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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 24, 2017 3:18pm-3:34pm EDT

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a great committee because it has brought jurisdiction over so many things affecting our country. everything from border security and criminal justice. lots of authority there. it is an important committee and i'm grateful to be there. natural resources is really important for our state of louisiana. i was really grateful to get a base chairmanship there of the oversight committee we were doing some important work. those are key positions for our state and we been grateful for that time. >> how is the whole boy gumbo market here. >> well it's not louisiana. but we get home enough to get the real stuff. we've got a taste of louisiana
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here on the hill. >> thank you for your time. >> on c-span2, we are live in the blue room of the white house. president trump has been meeting with people he has termed victims of the 2010 health care law. we expect him here to make a statement about healthcare and the upcoming debate in the senate on repeal and replace the 2010 health care law. we should hear from the president momentarily. he said republicans have a last chance to do the right thing on repeal and replace after years of talking and campaigning. we will see what the president has to say shortly. here's today's "washington journal". >> host: good morning. we'll have a question for democrats here little bit but for the first 30 minutes it's republicans only and are question is based on this tweet from th the president. he said it's very sad republicans, even some who
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were carried over the line on my back can do very little to protect their president. that was sent about 414 yesterday afternoon among a series of tweets in which the president also talked about the rush investigation, but in that week, complaints about republicans and whether they are protecting him. do you think congressional republicans are doing enough? the newspaper on capitol hill up here in washington d.c. is focusing on this tweet yesterday. it's not immediately clear who trump was referring in the tweet but all signs point to his gop rivals.
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both have been on sunday morning shows talking about the matter and both were on the ballot in november. this morning we want to hear from you. should elected republicans do more to protect president trump. if you are republican only we want to hear with you in the first 30 minutes. the lines are open. >> caller: the morning, thank you c-span. i think president trump is a little lacking in some experience in politics and government and i think what republican leaders really need to do is to sit them down and tell them the truth and tell them how it works and try to straighten them out.
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he is wild on the tweets and i think he still thanks he can control his image in the image of the white house and i don't think he can. i think the new guy, the communications fella, i think he looks to slick and i think the republican seniors that are there now need to set them down and tell them the truth and tell them how it really works and how it looks. >> . >> host: are you are republican voted in the primary last year for donald trump? >> no. >> host: who did you support. >> caller: i was a supporter of newt gingrich. >> host: did you vote for donald trump in the general election.
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>> caller: no. >> host: when you say republican leaders need to tell him the truth, what is the truth. >> caller: i'm not an expert, but i just think he is mismanaging his image. he is mismanaging the image of the white house and i think it's reflecting, my father used to have a saying when ten people tell you your drunk, lie down. >> host: alice in rhode island. go ahead. >> caller: good morning. thank you. i'll tell you the problem he's got there. the people he has around them are not in his corner. paul ryan should spend more time dealing with the freedom caucus, mark meadows, jim jordan, he should spend more time with them because they are more in his train of thought.
