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  President Touts Accomplishments at Cabinet Meeting  CSPAN  June 12, 2017 12:17pm-12:43pm EDT

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make and stop taking it if they were, working someplace where this was allowed. we made them stop taking free trips, stop taking free products, stop taking discounted products. and right next to the byline we had a link to an ethics statement just like that, and we did it again when we started our own country and had "recode" and that ethics statement, if you printed it out, it's still there. >> host: walt mossberg is retiring as executive editor and columnist from "the verge" in june and as editor and large for "recode." our conversation with walt mossberg will continue next week on "the communicators." >> good morning. followed by a short updates from members of his cabinet.
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>> good morning. we have much great news to share with the american people today, as we continue to deliver on our promises. due to a record long delay in confirmation and the confirmation process by the senate, which i called obstructionist, maybe that will change but i doubt it up for a while, but they are truly obstructionists, this is a first cabinet meeting with the entire cabinet present. the confirmation process has been record-setting long, and i mean record-setting long, for some of the finest people in our country being delayed and delayed and delayed. but that much of that is over, and now we're going to as you know that the regular process
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with people at other levels of government, and that's a very long process also, including ethics committee which has become very difficult to deal with. all of that being said, we now have our cabinet finally approved and want to welcome secretary of agriculture, sonny perdue. thanks, senator secretary of labor, alex. director of national intelligence daniel coats. thank you, dan. and u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer. it was an incredible, talented group of people in this room. generals, governors, congressman, entrepreneurs, business leaders and many, many others. i choose each person at the table and i chose them not only because of their remarkable experience and success, but because they of all united by one shared goal for what they want to do is one very simple
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and very beautiful goal, serving and attending our beloved nation. together we are working every day, and we've been working very hard together, for our country to protect our safety, bringing back a jobs into our country, and putting always america first. it was great at merrick -- we are doing it and were doing in a much faster pace than anyone thought i will say that never has there been a president with few exceptions in the case of fdr, he had a major depression to handle, who passed more legislation, who done more things than what we've done a tween the executive orders and the job killing regulations that have been terminated. many bills, i guess over 34 bills congress sign, a supreme court justice is going to be a great one, great supreme court
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justice, and many other things we have achieved tremendous success that i do think we been about as active as you could possibly be, at just about a record setting pace. we are achieving these goals by eliminating these job killing regulations, unlocking american energy, rebuilding our military, pursuing their and reciprocal trade deals, achieving massive reductions in illegal immigration, transforming the department of veterans affairs and building a new partnership among nations to defeat terrorism. you have to do it. in just a very short time we are seeing amazing results, and, in fact, are a couple of major series today in the newspapers about mind is going back to work, actually really big stories. people will be surprised, very fast. more small businesses are planning to hire than at any point in over a decade, and last month unemployment fell to its
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lowest in 16 years. i raise a return from a trip that included deals for more than $350 billion worth of military and economic investment in the united states. these deals will bring many thousands of jobs to our country, and, in fact, will bring millions of jobs ultimately and help saudi arabia take a greater role in providing stability and security in that region. one of the big things that we did, and you're seeing it now with qatar at all of the things that are actually going on in a very positive fashion, we are stopping the funding of terrorism. they are going to stop the funding of terrorism. and it's not an easy fight but that's a fight where going to win. you have to start -- starve the beast and we will starve the beast. secretary price's been working very hard to repeal and replace obamacare. the house passed a bill.
