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tv   Panelists Discuss the Future of the Republican Party  CSPAN  September 6, 2017 1:04am-2:12am EDT

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. >> thanks for joining as here at the center for democracy. the japanese-american national museum and also c-span.
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we are nonprofit organization to present these events of those the central questions and abroad nattered democratic spirit. to present 548 defense featuring 2,184 speakers and seven states and six countries. [applause] things for joining us today. and as always everybody is will go. with gargle full digital conversation creating that welcome the intellectual space wednesday a culture
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and a system and to learn from one another. and everything redo we are dedicated to expand the dialogue. so tonight's conversation with that question in answer session that everybody is invited to grab a beer or wine and continue the conversation. so please check us out of mind or on facebook or twitter. if you haven't already silence your cellphone. valid is my great pleasure to introduce our moderator. christina is the assisted
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editor at the "l.a. times" and the political editor and covered the white house and congress and the virginia state house and three political campaigns also to though washington -- washington press club foundation and. >> en to our panel as well. by gabriel have a lot of fun talking about the important conversation in politics a and what's next that so many
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people are in engaged in? so now i will start with the publisher at the encyclopedia of american and politics with every day citizens with accurate and objective the information on politics and cause. [applause] to see the of the l.a. times of political consultant serving as the political director who was well known in the state. [applause] the public affairs strategist for california women's lead also to arnold schwarzenegger the political director from the california
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chamber of commerce. [applause] and we will be taking questions after. started with the promise of this conversation. is the future of the republican party dead?. >> with that notion with there was the nail in the coffin in california the numbers are low the number setter on the of bias so at that state level there is a position to mount a successful campaign
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certainly any statewide some of what comes from washington will take quite a few things. but my friend's comments and reactions that will take a lot of cash in the little bit of luck, but working along the campaign for the senate to end up like to say that they have the republican primaries so those that were non the of ballot 22 or 23% to be ahead of sanchez but 2016 was 2016
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so he did that with great misoji going to women's groups but a lot of things would have to happen to have a candidate viable state wide and then there is a chance. >> otherwise i would be making things up because it's not really happening. but the republican party is enjoying an extraordinary amount double electoral success right now. and with the state's senators control the republican party.
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and achieving the the republican party is struggling and a lot of areas that is the most trouble except for the other ones. [laughter] >> irene roberts november 5 -- 56 -- fifth or sixth how can the republicans party possibly, back? and it turned out to be dramatically different and then was as surprised as anybody in this room.
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so to be there is accurate. there was a time when both parties are dealing with very serious cleavages said they aren't just olivier. and then that is across the spectrum. so the fact the way that that stands today in its entire history the republican party have never been stronger and california is one of those places. they did enough to break right so this has to do with
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that natural sorting. and part of the gamesmanship. so we'd -- need to be mindful. not to see a collapse but the transformation of the two-party system. we did their changing extraordinarily fast, and to be stuck in this two-party system that creates pd and fear and vigor of poolsides for:to have a very resilient society or democracy.
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and then to win the presidency. ed then to say we're trying to do something. battle that as we are talking to the senate majority leader. so is he the representative of the republican party? so for someone who spent 25 years it looks nothing like that conservative party that i join.
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budding bracingly it is different so the president donald trump was elected. and then running against paul ryan. and did the glove box so when he says day he means it. so that the moneys of a wide segment of the republican party i am a republican is important to say i am a
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republican there are some democrats that fewer and fewer people that will identify that is increasingly a society said donald trump is the living embodiment. >> so there are roughly 3,000 in the country. and those of voted for rock obama -- barack obama in 2016. and i believe that he saw that was a possibility.
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and that is to donald trump is representing. and those people. who did they hate even more than doubled from? i do not think that dynamics has been lost. the leader of the democratic party lit that gubernatorial elections to get those voters back. but that dynamic to favor that republican candidate.
