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tv   Russian President Putins Annual Call- In Program  CSPAN  June 16, 2017 5:46pm-6:25pm EDT

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need to undergo further surgery. we will continue to keep you updated on his condition. >> next on c-span two, russian president vladimir putin pulls his 15th annual question and answer session in moscow where he answers dozens of questions from russians in the audience and across the country. this session lasted close to four hours and will show you about 40 minutes of it. >> basically, so many people are calling you from different parts of the world that you can study the map. right now we have a phone call from the key is, dimitri, ask your question please. >> my name is dimitri, i live in ukraine. why did you abandon us? we are not all supporters of the on we go to celebrations of the
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victory day but why are we all represented in the same light in the media? >> thank you for respecting the legacy, you took part in the eternal regimen march in the memory of the victory. we don't try to present everyone in the same fashion but again, we are afraid to offer public support and we are afraid to harm you we try not to insist they are in the domestic we do appreciate your position thank you so much for this call attorney mr. putin, what do your friends say on the subject was helping with interexchange
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perspective. we do have a lot of friends in ukraine and you mentioned. [inaudible] i got acquainted with him when he was head of the executive office his main partner was. [inaudible] the current prime minister was head of the executive office of the president of russia. they seem to have good relations. he has his own convictions. i believe that ukrainian nationalist. he doesn't like that definition, he believes he's an enlightened patriot of ukraine but he's his father was a member of the ukrainian nationalist army, his father was convicted by soviet
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spent some time in jail. he was exiled. that's where he was born. he has his own views of independence of ukraine. he is an ardent supporter of independence of mccain but his values are based on fundamental, if i may say so, works of ukrainian nationalists. they penned their words in the 19th century and later we have all of them, i'd like to say that all of them proceeded from the assumption that ukraine needs to be independence but it needs to be a federation, and
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needs to be a better states. one of them was straightforward. he said that the mechanical centralization over centralization would lead to internal conflicts in ukraine. well, that's exactly what were seen in ukraine today. he promotes their ideas, he does this in public, he makes statements, he does a lot of research and writes articles on this issue. some people don't like it but this is the way he thanks. translator: by the way, those people who promote ukrainian independence and nationalists they've never seen, some of them believe that crimea should not be part of the ukraine and again, anyone -- everyone says
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that democracy should prevail. that ukraine should be a federation and he shares the same values. but given this he promotes very good relations with russia. it might not be a union but again, we need to have a good level of economic integration. he says that it's really embarrassing to destroy the shared energy, shared infrastructure, networks, financial and industrial cooperation networks. translator: this is embarrassing. it would be expedient to have cooperation like this. so, he speaks on behalf of of the people.
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he feels that these are the interests of the people is not alone so, we have got this call with the person who said that he is in kiev and he takes part in the events to commemorate the memory of our forefathers. he is of the same opinion. he believes that we need to take care of the legacy and to build on that wonderful legacy. he's been helping the exchange of prisoners on behalf of the president of ukraine translator: to continue on this topic, we have a question from social media. ukraine is celebrated the regime with the eu and. [inaudible]
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quoted lehman's of saying goodbye to russia translator: i didn't see that statement but yesterday that was reported to me and they reported to me in the evening. he read out that line, for lines from his first goodbye russia, that's not being watched and goodbye to russia the land of slaves in the lands of landowners. it's good that he knows russian classics but there's another line translator: i might have been able to hide myself from your their eyes that are seen from the ever hearing years
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beyond the occasion mountains so he didn't like the idea that there was in russia. he wanted to hideaway to escape but first of all he wrote that verse in 1841 or 1842. he wrote that on his way to the caucuses to join the army. he was an officer and he defended the interests of his homeland. he was a brave officer and the areas which will belong to ukraine, they were part of russia and the president of today's ukraine says that he wants to go somewhere, well, he talked of the whole of russia
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including those areas which are now part of ukraine which are called ukraine today. so, it should be really proud, he shouldn't really boast about it. again, i was part of the russian empire. he was moving from russia from st. petersburg to another part of russia he didn't actually leave russia. in fact, he sending us a signal that he doesn't want to go anywhere. he does in a subtle way, you know. certainly, he needs to cater to the interests of those who are running around with swastikas. he's saying that i have some interest of my own in russia and i don't want to leave. maybe that's a subtle hint but that's my old assumption. just wanted to demonstrate to the voters that people who elected him that he delivered on
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the pledge that he's given that he's moving towards a civilization as people say now, that he's leading his country to europe. he wrote blue uniforms saying you obedient to them folks. again, blue uniforms, you know there's so many blue uniforms of police officers out there in the world that he's guiding his country. many more believers. he doesn't need to rest on his laurels. he needs to look around to be on alert. translator: i just want to say, we don't have anything against them but i wish you love and everything. i wish you good luck especially with those blue uniforms. we have nothing against you. going back to the root of this
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issue, we have this drop in income, were open about it and the average income, again, if you peg it to dollar and to the ukrainian currency we have like 540 us dollars. that was the average income in russia. that was roughly the same in ukraine. they had 450-$460, average income. the situation is not extremely good here but in april, we had 624 us dollars amongst, average salary. you can take ukraine, 221 a people gap, gas prices rose by three times and there was a bigger increase for individuals
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and households. if you take heat, water supplies, there was a 200% increase. so, if you take living standards of hygiene, people in ukraine might have real problems in terms of getting washed around and it would be a big question sometime in the future. trent which country is washed. certainly, you can find examples in russian and ukrainian literature that would be really, really hit but i would not do it. i would not use the same kind of language in response to him out of respect for the joint belief or shared history or shared religion. translator: if you want to be a
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true european close your accounts, closure offshore accounts first and then talk of the benefits of the people. more than 170 years ago, ukraine has been fighting and it's thought to the edge to an extremity and it's their own children, ukraine's own children who are punished and i hope that this time in ukraine's. it will be over. translator: hello, mr. putin, i live in. [inaudible] i'm your big supporter and i'm very pro- russian and i wish you good health and success in your life. my question is as follows:
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>> >> twice in history as you probably know we have joined our efforts as allies into wars but the russian empire
