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tv   Washington Journal Representative Gregory Meeks Discusses the Russia...  CSPAN  July 14, 2017 12:35am-1:08am EDT

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watch c-span cities tour of concord, massachusetts on saturday on c-span twos book tv. consented to p.m. on american history to be in c-span three. working with cable affiliates of visiting states across the country. >> cap next, representative gregory makes on the latest developments in the house investigation into russia. in the 2016 election. this is 30 minutes. >> we are back at the table. representative gregory meeks sits on the foreign affairs committee and also is a district attorney special prosecutor in new york city. let me ask you, from the washington post, smoking gun or distraction, when donald trump junior set i love it to the process of scoring-the information but hillary clinton in june last year, did that
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constitute a smoking gun? >> is continuing mounting evidence that i think the special prosecutor will continue to look at and have conversation, who did in fact talk to? you like us to believe that he did not say think to his father but that has to be reviewed. that's why a special prosecutor will now have further evidence of which to look at to see whoho knew what and when, who is part of it what came out of it and is further mounting evidence and why i believe he needs to take his time and see what channels leave wear or nowhere. but you have to thoroughly w investigated. more things of concern. >> if donald trump junior, chair cushion, and paul manafort met with this letter no information was exchanged, is it still criminal act to meet?
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>> what is clear is that there was an intense to get information from the russian government there damage hillary clinton would help donald trump so first scenario where police officers do undercover work to see if the individual commits the sometimes a crime is not actually committed so i think that's the applicable law. we'll be looking into it but we take the facts and applied to the law.make a decision on whether or not there is in fact criminal act that has beent afto committed. with, so that you know exactly what you're going to charge so you
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can prove beyond a reasonableans doubt that a crime has been committed and the person accused is that person. what did you think when he saw the e-mails release by donald trump junior and what stands oui to welcome members of the trumps administration, remember remember donald trump junior as well as other member completely denied ever try in regards to russia and has been refuted time and again when the investigation has been done of the press keeps digging and then they come out fine there has been out and out lies by members of the campaign and some members of administration in regards to
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contacts with russia. on top of that, the president refusing to show his tax returns which will show if there is any contact with russia as well asmp the president's own word during the campaign. seems to me there certain ties one has to look into because they're very curious at the least very suspicious. when you look at it on his face the investigators i'm sure digging deep town. >> some of your colleagues have said that the actions and words constitute impeachment and there should be articles strong. are you there? >> again, i'm of the belief that we want to do a thorough investigation. i've been part of a prosecutorial team where you don't rush to judgment. but you do a thoroughan investigation and then especially if you have someone
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so has done something wrong. that's the person you do a thorough investigation in regards to so if there's something there you have it concrete and justice will be served. ultima so could be premature. and then you don't ultimately the person may have committed a crime that because of the investigation they walk away. >> the federal court ordered and failed to release the security clearance form disclosing jeff sessions contact with the officials, the deadline passed yesterday was ordered in regards to freedom of information act request for portions of the forms disclosing any contact with russian officials. a spokesman said the documents would be released by the deadline but they haven't been. his contacts with russia have
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come under scrutiny after he had conversations that were not disclosed during his own conversation hearing. >> especially shocking, for him to be not cooperating of following the orders of court. contins shocking, it is very disturbing. and it's a continued pattern of individuals within the trump administration who are refusing where inrate and to be open and honest about the process.en you also have a question where individuals have been asking the question about mr. kushner's clearance as far as a confidential information. no response.ers members of congress have been asking individuals the trump administration to answer questions, no response. again, seems to be a practicing
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pattern by the trumputions a administration of not cooperating with authorities, with institutions. it gives me concern because it's the president of the united states and his people now trying to delegitimize the institutions that our country is built on. and that gives me concern.. in the essay of trust by the people of the united states. >> there is movement in the senate now back over to the house to punish russia for aaron interfering in the election. sanctions are stalled among capital infighting. legislation passed in the senate but it was sent back yesterday the speaker of the house, paul ryan said that there's a procedural disagreements that democrats are not willing to go forward with passing it becauses of some language they are disputing.
