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tv   Senators Murphy and Wyden on Health Care  CSPAN  July 20, 2017 5:11pm-6:03pm EDT

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july, 24, further, following the prayer and pledge, the morning hour be deemed expired, the journal of proceedings be approved to date, and the time for the two leaders be reserved for their use later in the day, and morning business be closed. further, following leader remarks the senate proceed to executive session and resume consideration of the bernhardt nomination. finally, that the postcloture time on the bernhardt nomination expire at 9:30 on monday july 24. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: if there is no further business to come before the senate, i asked that -- i ask that it sand the
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recognition. colleagues, the new c.b.o. score is out on, i guess, version 4.5 or 5.5, it's hard to keep track of the bill to repeal the affordable care act, and nothing has changed. this proposal, which was a moral and intellectual dumbser -- dumpster fire is still a disaster. here is what c.b.o. says about the bill that is currently being reworked behind closed doors by my republican colleagues. c.b.o. says, that immediately 15 million people will lose
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coverage by next year. that's a humanitarian catastrophe. it's something that this country has never >> of >> hour emergency rooms would be overwhelmed and unable to deal with the scope of that kind of humanitarian need. hopefully the number risesn-year at the end of it ted year window we know it is far bigger than that because that has been the first of the medicaid cuts have been but 22 million is a lot. no different than the previous version of 23 million or the house bill that got a majority vote according to cbo today 90 percent of americans are covered by health insurance now is down to 82% to hear
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my friend year after year complaining to the ec still leaves millions of americans uncovered but when you get down to look at individual americans gets even more frightening and will give you an example of power dramatically increases premiums on individuals insured to the private market the losses have been because of the assault on medicaid but a lot of those who have private coverage cannot afford it any longer. the 64 year-old making 55,000 that is over three times the federal poverty level so in a lot of places you could live off of $56,000. that individual today pays
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$6,700 premium under the republican health care billl that individual pays $18,000 in premiums with an increase of 170%. that is just one individual but if you're older or less wealthy you pay a lot more with this proposal despite the guarantees made by the republicans under their planspel costed deductibles and premiums will go down especially with middle-income and 54 over your premiums will go dramatically up. this is a terrible bill.
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it is a terrible bill. doesn't solve a single problem. more people lose insurance and the cost goes up. n for so at this writing time of negotiations where changes are made to this bill not to improve policy but to the individual votes. that is what is happening as we speak. behind closed doors small changes are being made to the bill for those individual senators with specific amounts of money for their state in their
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state alone that is shameful and to read order one-fifth of the american economy. talking about 20 percent of the u.s. economy and changes are made to this bill right now that have nothing to do with good health care but with those individual votesuse r to get at 50 because republicans refuse to work with democrats. so instead of building a product of bipartisan support now they're down to a handful of members trying to find ways to deliver amounts of money to those members states to win their vote. for
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there is a special fund in the latest version of the bill for those insurance companies and alaska not in the previous version of the bill. all all of these provisions are written in a way if you were the average ordinary american trying to take a couple of hours of your time you would never know was a specific fund it doesn't say alaska has a budget requirements the state has to fill but only one state fits that description and it is alaska's. there is a change in the bill to address the state's as late expanders into the new medicaid population in
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the late in the process theng previous version did not give them credit when establishing the baseline speci but miraculously this new bill has a specific provision for those were late medicaid expanders to get billions of additional dollars said to their states. alaska and louisiana. to states. and there is a new provision that makes it very curious change into the waves these payments are sent the disproportionate program to help pay for the cost of people without insurance. but not coincidentally
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advocated by one senator from one state. change will disproportionately benefit the state of florida and it is now in the new these are not changes to help the american health care system that benefits my state or the state of the majority of member some don't benefit 98 of us but only to a bus and they are in this version of the bill make to win votes not make good policy. and we hear word this morning of a new fund invented in the middle of the night of last evening that would supposedly helps the states transition the citizens currently on medicaid to the private market. $200
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now there are reports that is a to under a billion dollar fund and that is a lot of money. but it would represent 17 percent of the funds that are cut to the states and it dizzily a temporary band-aid of a much bigger problem because the cbo says definitively the subsidies in this bill are so meager that virtually no one who was kicked off of medicaid can afford those their premiums that is why the numbers are so sweeping with 22 million people losing health care insurance. with a handful of states to transition when the money runs out, and a well
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well, they're back to the same place. all you are doing is temporarily postponing the enormity of what is delivered and once again and that is targeted to win votes to improve the entirety of the health care system. senator corker called out his colleagues today to say he is willing to vote for the motion to proceed but growing increasingly uncomfortable with the bill that would come to his word was incoherent. when you get to this point with the deeply unpopular bill that everybody in the country hates and you need to put money in it to get a handful of additional votes
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it is incoherent and it was incoherent to begin with it is hard to do but that is what is happening with these individual funds set up for alaska and the louisiana and florida. we could solve all of us if republicans decided to work with democrats. if we set aside the big tax cuts for the wealthy and medicaid problems and tried to fix the real problems we to do it in a bipartisan way . would that be great? i get it there is enormous political vantage to democrats to watch them vote for bill with a 15 percent
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approval rating. i pin and then not do anything to help with health care is a thorny political issue. food doesn't have to be that way we could sit down together to own the problem in the solution together. we could end health care be a permanent problem with one side beating each other over the head. we are senators also. we were elected just like our republican friends. and why don't they let them into the room especially after the bill has failed over and over? we don'tou have a communicable disease..
