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tv   Defense Secretary Mattis and Ukrainian President Poroshenko  CSPAN  June 21, 2017 9:54am-10:06am EDT

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>> i got the rabbit years behind you. thanks, i appreciate it. >> the boston globe reporting on yesterday's meeting with president trump and his ukrainian counterpart. the meeting with president poroshenko was described by the white house as a brief drop in but the two presidents pose for photographs in the oval office and made brief remarks following president
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poroshenko's more extensive meeting with president mike pence and the administration's national security advisors. with the ukrainian leaders sitting by his side, president trump that it was a great honor to meet mister poroshenko and a lot of progress has been made in the us relationship with ukraine. you can read more in the boston globe. ukrainian president met with james mattis. the two spoke with reporters afterwards. >> welcome to the pentagon, mister president, you and your delegation. i would just tell you this is a privilege or us to host you and your folks, we are keenly aware of what your nation has been going through. our two nations as we both know share interests. we also share more importantly a commitment and that commitment is to the principles that are underlying the international order. words like sovereignty, territorial integrity and freedom from coercion come to mind. we do not take such freedom for granted and we recognize this 2014 was a watershed
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year for security in europe. we also recognize the severe these that your people suffer. and even in the face of dangers aggression, cyber attacks or a neighbor shredding, your country his stroke shown a strong commitment to defend itself and frankly against all on. the united states stands with you, we support you in the face of threats to sovereignty area the two international law or the international order. general essay, our senior defense advisor will continue to be a resource for you and for me, i might add. he is my former boss for some time, that's a little awkward when we areworking together because that's good for both of us . at least that's what i think. i appreciate very much you taking the time to come to the pentagon and to meet with us. we've been looking forward to
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this for works now since we got the word of your visit so again, welcome mister president. you for being here. >> you very much indeed. is a great talk for me and for my delegation. we can hear the review and i told you this was my dream from the time when i was in office and i think that we together do a lot in the three years to do a great job. >> we lead with all our american partners to create a new armed forces tuition. >> and now, we build up the aggression, the armed forces to the european army. but for me, the priority of
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creating a new europe and when i see it's not a moratorium without massive restraint. i want to feel for that, i especially want to thank general john. he's doing a great job. >> and he is so successful. when we aren't governments we have the armed forces of the united states , the fully integrated very well understood and lastly, we share a common goal with russia. you shared yours too.
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and i'm proud to inform you mister secretary that our battalion reached a special train the schools significantly upgrade the efficiency on the front lines. and you don't get any economies starting our practical breach. and the development of these where we are on the 72nd grade, just as the different elements of the russian forces. when we have 24, the effective defense. we keep our sovereignty, our
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integrity and our independence significantly because of an effective corporation. we now are strategic partners . and i think that we can have our cooperation because we fight not only for our integrity and independence, we are fighting for freedom, fighting for democracy. >>
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with 1200 in exchange and now i'm proud to exchange. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. gentleman, thank you very much. >> how can you reassure the american people the u.s. --
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[inaudible] >> thanks, everybody. >> look, i want to say a very important thing. now you agree that 6% of our gdp, at the security and defense and i think this is a very good example to the build up not all there, but your security. with that situation, we have a promising potential, equal the amount of cooperation. we are fully satisfied with the vice president and the secretary of defense. >> thanks very much.
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>> and whereby this warning is retired vice admiral david petrosky will be testifying his confirmation hearing to be the tsa administrator and affixed it secretary of homeland security could be hearing taking place before the senate commerce committee to get underway in just a moment. live coverage here on c-span2. [inaudible conversations] as we wait for the hearing to get underway, very quickly the senate will gavel in at noon eastern today, later than usual. they have objections by democratic senators allowing committees to meet two hours after the senate convenes. two treasury department nominations expected at 6:00 p.m. eastern.also on the rd
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next week. [inaudible conversations]
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>> dhs secretary jeh johnson is testifying before the senate intelligence committee on russian hacking in u.s. elections. live coverage just getting underway on our companion network, c-span 3. we should let you know that president trump is on the road today. he is in cedar rapids, iowa, which is the state he won in november. live coverage when it gets underway.


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