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holds the united states to gain independeindepende nce right now we're seeing sentiment in the united states with the political struggle i don't want to give any advice but banks. we know that there are a lot of friends out there as friends of russia as my colleagues told me and opinion polls we have a lot of friends in the united states but we have this atmosphere with the media but definitely there are a lot of people in russia and
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eventually our relations would go back to the normal. >> so now let's continue to the direct line with our guest we realize the most everybody here is worried to discuss those international issues. so we have the editor-in-chief. >> oh by to talk about the relations with u.s. and russia so with that new initiative in against russia
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but at the same time we see global demand not only normalizing relations between the two states but for a major enhancement overall. the seven said that since he was appointed each meeting with the foreign colleagues the middle east and southeast asia referring to the budget of the state department there will begin meeting of the g20 to meet with president trump. and then to put an end to the negative and laid the
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foundation for a positive development with the overall relations which would take place in the future. so what is productive bin usually beneficial with the united states. and i think these matters that are before us and many other people you are experienced journalist dan you know, what you are talking about. again control over non proliferation the biggest nuclear power is an extremely important area. it isn't just about north korea but it is true for
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other regions. fighting has a negative impact. we know the stance of the white house but again president trump said to negotiate a better deal that it did say dead end the u.s. is one of the biggest countries with the greenhouse gases. but it is a disaster for those countries in the world
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and for people to become extremist but together so we did come to an agreement so with that track record the previous administration has acknowledged that we can work together so it is obvious you cannot achieve anything that there are other areas we hope the united states can help us resolve with a constructive
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approach so there are a law of various but that does not depend on the sanity. we see what is happening in the united states and we will repeat that again. so with that political standoff cannot do anything about it but we are open. >> ac etch every have some questions. also the people from the machinery construction and so with that domestic, can
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you speak up please? o world is captivated but then with president trump then dr. cody stowe what is your assessment and what are the consequences?. >> i did not really know the details so love those details that he shared but director komis said the
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russian did interfere into the election process does not give any evidence to the hearts and minds but is it treated different to support it the ngo and to have an impact on the hearts and minds to sway the public opinion and you can put your finger in any country and i know this because i talk to legions of other countries.
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but everybody says the same. what do they want? we just have the open stance with those covert operations and says there is no evidence so luckily and then to write to a memo but then that was leaked through a friend of his to the press. so when you reverend is the conversation, does that make
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them any different to mr. snowden? and with persecution we're ready to offer political asylum to director comey is he is -- if he is persecuted in the united states. >> now i am transferring the floor. >> to have 2 million questions so the social media is overloaded. with 1,000 people and i give the floor to one of them. ask your question.
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>> good day. i very much worry about the coal dust problems when it is loaded openly it poisons the air. how can relieve that?. >> there is nothing good about it but look at what type of procedure is used for what they usually do and it is done somewhere and we need to understand the order of those technologies. please repeat your name and location. >> what is the name of the
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port?. >> it is in the port in the city of -- we will look into that and try to respond to the way we ensure the interest of the people in the environment to minimize the harm. what is your name?. >> andre. >> please share your information and reply if there are any effects in many measures will be taken. >> now let's take a look on
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social media. we have 171,000 comments on social media. with those recent comments it is so nice to see that people really care so they give for that comment so could you put a radio call on other social media? and to reach out right now we're about to see the comments again.
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but that is undermining the country's. it is your turn. >> one more important topic with the so-called optimization of the health care and we are about ready to listen to him. we're in the middle of the peninsula and with the appetite. so the lack of health care services building on the
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local hospital that was not finished from the new hospital but nobody will complete the construction in to fight to very severe disease on painkillers and we are here to give assistance to the president. good day mr. putin. i have been diagnosed with fourth degree cancer. initially they said but i have the time nobody service
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was is cancer they were doing the sottish or injections when the doctors told me it was cancer we have enough specialized doctors which could save people making a the correct forecast another city in the near by proximity that if we need any medical help so we
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go there. it is quite expansive for myself for the citizens of my town please help us to rebuild the of hospital or restore what we used to have to get the people to the of hospital in time. a friend of mine her mother died to get her on time and she had a heart attack people are truly worried about their lives may times
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we talk to the hospital officials we need your help please help us. >> s.a. roulette don't talk about personal life for matters that looking at you i can say the same happened with my father. who was diagnosed with back pain and my mom told me your father cries because of pain
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but this was a long time ago but they found the fish and medication. he died not because of the illness and to remain hopeful and certainly to how they can help personally. but as for health care issues for all those that are present here that they're always health care issues and they are critical of what has been done
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because the former president passed a law that was under fire in the new elected president that the saving is happening so building those institutions so with that specific niche areas but these cues are not physical.
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we need to switch it to a new type of registration and it passed to work. but most importantly it needs to be accessible to people. in your case we will look into it. i don't know the reason why they closed down. with the major mining city was read different circumstances and with special attention.
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and then to restore in the previous construction of this will and. >> good book. we wish you good health.
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a mortgage lender that said the consumer bureau after falling $109 million for allegedly accepting kickbacks from the mortgage insurers for the case could determine the case of the consumer financial protection bureau created by dodd/frank this is one hour 35 minutes. >> good morning. the issue before the court today was considered and decided by our founders on three separate occasions in 1787, 1788, 1789. by a vote of seven still at -- states against three at the constitutional convention is a key part of the ratification the very


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