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tv   Minority Leader Pelosi Presidents Tweet Beneath Dignity of the Office  CSPAN  June 30, 2017 1:14am-1:36am EDT

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oppose those policies as well good afternoon everyone thank you for being here i'm honored to be joined by the ranking
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member of the homeland security committee congressman betty thompson of mississippi. congressman thompson has been a champion for protecting the homeland and has been a persistent advocate, dissatisfied sometimes in what will happen, he will talk about that as we go into the group of july weekend we are here to talk about something, our democracy and our founders sacrificed for us to have the right to vote and how that has been fought for over the years and what it means now to have an assault by a foreign power. before i yield to mr. thompson i want to say something about the healthcare bill. as you know mitch mcconnell is postponing his very damaging vote on this bill and it's a
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setback for them but it's not a victory for us. it is progress in terms of exposing it for what it is but more of what needs to be done and again they will go behind closed doors as they are and we all know what it is when they see it but they will only make matters worse. that means higher costs, fewer benefits, terrible h. tax undermining medicare, stealing from medicare and medicaid and gutting the key protections. that's what they want the american people to swallow and as they do this they are making an assault on medicaid which is again very dangerous to children and others should they succeed. if you are a senior in a nursing home or a child with a severe
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disability with complex diagnosis the list goes on and on. one in ten veterans takes advantage of medicaid. one in ten children, seniors, veterans, families in the country, every sector of the healthcare system is opposed to their bill. he wondered how they could cook this thing up. all of it is to give a tax cut to the wealthiest in the country while they take healthcare away. the biggest transfer of wealth seven, $800 billion from working families in america. here we are the end of the first two quarters of the year but almost six months republicans have been in this session. no jobs bill, no infrastructure
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bill, no tax reform bill, no healthcare bill, no legislation to uphold the full faith and credit of the united states of america. it is a poor record they have and one wonders why they can't get something done. they haven't paid attention to the assault on the system and the russians perpetrated in the last campaign. they've done it in other countries and they may do it here as well. they have the local election systems. the integrity of the democracy
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at stake as we go into the fourth of july we think it is our future and the duty to honor the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that is what the healthcare bill is about. we couldn't be better served to protect here at home and the rest and my distinguished member bennie thompson whom i introduced earlier. he's going to speak for himself but to say how much we appreciate his leadership in protecting every aspect including the voting system. he has good idea and we support bit of a task force and he is
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joined by bob brady the ranking member on the homeland security committee said it is a task force on elections in the security. >> thank you very much madam leader. our system of democracy is admired by people all over the world. it's something most countries would want to emulate but finally, there's a broad admission that russians have had something to do with how that process selecting an official works. committees have finally began to begin the process of looking backward in terms of what
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happened. some of us are concerned we are not looking forward. we have elections in 2018 and we don't know to what extent they've compromised our systems. someone should be looking at bat, the states that have been identified so far as having some intrusion on their systems and since we have identified our system as critical infrastructure we've offered some assistance to see whether we can be hopeful. we think it's important that this task force made up of a
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number of people we will hear from chart to figure out what happened and how we recommend corrective activity, corrective action. on our committee leaked on a resolution of inquiry asking for the data of what is going on and that field on the partisan vote so it is the only option available to us right now to collect the data, talk to witnesses, have hearings, bring in state officials, local officials in the end result of d
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result of publishing the paper that he hoped could become the basis for legislation and hopefully we can correct whatever intrusions have gone on. it's not to try to sit and blame president obama for not doing something and here we are going into the fourth of july recess and have nothing definitive from the white house addressing this so now is the time and what we propose to do. talking to witnesses is how we propose to do it if republicans
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decide they want to join us they are welcome to what we think in light of no activities we are left with no choice but to establish this task force and move forward. >> any questions? >> i'm proud of ongoing efforts and we are finding of things for example how many states have been compromised.
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it's been counted as important but if we had a description of the system because of the foreign intervention that is an attack on our democracy and announcing when we would be having meetings and the fact you've taken the lead on this and you have the support as we go forward they are having trouble legislatively and then the president has a controversial thing like he did this morning that adds to the problems because they have the questions on the other side
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about what the president is sending. >> the president is such a prolific tweeting i'm not sure what he is referring to. >> [inaudible] >> to engage in such behavior i don't know why republicans think they can tolerate just almost anything on a candidate beating up on a reporter and cheering him on as he arrives. it's really sad the president of the united states speak to [inaudible] >> do you believe that planned parenthood d. funding --
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>> id disrespects every woman in the country, the ability to make her own decisions with her family, her dr.. i think respecting the dignity and work for their behavior. >> you are the highest ranking elected woman in history and i wonder if you agree with senator feinstein. >> i don't know that there is a question about it.
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>> john kelly was at a press conference and said they threatened him but they didn't take any names. what is your overall response to that? >> to have a difference of opinion on the matter is not. if the secretary feels he was threatened, he should make our leadership aware of it and if he genuinely thinks it was a physical threat than he should report it to the authorities but
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his characterization is a difference of opinion. >> it's strange that he would say such a thing. >> they are prepared to vote on it again. are you concerned or do you
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agree it is a technicality? >> when we were asked to be aggressive in terms of sanctions on russia the speaker said the senate passed a bill. if it is just a blue slip problem that can be resolved. if they get into substance that is a problem and if it passes the senate 98-to, how much more by partisabipartisan can you ge. when it came her here gave the e slip is a process question on the country they don't know what that means and it has to go back with a process charged and then the senate will vote on it and it will go to the president's desk. if they are using a process for the substance that would be a problem but if they said it is just the process then we
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shouldn't even be able to do it today. >> should it be a one-on-one meeting? >> it should have been done already. it is overdue. it's not like we are doing anything around here in the legislative accomplishment this is something that again came with strong bipartisanship and i think the speaker said that as a reason it can be resolved right now if it is an excuse. but it would certainly send a strong message to vladimir putin that we are serious about these sanctions. again i always say what is it that the russians have on donald trump personally or financially that we have to pussyfoot around when it comes to sanctions on
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russia. >> could you comment your thoughts on improving security in the united states? >> they released the information yesterday and i think a lot of us are concerned on who can come in. we are not sure if fiancées can. it's a great introduction that has been provided by the there are some things that need to be fleshed out. we will work with this administration as long as it
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passes legal muster and i think some of that is yet to be determined. >> as we go into the fourth of july i was concerned because they wouldn't let grandchildren and you can imagine how that affected me. happy fourth of july to all of you.
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i think we are talking about something different which is the predicate of the stereotypes so do you get to belong to the category of man or woman in the first place and so i think that is an important kind of distinction to draw. transgender people just like anybody experienced traditional sexism but what i tried to point out another is something else going on about belonging to the categories themselves. >> use vb shoulucp should elimie categories in a lot of different places. so from a birth certificate to college or a professional level
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sport and everything in between or most things in between. >> sunday at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span2 looked. >> at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the transfer of hong kong to china the chinese president delivered a brief remarks at the hong kong international airport. here's coverage courtesy of the global television network.


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