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the stent has it right now. mitch mcconnell is working very, very hard, as are the republican senators. we will have zero backing from the democrats, even though they should get in and do something but we expect to get zero. if we had the greatest bill in the history of the world on healthcare, we wouldn't get one vote from the democrats because they are obstructionists. that's what they want to do. that's the game. they think that's their as political gain. they are looking to again. so far we have had two races and we won both of those races. they spent millions and millions of dollars, congressional races come and we have one coming up and we've been doing very well. they are obstructionists and that's sad. what we are coming up with something i believe will be very good with zero support from the obstructionist democrats. sad. secretary mnuchin is helping us put together one of the biggest
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tax cut in american history. it may be the biggest single tax cut in american history, and it also includes a great deal of tax reform, simplification and other things. director mulvaney has led our efforts to introduce a new budget that cuts wasteful washington spending and protects taxpayers, and that will come out and believe me, will take to the people that have to be taken care of. so that's the first step but we will be taking care of the people that have to be taken care of. on a human basis that's a very, very important. today we are going to hear from secretary tillerson's and secretary mattis on the ways that we are combating isis and defeating terrorism but we got tremendous success against isis and a fight in middle east. we are doing very, very well it will be having a news conference in two weeks on that fight and you'll see numbers that you would not have believed and, frankly, if you look back to
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even six month ago you wouldn't have believed it was possible. secretary shulkin will give us an update on your tremendous work to make sure that our veterans are finally given the care that they deserve, one of the most important things to me on the campaign trail. we've also been pushing for the passage of the va county building act to ensure employees of the va can be held accountable. if they fail, our great veterans, it's pass the senate and the house is voting tomorrow. so tomorrow we have a big boat coming up, david, and i think we'll be in good shape but that something that is going to be great for our veterans. we are also going to hear from secretary about a major announcement that i'll be making later this week, expanding apprenticeships and getting our people back to work. while we have the lowest number in terms of unemployment in
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many, many years, at the same time i've always argued with that number because it doesn't take into account millions and millions of people that if given up looking for jobs. and we are going to be doing something about that and we'll get those people back to work. it's already starting in a while, it's starting in pennsylvania. a north carolina, south carolina, florida here you see the numbers and they are starting. i called them the forgotten men and women but they will not be forgotten much longer, believe me. there are millions of good jobs that lead to great careers, jobs that do not require a four-year degree or the massive debt that often comes with us for your degrees and even two-year degrees. these jobs are mad skills and technical training, and we will start that, the apprenticeships, very good word from the top standpoint, the word apprentice. apprenticeships are going to be a big, big factor in our country. people with tremendous talent, maybe a mechanical talent, maybe
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a cow affixing an agent or a motor. a lot of people that graduated high in the class at the best colleges in the world have no clue and they would never be good at. as a different kind of ability but it's a great ability nevertheless. we're going to help get our young people that tactical training that they need to pursue really exciting careers, and careers that can make good money. they can really earn a great great salary and maybe even open small businesses. if everyone in this room continues to do their jobs and we can restore american prosperity and make millions and millions of dollars, and we can make for these people, and make the american dream come true, make the american dream come true. for a lot of people that will not have had that experience without the collection results we had in november.
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so we are here to change washington, return power to the people. we are here to give people a great shot at a great great job and even opening small businesses and employing other people. i look forward to hearing all of the reports of different people in the room today. we have done, as i said, about as much as anybody ever in a short period of time. that's despite tremendous opposition on the other side. we have done something that's very special, and you see it in the economic numbers because economic numbers, that's an incredible -- went just came out $4 trillion in work has been created in the stock markets of our country. just take a look at that. 700,000 jobs have been created in a very short period of time since election, 700,000 jobs. if we would've said that on november 8 nobody would have
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believed that the number. would've said that almost $4 trillion in the stock market has been created, everybody would've laughed at us. they would've said that's ridiculous, but that's what it is. so we are very proud of it. we had a phenomenal team of people, a great group of talent, and we are really now seeing the fruits of their labor. some of them won't be able to kick in because statutorily you have to wait a time before you're allowed. we will be having some major legislation very soon on the dumping of -- in a cottage was absolutely killing our workers and are still companies. we're going to be having some very major legislation on the dumping of aluminum and various other things into our country, which is killing our workers, and will be announcing that very soon. ..
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who's keeping his word to the american people and bringing real change, real prosperity that. >> thank you, mike. >> mr. president, i'm glad to be here. we are as you know -- [inaudible] they are so thrilled that we have a new idea they were going
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to support them and work together to fight the rising crime. and it will serve you in that regard in the response is fabulous around the country. >> great success including ms-13 been thrown out in record numbers and rapidly. they are being depleted. thank you very much. alex. >> mr. president, i am privileged to be here. we as journalists thank you for being here today for the american workers. this week is a full schedule for you, focusing on the american workers, department of labor and we will issue a program with the announcement -- [inaudible] >> thank you.
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congratulations. >> mr. president, the plastic of the great privilege to represent america in china and the great good times they needed to hear in america is now stepping back, but we are stepping in and sending messages that we are still going to be leaders to the world. we are not going to be held hostage executive order. i will ask all of you to take that stand and send a clear message around the world that america will continue to lead. >> thank you. >> we got there -- [inaudible] people know what we are for, what we are against. >> thank you.
