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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2017 2:51pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> here is look at some authors recently featured on booktv's of a words. -- after words. low and moderate income families manage money. utah senator mike lee recalled the forgotten men and women who fought against a large federal government during america's founding. new america president and ceo ann marie slaughter looks how technology impacts foreign affairs. in following weeks on "after words" they will retrace the development of iphone. also the thoughts on the trump residency and future of american politics. this week on "after words," temple university professor heath davis looks at gender identity. >> i was inspired to write this book by a very strange kind of policy we had in the cityphiladelphia.
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our public transportation authority used to require that everybody who bought a monthly pass had to have a sex sticker, a gender marker, either m for male or f for female on their pass. this created a lot of, what i call sex identity discrimination within the city, and in particular, one transgender woman, charlene, a friend of mine, an an activist fortrans rights in philadelphia brought a lawsuit in against the company, when she was offered f marked pass was turned away. the bus driver said you can't use this in my opinion you're not a real woman. she brought back a pass with m sticker on it. same thing happened, you're not a real man, you can't use the pass. this got me thinking, if, in
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that case it is pretty clear that there is no reason to have our sex identity to marked on a pass to get on a us about. in the city of philadelphia this sparked a lot of activism to get the sex stickers removed from the bus passes. eventually the city bottom rid of them but it never admitted it had discriminated against charlene or anybody else based on their gender identity. and it really got me thinking, if this is ridiculous in this instance, what about other sex marks of i.d. we carry around, drivers license, passport, birth certificate, are they necessary? after theafter words airs on booktv. saturday and 10:00 p.m. and sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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>> after isis ceases to exist, bringing in bin laden new leader of al qaeda. he is young, he is millenial. he was trained for the last seven, eight years, by some of the top commanders in al qaeda. people that his father did not have access to their counsel because all of them were gathered in house arrest in iran in the same place. he gets married to the number two person in al qaeda's daughter, mohamed al-masri, who has been involved virtually every terrorist attack that happened against, against us and in the world. he masterminded the east african embassy bombings himself. so, i think think i hamza is going to be the person. hamza had five different messages. at the beginning they called him, hamza brother usama bin laden. at announcement and message referred to him as sheikh hamza
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bin laden which indicates a promotion. you can't be leader of al qaeda without having the title sheikh. i think if you listen to his statements, and i've been listening to all his statements you will see something really interesting. he never at isis. he -- attacks isis or never mentions the caliphate. that is hamza doesn't, he says what happens in iraq, libya, somalia, what is happening in algeria and mali, what is happening everywhere they are all mujahideen and followers of osama bin laden. he says look, you people in the west, we only used to be in kandahar. now we're everywhere. and it is true. he tried to copy his father. he tried to copy his father. his tone is exactly the tone ever osama bin laden. his message, identical to what
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bin laden used to say. same statement sometimes. in his last statement, the one before last where he gave his commandments for -- in the which is, look try to kill as many people as you can. don't just take a life, try to do it right, you know? then he said, always leave a message why you did it. i'm telling you, why you did it. so i'm telling you what to say. number one, our lands are occupied. the land of the two holy places meaning saudi arabia, is occupied. we did not hear that since osama bin laden died. we did not hear that since 9/11. he brought it back.
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palestine, if we don't live in palestine in peace, you won't know peace in america and the north. that is something bin laden said himself. but also we did not hear that in how long? long, long, long time ago. then he talk about stealing the wealth of the muslim world, right? we did not hear that for a long time. bringing it back. he only adds one thing we did not hear his father talk about, what is happening in isham, what is happening in syria. the murders of the assad regime and russians, which he said, we're doing attacks on the west because you're supporting them. you're supporting. that is only thing he added. frankly he can not, can not not mention syria, one of the largest affiliates of al qaeda is in syria. but he is bringing back the original message of osama bin laden. and i talk about his character. i talk about his childhood.
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he was a poster-child for al qaeda. in early days if you look at old videotapes of al qaeda, always saying fiery speeches, when he was a kid. he is training with the mujahideen of the he told his father, he said, father, when i was in jail i learned a lot. you will be proud of me. i learned about this. i learned about that. now i am forged by steel. i am ready to march with the legions of mujahedeen under your command. bin laden from all his sons released, only go people to come join him, his wife, which has a ph. did, older than him. she has only one son, hopplessa. his wife wasn't just a -- hamza. she was his advisor. she was his wordsmith. she was his con sigly air.
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he missed his wife after he has been in jail in iraq seven or eight years. he wanted her to come. he threatened to his commander, he said if you don't bring her here i will bring her here. this commander said you have lost his mind. then we know why. because he wanted her, he wanted her to basically work on his statement on the anniversary, 10th anniversary of nine live ven. he wanted her to -- 9/11. he wanted her to tell him what to say. when they could not bringer had to him, he was convinced finally, he sent her a letter. you know what, the 10th anniversary is coming. you know how important this is. he told his chief of staff to buy you a computer and us. abouts, please start working on the statement for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. she is the son of hamza who pushed hamza more and more towards following up in his father's footsteps.
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she is kind ever like the woman behind the father. . . good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to princeton university, i'm robert jordan i have the honor of being the director of the james madison program on american ideals and institutions at princeton. i'm the sponsor of nights event. i'm delighted to welcome all of you at princeton, we have not only students here and members of our faculty but guests from the community and


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