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tv   Senate Democrats Brief Reporters After Party Luncheon  CSPAN  September 6, 2017 3:11pm-3:28pm EDT

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discussion about all the issues that we're talking about today. and also as centered within pointed out, the importance of achieving something for the american people on tax reform and tax reduction for middle income taxpayers. thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> okay. i'm proud you to be with my colleagues in our leadership team, senator durbin, senator murray, senator stabenow. now, earlier today we had a very productive meeting with president trump, leader mcconnell, speaker ryan.
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in that meeting we agreed to pass a four harvey, a continuing resolution, and an increase in the debt ceiling, both of those until december 15th. this is a really positive step forward. it will work to quickly provide aid to those hurt by harvey. it will avoid default and it will fund the government to avoiding a shutdown here and we all agreed we would work together in december as well to avoid a default. so it was a really good moment of some bipartisanship, and getting things done, no one stand in the corner. we democrats, you know, some people say don't help at all, particularly on debt ceiling, but we thought for the good of the country we should make the right offer, and we did and we are very glad the president accepted it. it's for the good of the country. now we have a lot more to get
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done, and we hope we can work in the same bipartisan way on the issues that remain before us that we did at the meeting this morning. we democrats are absolutely committed to protecting the dreamers. and again, we reiterated our desire that republican leaders put the dream act on the floor immediately. if the house and senate republican leaders put the dream act on the floor, it would pass and it was passed by a significant margin, is our belief. so let's do it. dick durbin has been such a leader on this will talk about it in a minute. we also must provide further stability to our healthcare system which will help keep costs down for millions and millions of americans. patty murray is working very closely with low morality on that issue, and you will hear from her on that. and we need to come up with
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long-term government funding deals that keep us safe and fund programs that will help to build the middle class. today was a good day in a generally very partisan town. let's hope we can continue to work together for the good of americans, for the good of the working families who so much need our help. that will be our goal as a caucus. senator durbin. >> thanks, chuck. yesterday was a day we won't soon forget. the announcement by the trump administration about daca shook people across the united states, 780,000 daca recipients. they heard from president trump that he loved dreamers and the announced yesterday a change in policy, which will lead to the deportation of the dreamers. well, you can imagine the anxiety and the emotion that was
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felt by these young people and by the families across america. but the good news is in 24 hours things are changing for the better. we are seeing a resolve, not just by the dreamers, but also by members of congress in both political parties to solve this problem and to do it now in a bipartisan way. i want to thank lindsey graham who is my cosponsor of the dream act, and the other through the falcon centers lajoie. we did and more to it the number 60 -- republican senators. i want to thank chuck schumer and nancy pelosi for making clear with president trump today at the dream act and the passage of it, a clean dream act is a high. >> we need to get done. we believe the re-opportunities ahead of us in the remaining 90 days, a number of bills need to come to the floor and the past that are must pass bills. that's an important part of what we are doing to make sure that what we do in the senate must be considered in the house we want this done and done effectively and sent to the president's
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desk. so we are in a stronger position now. of course we were shaken by the news yesterday, but i believe as 76% 6% of the american people believe that we are talking about matter of justice. justice for young people who were brought to this country as infants, toddlers, young boys and girls who had no say in the decision their family who lived here all their lives, who believe that america is her home and want to make their home for the rest of their lives. patient people deserve a chance across this country to make america better. we're going to get this done. i feel better about our chances that that have an along time if the bad news this week-ish as a catalyst and an incentive for us to move forward together on a bipartisan basis and pass the dream act. >> senator murray. >> well, thank you. this announcement of agreement is really good news. there is no reason for congress to careen towards another artificial crisis, and i'm really glad democrats and republicans came together to avoid that.
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positive step and you know doesn'itdoesn't have to be the e here we take working together. this morning to send help committee did something that is unfortunately unusual. we held the first in a series of bipartisan hearings about how to strengthen healthcare markets and lower cost for our families. this is a welcome shift away from the divisiveness we saw during the trumpcare debate. it is also a necessary one because if we do not act soon, the uncertainty that president trump has created by threatening to sabotage the healthcare markets will lead to higher premiums and fewer coverage options for people across the country. the high cost of healthcare is a challenge. we heard about again and again as we debated trumpcare over the last several months. so i am very hopeful that democrats and republicans can come together, focus on common ground and find some way to prevent patients and families
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from paying the price for president trump's recklessness. because the truth is there's actually a lot we agree on. if we stay focused on what's doing best for our patients, lower cost and stabilizing markets, rather than partisan politics. democrats and republicans have now both proposed multi-year solutions to ensure payments for out-of-pocket cost reduction continued. members of our committee on both sides of the aisle expressed interest today in reinsurance programs to up cover the cost of enrolling the sickest patients, and shoring up markets. registered democrats and republicans advanced an appropriations bill that fully funds efforts to get more people covered through patient outreach and assistance, as we head into open enrollment this fall. even if president trump announced plans to slash investments in doing so.