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we will not physically hurt you if you lead us into the room. we are not lying when we say we have a desire to compromise. democrats will not walk into a negotiating room demanding a single payer health care system. we'll understand we have to give republicans what they want maybe that is flexibility of benefit design. republicans have to give what we want is an end to this madness sabotaging the health care system but that could be a compromise it is in its illegal to meet withot us there are 48 of us they're not told us my constituents in connecticut
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deserve to have the voice on how one-fifth of the economy will be transformed and i know where republican friends want to do this. senator say when this process falls apart we want to work with you. it is falling apart. we'll get to 50 votes is by making these states -- shameful changes for specific states to get a handful of votes. that is not how this should work. maybe that is how they happened here 100 years ago but not today. once again i will begum republican colleagues to
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stop this partisan exercise working with democrats we can work together with plenty of other stuff to fight about if we can agree on a path forward. i yield the floor. >> before you leave the floor i want to commend my colleague from connecticutnd i for a very thoughtful speech and and i think he has made the case that the challenge ahead is a two-part drill first to stop something especially ill-advised andy second to move to a better way which focus is on sunlight and bipartisanship for our one to thank my colleagues for very thoughtful comments. i am here to talk about health care but before i
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turn to that subject i want to spend a few minutes talking about john mccain.nts ie some of the most satisfying moments i have had in public life have been serving with john mccain when they came to the united states senateit as organs first senator in almost 30 years, i had the honor being chosen on the senate commerce committee which was chaired by john mccain. what an exhilarating way to begin serving in the united states senate. we attacked the issues of the future of multiple and discriminatory taxes on the internet commerce and
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focused on enron and went what went wrong when so many consumers were ripped off and also consumer rightsly john mccain was an early advocate for saying he rode on an airplane doesn't mean you have to sacrifice basic consumer rights in those same issues still get attention today and of course, we built on this floor of the measure from-k year 2000 when everybody was so concerned about what would happen at that time that senator mccain teethree the honor to be the democratic partner to put together a bill with incredible work from the private sector and first responders through smarter federal policy we know some of that calamitous predictions did not come to
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pass and to a great extent johnnycake to a lot of work regarding y2k and what a thrill to be involved with the real american hero with those first experiences i had in the united states senate. so as we begin to absorber the news last night, mr. president is what struck me is we are counting on john achenes legendary strength to get cancer its toughest fight ever. t toughest fight ever. want to come to the floor
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today and we are routine for you, dear friend and cindyy and your wonderful family this and we're thinking about you this afternoon. mr. president on the health care issue my a sense is if he thought the trump care debate here on the senate o but is pretty obvious you should think again because as long basters once more with those latest attempts to cobble together 50 votess comes down to waving a $200 billion slush fund to
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incentivize cent -- senators under the affordable care act. such as the ranking democrat on the finance committee as they joined the committee this year we have studied this one time slush fund as it is suppose to be enticing enough for a senator to vote for bill that is still slash's medicaid. let's be realistic and what the slush fund represents in the context of the overall plan. the senate republicans are steering tens of millions of americans toward a clef -- a
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clef offering the world's smallest hello to break the fall. before i go further of specifics on what the majority has to offer, i want to step back and take a look at what the american people have been suggested over the course of this debate. the reason is an even by the belt way standards here in washington this is the absolute worst.affordable in the crusade to repeal the affordable care act, there has been the house health care bill that had a big ceremony with the president of the united states. next the senate tried care
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bill. then there was a second version of the bill then came the orra that i call repeal and ruin in that started back in 2015 then g this morning the public got a look at the third version of the bcra.aving so of your having coffee mr. president in oregon overse lunch your head must me spinning and as you hear the news i also want to make
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sure that folks know about the strategy coming out of the white house over the last few days. the president first endorsed the senate trumpcare bill. but then it was repealed only then while the country watched the administrationpresid sabotage the affordable care act the president said everybody ought to sit back and watch what happens then back to calling the senate majority calling child-care nobody in this chamber the possible exception of the senate majority leader mcconnell can really claim wit about coming down the pikeke and american health care so