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what is going on with thenc sanctions bill? >> guest: the republican leadership in my republican colleagues have to stand up. here's a bill that clearly should be put on the president's desk, so congress and the american people can see whether or not he will signed in. 98 - 2 in the senate. it's not a controversial bill. most members of congress realize that russia did play a role or attempt to play a role in ourg n election cycle that we must prevent that from happening again in russia should be punished for by sanctions. for us not to do that in the house of representatives, to me is baffling and puzzling. i think it's against the values of us as people of america. when i think of the republican leadership, they had no problem to bring up investigation after investigation even when they come up after they had nothing
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with hillary clinton but continued with it. here, we have sanctions with russia were the relevant security agency say russia was involved or attempted to get involved in our election and yet we can't put up strong sanctions bill in the united states congress and the house, that is wrong for all americans. and a threat toward democraticie institution. we should put it on the floor immediately. no excuse. >> host: republican say that resolutions to blue slip issue has been tied up because house democrats object the language that will prevent the minority proper party of raising disapproval of the white house decides to weaken it. >> this should be the same bill out of the senate, the exact same bill on the floor of the house. the same bill. don't change word.
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the same bill that was what a 9e floor of the house and let us vote on it. that could be done today. >> host: let's go to joan south carolina.comments morning and welcome. what is your question or comment? >> caller: good morning. f i have three different comments. first of all, i love c-span. because they let the american people : give their voice. second of all, on the russian investigation, think they should let investigators investigate and just let congress get on too do the american people's work. i think this is wrong. >> host: okay, the third?sides f >> caller: on this healthcare thing, i've been on both sides
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of it. i'm an army veteran, war veteran and my wife is not. had and she has had problems lately and when we first moved down to south carolina she had the healthcare from obama care think. at least she had something she found out she had type two diabetes. it took care of her. >> host: okay joe. i'll leave it there and have tht conversation respond for congress to move on. >> guest: we have to do a number of things. congress needs to do its work. the president and his tweets does not help that. republicans have control of everything, they should do things in regular order.
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and we can get things done. work with democrats across theow island do things in the open. pope should allow the intelligence committees in both the house and senate to do their work.third thing those investigation should continue. we should let the special prosecutor to his work. in the third is to have an independent commission that will review the entire process of how and what russia did and what we need to do to prevent it from happening again so we can preserve the integrity in our process similar to the commission on 9/11. >> host: let's go to barbara in virginia. a democrat. >> caller: i would like to say to mr. meeks that with the frivolous the democrats using the frivolous warmongering against russia is ridiculous. that's .1. .2, why are they, because of the healthcare is coming up this week, when they at least tryinga
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to help those who are paying for medicare, who work, a lot of them are working, cannot even medidental care on their medicare. or dental care off their medicare. c no, they were fighting for something good like that i couli understand. but just as crazy thing about russia and the e-mails, probably has nothing to do with anything. they need to get to work and do the right thing. >> what were looking at is a foreign government who has been trying to play into the united states election, not only us but our european allies who has been hostile to us and has been they other only country who is gone and taken property. t
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were making sure that they do not come into play role in ouroi democracy. were looking at holding and president of the united states accountable to his word and actions as each and every other president has. that is one of our responsibilities in we are fighting very hard about healthcare and medicaid and look at what's taken place in the health care debate. when you look at the republicant plan to strip medicaid from almost 22 million people, that's not by democrat thing by an independent office of budget. the cbo is making that determination but were fighting tooth and nail to make sure individuals have a pre-existing disease is not put to the wayside others not caps on seniors in the health care. in children who are 26 years old can stand their parents. we want to improve and make sure any problems we have with
