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tv   Newt Gingrich Discusses President Trumps Leadership Style  CSPAN  July 29, 2017 10:45am-11:45am EDT

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reading list via twitter@booktv or instagram@book-tv, or booktv on c-span2, television for serious readers. [applause] >> good morning, welcome to the national press club. i am washington correspondent of advanced media and passed president of the club. columnist george will once said of daniel patrick moynihan of new york, more books than most senators had read. former house speaker newt gingrich has written even more
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books than senator moynihan. speaker in greenwich is here to talk about his latest book "understanding trump". he will speak for 20 minutes and take questions from the audience. if you have not previously purchased the book do so now. benefit the national press club journalism institute. the nonprofit arm, journalism training, turn off or silence your cell phone. the headliners team responsible for organizing the event and please stand to be recognized. lisa matthews, larry russo, heather weaver, frank and tricia staff liaison lindy underwood.
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thank you all. [applause] >> i first met speaker in greenwich 40 years ago at a town hall meeting he was holding outside atlanta and asked if mario cuomo would play in his staff if he ran for president. cuomo never did run, but speaker gingrich did in 2012 and the republican presidential nomination, spent a week for you in florida while you were running. in the interim this professor of history began -- leading successful effort to end 40 years in the democratic control of the house in 1995. and in the sixth year of the term of a president of the opposition party. he never reached the white house and the candidate he supported did.
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showing hillary clinton ahead and nate silver's giving her embedded a 70% chance of being the first female president donald trump wound up as the nation's 45th chief executive. from his perch at the top trump advisor and someone still close to the white house speaker gingrich is in a unique position to discuss what makes a billionaire businessman with no previous political experience take. "understanding trump," donald trump is the first chief of state with no political experience, never ran for office before, right out of the business world. on the back cover it reads this is, quote, first book written about the world of donald trump by someone who is actually a part of it. newt gingrich, thank you for coming. since we both did in washington,
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usually establishment candidate who wins the republican nomination, george herbert walker bush, bob dole, george w. bush, john mccain and mitt romney over you in 2012. in 2016, donald trump emerged. what changed between 2012 when you were the insurgent in 2016 when donald trump played that role and won? >> first of all, in 64, goldwater won the nomination against the entire establishment and in 80, reagan won the nomination, those were the precursors to trump, the contract with america was in 94. i feel fortunate in that i worked with reagan as candidate and president while i was in congress, led the contract with america and the three have a continuity despite the traditional establishment. a couple things. trump is a lot better candidate than i.
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you have to start with that. a unique phenomenon, at one point he called and asked me on advice on debating and i laughed at him. i won't give you any advice, you have a unique style, you are stunningly effective and if you try to learn what i do you would get screwed up. just be who you are, do what you do. i think he is a better debater than i am. if you measure the audience rather than a princeton debate system like ted cruz. mitt romney had an enormous advantage. i beat romney in south carolina and they spent $15 billion beating me in florida and they knew it was life and death, and a new york times story about one of romney's advisers saying if you don't eviscerate gingrich he will be the nominee. that may be true. i didn't have the resource advantage.
