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tv   Summer Reading with Representative Steve Stivers  CSPAN  August 13, 2017 8:05pm-8:11pm EDT

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is new about this, i think the important part is having the categories. i am not against agenda or algorithmic agenda but directionality of what is called the blackbox society where we don't have the ability to talk back or make these categories social and think about how they affect us in the public. >> other questions. >> thank you all so much for coming. [applause] i am reading a few books. a book called the generals by thomas ricks was a professor at the war college. college. i imagincollege. i imagine her with the army national guard and i try to read one military dog and funds for a
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congressional book at the same time. the book has a premise about what's happened to personnel policy with the general officers since the time of world war ii with general marshall as the chief of staff through today where we used to fire general officers for incompetence. we really haven't done that in the last 15 or 20 years since vietnam even further back and so it talks about what that means for the military learning its lessons when you are replacing people at the top quickly based on their performance of the organization learns faster and it's what we need to d do not justify airing officers but to continue to learn and grow as a military organization because they need tweneed to fight and e country's war.
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so that' that's a military bookm reading. i'm reading a book at home, it's a pretty popular book by jd fans who's moved into my district recently and it describes the plight of many of the people in my district in rural ohio on a suburban anthesuburban and rurae going through, but it also helps us build empathy and ideas of how we can help serve peopl coue and especially the forgotten man that's out there that needs help and needs a leg up. so i'm reading that and i think it's appropriate for many parts of the midwest and south and there are many families going through a lot of things and it helps us understand what's going on out there. i'm also reading a book called destined for war is on my nightstand that talks about the american chinese relationship and how we can choose a path
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other than war, and hopefully we will. and that's the coming clash over the next 20 years is a clash between the united states and china as china rises and the united states being the only superpower in the world right now the clash that has happened historically and how we can avoid that kind of clash. so i'm reading that to try to bury my books on a lot of topics because we are expected to know and do a lot of things. i also frequently refer to the federalist papers. i have a copy i look at pretty much every day because it is important to keep in mind and the ideatheideas and the checksd balances that are set up. the system is very elegant but it also is set up for a reason and i try to think about that as we make choices here to make sure in the future we have the
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right path for the future of the country and prosperity. >> booktv wants to know what you're reading. send us your summer reading list or instead ran book_tv or the this page, tv on c-span2, television for serious readers. >> booktv takes hundreds of author programs throughout the country all year long. here's a look at some of the events we will be covering this week. tuesday we are at the commonwealth club of california in san francisco. stephen's talk on how genetically engineered food is made and regulated by the fda.
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robert o'neill the former navy seal credited with the killing of osama bin laden talks about his military career and to some osome ofthe 400 missions he pard in. this program contains language that some may find offensive. >> it is my pleasure to welcome you here today. to begin our program this evening please stand and welcome the high school j. rtc honor guard for the presentation of the lo


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