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medicare medicaid that we can pe improve. we think just because a person can't or doesn't have money doesn't mean they should be given a death sentence. >> let's go to charles in charlotte north carolina. you're in the year. >> good morning. i want i want to call about the s hypocrisy i see talking about the russians and the current leaks. from what i can see in a try to look at this in a balanced way, the main argument is that the russians use fear fishing witches we get every day whichng somebody clicks on a link that allow somebody, probably the russians to go into the e-mails and the dnc and steal their e-mail the now know how many months they were on they didn't even realize they were stolen. i heard on cnn, chris cuomo
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another say that we will not report on those e-mails giving questions for it hillary for the debate, conspiring against ernie sanders on the nomination, the opinions of the clinton campaign the concerned groups and so forth. it was reimbursing but they said because it was stolen. now, we have done junior's e-mails hundred some leaks, tel the white house and those are reported on and captured by the congress. stole and there's an uproar every time someone comes out. those were stolen as well. if those leaks that embarrass the dnc in the hillary campaign were so bad in this is just a threat to american society and the election process, explain to me by why rock obama would've signed an executive order to
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take immediate sanctions instead of letting it drift for months and months. >> host: let's get a response. >> guest: barack obama went face-to-face unlike president trump did when he went with mr. pruden and told him he better cut it out. he said there be severe consequences. as a result there were sanctions that the obama administration put on russia. >> host: there are russian officials also deported. >> guest: correct. russian officials who had to leave their property those in new york, and so there was decisive and concise of effort. hindsight is always 2020. they think president obama knew he had to do something. he did what he thought was appropriate i would not make itt appear as though politics was in the way of what he was doing. he wasn't doing it to play politics he wanted to make sure he was doing would put continued
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integrity in our system and keep a foreign government from playing a role around in our democracy. >> host: if reviewers are interested j johnson was asked those questions, what is happening in the obama administration at the time this is being discovered and what was the thinking. j johnson taken those questions for the house intelligence committee. we cover that hearing recently. you can go to and watch it there. >> want to say thank you for your service to this i want to touch on the russian investigation. this lot of stuff going on about fake news in the media. people need to realize media is part of the democracy. one thing is about meddling is
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that we are sovereign nation. anyone running for the office of our presidency needs to realize it's very prestigious office. anyone involved in it taking information from one subornation to try to influence election of another goes against -- it should not be something that is taken lightly. >> host: i apologize about that. i thought your finished. >> guest: i agree. i think that's why it's important have an independent commission. i said to make sure that the in the panic missions that you have individuals who understand the entire process. i suggested having former secretary rice, condoleezza rice is one of the cultures and maybe former secretary of state john kerry to be the other.hat took p that way you have democrat and republican so that we can get at the essence of what took place.
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this really is about finding out how we preserve our democratic process. if elections in 2018, another in 2020. we do not want russia or anyone else having an influencer playing a role in the election. we need to get to the bottom of it. all of us should be rallying to make that happen. >> caller: hello. thank you. first i'd like to say i completely agree with representative. and i appreciate him making hisu comments. the republicans need to stop litigating the election. we agree is democrats that the election ended long time ago. no one disputes that trump one. there is no doubt that the election is over. we need to stop blaming
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democrats. stop blaming them for obstruction legislation. mitch mcconnell wanted to be said, we don't want to work with democrats at all, we don't have any interest in working with democrats. and the next daye john kasich said, we'd like to work with democrats, they're not like to work with us. so, you can have it both ways. the election is over, the republicans are in charge. they also need to stop blaming leaks.ent they like the leaks would help them, they don't like him when they hurt them. stop blaming the leaks.hi stop blaming president obama. he has nothing to do with this investigation. he did what he could us president to make sure the russians were not meddling in the genttion. >> guest: i would say i agree with the gentleman. bill.