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trump had enough resources at any time you couldn't knock him out but he did something i couldn't have done. one of the great acts of genius in american politics comparable to fdr inventing the fireside chat. no one in the city, this is why i wrote "understanding trump". what nobody understands is donald j trump had a primetime television show for 13 years. it was the top show in the country for four years. because it wasn't on pbs and didn't follow downton abbey nobody in the city understood that. nobody in this city said the day he announced, a guy who knows television that will is by definition formidable. what trump had learned, he writes about this in the art of the deal, pretty decisively, what trump had learned in new york in the 80s, any publicity that printed your name correctly
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built strength. he was happy. i think he should modify what he is doing in terms of the tweets, i told him 10% less trump would be 100% more effective. he figured out early on that if he could engage the media, the hunger of the 24 hour news system, power of facebook and twitter mend he could put the air out of the room and all these other guys running around raising money and buying tv ads to be on television am a trump would get up in the morning, he would tweet, that would set off his argument with morning joe, he would call morning joe who would always take his call and argue for 25 minutes, then he would call fox and friends and they would have a lovefest for 25 minutes, then he would have breakfast. he has already generated -- all
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morning the media is covering the argument trump is in the middle of, 10:00 in the morning he would do a press event to keep momentum up and 10:00 in the evening he would do an hour on hannity for free. in the course of a normal trump day he had $1 million free media. all of his competitors are off the air running around the country trying to raise money to get on the air, she her name id, there is only one paul in the entire campaign where trump is not ahead in the nomination. he was the front runner the day he announced except for one paul where doctor carson pulled ahead and yet nobody in the elite media could say, still resisting, nobody could say to themselves if he is the front runner, every single paul, could it be he is the front runner? everybody in the washington
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elite knew he could be the front runner, everything they believed would be crazy and since they couldn't be crazy he had to be crazy and if he was crazy he couldn't be the front runner even though he was the front runner. this went on. i am in a situation where i am watching so-called experts who have learned nothing. the stuff you get on tv today is as stupid and wrong as the people who laughed when he announced, the people who left in the primaries, people who laughed at the convention, people who laughed in the general election and it is a repudiation of their own life. their choice is i can believe in a fantasy that validates me or i can decide the world has changed dramatically and that invalidates me. i picked the fantasy. that is literally where we are right now. the dance continues the next three years, i think trump will figure out an angle to break out of all this in a way that will be historic. >> host: people have learned.
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>> guest: look at the whole russian fantasy. what happened election night was the democrats said hillary can't have lost. certainly donald trump can't have won so somebody cheated. vladimir putin cheated. this is all vladimir putin's fault. there must have been collusion. they must have colluded. the last six month everyone on the left has been walking around town chanting watch for the russian connection, look for the collusion. turns out even diane feinstein, the ranking immigrant on the intelligence committee says there is 0 evidence of collusion. the newest what is there with obstruction of justice over the collusion. so the fantasy that didn't occur is being replaced -- technically the president of the united states cannot obstruct justice. he is the chief executive of the united states. if he wants to fire the fbi director all he has to do is fire him and the other day someone said of john f. kennedy had fired j edgar hoover over
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investigating and wiretapping martin luther king jr. would people have thought it was obstruction? there is not really collusion. what is the latest leak, the washington post's record of running anonymous leaks has beaten the new york times. an enormous achievement and i give the post credit that in their energy and enthusiasm they have been more consistently wrong then the times which in the olympics of stupidity is an enormous challenge. the latest thing is mueller who will not get anything on russia and won't get anything on obstruction is now looking at finances. what you are seeing is this is why when i was the guy opposed renewing the independent counsel act. you bring in a bunch of high-priced lawyers who give up their regular career to look for a scalp, they will find somebody
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and the fitzgerald case where comey brought in the godfather to his children, fitzgerald, to a.a special counsel when they knew there was no crime. valerie has already been no longer a protected name at the cia and they knew who had done it, richard armitage had leaked. they still appointed an independent counsel who promptly decided his mission was to get dick cheney. the most grotesque example of a ms. character of justice and the danger of the power of the government. that is why i am worried about mueller, not that mueller is a bad person. he is the guy who served with great distinction in vietnam. i have no doubt he is a person who will do his best but he is surrounding himself with a collective group of people who will engage in a witchhunt and i encourage everybody to read arthur miller's the crucible which is about the witchcraft trials in the 17th century
