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tv   Shame  CSPAN  September 9, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm EDT

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>> shell by steele you moment recent book called "shame." where did that title come from? >> well, i wrestled with the
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title for a long time on this book. there are many different theme is tried to introduce in the book, and i couldn't find that sort of single thing. ... >> >> so that is the midst stunning greatness.
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so now that greatness for what we are doing wrong and then it is close to the '60s so how is this society so they try to look at different aspects of that. >> with my reading. >> gaspar go figure.
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[laughter] since 1960 we have changed and dealing with that change that with that politics a of that ideology that is our mission. and it dominated american politics over the last 60 years because to get over this terrible shame and the people will have great societies and to bring them up to power with everyone
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else. and that will restore our legitimacy. >> if your book the were the issues pretty liberal that some groups coopted? they didn't necessarily want to be but they coopted the words?. >> yes. for their own political purposes. >> and almost making a romance around it they subscribe to that word in there really hasn't said before but labatt the argument into the last 50
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years so that you have been admitted all that you did and that gives us the entitlement with special consideration. so that is just a part of a theme that contributed to that larger point of view. >> why did you put it in the swim team?. >> because i was the only black kid of the swimming team. and i was the captain and the coach and i were close it was the summer before my
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senior year he had three weeks of summer vacation for the entire team to upper lake michigan and we were invited. i was excluded not it day meet way they organize without me knowing about it. i was never told about it. the implication there is he collaborated, he was my friend and he was a good coach. but his mother said no blacks can come. so he ordered that and plotted with of parents of the other swimmers so that did not happen.
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and he knew better. i liked him and i babysat him. but yet he collaborated in the way that sent me a message that larger american said there is something unacceptable. so i talk about him this is the situation or that it is looking at the minorities.
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but he was wrong and he knew that. so humble and apologetic and with that stigma of racism and that is the power the minorities. and that little incident and i did not quit because they excluded me but i grew up in segregation's i had seen it all the time idb here all day. >> what was it like for your parents?.
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>> my father was black from the south mother was upper middle-class white with a master's degree in university of chicago law chicago so forth once you got to know that you would say to me what my father was better at spent more time reading and my mother. but for them they were exceptional that they knew they would have to fight for a place in american without any planning they were the
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founding members. i marched all through town and demonstrated in fighting for civil rights and were admirable people. >> were they wrong?. >> they were not wrong. they were right. so it is a blanket racist society a could not go here or there. i cannot eat in a restaurant until i was 17.
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because blacks could not go into a restaurant or get a job. segregation was everywhere. they were unapologetic so then forget about it. one great novelist said you are probably right to the go-slow. like patrick henry said give me freedom or give me death. and then they fought to the bitter end. and then to have an impact.
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>> and then change 50 years later. >> you can do anything you want. you can do well -- ps dishwasher does that mean every white person will vote -- love you? i don't know and i don't care. that is what it is all about. they're not fighting against a real enemy now they are fighting basically to manipulate white guilt to
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manipulate the larger society into entitlements with a generation of black leaders said don't do anything but shakedown this is not the one that i grew up in it is very different. >> what is your connection bantus stanford. >> i m.a.c. your fellow at stanford university i have always been very happy about that there are great people there grey environment and colleague and everything that has been facilitated so i am a fan. >> i had some books that
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were here or there that maybe the fifth book i have written. >> our guest dog booktv his book is named a shame so one final question is there a specific reason you are here?. >> yes. i have a sudden it has a new film showing here at 9:00 in the morning that looks that identity politics and tells the story of taking him to school to identify the primary race here in the united states of america and
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it explores that controversy to show that he said joe corruption and of identity politics. >> thanks for your time. >>. >> welcome to this special evening on behalf of the seal will cabby year today unfortunately they are here in spirit fake you for attending with the chief


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