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to go from direct federal investment. so we will ensure that they are matched with maximize the efficiency. it every penny will count to them. and we will be sure this is what we get. 7% went to infrastructure. you know what we're talking about. remember shovel ready. we will not repeat that mistake that will not happen
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again. instead our plan is the most pressing infrastructure needs. building projects to benefit every part of the country especially rural america. these are great companies today. to make sure it is built and funded quickly in the right location businesses like these are ready to invest three we have been waiting for a responsible partner. you have been waiting a long time. that you have one -- now you have one. [applause] sold things to all the great workers and business leaders
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that our legendary they are slow down so not only will we repair the brand new projects this is what a great country does or hast to do because america wants to build across the nation steelworkers and ironworkers and so many others are just waiting with the talent and skill there represent i know the talent and the skill and courage and everything else that they have there is no limit to what we can achieve all it takes is a bold and daring evasion and the will
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to make it happen. two centuries ago one american government had the will his name was clinton he dreamed of canals boeing 400 miles to connect the amended version with the great lakes of the west. to place it at the very center and to a pds to washington and the president did not agree and they dismissed that idea. so all of the people that helped so much with this incredible even to and i think jefferson simply
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understood who he was and he was dealing with to have a new yorker do something. just tell them like our great past governor. he did not give up and the york state achieved what they thought was the impossible. with the erie canal opened 1825 he was of the first boat perversely deposited a bucket of water from the great lakes into the new york harbor. that new canal even exceeded his vision to dramatically reduce -- the time to transport goods into the heartland then sellers rushed into the midwest including right here. probably some of you indirectly. definitely some of the roper go just as our ancestors
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would open a new path across the way and today we will build a dream that will open the path to a better tomorrow. we will see jobs and wealth lead into the heartland to see new products made and grown right here in the united states. you don't see that much anymore. we will buy american and higher american. [applause] we will not be so content to let our nation beat a museum of former glory we will construct incredible monuments that inspire wonder for generations and generations to come we will bill because our people want
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to build and of course, because we need them to build. because prosperity demands that and above all that is how we make america great again. thank you. god bless you. go out there and work you will see amazing things happen over the next period of time. it is a great honor to be with you. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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