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salem. that is the mentality of the left, engaged in the salem witchcraft process. we know somebody is evil, somebody is bad, who should we burn at the stake? maybe it is you whoever you are. i have two young ladies after i gave a speech earlier at cornell in the college of public and said to me for an entire week after the election if he smiles people yelled at you because it was inappropriate to smile when donald trump had won. >> a student at johnson high school, saw the whole thing. >> guest: that is the moods on the left right now. >> host: let me ask another question. you talk about the investigation of donald trump, you became speaker you faced an ethics investigation after you took office. i bring this up because during that time you never threatened
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jean cummings of the atlanta constitution who had broken so many stories, i was one of them. enemies of the people called or reporting information, regarding fake news. what is different today? why does the president react the way he does to the press? certainly different than the way you and everybody else has? >> guest: there are a couple differences. first of all, this is ancient history. when i got elected the cover of time and newsweek, both covers the week before the election, those angry white men. the left keep these things in a drawer, they pulled them back out to use them again. the week after i was elected i was on the cover of time magazine as scrooge. holding tiny tim's broken
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crutch. wasn't enough that i stole the crutch, i broke the crutch. the title of the time magazine cover was how mean will gingerich's america be to the poor. that was followed a week later by newsweek having me on the cover as a dr. seuss figure and the title was the grinch that stole christmas. this was my entry into press neutrality in the modern era. those covers didn't hurt me at all because they sent a signal that we were for welfare reform and that is really cool, glad for welfare reform. the cover disappeared. we get to one of the mistakes in my career. democrats filed 83 charges against me, 82 of the charges were dismissed. by the third charge i should have filed a charge against the people doing it because it was a deliberate political abuse of the ethics process and i should have moved to expel it. that was a mistake on my part. they knew they were phony, they
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knew they were absurd, they knew it was a constant repetition. somebody filed 82 charges against you, the one charge, also won against the federal election commission in federal court against the irs. when i talk about the deep state i have lived this. the one charge they got me on was the letter written by the law firm, clearly a mistake which i have not signed. that is the one thing they got. we turned over, this is why i warned the white house to be very careful. we turned over 1 million pages to an independent counsel who had been hired by the ethics committee. 1 million pages. then we sat down to be interviewed, he could pick
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anything out of the million pages and if i was wrong i could be guilty of forgery for obstruction of justice. you try to remember four years ago at 3:00 in the afternoon when you were in a meeting with 22 people did you say yes. this is very dangerous and i keep telling everybody at the white house this is not like new york real estate law. this is criminal law. you need to be very careful and listen to your lawyers. i say this as much to the president as anybody. this is not a game. >> host: i am not a history professor but a group that could speak to set up to recruit to elect republicans to the state. a lot of folks started off as people who were elected and
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turned out to be very successful. >> guest: we were not a big enough party to compete nationally. after 1985 we had to dramatically grow the system to be competitive. we were a midsized team in the super bowl. 40 years of being the minority, took me 16 years to create the majority, we tried every two years, we lost in 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92. 94 was a great year, you should have seen the earlier ones was we were trying every year. not like we magically woke up one thursday, trying every single year since the time i got elected in 78. >> the majority congress, bill clinton, democrat, working with you on welfare reform, working with you on spending cuts, and wanted to balance the budget.
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donald trump had an opportunity to do that as well for $1 trillion infrastructure program, democrats offered to work with him on fixing that, repealing the affordable care act and the president has not taken advantage of that forcing chuck schumer, the head of the senate democrats and the next person, head of the house democrats to sit down and negotiate, attacked and on his own way. an opportunity to reach out to them because it doesn't matter. >> in terms of the affordable care act it wouldn't matter. a single document of the obama years, any democrat who voted to repeal it by definition would be hit by a primary and probably defeated in the primary. not only that was plausible, i think on infrastructure, they have a real opportunity to work the democrats and they will get a substantial number of democratic votes. on the veterans administration reform, they are carrying large majorities of both parties in the house and senate on medical
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research to have been carrying large majorities so it is not inevitable that they be isolated. when schumer and nancy pelosi say we would like to work with you, what is the entrance fee? of the entrance fee is we don't want corporate tax rate at 20% you are not going to cooperate. we don't want something that brings back $2 trillion money from overseas. go through a list of these things, it depends, i believe they can gradually pick off individual democrats and the infrastructure bill is the best place to start that process. >> host: you are talking about how the left is out to get trump, john mccain said a scandal in the trump administration, lindsey graham has criticized the administration and other
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republicans, the washington post, former bush it ministration columnist are anti-trump. .. he talks at a fourth grade level he cannot be a serious man i am a history i talked to a different angle. it was a hostile takeover of the republican party. he beat both the media and hillary.