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with the well-being of hundreds of millions of americans at stake this wretched process really just leaves the job of the four. vote said republicans do seem to be speeding toward something. and there is a prospect of the $200 million slush fund during gold out there to round up the votes my sense is that slush fund is of zero consolations to those americans who live in those states who did not stand -- expand medicaid for those
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that will have their tax cuts ripped away to see the premiums skyrocket it would be zero consolation to middle-class families to panic if they can take care of elderly parents and grandparents when long-term care is and zero about this slush fund but that is for a short time in space that expanded medicaid but the slush fund will run dry.t state budgets will be hits like a wrecking ball that is the reason why so many governors are so unhappy. there's no escaping the dayad consequences whatever the senate passes that you had
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objections to a trump care or a repeal only bill yesterday bin this does not change a thing. if you hours ago the non partisan cbo that is the non-partisan umpire put out the analysis of this version of the republican health care bill if you were hopingsn that was a charm the news does not help your cause. the cbo found it will still send premiums through the roof. the new version will kick 22 million americans off their health care making anee unaffordable to millions of americans with pre-existing conditions. that is especially troublingide.
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to meet mr. president and a notice senate is very interested in the of policy foundation of these issues before the president came to this body work with a former colleague to put together what is still the only comprehensive bipartisan health reform bill seven democrats and seven republican served that have then introduced and the priority that those colleagues are called sponsors of this bill and many of these democratic sponsors are still here as a bipartisan agreement there should be an air tight loop toll-free commitment to protect team of people withdi pre-existing conditions. and seven democrats, seven
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republicans signed off on the bill in the number of them from both sides of the senate and now what is being discussed is the approach to make health care with preexi unaffordable to millions of persons with pre-existing t conditions. taking a big step back towards the days when health care in america was for the healthy and the wealthy that is what you get if you don't have air tight protection from the original bill. p error type protection with
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loopholes free if you don't have that you are marching back to the day when health care was for the healthy and wealthy you could not even move if you went to a new job with a great opportunity because of a pre-existing c condition. you were immobilized. that is where this is going with a proposal to make health care unaffordable forit millions of people with pre-existing conditions to turn back the clock movingng away from strong bipartisan support with senators of both sides who are still here. and for those caring about the affordability of health coverage here is a statistic r under the senate republican bill, a middle-aged american
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will bring home $26,200,500 annually or face a deductible of $13,000.remember if you are watching this they this, remember that the next time they hear the senate republican bill lowers cost or puts the patient at the center of care if it becomes law that individual with a $13,000 deductible is one bad injury away from personal bankruptcy. to how does that figure under the affordable care act? that same deductible is $800 the other option is the repeal only strategy and they claim it has a two-year transition but the numbers
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from the budget office make it clear the idea of a transition after a repeal bill passes is a fantasy repeal and money and 17 million news coverage 32 million live coverage of than a decade premiums and private market plans to double. t my colleagues know so well about the signal sent of a private market place. if you are pouring gasoline on the fires of uncertainty uncertainty, people can plan or calculate with a
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transition is a prescription for trouble. and premiums and private market plans will double. now the numbers i am talking about, our director of the almos senior citizens group almostst seven years before i was elected to congress, i started to see government reports and realized of the facts and figures on pieces of paper, really not what this debate is all about. it is about people's hopes
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and aspirations and what they want for the future. families worry how they will pay for the care of an older parent. i think about those seniors that i met. they did nothing wrong. they saved and did not go on special vacation or by the close but did everything right, educating their kids and try to put away a little money but growing old in america is expensive and despite being careful about cost of their lives when a spouse needed extra care or
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with early onset of health care problems they went through all the money they saved medicaid now picks up the cost to out of three nursing home beds in america and what is not known is very often seniors don't need just that care of that home and community-based care a continuum of services the right care at the right time they are saying this will make my prospects for being able to afford these services an awful lot harder
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to figure out in the days ahead and people who have been through cancer scare with single-parent with multiple jobs to put food on the table this is what i'm hearing about i made a pledge with a good portion made -- fortune open into everybody right now. of open to all town meetings.
