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tv   Inventors Rally  CSPAN  August 18, 2017 3:48pm-4:05pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> next, some patent holding inventors talk about their displeasure with the u.s. patent and trademark offices patent trial and appeals board. they say the pta b is weakening the u.s. patent law. to protest they hosted a rally last week in washington.
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>> [inaudible conversations] >> is everybody ready? thanks a lot for coming everybody. i'm working with u.s. inventor paul, josh, the inventor of a bunch of balloons. today patterns are completely worthless. they had been rendered worthless by eight years of the obama administration, and pleasingly republicans who play along with the president at the time. i can tell you that i worked with the inventor of online auctioning, ebay you my rumor that. i've been involved with inventors for a long, long time. there's one invention i think about particular day like today, and inventor who keeps doing a lot of interesting things.
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this inventor was asked to go to a hotel in manhattan to go through the personal effects of nicole tasso the probably know one of the most famous inventors in the world. tesla died in the new yorker hotel in this vid went through all of his papers, and one thing in particular he kept in the hotel safe as collateral against his growing hotel bill, it was a box inside a brown paper wrapping. the fbi asked him to open it and while he was looking at it they get behind marble pillars in the hotel lobby. he looked for tripwires. he put a knife under the paper to cut it open. and inside was an invention by nikola tesla. it was in a super weapon like the fbi thought. that invention, his name was john trump. the uncle of the president of
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united states. john trump is someone the president talked about quite often. he's told me stories about john trump on before he ran for president. the trump family is very proud of uncle john. today, uncle john would be called a trump in this building by many other people especially in political appointees -- trump. unfortunately it looks like the company ministrations going to continue the same patent hating policies that have been pursued by the obama administration. the inventors are today behind me who attended the examiner award ceremony earlier hope the present will hear their pleas. it's time for us to make patterns great again. patterns are at the core of what makes america great. it's what made john trump great tickets what's going to help us grow this economy, and i believe that it starts here to give you
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one of the patent owners and inventors behind me has had terrible experiences with ptab process which basically invalidates 90% of the patterns that you look at in one way, shape, or form. the ptab is an inspiration of the obama administration but also involve some republicans who i think are quislings as part of their, to pass it through congress. those people who helped pass that the congress are now taking on political appointment in the trump administration. none of them by the way supported donald trump for president. so from my perspective this is got it in and is got to soon. i can promise you this. that when president trump hears about this, he will not be happy. thank you very much. [applause] >> on president of u.s.
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inventor. we represent around 13,000 inventors across the country. we don't just represent the people here. there are a lot of people who wish they could be here to further their patents, also. this is a much larger issue than just us as individually. just a very short time ago 80% of venture capital was in the united states. now nearly 50% is is in china. china in 2015 had over 1 trillion patents filed. we only had 500,000. china's patent system is superior to our patent system. they grant injunctions. we take for you to get to court. the cost is 5000. compare that, $70 million and has even got the court yet. it's been a couple years. it will be seven or eight years before he gets anywhere, do another 17 million or more. patterns are unenforceable in the united states.
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patents are john in the united states. that's what i'm burning my patent. >> i believe in the patent system. i still do. all of us do. folks in this building are working hard. there's 9000 of them here and across the country working on this product. this is a property right, contrary to the new theory promoted by the political management of the patent office and the fighting at the sprinkler. it's always been a property right. this is what guarantees, in the constitution secures to inventors the exclusive rights their discoveries. i've had several inventions. i've received patterns from the patent office with a i thought that was the deal. i should buy invention. i published it. i follow the law. i paid the fees to cover received this in return, but this, this is a pretty piece of paper. you stick on the the wall but
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it's worthless to enforce that right. benevolent entity of inventors is the ptab, the patent trial and appeal board. in spite of numerous examiners looking at my patterns, look at romans ten patterns the received 125 petitions and six examiners looking at it, mine had three examiners, three supervisors, attacked on the center director all signed off. the district court signed off on my patent. the court of appeals for the circuit signed off the validity of my pet. three judges over there took it back and now it's worthless. the infringer got off scott free. copy of my invention. that's why burning my patent today.