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he is a buffoon. he may have a style that is different than george wills style but he is not about food. he is a very serious man it is always worth trying to understand a president on their own terms. and the same thing about obama or clinton or jimmy carter. you have to say what is it that they do right and what is it that they don't understand with the we didn't. so the people that write national review and stuff like that their nose is out of joint because they are offended. there are so many ways in which trump is just so wrong. a reporter what they said when do you think he's going to start becoming presidential and i said actually he did on january 20. by definition with the president what he does is
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presidential. that was such a shocking idea to this person because they have a model a presidential that did not relate to how donald trump asked. >> opinion polls. he is at record lows since you do advise him what would you suggest what had should he do of up anything to bring up those numbers. not waste his time and energy fighting over junk the russian stuff. focus on communications about jobs. focus on infrastructure. about a better health and future. and focus on communicating about tax cuts to create more jobs. there are positive things that they are doing. they ought to spend a full week of the veterans administration. they have done some things both with the congress and the
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republican house and senate. they passed more reform legislation this year than ever in history. none of it will be covered by the elite media. they need to figure a strategy as reagan would have to focus on that. to talk about the great achievements and reform. they must be doing something right. that to understand what we are learning is the bases. his base is between 39 and 41. his base is 39 to 41. our question is can he add ten points he fully expects him to get reelected. i love saying that in front of the liberal audiences liberal audiences during trump's second term. the mind cannot adjust to that concept. please identify stuff.
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mister speaker the entire -- retired navy captain. my question is about the paris claimant agreement. a lot of mayors are seen we are going to adhere to it regardless of what the white house does. how do you think that is in a play out. i think being mayor nowadays is a symbolic behavior of the left. just as a side note how can ron emanuel and the mayor of chicago with 4,000 people shot last year he will a century city so they don't turn criminal aliens over to the federal government to deport. putting it back on the street is that a good idea.
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this is a same thing. they make great postures. we will enforce the paris accord what does that mean are they only going to buy electricity from solar power and wind power. it's all just a public relations nonsense. i urge everybody is concerned about this to actually read trumps speech. it is a brilliant economic speech. i was an event yesterday with a liberal democrat and he said what he has done has created a zone where china can now take the lead on the environment. china promised to start doing something and 2031. this means we are we're going to move them up by 14 years. i want to see them take the lead.
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of any country in the world. as a percentage is the united states. and we are moving now to the point where we are can have going to have the same level of a carbon loading. i would love for the chinese to try to do that. they can't possibly get to that. and this is all a problem of the modern left. it's an emotional symbolic system if you the speech it is a very detailed specific speech about economics and it says basically the indians have said if you give us a couple trillion dollars we will be glad to do something about the environment. why would we give india money. i'm going to attack someone in atlanta georgia to ship it to new delhi.
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>> over there. alan schaefer. you mentioned healthcare 3 trillion-dollar industry with the so-called affordable care act of cussing people tend to 15 or $20,000 per person on business and other families per year as is the path to better healthcare more moderate cost and of what we're paying now. >> this comes from a lot of experience in dealing with health issues including reforming medicare. i think health is the most complex thing in american society. i'm fairly knowledgeable about health and national security. it is always a mistake to
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write big bills. any big belt has unintended consequences it's always a mistake to write in secret i think the fact is you have to publish the bill people are going to study it. i also think we are trapped into a model where it has not yet penetrated. they're trying to write a bill that meets the rules and office scoring. both are stupid. it's an artifact of an earlier era. that you would reap design that. for the senate parliamentary -- approves it. it is a disaster. look at how often it is wrong. yet they per pretend that it is right.