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they are educating me i am trying to respond takeback washington d.c.. but to find common ground o with people of common sense and i decided nothing else really matters. been after those town meetings
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each of those meetings but of all walks of life's to be worried what will happen to the health care and president trump had becausete medicaid expansion those under 10,000 population in maybe to hire another person an added say why find there is a lot of people between 55
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and 64 to be charged five times as much as june people. by then those by a drug or clinton is rent-a-center and they would like some clarence of what is coming next speaking to the reporter if this drug care or the repeal bill so my
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sense is everybody is after walking into this of this but particularly those on the other side of the ideal to be in the dark a few days before the of'' with hundreds of millions of americans for them to be in the dark with the senate finance committee and tax credits even by the standards of of beltway really guarantee the first procedural vote to make cares,
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and affordable.on and those of pre-existing conditions with tens of millions of americans about health coverage. and those that have fed delivery for days. the choice between trumpcare and strict repeal of the affordable care act nobody is forced to choose between calamity and disasterns democrats and republicansth absolutely can work together on those health care challenges with the willingness with the highway
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approach with the good faith effort on our side i have heard enough of the back-and-forth to know there is a bipartisan interest with flexibility and now the president in the senate is especially interested in an is issue flexibility for the state and i am always open but as i described with the a special section of the affordable care act that in effect provided the innovation waivers. thinking
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and my colleague in the chair has been thinking those issues as well and conservatives have said those in washington will just give us the freedom we can find better ways to hold down the cost and make louisiana work for us and camphor cerro what works. that every single bill that i would be part of by fixing american health care to respond to these are good'd argument for the
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laboratories of democracy to allow considerable flexibility for states to take their own approach. i wrote an entire section my comprehensive bill then there should be room to work of these issues with the lack of transparency in the pharmaceutical market is the
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reason the people are hammered by escalating drug prices that some of those middlemen pharmaceutical benefit managers came intoey being a few years ago will negotiate of better dealmacies with these are all big for receive zero the country but we don't know what day put it in your pocket and put in our pocket it is an
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opportunity to have commonce ground for a chance for democrats and republicans alike my bill that says with a big pharmaceutical company wants to ruth drive up the prices they should have to publicly justified why they are doing so. there ought to be ways for democrats and republicans to work together to bring down prescription drug cost including more competition more predictability and uncertainty. and in my view if you are serious about really helping to make a private insurance market robust, stop the crusade to repeal the hca
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insurers are making decisions right now. all eyes are on this body to bring certainty back to the marketplace there is only a short time with respect to the 2018 premiums.isan another republican senator would like to tackle challenges on a bipartisan basis and the message we are sending on this side of the aisle there are a lot of open arms instead of causing devastation in the health care system lets work together to make it better and more affordable for all americans with that type of bipartisan cooperation mr. president i consider to be a premier challenge to
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work with colleagues looking for common ground. and i have heard from this side of the aisle the colleagues have said justin of the last few days, let us set aside the our way or highway approach with those bipartisanship then on the senate finance committee and with that i yield the floor and note the absence of a quorum.
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. >> with the biggest problems is the insane pay of the sea of. . . steven clifford, former ceo of king broadcasting talks about his book the ceo pay machine. sunday at 1:30 p.m. eastern,
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doctor willie parker, a christian and abortion provider talks about his book life's work, a moral argument for choice. >> we pushed back on the morbidity of abortion. we push back on the claim that it's dangerous. we haven't made the case that women, and people were making decisions about reproduction, a process that occurs in their body that it is within their agency, as human beings, to make those decisions. >> for more of this weekend schedule, codebook -- go to the super carrier named after our 38th president is the navy's newest nuclear powered aircraft carrier. president trump will attend the ceremony in norfolk the
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virginia and deliver remarks. saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on listen live on the free c-span radio out. >> part of the confirmation hearing with several allies including canada, singapore and nato. we will hear from kay bailey hutchison, trumps nominee for ambassador to nato. senator bob corker chairs the senate foreign relations committee. this is just under four hours. >> senator hutchinson, we are glad to have you back. since you have done this so many times on the side of the dial we thought it would be for you to lead off and help the others get started. i understand at least the first five rows our family members and friends. it may be that the entire audiences that. we hope so.


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