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>> so to keep it honest california if you are ahead of the curve with the non party preference voters because some of those people >> there is no question. the way that manifest itself. if you don't have a message then these are voters who don't like republicans that they are not motivated by a the party they said they really don't like republicans. >> the other one to ask about is bondholder approval
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or disapproval rating. force 67% nationally. so the other problem to your point that that presidency turns off a block of voters for what party they should belong to. i switched parties in my early 20s and i stayed. >> when harry -- howard dean was the head of the democratic national party he would save you to get them
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to vote for the same party three elections you could have them for life a lot of those voters got so disgusted with politics slow to touch on this that anti-establishment change election after a change election. the other parties are swept out of power very quickly so could there be another one? or our people a genuine the unhappy with their national government?. >> little thing that they are not unhappy they just don't believe it anymore.
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i do like the language of tsa bay gating it is evil big water were big oil or anything in there is a reason for that. people say we don't trust our institutions to manifest itself on the left but on the right it is angry tweets it is just tinker and of frustration and day lost of frustration the economy seeing issues like crime and homelessness and poverty rising to the top.
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the homelessness tax. in los angeles county. they say we don't know what to do any more so throw some money added to try and take care of the problem. so when you lose confidence did your constitution and then to rail against them. >> because institutions are not delivering. >> given we had a conversation in talking about our kids. >> at that time the my
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family of many families. so now every family in america and the nose those that are struggling and that was not the case. they are seeing that in their neighborhood in their church. >> with they say their government is now working for them. or is their frustration new york?. >> and then you see that budget those that sell that in november there not be
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seen there go on a little life. >> so i will add up points to that. >> democrats work the same as republicans. in an overwhelmingly it was like they drove that. but some people see that this function between the two parties. and then with those exact same things. everyone is smart enough.
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if they believe that it is not capable or they work together. >> and though millenials. and with a 25 year-old and look at their life hall is always a way seeded have a nicer evening. and there are ways to make your life better. so with our generation and they have some reason not to believe that.
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en then with that social conservatives. and that they seem to have less and less pull politically with the rubber cup -- republican presidential primaries. but we have not even mentioned social issues it is the quality your poverty. and knowledge get abortion and gay marriage the same way. that you did 12 years ago. the data is real life issues.
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but that is what they should be addressing. and then to pass that tax overwhelmingly to resolve the issue of this area. not just the economy but the fallout from 2009, this is not moving out of the home. it is real-life stuff isn't what the economy has led to. in talking about. >> so that observation the
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republican primary so that fascinating thing of that primary is everyone of those candidates represents a conservative coalition. with rick santorum with a social conservative and jeb bush was the establishment so the democratic savior of the republican party. with that legitimate constituency. but they begin may ways that you already see that wind up
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with those candidates underlining a. and then to the lawn display and legitimately will be speaking to a different segment of the center-left and that really does speak to society. we're seeing that two-party system, part. to a unit it is a process. mib different with armageddon but that is the reason to dramatically change the way representative government looks like item number it is a european system or to
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establish that center but it will be very different than what we have experienced. >> i agree with that with the national spotlight and that will be significantly determined. so how will those elections be run?. >> that there is very little turnout at the same time we
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were demanding change. >> my congressman is just fine even if they cannot name him. [laughter] >> i know they say that anymore. they did that in the 1990's but what is happening now where people are so segregating it is a geographic phenomenon. is the date negative bears that out people are so selecting the communities they want to live in the city has gotten to the point isn't that they're all bad except for mining the negative as unhappy as they may be with the current
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administration and then say no no-no. there are very few split ticket voters anymore. but then you have to focus of the turnout. the best motivators arthur fear and anger watching fox news or msnbc it is don't food for your brain into the fare fall as a key and. that is the turnout mechanism for:. >> we will talk now that i will talk about the proposition in california a
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good number of these are in orange county backing a president in over 40 years. so big change with most republicans it'd many cases they're out reentrant in the district so was this a fluke? they did not feel like that was there republican party. so is there an opportunity in those numbers for democrats?. >> so just before then they invested heavily in registering democrats.