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the cbo had come in with a really bad score in the time said the idea that you can project a 20 or 30 year pattern for that large of section of society is absurd. in any truly trump in world you would abolish the sea bl. you would say as a practical common sense matter where we want to get. we want to get everybody having access to care and most peers people having access to insurance. give 8,000 federal community health centers. there never figured into a health bill. why are they not a component of what were doing. instead we allowed the left to define success nobody gets. when we contort yourself to try to get to it.
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you can create a high risk pool and guarantee everybody coverage no matter what the precondition. there are ways to do that. they're not complicated. it's not that hard to do. second thing is what i would do to really reform medicaid is really simple. on this is what maine did recently made pastoral that if you are an able-bodied adult children you have to work in order to get medicaid. the 12,000 males who were on mate medicaid 11,000 went and got jobs. it's a radical idea for liberals. reduce the number of people who need to be medicaid they
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have a real job in a better future. if you apply that to new york and california you would be startled. and how the people you would move back in. let me ask one question over there and we will move to one side. i wanted to ask if you could talk about the concept of the intellectual idiot. understanding trump in the context of the elite media. talked about civil service. is it possible for him to get around that.
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who here has not read the book. i include the entire article in the book. here is an article entitled intellectual yet idiot. it is the most satisfied explanation about modern government that are read anywhere. at least 40% modern government is people who are really good at taking taxes and writing essays. they get into elite universities where they study under professors who are really good. taking tests and writing essays. they graduate and get a job as a supreme court clerk or new york times reporter.
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the problem is they don't know anything. they can write a brilliant essay on how to change a tire. that the culture blade. in the sense that is the ultimate delegation the best and brightest. it's a great study of leadership decisions in vietnam. early in the book lyndon johnson comes back from his first cabinet meeting and he goes to ccm. he says the quality of the cabinet goes down this list of brilliant people i'd be a lot more comfortable if there was one texas sheriff in the cabinet. what he meant was a texas
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sheriff knew that his deputy at four in the morning is probably asleep. in the real world people behave in real ways. it turned out not to work very well. we assume for example irrationality on the part of the north vietnamese. they were quite clear. it would've been horrendous. or you can accept defeat which we ultimately did. this is exactly where we are today. we've all these people and i was part of this candidly.
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there was an opportunity that we could profoundly rethink the middle east. the democracy in iraq and we went to stay a day longer than we had been in korea. we had been in korea for 67 years. there is currently no great get out of korea move. there is no underpinnings. just as starters. the better part of wisdom would be people that understand maybe being cautious is a good idea. it would be an example.
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there with the glasses. he is working his way to you. >> how much do you think that the media is responsible for the attacks against republicans. for small individual attacks are individual responsibility and i don't think you want to get into some collective group thing if you have an individual who is insane. we think you could almost use the same term to describe a comedian. these are personal psychological problems they are manifested by people who of cultural overview. i do think it's really
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ironic. all of the talk on the left about bullying. on college campuses who does the bullying it is the left. according to a harvard study. you can't be 93% negative if less it is deliberate. and nobody at cnn feels any shame about it. they will even with a straight face and tell you they are covering the news which of course is an absurdity. i think there is a group think it's very dangerous and difficult. you going to the right newsroom and say that. this is why i worry about the justice department. among other reports 97% of them they went to hillary. i need to ask you.
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what he think the cultural pattern as. by 97 to three. this is the society of the deep state. the term used to be for political appointees but they were the summer help. they will be gone presently just relax. they will bring it as fast as they can. the congressional correspondent. hillary told someone during a campaign event that she would never deport an immigrant child nor his family. i didn't believe her. it was campaign rhetoric how much of the campaign rhetoric translated into real policy
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when they become president. >> i think you are better off as a candidate to campaign for what you mean. you actually say what you mean and then you do it. i think in that sense it's not rhetoric. it ought to be about reality. that is how you build faith in the system. and that's what we became since 1920 and it was in part because we kept our word. were also the only group that has a balance to the federal budget in your lifetime. johnson did it once i think. my hundred million dollars. not that it was a gimmick. i think that let's take this as an example i was very happy
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this morning that the department of homeland security said that the neck in a deport any of the dreamers. on the other hand the courts have ruled so his secretary kelly said the court has ruled that the president did not have the authority to extend it from about 6,000 dreamers to about 6 million people. i thought that was a very almost solemn decision. i happen to think that they should not be deported. it is a little bit to be to say. good luck in guatemala.
