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Rex Tillerson
  U.S. Says It Will Hold North Korea to Account for Nuclear Weapons...  CSPAN  June 21, 2017 9:17pm-9:36pm EDT

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today secretary of state and defense secretary james maddox met with chinese officials to discuss areas of strategic cooperation including containing the threat posed by north korea. they discussed the meeting and a 15 minute news briefing good
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afternoon. i want to thank the secretary of state counselor and chief of joint staff for the day of very productive meetings. we are quite pleased to host the first session of the dialogue since we agree on the format in the presidential summit. this is one of four distinct dialogue areas that will implement the president's vision for constructive results bilateral relations. we are sustaining these regular talks at a much higher level then principles in both the
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civilian and military agencies. president trump looks forward to his visit to china later this year. as we said before, relations have undergone a profound transformation in the past 40 years. these dialogs provide an opportunity to consider how we are going to engage and live with one another over the next four years. furthering the relationship we need to expand areas of cooperation as we did today on issues that we have secured interest but we also need to address directly and frankly areas where we face threats or have differences so that we can narrow the differences and solve the problems. the most acute threat in the region today is posed by the dpr k..
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we called for verifiable denuclearization of the peninsula and to halt its nuclear weapons program and ballistic missile test as it is stipulated in the security council resolutions. we reaffirmed the commitment to implement in full all relevant un security council resolutions. for example we agree that companies should not do business with any designated entities in accordance with these resolutions. china understands the united states regards as the top security threats. they have a diplomatic responsibility to insert much greater despotic pressure on the regime.
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they help fund a weapons programs. we must step up the efforts to help to curtail the sources of revenue. we hope china will do their part as well. the united states remains committed to building and is committed to holding north korea accountable for multiple violations of the security council resolution which expressly prohibits its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. we regret that people suffer when they have these prohibitive programs and urge the regime to choose a better path for its people.
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the status quo of the past through the millage positio motf the outposts in the south china sea and excessive maritime claims unsupported by international law that we arose at the freedom of navigation and overflights. china has committed to resolve disputes peacefully and in accordance with recognized principles of international law including the convention on the law of the sea. they will be helping the government in specific and meaningful ways to ensure the country's long-term stability and economic growth as it battles by this and begins its long process of rebuilding. an important part of the next 40
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years was increasing mutual trust between the two militaries and the government. we need to enhance stability and standards in these areas and we need china to play a major role. at last, we discussed how the administration will stand up for the american and universal values like human rights. we will not be shy about raising our concerns about human rights record. talk ihis talk is not enough wht comes to increasing cooperation. the action items we've agreed upon today said th is at the fon
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for additional areas of cooperation and look forward to the next interaction in this level and between the presidents. i will turn it over to secreta secretary. >> thank you, good afternoon. we have the philosophical discussions about how we discuss these issues and discuss the way i had together hosting the counterpart. in this first round of dialogue agreed to at the summit we get a glimpse of the mutually beneficial future that we can create a. it's a results oriented relationship with china and events like the security dialog thdialogue the just completed
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representing effort to focus our bilateral discussions. our two nations can and to cooperate mutually beneficial ways. we prioritized mechanisms that contribute to greater risk reduction between the armed forces that opened and maintain effective channels of communication between us. at the same time we manage the difference is where we have been an finain final competition bete nations is bound to occur, the conflict is not inevitable. through the peace and security we also affirm our strong commitment to cooperate including through the un to realize the shared goal of
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denuclearization of the korean peninsula. meanwhile we will continue to take necessary measures. at the freedom of navigation elsewhere in the region and peaceful resolution of the dispute and the maritimes base and we discuss ways to increase tension and reduce risk in the south china sea. it's wherever the international law allows. they agreed to explore new areas of cooperation including exchanges of officers to improve transparency.
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after the last visit to china in march. should we expect good news to come soon on the release of those detained in north korea and separately in the statement issued by the state of dartmouth yesterday, the administration seems to have acknowledged its being placed over the crisis. isn't that embarrassing? think you. >> with respect to those that have been detained by the regime
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in north korea, our efforts continue towards their release. i have nothing to report further at this time. with respect to the situation in the middle east between the countries that have issues, our role has been to encourage the parties to get their issues on the table clearly articulated so the issues can be addressed in a resolution process to get under way to bring this to a conclusion. our desire is for unity in the gulf and the gcc. and we redirect all of our efforts to defeat isis and in the region. the president seemed to signal that he was angry and frustrated with north korea and china
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failed in its attempt. despite these continued efforts and cooperation is the administration beginning to think china will not be able to reign north korea in and is there any consideration of new and direct action particularly has it changed in any way. it is part of a strategic policy and freedom of navigation efforts notwithstanding how far are they willing to go to prevent the militarization? >> in regards to the view in north korea i believe that he represents the american people's view of north korea right now. we see a young man go over to a minor act of mischief and come
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home after he gets here. there is no way we can look at a situation like this with any kind of an understanding. this goes beyond any kind of an understanding of law and order and humanity and responsibility to any human being. what you are seeing is the american people's frustration in the regime that provokes and basically plays outside the rules with the truth and that sort of thing. as far as china's role, they continue to work these issues. the reason for this, the dialogue that we had today was to have an open and frank dialogue about what more can be done in areas of common interest and i would point out to you in terms of nuclear weapons it is
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the same as ours and we continue to work parts of that into the state. this is where the dialogue areas that can work together and when we understand those areas we have we would call them disconnects to understand the problem is different from theirs and so we had tha the discussion here today and we will continue to work to close gaps in the understanding in a manner in the future that removes these irritants, but i would say for right now we will be holding more in the future of. >> thank you, everyone.
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>> and the politics. authors include the book countdown to 12 days to the attack. geraldine and her book the story of a father and his daughter in the gilded age. katherine smith and her book, fdr and the untold story of the partnership that defined the presidency and the months of franklin roosevelt. then 8 p.m. eastern a conversation with best-selling author from his home in new york
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city. the 24 and 25-year-old was writing about when i was that age. >> he talks about his career over the past six years in his books include the kingdom and the power honored by father and unto the sons. or a door and outside of the plaza hotel and what he saw and didn't see. i wanted to write about what it was like to be a bus driver in manhattan or the subways at 4:00 in the morning.
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financial expert detail how low to moderate income families manage money in their book the financial by aries how american families cope in a world of uncertainty. living on almost nothing in america. >> the risk of small decisions going badly is so much higher for people at the bottom. people make all the time. i can come up with some of me in the last year. the consequence of that is dennis.
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90 million americans at some point were poor during the period. it means we have to rethink what is going on. the senate judiciary committee held a hearing on the ms 13 began in los angeles and has spread across the u.s. and central america. federal law-enforcement officials testified about efforts to counter the threat and report members. senator gras c