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i would like to go back to regular order. say what you will about for example the health care billn, when it was initially passed. the fact of the matter is, it was an open process. there were hearings. not meetings and close doors behind the scenes. nobody knew what was going on, only six, seven or eight people then you try to rush her to the floor. there were hearings, questions, witnesses, amendments, votes on the floor. going back andthth forth. that's an open process of the american people could see and be clear transparency of pieces of legislation that shows who wants to work together and who doesn't. that's not happening. spend the republicans behindmeh closed doors coming up with something that each time the congressional budget office says it will be devastated to the american people and then we have that process going today. as it's time to go back to regular order to conduct business as the
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rules of the floor dictate. let's have open hearings, questions and answers so the american people in congress can make a vote and transparency. >> host: max from maryland, an independent. >> caller: thank you for having me. i enjoy c-span. the comments i want to make is that the way want to say this, just because you forgot to lock the door on your way somewhere out of the house, it doesn't give a thief a right to commence to your property. so even though the democrats whatever security they had over their computer system whatever service you are using at home, doesn't matter where she played her games or what she did, the point is, doesn't give anybody
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the right to come in and steal the information and run propaganda against the democrats to favor one side and the election. so yes, i think the investigation needs to go shorter and swiftly and we need to get to the bottom of this investigation so they can get to the conclusion of it.ct, it the election is going to impactt somebody belongs that it is very important to get to the bottom of the election first before anything else. >> host: thank you. i >> guest: what i think about is, what will features and young people be looking at 70 years from now when they're going back on the historical context and looking at what's taken place
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today. that's how i view what i docont, today is how's it going to be looked at in this historical context, what are we do and how do we do it in winter we do it, when we knew based upon the intelligence we had in republicans and democrats at this point that russia got involved in our election. what do we do as citizens of the united states of america to make sure it doesn't happen again. how do we hold rush accountable i want to be do with evidence where we had a president for app example who is apparently continue to say lines. that is the standard that members of congress have to think. democrats and republicans. this will be reviewed in the camera of history. i think it will reflect upon us, democrats, republicans and
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independents understand to try to protect the integrity of our society, the three to the press, openness of governmentin transparency and everybody abide by certain rules in order. that's what will stand the tests of time. far, we are . . in history. i urge, particularly my colleagues, don't think politics now, do what is best for the country. want to make a decision because people may hink we're doing it based upon party politics, that is why an independent commission is really work of the the independent prosecutor is really see tant so that we can what the results are and we should show them we are supporting those items and then say we stood for the right thing, i believe. georgia, h, augusta, democrat, you are on with congressman meeks. yes, sir, congressman
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democrat, ve a life-long democrat, will not vote republican, but in the next election, i don't see anything the democrats are offering to republicans ng the say. the republicans have said they you, t going to work with but yet it's still everything hese people get to be put in office, it is said the citizens have no ited states, i control over what russia do. you are there in office, the saying, g i hear you people saying is that, oh, we're not going to hold town hall of the people, the backlash we get, frustration, opposition from the people. we don't want to hear what they have to say, but yet still you us to face these people and soldiers to war and nothing you can do about it. one time.wer at there was a time you had a
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a good health care program, but look at what you got. got to leave it there, running out of time. i'll have the congressman jump in. listen, i think one thing i would like to do, get back to business, so people in peep nel our districts know we want to fight for health we improve e sure health care system, not repeal it and get rid of it with 22 people renewed. i want to make sure we are ocused on the economy and jobs and making conditions better for the american people. be is what i would love to talking about and democrats have been talking about it. accomplishments he indicated when we were in power, president obama came into power, worse recession since the recession, with democratic the time, we were able to crawl out of the recession, started moving in the way to start correcting the economy, moving forward and
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the value important for the america, i s of think we have to talk to those values we represent those values values are hard work, well rewarded, you should be healthcare, a woman should be able to take control of her body. those are values that we will be talking to individuals about as we move on do.we it is the tweets and the lies that are coming from the then compel the press and the media to ask me and others about what he's doing, that is what he's president of the united states, most powerful man in the world, that takes the news cycle and we have to respond to that. love to respond to jobs, healthcare and values of the people, that is what i got elected for, that is why i ant to be a member of the congress. host: congressman, gregory meeks, thank you for
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>> mcconnell: oh.
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i ask that the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: the american people deserve better than people deserve better than . >> american people deserve better than obamacare. americans are getting more for less, uh the premiums have increased more than y 100 percent on the federal exchange. next year the premiums could rise by 50% or more. in states like georgia or maryland. americans are losing trust in accessiv


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