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tv   Washington Journal Cameron Easley and Hunter Walker Discuss the Week...  CSPAN  June 12, 2017 3:50pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> maine senator angus king at a hearing on the foreign intelligence surveillance act. >> i'll ask both are you the same question, why are you answering these questions? is there an indication by the president of executive privilege, is there or not? >> not that i'm aware. >> and was not answered? >> i feel it is inappropriate. >> what you feel isn't relevant, admiral. >> and changes to the dodd-frank act. >> and today, today we released a report titled was the cop on the beat? this is regarding the cfpb's wholly inadequate role in investigating the wells fargo fraudulent account scandal. we have received numerous records from both wells fargo and the occ and others that indicate that the cfpb was asleep at the wheel. >> c-span programs are available at, on our homepage and by searching the video library.
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>> the senate gavels and today at 4 p.m. eastern, in about ten minutes, to continue debate on moving forward on sanctions against people and companies that help iran develop a ballistic missile. senators to vote on president trump's picked to be assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and global security. live coverage of the senate when the gaveling. until then a look at what else is coming up this week on capitol hill.ue >> host: taking a look now at the week ahead in congress andta at the white house. should be a busy winter i guess at the table are cameron easily who is a senior reporter for the morning consul, good morning. we say goodbye to hunter walker white has correspondent for yahoo! news thank you for being here. let's start with the jeff sessions are professing tons making all the news as it broke on saturday evening. one of the many headlines one ot the "wall street journal" is testimony of course will keep russia in focus. cameron easily compatibly get to this point?
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was a background on attorney general sessions now appearing on the hill? >> guest: it became disclose a couple months ago a little over a couple months ago that attorney general sessions, while operating as a campaign surrogate for the trump campaign, had two meetings with russian ambassador sergey kislyak, which he failed to mention during his testimony mention during his testimony committee regarding hisin the nomination. in the wake of that revelation, he recused himself from the investigation. fast-forward to the comey firing last month, which he was involved in, and basically he continues to be a part of the story. he was supposed to testify before the appropriationsecidedh subcommittee tomorrow but decided that he wants to just go before the senate intelligence committee. it's still up in the air as to
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whether that's going to be a close briefing or a public briefing. apparently there's some concerns among democrats on the panel that he's trying to skirt a public briefing but we will see how that >> host: hunter walker much as been written in the last couple days about the relationship between th the president and hih attorney general. what's going on there? >> guest: you know, the president sort if mrs. likes to keep his staffers on their toes. there's all these stories come out from anonymous sources, this person is up, this person is down, there might be a shakeup. jeff sessions, there's been a lot of speculation president trump is not entirely happy with them. i always take the stuff with a grain of salt just because by his own admission president trump management style involves fostering rivalries within his team and telling some people so what else might be on the outs. a lot of his noise tilting out i is just going to be a natural feature of this administration.
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the attorney general has definitely been subject to some of the speculation. of the speculation. calls about the weekend in we'll put the phone numbers on the bottom of the screen for our bottom of the screen for independents. our guests are hunter walker, white house correspondent for yahoo! news, we're also talking with cameron easily, senior reporter for the morning consult and the "new york times" published a small piece of a letter that ron wyden wrotell picky as a democrat who sits on the intelligence committee and he wrote to his chairman and ranking members, mr. burr and mr. warner picky set these matters which are directly related to threats for democratic institutions are of the utmost public interest inte. i believe we owe the americante. people transparency. openwant the hearing they want the hearings open tomorrow, but let's get more of your reaction in a minute after we are from a couple of senators were on the sunday shows yesterday. senator lankford but first it's senator chuck schumer.
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>> well first, i think he should be sworn under oath. second, i think it should be public. there is very little that's classified. anything that is classified ther can do a separate classified briefing. there are some questions about sessions that have to be asked. first, did interfere with the russian investigation before he recused himself? himse second, what safeguards are there now so that he doesn't interfere?volved third, he says he was involved in the firing of comey and the president said comey was fired because of russia. how does that fit in with his refusal? doesn't seem to stand up well to me. and fourth come he's been involved in the selection of the new fbi director. did he talk about the russian investigation within? all those are important i hope they will be asked. >> we have not disclosed andva finalize public or private eyes. i soon this will be public but we're still in that final conversation with the jeff sessions. vicki think we got to get
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obviously his side of the story related to jim comey. some of the conversations that jim comey had with the president where jeff sessions was a participant or release was around to get the rest of the story. comey's statement due i don'tt want to get that done over the president again at that interaction as well as these f accusations flying out there about conversations he might or might not have had with russians prior to the election. we want to get his sight of it, get all the facts. without a lot of unnamed sources in the media to make statements about jeff sessions tha but it d be good to get the record from you. >> host: cameron easley, with this be open or not tomorrow? >> guest: you know, i don't think anyone really knows, but if i had to guess i would say it's not going to be. >> host: if it were what would you be looking to hear? >> guest: i think you'll be hearing a lot more about what sessions role has been regarding what's been happening with the fbi probe and at the justice department since his refusal,
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basically doesn't appear that there's actually been an official recusal. it's been more based on what he said he was going to do so we are not sure about any enforcement mechanisms that are in place. the question of rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney generalshi letter, that the white house initially cited in its reasoning are getting rid of comey, i would expect he would get some questions about that as well as possibly the news of another meeting that he had with russian ambassador sergey kislyak that was not disclosed pixel probably a couple of those things.g and as just relating to comey's testimony last week. >> host: hunter walker, what's te host: hunter walker, what's comey testimony on the white house? >> guest: you saw the the president any news conference on friday have a very testy battle with what he termed the fake news and the killer
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where he was basically put onut the defensive, induced asked about about a couple of these about about a couple of these director made, namely, did he require a loyalty oath of him? president trump vehemently denied this, that he would do so under oath. one thing i found interesting was much was made of the fact that during comey's testimony the president always active twitter account when unusually quiet. his son donald junior was something of a circuit last t he was tweeting during the testimony and he also appeared on fox news. in this comity seem to sort ofoa corroborate director comey's version of events and suggest that there's no ambiguity when his father talks and that's juse sort of, that's one of the lies we've seen from the truck people come to sort the new york donald trump are doing things, that loyalty oath. >> host: the present with press to testify under oath picky set sure he would do that. do you see that happening? >> guest: well you know with this president he is that a lot of things. i was watching this weekend an old clip of him think he
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definitely would release his tax returns. on the tapes he said you hear about that in a short time. he is most assessing to come into is that we don't see them. i just get take his word for it. he says he will testify under oath. that put some pressure on but we'll see. >> host: let's go to calls. davis up from palm city florida, republican caller. good morning. >> caller: for some odd like to say that i think it's pretty refreshing to have glycerin to the gentleman about orissa and to start talking about things besides the issue of president trump. if hillary clinton didn't get prosecuted for what she did, and i don't think anything is going to come of this. so it's nice that were moving but my question has to do withit the dodd-frank repeal that went through the house the other day. and it's going to be sent overie to the senate. i'd like to ask your to people
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what their comments are aboutmes the prospects of that being taken up in the senate, and what kind of cooperation the democrats might have in helpinga to pass some repeal. >> you can find the rest of this the pr click on the "washington journal" tepper take you livete now to the floor of the senate debating bring up a bill to sanction people or companies developing ballistic missiles the chaplain: let us pray. almighty god, great is your faithfulness. we find strength in difficult times because our thoughts about your mercy and providential care sustain us. lordid


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