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thank you for the kind words. we are going to build to take care of the people waiting in a pit at the same time at your direction we were able to also focus on the forgotten men and women who are paying taxes -- [inaudible] >> good morning, mr. president. could be back to the united states. i arrived back at 1:00 at the g-77 folks environment message there with the united states will be focused on growth and protecting the environment. >> good morning, mr. president. the intelligence community has never faced such a diversity of threats to our country in our lifetimes. we have men and women who are working 24/7, seven days a week to make sure that we are following this thread, working with the people and will continue to to provide you with the very best intelligence to
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deal with these issues. >> mr. president, it's a privilege to serve the students of this country and to work to ensure that every child has a medical opportunity to get a great education and therefore a great future. >> what an incredible honor a days to lead the department of health and human services that this pivotal time under leadership and i can't thank you enough for the privileges you've shown. seems like there is an international flair to the messages being delivered. i represent the summit in berlin in the world health assembly in geneva. i can't tell you how excited and tuesday i think folks are about the united states leadership as it relates to global health security. >> mr. president, as your ceo on your staff, it's an honor to be a steward of your public win of the generator of energy dominance.
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i am deeply honored and i am committed and optimistic that we can be both great stewards and be the world's largest producer of energy. >> thank you very much. >> mr. president it's an honor to serve the country. it's a great privilege you have given me. currently we are engaged with our allies to ensure that they know our common interests life, what our expectations are that america will continue to be a leader and a must win their obligations from a national security standpoint, but also great conditions visibility prosperity and for adversaries. they have to know that we will be engaging from a position of strength to protect america's national interest and we expect to make progress on resolving some of these differences. >> mr. president, it's anon sure represent the men and women of the department of defense and we are grateful for the sacrifices our people are making in order
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to strengthen our military is and always negotiate from a position of strength. >> thank you. >> thank you for the opportunity to help fix the trade deficit. the other countries are gradually getting used to -- [inaudible] happy with it and i am thrilled to have a chance to help you deliver a few campaign promises. >> last week was a great week with the infrastructure repair thank you so much for coming over to the department of transportation. hundreds and hundreds of people are so thrilled to hang out watching the whole ceremony. i want to thank you for getting this country moving again and also working again. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> are to be here proud to represent the 4 million that
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support the dhs. we have gone a long way to facilitate, improve the illegal movement of people and congress across our borders, yet at the same time safeguarding our borders, particularly the southern border. i worked with our partners to the south. 70% drop in illegal immigration. we still welcome legal immigrants. we are no longer an environment -- [inaudible] >> i apologize for being late for work. at 4:00 i had to go down and not swamp. [laughter] i am also traveling. i just got back from paris and the message was that deficits do matter and are coming down.
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>> thank you for the opportunity today and i can tell you that if i have been traveling internationally, but i've been traveling around the country. what i'm continuing to hear is this renewed optimism and small businesses. so the workforce, and a lot of the small businesses are creating good jobs. portfolios are up and our programs have been so successful. thank you. it's a lot of work to do. >> on behalf of the entire senior staff, mr. president, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing you've given us to serve your agenda and the american people and continuing to work very hard every day to accomplish those goals. >> mr. president, i serve as the cia dirt. the men and women in the national security mission.
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[inaudible] [laughter] >> mr. president, thank you for your support to honoring america's veterans. i know that this is personally very important to you. i had the great honor of being able to represent the 21 million american veterans for this country and i've worked every day to make sure that we are honoring their responsibility. thank you. >> mr. president, it's a great honor. thank you -- [inaudible] we are making tremendous progress. this month is national homeowners month and therefore i'll be bringing in the bill,
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which means i've got to 12. thanks. >> good morning, mr. president. i just got back from mississippi. [laughter] i wanted to congratulate you on the men and women you place around this table, but the holistic team working for america is making results in each and every area, working with secretary lawson ambassador lighthouse, and secretary mnuchin, tom price, scott pruitt, working hand in glove for america. i want to thank you for that. these are great team members and we are all here. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. as a great honor traveling around the country to an even greater honor to be serving your catnip yet on behalf of everybody at the treasury, i can assure you we are focused on creating sustained economic growth, sweeping tax reform and fighting terrorism ascension and
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all of the programs within our control. >> thank you all very much. thank you, everybody. [inaudible conversations] >> several members of president trump and that will be on capitol hill this week are treasury secretary steve mnuchin will testify in his department's budget and likely talk about the operation of the irs, cybersecurity and seizing terrorist bank accounts. live coverage of the house subcommittee hearing at 4:00 eastern on the span three. later this evening, defense secretary james madison to chair the joint chiefs, joseph dunford will testify on the pentagon
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nearly $640 billion budget request live before members of the house armed services committee at 7:00 eastern here on c-span2. tomorrow, attorney general jeff sessions will be on capitol hill testifying in a confession about his contacts with russian officials between the 2016 election campaign. the first time the attorney general has testified before congress since his confirmation hearing in february. live coverage of the senate intelligence committee tomorrow at 2:30 eastern on c-span 3. >> next coming discussion about overall health care is a name in the