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tv   Senate Democrats Protest GOP Health Care Bill  CSPAN  June 27, 2017 1:03pm-1:16pm EDT

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in fact, we had all that i process, and is what senator mcconnell, i'll come back to this, here's what senator mcconnell said about that come all that process. he said on this floor i think that americans were quote tired of giant bills negotiated inat secret. that deal was negotiated completely in public, painfully in public. i used to come over and people in my --n >> we are going to leave this here to go live to the steps of use capital. senate democrats this afternoon holding a press conference to voice their opposition to the sent health care low replacement bill. we could see action on the bill we are known as early as two more career altering the house republicans are prepared to what we concessions had into the jule bill. this is live from capitol hill here on c-span2.
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and now we're here to show what this bill means. this is not a bill of just paper and pencil. this is not just abstract numbers. these are real people, and every one of these stories represents millions of others who are also affected. we will send you a list of the 40 some odd stories we have and their pictures. but in the 50 states, they are so many people, millions of people who would be harmed by this bill, whether it's cuts for medicaid, hikes in the cost of care for people with pre-existing conditions, skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs for care.
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these are the faces, the human toll that trumpcare would take on our country, our citizenry, a great american people. i'd like to talk about one of my constituents, one of my constituents, melba, born in new york city. she lived on the lower east side her whole life. here's what she told me. these are her words. medicaid is a strong part of my existence for everyday living in every single way. i was born with cerebral palsy, have relied on a wheelchair my whole life. day-to-day activities that most people take for granted getting dressed in the morning, cooking meals, going grocery shopping,, even getting to and from work, she works, are made possible because of medicaid. in 2012 you may remember super storm sandy walloped the east coast in new york city.
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melba was in her apartment on the eighth floor. because of her palsy and her wheelchair, which weighs several hundred pounds, she couldn't be evacuated. luckily for melba her home health care aid walked across the bridge in manhattan to be with her. melba was without power in darkness, no elevator, and her home health aide probably saved her life. by being able to theater and deal with the problems that she had. without medicaid, melba would probably not be here today, working as a productive american citizen. this is who we are fighting for their not some obscure government funding program, not some ideological desire to cut the safety net. not for very wealthy people, millionaires with each gain an average of $57,000 in the tax break in this bill. we are here.
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we feel so passionate about this because of the pictures you see plain and simple, and for every one of these pictures are tens of thousands more in the same condition. we are here to them for our republican colleagues, turn back from this bill, don't take health care away from people who need it most to give a tax break to those who need it least. if you don't want to do for democrats, if they don't want to do for doctors or nurses, if you don't want to do it for policy wonks who say it's a bad bill, do it for the noblest of this world. do it for the melba was. so my friends, we are fighting as hard as we can because we believe that this bill is so detrimental to so many millions of americans, middle-class and those trying to get there. i'm not going to call on my colleague from wisconsin tammy baldwin.
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>> so this to me is very personal. when i was nine years old i got sick. i got really sick. i was in the hospital for three months. i eventually recovered, but when he came to health insurance, it was like i had a scarlet letter. my grandparents who raised me couldn't find a policy that would cover me, not from any insurer, and not at any price. and they had to pay for much of my health care out-of-pocket. and they had to make enormous sacrifices to do so. all because i was a child who had been branded with those terrifying words, pre-existing condition. it wasn't just personal for me. it's personal for the wisconsin families that i work for, like
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the schaumburg family in seymour washington -- wisconsin, not washington. a few years ago, zoe was born with a congenital heart defect. she had to have open surgery at five days old. this is, i had another picture of her after the surgery, but instead, i have a photograph of her a few years later. now zoe is guaranteed to access coverage without being denied or charged more. she can ride her favorite bike around the neighborhood, and she can play with her friends. but zoe's parents are scared. they are scared that this repeal plan will make things worse. zoe's mom kelsey wrote to me.
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she said i am pleading with you as a mother to fight for the kids in wisconsin with pre-existing conditions that are counting on you to protect that right. when kelsey was told about how this plan would weaken the guaranteed protections and care that people can rely on today, she said, to me it's like they are taking the american dream from her. it's not right, it's not fair, and it is not who we are. you might not be able to see this, but zoe's t-shirt says this girl is unstoppable. and i'm fighting for her because we cannot let the senate republicans plan stop her.
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i'm fighting for her because she cannot have her guaranteed protections repealed or weakened. weakened. i'm fighting for her and her family because they cannot be, they cannot afford to be thrown into a high cost pool that will price them out of the health insurance that they have today. we must work to make things better, not pursue partisan plans to make things worse for families like the schaumburg. the people of wisconsin did not send me to the united states senate to take peoples health care away. and i won't stop fighting to protect the health care that people have today. together, we must stand up for zoe, fight for her family, and fight for every american who lays awake wondering if the health care they have today will
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be there tomorrow. fight on. >> bravo. >> great job. [applause] >> and we ask you, those of you from local papers and outlets to talk to your senators about the person that they are holding up to represent the millions of others. we will take just a few quick questions. any? okay. then thank you very much for coming. the fight goes on. we are going to do everything we can to win this fight in the names of these people, and the so many millions more they represent. thank you. >> the fight goes on. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> the senate will be back for more speeches on the health care log replacement built in about 45 minutes or so. nothing official yet but it is possible there could be action into sin as soon as tomorrow. senate leaders could schedule a test vote on whether to move forward with debate on the bill. the ap reporting michael he became the fifth republican senator today to oppose even begin debate on the republicans health care bill. the ap says tossing another hurdle in the path of party leaders hope the senate would approve the measure this week. senator lee was among for conservatives who announced they were against the current version
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of the legislation. senator lee spokesman said today that senator lee would not vote for the crucial vote to commence debate on the bill as it is currently written. a roll call that is expected tomorrow. as always will have live coverage of the senate here on c-span2 when they gavel back in. as we wait for the senate, governors john kasich of ohio and john hickenlooper of colorado talking to reporters about their opposition to the health bill. they say would endanger health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of citizens in their states. >> good morning. this isn't the white house press. press. come y


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