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the remark the guy just made communications director, i think he's a little slick looking. i think that's the wrong kind of look, but these republicans, they should be voted out of office if they don't back him. that's the trouble. they've had no backbone. they have no backbone. i feel sorry for mccain, but i'll tell you one thing, i don't trust him. he's a republican in name only. paul ryan has not done any favors for president trump and i think he should be gotten away from. >> host: the president tweeted this morning, what's on his mind, saying drain the swamp should be changed to drain the sewer. it's much worse than anyone ever thought and he begins with fake news. and then tweeting five minutes ago, chuck sure just stated
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democrats should blame ourselves, not russia. the president talk about chuck schumer who has been making the round as democrats announced a new policy agenda, rolling it out today. that's the question we will have for democrats in about 25 minutes when we talk about that policy agenda. it will be a democrats only segment there. for the first half-hour, republicans only based on the president's tweet from yesterday at about four. he tweeted the republicans do very little to protect their president. you think elected republican should do more to protect the president. what does he need protection from? catherine is in almonte. go ahead. >> this is melissa, but that's all right. >> host: melissa, stop
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listening to the tv, just talk through your phone. >> caller: i agree with the president. it's ridiculous and sad. i'm so disappointed with the republican party. the betrayal of the voters, those who voted for trump and put him in office, for them, it's like they are cowards and their taking a dive. they never stand up for him. they are never loyal. that's what we voted for trump. >> host: what are some examples of that corruption or lack of loyalty? where did you see it in the past. >> caller: it's everywhere. how many months has it been and they won't do anything. they all have excuses. it's always his fault. no, it's not his fault. they are the ones were
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supposed legislate, the senate is supposed to pass things and get things done and he signs off. they are making excuses and acting stupid and their disgusting. they are corrupt. it's one thing after another. >> host: do you think he needs protection? if so, protection from what. >> caller: it's insane. he has everybody against him. i'm so disappointed in the republican party. i'm almost ashamed to call myself a republican anymore. they don't stand up for anything. there like a bunch of dogs with their tails between their legs. i never saw such a horrible, they're either paid off or the refrigerator shadows. >> host: that's catherine in california. note that jerry kushner is
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scheduled to meet behind closed doors with the senate intelligence committee today. he will be appearing before the them. the north side of the capital will see him when he goes in for that testimony but the testimony itself will be behind closed doors. cnn reporting a copy of the testimony that is being released publicly by jerry kushner. that's coming out this morning. they put that online this morning, jerry kushner statement about russia and in that there are several highlighted points, cnn reporting that the highlighted points are highlighted by kushner himself. one of those parts, saying that the fact that i was asked about ways to start dialogue after election day about
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russia should have been viewed as strong evidence that i was not aware of one that existed before election day. at the very end of his testimony, one other highlighted part is where he said i did not collude or know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded with foreign government. i had no improper context. i've not relied on russian funds to finance my business activities but i try to be fully transparent with regard to the filing of my assets, above and beyond what is required. hopefully this puts the matters to rest and is the end of the testimony that he is submitting for the record. of course we won't know what is asked in that hearing the hind close doors, but as we said we will look for his arrival on capitol hill. back to the phones, republicans only. >> caller: good morning i agree completely with the president trump. i voted for president trump, i
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think he is hones honest and they just say he lies and he lies. the republicans do not have his back. they are jealous of him. the democrats are jealous because they lost the election. we are wasting all this money for muller. there is no case against the man. this is a case against the american people because this is a two trying to overthrow this president. i would run from that place where they threaten his family, his life, and the republicans there sold out. the democrats are sold out. it is a sewer, and the media is the sewer. i agree with him completely, and god bless them, they're protecting him and i'm ashamed of what's going on in our country. >> hot springs arkansas, go ahead. >> i do agree with the president one 100%. the congress and senate needs
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to protect him from all the infighting. for eight years they were yelling and screaming that they only had a limited presidency that they could do stuff. now they've got it never but is trying to overthrow him like the last caller said because he's not part of the good old boy system. the good old boy system is what the swamp is. we need to change that. the republican party needs to understand that it's the people who elected him. they need to come together as one to help the president get the stuff down that he wants to get done and it just really bothers me. they screamed and yelled for eight years we need the presidency, we need to come together, now they've come together and they need to protect and do what they're told to do by people. thank you. >> host: you mentioned
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infighting, that's the topic of a front-page story in the washington post. here's the jump page from the story. gop escalating and factional fights escalate. some donors say they are weighing whether to financially backed challengers against republican lawmakers that are unwilling to support president trump's aims. absolutely we should be thinking about that said chief executive of an idaho nutritional supplement company. even the lack of courage some have shown and who would have the guts to vote the way they said they would on the campaign trail. columbus georgia, good morning. >> caller: i support him one 100%. donald trump and mike pence.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] >> host: jerry, clearwater florida. what does the president need protection from. >> caller: he needs protection from the news media. it's all a scam, like the woman said just before, it's a coup that's trying to take over our government. they took over when hillary clinton was trying to run, i believe she was, they were trying to start a war with russia and trump did whatever he could to stop that. >> good afternoon. i would like to thank president trump for inviting us to the white house today. we are grateful for his incredibly strong come


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