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here's a look at some of the books published this week. former house speaker newt gingrich offered his insights on the 45th president's administration and how he got elected in understanding trump. in hunger, new york best times author roxanne gaye talks about her food, weight and self-image. biographer fred kaplan lincoln and the abolitionist looks at how abraham lincoln and john adams experiences slavery and race shape their differing viewpoints. this author reflects on the unexcited leader of a movement to support women's right to drive in saudi arabia, in during to drive. in dream richard reeves offers his thoughts on income inequality and argues that america is becoming a class -based society. also being released this week, financial executive scott nations examined for significant spot market crashes over the
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past century in a history of united states: in five crashes into the queen offers the republican agenda to eliminate unions, suppress voting, privatize education and change the constitution in democracy and change. look for these titles and bookstores this coming week. watch for many of the others in the near future on tv. and he's been to. >> as the crisis link depend lick and wondered how he could be effective in fighting slavery while maintaining his identity and the crumbling brick party and all of these various movements were sterling on him swirling around him. on august 204th 185, lincoln wrote his intimate friend to joshua with whom he had shared a room in springfield and had now
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gone back to his home in kentucky where he presided over a plantation. he and lincoln agreed about slavery. lincoln wrote him a very long letter and in the forefront of his thinking was the threat of the know nothings, i am not a know nothing. that is certain. how could i be christmas how can anybody who aboard the oppression of negroes be in favor of the degrading classes of white people? our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid, as a nation, we began by declaring all men are created equal. we now practically read that all men are created equal except negroes. when the know nothings get control it will read all men are creating legal except negroes and foreigners and catholics. when it comes to this, i should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty.
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to russia, for instance. [laughter] where despotism can be taken pure and without the -based alloy of accuracy. [laughter] that lincoln could write. he could turn a phrase. state-by-state the new republican party was being organized and in illinois a group of anti- slavery newspaper editors invited lincoln to join them as their leader in a meeting to organize a convention of the new party for illinois. lincoln was absent at the time and recalled and believing i knew what his feelings and judgment on the vital questions of the hour were i took the liberty to cite his name to the call. john todd stewart, who you remember as lincoln's first law partner, tried to remove lincoln
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endorsement. he rushed into the law office and confronted him he asked if lincoln had signed the abolition call. he said i answered in the negative adding that i had signed his name myself to the question did lincoln authorize i returned and that it no. then exclaimed the startled and indignant stewards, you have ruined him. i thought i understood lincoln thoroughly herndon road but nor did i vindicate myself if a sale, i mainly sat down after stewart had left the office and wrote lincoln who was then in tazewell county attending court. a brief account of what i had done and how much stir it was creating in the ranks of his conservative friends. if he approves or disapproves my
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course, i asked him to write or telegraph me at once. in a brief time, came his answer. this is what lincoln wrote in a telegram to herndon. all right, go ahead. will meet you radicals in all. at that meeting, on february 202nd 1856, which happened to be george washington's birthday, george snyder the editor of the meeting german language newspaper in illinois, proposed a point to denounce the know nothings and the nativist president at the meeting opposed it. the conference to create the republican party threatened the collapse. snyder announced he would
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finally submit his resolution to lincoln and abide by his decision. gentlemen declared lincoln, the resolution introduced by mr. schneider is nothing new. it is all ready contained in the declaration of independence. this declaration of mr. lincoln's, schneider recalled save the revolution. in fact, help to establish the new party on the most liberal democratic basis. therefore, lincoln's judgment made possible the creation of the illinois republican party which became the instrument that would, in four years, carry him to the republican nomination for president. >> watch this and other programs online at the tv .org. >> were live at the chicago tribune's annual lit fest book fair and we look at the most
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popular nonfiction books according to the chicago public library. topping list is dance with the regulation of his in ohio, hillbilly elegy. followed by animal, vegetable mechanical about a family attempt to eat locally grown food for entire year by barbara kingsolver. after that the late neurosurgeon paul calamities autobiography about his battle with stage four lung cancer when the breath becomes air. next on the list is daily show host trevor know was of growing up in apartheid era south africa, born of crime. followed by the undoing project by michael lewis which details the nobel prize-winning work of two israeli psychologists. our look at the most popular nonfiction books according to the chicago public library continues with the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie condo. after that as you all know the future look at humanity in. [inaudible] number eight on the list is national book award winning,
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seat on the current state of black america in between the world in me. that's followed by the soft side by chicago native, natalie moore who weighs in on segregation in the city. wrapping up our look at the most popular nonfiction book according to the chicago public library is arley hoekstra fields the political right, strangers in their own land. many of these authors have or will be appearing on book tv. you can watch them on a website >> the publicity manner at johns hopkins in baltimore, maryland. what are some of the things you have coming up with mike. >> sharks of the shallows. it's coming out right after shark week which is a huge thing for the general public and it's an unofficial oversized coffee table books heavily oversized and riesling price and work in a handful of


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