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in with the second vote of 1600 in them prior to coming out at a minimum those are the only to. there are candidates who are strong. they have been around the block a few times. they have a lot of things going for them. and a lot of that was already talked about the southern canada is have that
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much going for them. >> with congressman beryl fisa -- congressman fisa and then from palmdale alien plant castor. >> so the idea that it would be brutal for them if he is of the white house is probably not the best way. >> i will be a data entered we have a term called the underwrote but then they stop voting down ticket because they don't know and
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that phenomenon is called the underwrote. if people were not voting for republicans but voting down the ticket so bin that republican base is secure. to say hillary won the district, and though it says the exact opposite of my opinion. in 2015 the first presidential year since 2000 were no republican members of congress in california lost their seats. kennedy did worse since fdr. and the republican base is very, very secure.
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they are showing up and voting because of the fear of the alternative. to understand that turnout could be lower most of those republicans are in pretty good shape. but the to better than most concerned that were not even on the radar prior and this is important. those that have the highest love all of college educated in come were republicans. so be mindful of another major change the republican party is the rich old white people party now that is the democratic party.
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the about backed republican party is for working-class people. but it is holding in that is what i thank you need to watch. >> i think it is just the opposite were i left which was ground zero. >> id than the republicans side with the military background and then with central casting for their professional candidate i tend to think this is the strongest.
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>> the longest to and dole john california alluding to those democrats that are running. you'll have the ballad of a member of congress and then potentially but none of them are for unusually stable to the incumbent. so they will all appear on the ballot the doggo which candidate will diverge as a strong one. that is interesting that
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these incumbents have anything to worry about. and it goes back to my comment of these congressional seats. >> and then to go back and we will ask questions. >> as we frame that so that permanently 80 these social under workers' and that they would join the republican party for these economic reasons? [laughter] in that is the problem.
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and i share this with the group with four adult sons now we have two republicans states --- seven said one democrat so i did my job. all four of them are turned off by the rhetoric. that goes to any number of things. and that will be a challenge. >> 90 cynical but to cause the death for both of them because both parties have the experience of the
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high-level people. >> that is one way to insert the question. but with hillary clinton made her basket of the portables remark it was instantly regarded in the group raised race that we refer to as the albright but the point is what is known to voters from november 2015 and donald trump was still elected. i don't think the party will die because of that. >> in of base to be so solid ?.
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>> it'll think it is helpful . i hear we are saying as an accurate perspective but the demographic this is the first and that is said to that is leaving america of the majority white european descent and that will be disruptive. we are beginning to see the first signs of life but as the aggrieved racial minority to vote tribally a large part but to verbalize that sentiment that my life is not good my opportunities
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are not good and i believe systemic publicly the system is working against me. so that is a warning to all of us to look to each other as people and address their problems because if we do not that is what i am seeing in it will continue for a generation. >> then we have and then we live in communities that agree with us. >> so then to explain that
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system of government to the party what is the republican party stand for?. >> the answer is not from the democratic party. civic may not be that comfortable that is the driving motivator behind a large swath for the majority of the voters at a showing up. if you don't believe that in those that try to prevent them from taking control. in you rather have the dodgers beat them all costs. and that tells you how deep
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it is. to a heating pad is part of it and you're sadly mistaken. it will continue to do so. so part of electing a man who is not even a democrat. won gives no credence to the democratic party. so it is not a republican thing. that is my message. both are not going right or left. the politics are no wonder all right or the left. in for this devastated of society and those that do not. >> family get that distribution.
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>> what we are about to a transition to questions. >> we have a proposal from the democratic governor because of the republican is helping. passed by a big majority with the capital and trade program with that climate change initiative things to a handful of other republicans some people are holding him up as a champion of bipartisanship. in how is that different? and with how was that well
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for so this could be 20 minutes just of what that led to. first rollout was the right thing for him to do. so that is a marketable statewide race. not only getting a little support but that is the sweet spot. but was probably the right thing to do but the other side thought it was completely irresponsible to have his members put up before the democrats did and
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they did not go for higher taxes with the two national republican committees in not only asking for the resignation but to resign the seat to put that into an uproar so that picture that is on top as the republican leader of those two new democratic leaders in this is why we should be angry. so our party has decided he could only be a conservative republican.
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