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those steps, multi-your certainty and out-of-pocket cost reduction, shoring up markets with reinsurance, and helping more people get covered will do a lot in the near term to bring premiums down for patients and families. they are steps that have bipartisan support, and they are the kinds of priorities the democrats and republicans should and need to advance as quickly as possible. now, congress just spent much of legislation that would take in our healthcare system backwards by guiding protection for patients with pre-existing conditions, raising healthcare costs and kicking tens of millions off of coverage. as patients and families make clear, that is the wrong direction for our country. so while democrats are as open as ever to ideas that don't undermined affordability or coverage or quality of care including ideas like a public option and of the long-term solutions, we expect republicans to take families opinions too
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hard when it comes to the trumpcare bill the senate just set aside. if they do, we have a real and a rare opportunity to work together now to make healthcare more affordable for families over the next few weeks, and am very hopeful that we can make that happen. >> thank you, senator murray for the good work you ar done on ths issue. senator stabenow. >> thank you, senator schumer. first i want to thank senator schumer for his leadership and just indicate to all of you that we've never been more unified as a caucus in wanting to work together to get things done, but in the strong belief that with all the issues in front of us, it boils down to whether or not we will have an america where people feel confident that somebody has got their back, whether it's hurricanes or the fires are what's happened to the dreamers who believe in our country and what they were told and step forward, gave information on the frontlines of serving our country in the
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military, work, school, all of that, they need to know that our country keeps its promises and that we have their back. same thing on healthcare for families. we would look at what is done,, that needs to be done this fall in addition to the great work that senator murray of h.e.l.p. committee are doing we know in the finance committee we have right now 9 million children who are counting on us and the families to get the children healthcare bill reauthorized which runs at september 30. september 30. that's over 100,000 children in michigan that are currently getting healthcare. 97% of the children in michigan currently can see a doctor because of what we did on health reform, or what was done on the children health insurance program. and that's got to get done as well. so families and kids know that our country has their back when it comes to needs to see a doctor and be treated for illnesses.
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and the other thing that's big in front of us that we all are very committed to working on together is tax reform, again, if it's something that benefits everyone. we're not talking about the 1% who have gotten the bulk of what has happened in terms of economic growth and money in their pocket in the last decades. we're talking about middle-class families, small businesses that are the ones creating the majority of new jobs in our country, and making sure that workers know we're going to close those loopholes taking jobs overseas and we really do have american jobs, making things and growing things for the future of the country. this really is about whether or not our country is going to step up, congress will step up and work together and let people know we've got their back. and i'm proud to be part of our caucus that believes that and is going to fight for that. >> thank you, senator stabenow. questions? [inaudible]
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>> no. i mean, first the nation can breathe a sigh of relief. we've avoided default. we've avoided government shutdown. both of which would've caused damage far into the future. second, the dreamers for us is, it's an issue that is a moral. these people have worked hard for america. they want to be americans. they registered and now we're going to tell them leave the country? huge damage to families, huge damage to the economy. and so we, this is not a trade-off for us. this is a very important issue that were going to fight hard for them to we get it done. go ahead.
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[inaudible] >> look, senator menendez is issuing a spirited defense. we all believe in the presumption of innocence in this country, and senator menendez is fighting very hard and we respect that greatly. yes, yes, next question. go ahead, taylor. [inaudible] >> look, i think you listen to our arguments, and we made the point, i mean, we made the point that this was very, very important for ryan to call it
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political, he twice used short-term extensions in 2013. and i'm sure it wasn't an economic choice to have it expire right after the november 18 elections. so the bottom line is the president listen to the arguments. we think we made a very reasonable and strong argument, and to his credit he went with the better argument. [inaudible] >> no. the fact that we are renewing the debt ceiling, if are going to do it with a date, not an amount, means there's ample room to deal with future storms, god forbid we need a lot of money irma or other issues. but the bottom line is we have a lot of issues to come together on that you almost always work out best in a bipartisan way
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when we can do those issues together. and so having the debt ceiling and the funding of government expire at the same time gives another ample opportunity for bipartisanship, not for one party jamming its choices down the throats of the other. yes. [inaudible] >> we're going to fight hard for daca, fight hard for the dream act that we believe in a we believe if we keep up the fight we will succeed. last one. [inaudible] >> on the going to make those judgments. i think the nation is the one that benefited from today's action. [inaudible] >> you'll have to ask him why he did that, but it's for the good of the nation that this happened. these are issues that have vexed
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the congress, the house and the senate, for the last decade. we that government shutdowns. we come close to the wall on debt, so we came to a happy ending here, at least for this period of time. thank you, everybody. [inaudible conversations] >> democratic leaders from about an hour ago. the senate is in recess so all members can attend a closed-door briefing by defense secretary mattis and other top intelligence officials on north korea. they plan to return at 4:15 easterbrook senators are waiting for the house to send over their hurricane harvey's relief funds that the house passed this morning. the senate will add on as you may for a three-month debt ceiling increase and again they should be back at 4:15 eastern. this afternoon earlier today


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