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it does mean that you are potentially breaking up families. it is one of the sad parts of how you go through historic change. see. >> which kind. they all communicate symbolically. i think you ought to communicate what you intend to do. and you should actually intend to do it. it's not the norm in american politics. he knew it was a lie when he said it. it is unbelievable you can't amended how great the hotel is. he became a billionaire by selling. you don't sell your hotel by saint it's actually kind of mediocre. personally if you can avoid it go somewhere else. it brings with it the baggage that they overpromised that. i think this is helpful as a
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pattern. trump always wants to negotiate down not up. they will always set the initial term. we will build a wall and mexico will pay for it. i'm in the congress it was great. they can't build a concrete wall. the democrats that they were going to be very clever. they released at picture of the steel wall. you negotiate with trump you have to read the fine print. he has done more contracts than all of congress combined and he knows how to negotiate. >> good morning mister speaker. i work at the federal agencies. my question is more along the line of whistle blowers you
11:29 am
are like light years away from the bright house -- from the white house let me understand the framework upon which software engineers like myself would work with his administration given the animosity towards leakers the cyber security issue that is out here for -- floating around publicly. we're about three and 50 some really curious. i was in can ask a question but i just cannot help it's a great question. i would hope your organization might come forward and offer specific advice on how we should be dealing with cyber security issues you actually know something about the topic. that would be better than most of the guys at think tanks. they know about the topic but
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if your group said here is six things he ought to not be very helpful. you step in the right direction. i would hope that you try to implement the laws in the united states that you not worry about most of the noise. it affects a lot of federal employees. with debris think the current civil service rules. the people who love their job and want to come in early and work hard are really excited. they really get drawn down i talked to something that runs a small agency who is probably a liberal democrat and she said that her small agency she is one person for two years has come in and put his have on the desk and slept for the entire day. she is actually taking pictures of him sleeping.
11:31 am
and she is one person who has never is never coming in two years. and she cannot get the hr department to fire the two people that lowers the morale of everyone else in the department. it is a different zone i think. and in my advice as a beta law do your best to help serve america it is a great privilege to be able to serve the united states of america. i also understand that if you don't had people that care about the country and who work their hearts out in can work. i'm glad you're here day. and if you do, was six or eight serious common steps if you get them to me i will personally put them in the white house. what are one or more of the ways that the average american
11:32 am
person could spend their time resources and energy to effect the change that we are talking about and to help the administration. in speaking up with your friends and calling in to talk radio and writing letters to the editor. people actually read them. we live in an era where you can become your own communication system. and you can find other people to agree with you and you can create community. i encourage people to do that. i also think this is an era where if trump means anything it will be decentralization against washington. we want to find ways for everybody to go out and be creative and be positive and do things so that the ideas
11:33 am
may flow back up towards washington rather than flowing down from washington. right there. on that we will move across back to the other side. what are your thoughts on the election next week in georgia six. i think that it's probably even money in georgia. his over $23 million which for a single house braces kind of astonishing. that is all that is keeping him up now. i think he is actually decayed the early voting is up 60%.
11:34 am
on the guess the guess is this is truly a gas. the college students had gone home and getting them to vote. now seen the significant shift. we will be battered and we will be irritated and a little bit frightened. this will be the third loss in a row. they really had so much more at stake in georgia than we do. it's unbelievable. anybody that tells you they know for sure is very foolish.
