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tv   Secretary Mattis Were Never Out of Diplomatic Solutions on North Korea  CSPAN  August 30, 2017 6:46pm-7:01pm EDT

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booktv on c-span2, television for serious readers. earlier today defense secretary james mattis welcomed south korean defense minister song young-moo to the pentagon for bilateral discussions on how to respond to the nuclear threat posed by north korea. this is about 15 minutes.
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♪ >> welcome, minister, investor, good to see you again, your excellency, members of the delegation. welcome to the pentagon. you are most welcome here. thank you for traveling to washington so soon after you are assigned to this post. it's good to meet you in person after we had already spoken earlier this month. [speaking in native tongue]
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translator. >> it's a great deal that you would come so soon. [speaking in native tongue] the republic of korea, united states alliance has played an enduring role in regaining and retaining south korea security since 1950. [speaking in native tongue]
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as president remarked earlier this week our alliance serves as the foundation of peace on the korean peninsula. [speaking in native tongue] hour we share a commitment to democratic values and we work together to maintain a stable environment with all the specifics so that we may prosper. [speaking in native tongue] for 64 years our country defense treaty has provided a rocksolid basis for collaboration on defense measures. measures designed to keep the peace and to protect the south korean people and to uphold vital american values. [speaking in native tongue]
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as we have seen the threat to security in the northwest pacific has become more severe and our nation's defense relationship becomes relation more important than ever and remains the bedrock for international efforts to temper north korea's aggressive actions. [speaking in native tongue] the recent united nations security council sanctions and the communiqué demonstrates the international community is resolved against north korea
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actions. [speaking in native tongue] last evenings united nations security council actions showed the world is united in diplomatic efforts to stop north korea as a reckless, intolerable behaviors. [speaking in native tongue] here in washington we are keenly aware that south korea is on the front line and we are not complacent. [speaking in native tongue] >> we know with confidence that
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you have pledged to increase defense spending under present moon. [speaking in native tongue] >> in the interest of keeping our alliance fit for the times we must keep them military relationship on the high level of trust exist in the two nations. [speaking in native tongue] >> as you say in. [speaking in native tongue] for we go forward together. [speaking in native tongue] minister, i look for it today to the usual transparent dialogue on how we will work together in what you call for an honest and candid conversation.
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[speaking in native tongue] >> again, minister, excellency, and members of the delegation, welcome to the pentagon. [speaking in native tongue] translator in the interest of saving time, i will keep my remarks brief. [speaking in native tongue] >> i want to extend my gratitu gratitude. [speaking in native tongue] translator: because the general
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and yourself i feel a come lottery towards you as a naval officer. [speaking in native tongue] translator: i would also like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest condolences for these people who are sacrificing in the hurricane harvey as well as those service members who are sacrificed in us became. [speaking in native tongue] translator: currently the world is paying close attention to the
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alliance because of the nuclear and ballistic missile threats. [speaking in native tongue] translator: i have no doubt in my mind that these issues will be resolved with the strength of the alliance as we have done in the past. [speaking in native tongue] translator: secretary pettis has noted as the alliance relationship that korea in the united states share has been a
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key factor in terms of geoeconomics, geopolitics in history and militarily and beyond. this is an alliance that is exemplary and above all the other alliances in the world. [speaking in native tongue] translator: i have a humble dream to add another stone on top of this great alliance to add to this brick and mortar. [speaking in native tongue] translator: starting now i will engage in an honest conversation with you in this dialogue and as a military man and as a navy
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marine gentleman i hope that today's conversation. thank you very much. >> welcome to all of you. [speaking in native tongue] translator: the president this morning tweeted this morning that no one what additional us military support might the country need to increase pressure on north korea? >> we are never out of diplomatic solutions. we continue to work together and the minister and i have shared responsibility to provide for the protection of our nation,
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our populations and our interest with what we are here to discuss today. we look for all the areas where we can collaborate. it's already a strong collaboration but we look for more because we're never complacent. [speaking in native tongue]


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