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>> use of -- years of work, hundreds of thousands of dollars. [background sounds] >> it's slowly lighting.
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[inaudible conversations] >> it's burning. >> you know, we take so we things are granted in this great nation of ours, right? one of the things we've taken for granted is this patent system. it was set up so well originally to protect the rights of the independent inventor and that is why americans had so much innovation and as out innovated the world. what we're seeing now is a total destruction of that. it's a crime and is something that people need to be aware of. because it's going to have a tremendous negative impact on this country and less it stops. >> our founding fathers would be proud of us today. they came to this country fighting for the right to have the ability to prosper off their own ideas.
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not ideas being taken away from a stale, the center rights, one of the very first we ever had. we american inventors did have those rights preserved if the state is going to exist as a asa powerful leading nation in innovation, otherwise we won't. >> these things are becoming liabilities. >> we can do anything with them. >> we represent inventors coast-to-coast. i asked happen to run an organization in san diego, one of the largest club for inventors in this country there every year we would have a contest at the end of our year, is a contest limitation which would have to a patent pending were provisional. every year with a three to four dozen entries and we would whittle it down to ten.
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this year we have less than ten entries. what has changed with the patent laws have changed and the awareness that the patent laws are devastating as is what's changed. so now is a time to make this day and make it known that patents matter. when you get these laws back to where they were. thank you. >> my name is alan beckley. i'm inventor and today i'm burning my band along with my colleagues before the ptab burns up for all of us which we've already seen happening. we need to sport patent rights in the united states. they have been strong in the past. they need to again be strong in the future. and to legislatures and public knowledge, we can address, and then common fix the are destroying patents in front of a three-judge panel. it's called the ptab. >> this isn't about laws or legal matters for me. this is about my family.
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my family sacrifice for me to invent, to get my patent. and the fact that i can do anything about it, the fact that there's no way for me to defend it to get the money that i am owed for it, it doesn't make any sense. why had a patent in the first place? that's why this patent is being burned. i'm not a corporation. i'm not a troll. my patent says anthony brown, that's it. there's nobody else. the fact that i can't do anything with it makes it feel like i wasted my time and that's not right. my entire family is here. they all sacrifice. my kids, my wife for you. a watch me pursue my dream to make life easy for them in the next generation, and that's going up in smoke. laws need to change. >> does anybody else want to give a shout out?
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>> this is it. >> talk about the american dream. >> collateral damage. >> just getting crushed, getting crushed. >> and inventions create jobs. it should be a big message for this town but we don't want to just pay attorney. we want to be able to create, and that and make things of value, and then have those rights afforded as property which they justly are instead of invalidated by a three-judge panel for which there is no appeals that i'm aware of once we have been validated patent, you are done. [background sounds]
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>> you can help us. you can help us by talking to your legislator and asking them bring this aware to their attention and asking them what's being done about it. >> patent values are trash. they are no similar i think they're taken about a 60% drop in value. there are $5 trillion of patent patent assets on the books of publicly traded companies, and according to sarbanes-oxley, they need to write those patent assets down. they may have to write down a a couple trillion dollars a patent assets. the bigger write down than the financial collapse caused by the mortgage write-down. this is an economic effect far greater than just a few inventors. >> there are no celebrities
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here, but if this were about copyright, it would be celebrities here. they get seven years after their death to protect their intellectual property patent owners like you to get 20 and obvious today we're finding that can be as little as zero. you have a simple story where a man's invention was copied. it's quite obvious. why when the copyright laws apply to something like him? he has to go to an arcane patent system has become more complicated as a result of this ptab think it needs to be changed. >> [inaudible conversations] >> tonight on c-span2 booktv
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in primetime looks at presidential history. >> now to a discussion on ways to combat oil production related corruption. panelists discuss countries that have dealt with corruption within the oil industry and how the u.s. can help. the carnegie endowment for international peace posted this event. [inaudible conversations] >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you ve m


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