11:35 am
it's pretty simple. two things. the democrats keep getting crazier. they use curse words. they have a relatively small base. because they were found nuts. reagan never threatened the left in the united states. trump is a mortal threat to the left. under thatcher they went crazy. they read for to them. as a loony left. -- left. the democrats keep drifting
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into this sanity. do they get their act together. they have done so much on veterans administration reform and had such a weak communication system. nobody realizes this is the best program for the house senate and president are the best pro veterans team you have. and they can't communicate any of it. they will make sure that every american here hears them despite all of the hostility. the left keeps going crazy we could actually have an election next year where we gain ground not lose ground. >> we have a question all the way on the way in the back. right there.
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go ahead. mister speaker you are a true intellectual giant. widely respected from the point of view that you have. but just to play devil's advocate -- advocate. they become like mccarthy who became known as demagogue and imploded and it took a few years but got there in to give it the framework the mueller investigation you don't think is really cannot find anything in terms of russian money that supported trump against the bankruptcy window u.s. banks were paying triple the funding. and the value for the properties and flint and manafort you don't think will be actually indicted in the senate that just voted 98-two for russian sanctions because of what happened in the election. i know it something that can
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be smiled at. there is a lot of seriousness. or do you just disagree that there is any evidence at all and that will go nowhere. thank you for the advertisement they will be able to answer their questions. i would actually love to head someone asking that. let me take your question. at two levels. i want to go way out at the limb. there is a remarkable book by diana west. called american betrayal. i recommend to everybody. there really were communist spots. mccarthyism is a great victory of the left. they have to smear mccarthy.
11:39 am
the underlining truth was there was at least 500 soviet spies in the united states. the people on the left today who will tell you that in fact he was a communist spy. we know because after that. we only know about 2:00 in the morning they have met with they have met with the highest civilian award and the soviet union for having such a brilliant age of influence. this is not theoretical. and they will passionately teach we also note that there were a lot of people who were communist. the reason reagan becomes so anti-communist is because he's the president of the screen actors guild.
11:40 am
i am a real stalinist. we're putting you in jail. they were thinking this guy is six-year. it becomes a very high -- hardline. and of course they disappeared 44 years later. the very framing of your question i thought was interesting. too i think we should look at russian influence. why did the bank pay bill clinton $500,000. why do they hire john podesta's brother. why did the people who wanted uranium give millions and millions of dollars to the foundation that does not release who donates to it. i'm very happy. let's had the republican incompetence.
11:41 am
i thing we should look at russian influence efforts but let's start with the clinton's. why is it that we are really worried about paul manafort. but were not really worried about these other people. what is the difference between john podesta's brother and paul manafort. why are we worried about a half million dollars to bill clinton which was paid i think at about the same point that hillary was making a decision about uranium. it can't matter because you see it's impossible for russia to be pro- clinton and therefore by republican congressman the other day. they had been talking about it how about if the president said to the president of russia as soon as the election
11:42 am
is over i will be able to do a lot of stuff i cannot do now. it is what he said. i am very happy to look at russian influence in the united states i just think they are to be bipartisan. they ought to be open. we ought to know the total amount of money is poured into the clinton's i think that would be terrific. frankly i would expand it. i would like to know how many countries like saudi arabia give money to universities to head professors who end up being a propagandist for the countries that are giving the money. i think this is a very important long-term question. i am very concerned about the ability for governments and i think it would be very helpful to have a deep fundamental look at how much foreign money now for the money now penetrates our culture at every level. >> on that we had run out of
11:43 am
time. i would like to think newt gingrich again for a. , can before you go there off to the holy see. and you will still be on american television. for coffee to give you that. that gives you the official national coffee mug. >> let me tell you something. i am honored and happy design and personalize any books that you want to get there today. [applause].
11:44 am
sunday night on afterwards. when social security reached its lowest point they came together and acted all of this wringing of hands about social security and being insolvent can be solved immediately by lifting the cap watch afterwards on sunday night at nine eastern book tv.


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