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tv   Angry White Male  CSPAN  September 9, 2017 8:40pm-9:01pm EDT

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seeing how beautiful it is, but knowing what's happening down there. aleppo, all these places of unrest in fighting, and these things going on. from that vantage point it's simply stunning. so, i'm in a try to get you all signed up. i'm sending your books, you might be the lucky one, but if you get an opportunity, whatever the experience you have to get to see this, it fundamentally changes you as a person, to make you want to do better when you see our planet from that vantage point. >> you can watch this another programs online >> your book, angry righ
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white male, how the donald trump phenomenon is changing america and what we can all do to save middle-class, you wrote this before the election. >> i did. >> this must be like the fifth straight year. we were here and freedom fest. of all the things i ever do, i get the most book sales from c-span. i go right to amazon and the book sales go up the chart. you guys do a great job. thank you. >> going back to your book, you wrote this before your election. it reads as if donald trump were already present. >> it also reads as if he read it and was the entire campaign message. this book is his game plan and
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his speeches and his midwest victory. it's his victory, everything he ever needed to do to win, all the issues and what side you're going to be on, he was in all of it. >> are you an angry white man. >> i am but it was not meant to be a race issue. i'm angry and i happen to be white and i happen to be a male. if i was a woman i would call angry white female. as much as i debated with the female, i really wanted it to be angry white voter because this was going to be a voting explosion, primarily middle-class whites were angry about what was going on in america and i knew that was the ground for the republican party and the democrats. [inaudible]
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most black voters or hispanic voters, our message doesn't resonate. democrats have completely white lost white people, in particular white males. were gone and were never coming back. >> why? >> you don't say anything that ever helps us. i feel like i represent all the middle-class people who work for a living and feel like they are overtaxed. middle-class people feel taxed. if you look at the stacks of human research, i study those facts. the middle-class happens to be almost all white. 79% of the middle-class is whit white. middle-class people feel completely overtaxed, overregulated, our jobs are being killed. there's plenty of black and has bee hispanic and asian
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and females in that group but primarily i feel like this was an angry white male issue and there's no reason to argue. i was right. that won the election for donald trump. this country, you win by 30 points, you've won a massive landslide. >> you spend the first fifth of the book or so calling out the obama administration on what you see as bad policy and telling president obama he should apologize. >> i often say there's only one way to defeat north korea, replace kim jong-un with obama and they go out of business in a week. he has a devastating effect on economy. no one understands that. i'm being a little funny but i'm also being truthful. it sounds nice, they've got these feeling of heart but they fail everywhere there tried. venezuela, cuba, north korea, the old soviet union, people's
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republic of china, greece, italy, spain, they're all out of business with socialist ideas. they kill the middle-class. if you ever sent obama to north korea, he would just finish the job in a week. obamacare doesn't work. it has destroyed the middle-class. let me give you a personal example. you've got to give personal examples. children were killed by illegal immigrants. that is a personal example. democrats agree. in my case a family of six, four kids in my health insurance was 500 a month when obama complained how terrible health insurance was and i just laughed and said what a joke. everything was fantastic for years but there was a couple surgeries in there for people in my family, it covered
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everything but it was fantastic. he comes along it goes from 500 up to 2000 month and it covers nothing. zero. zip. nothing. every bill is on me. they find a way to tell me it's not covered no matter what it is and it's one of the biggest insurers in america, aetna. a few months ago i switched to liberty healthcare which is right across and they've got the booth opposite cspan. i shifted to a christian healthcare organization and i'm jewish. does that tell you anything about how that obamacare is, it's a disaster. now my insurance is 500 a month instead of 2000. doesn't that tell you something? nobody can afford $2000. month in the middle-class. rich people can afford 2000 month for health insurance. >> you say you're jewish, but you also say you're born again christian. >> i took christ as my savior 25 years ago. i do believe in christ. judaism is just religion, culture, you can be anything you want but if you're one jewish you'll always be culturally jewish. i'm not really super religious in anything. pray to christ every day. i don't go to a lot of church or temple, but i pray every
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day but i am from a jewish mother and jewish father and i think that makes me jewish forever no matter what i do. just like if you're born to a black family you can't wake up and say you're white. i could not afford 2000 month and the importance here is, the insurance company doesn't say how much money do you make. any middle-class family that make 70000 year, 50000 a year, 80000 a year would be paying the same 2000 is me and it covers nothing. that means they go bankrupt. that's why obamacare doesn't work. if obama had ever said to the american people, here's the dea deal, there's 30 million people in this country, many of color, and i feel bad for him. in the not covered and i want to cover them. but cover them, if i triple or quadruple your healthcare, and might not cover as much as it used too. deductible went up in your co-pay went up and you might
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actually lose your insurance altogether and you can't go to the same doctor. nobody would've voted for them in the whole middle-class, but instead he lied in order to sell a program and that's a mistake republicans are making. they should be stating this is. fraud. this has nothing to do with who's covered now that it was sold by lies, fraud and misrepresentation. if i did this as a private sector businessman i go to jail for a hundred years. >> picking speaking of republicans you talk about paul ryan is an obedient lapdog. >> and nothing has changed. that's in the book. he's an enemy of donald trump. he's not a friend of donald trump, he can smile and put his arm around him occasionally but nothing has changed. they're all sellouts, all of them. they just don't want to let
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donald do what needs to be done. if you want to save the economy you have to cut taxes, repeal obamacare, you will notice the repeal they're fighting over, they left all the taxes in. this is a disaster. it doesn't matter if they repeal. the repeal would be bad. neither one is good. they ruined everything. they're all for big business. it all comes down to the fact that republicans democrats in d.c. are bought and paid for and big pharma and health insurance companies. people don't,. people don't mat. trump was a close victory but in the rest of the country, house, senate united states congress, we want everything. the message was repeal obamacare or else and now just a few months later nobody wants to repeal obamacare and the politicians have given up.
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did i miss something because i called on the book. i said this would all happen because of an angry middle-class. now they say we don't need obamacare anymore? what changed. democrats claim is unqualified in the media says oh racist and verbal person and a few months later they hate him and they don't like obamacare. the polls are fraudulent. i said that's from day one. they oversample democrats to get the answers they want to get and they asked the ric right questions to get the answer they want to get. if you say are you for obamacare doesn't hurt you, they would say it's hurting me and i'm against it. if you said you want to help poor people or throw them on the street, though say i want to throw them on the street. it's however you phrase the question to get the answer.
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>> we been here in las vegas for a couple of days and i've seen a commercial attacking your senator several times. >> they say don't you dare vote for the appeal and i'm saying don't you dare vote against the repeal. that was my argument for months but now i've changed my argument to it doesn't really matter. even if you vote for it, it sucks. it's not a real repeal. i didn't say trump would be elected because he would slightly cut taxes or slightly repeal obamacare, i said kill it like a vampire with a christian cause and that's what we all voted for. this is all fraud based on rich corporations paying off all 535 guys and don't kid yourself. i was the libertarian vice presidential nominee. i left the republican party and found out obama was 50
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times worse. you have no seat at the place of power. now you're ready to leave the gop because it's just a joke. >> how is president trump doing. >> i think he's doing great on one hand. i think whatever he has tried to do is great. he's got activists in march is trying to stop him every step of the way. he's got media trying to destroy them every step of the way and he's got republicans trying to stop them every step of the way. he's doing great in what everything he can do on his own and what he's proposing, and then on the one side, he just isn't being the trump that i know he is.
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he's a great salesman. so my part i felt for a living. this is what i do. not shy about it, i'm not embarrassed about it, i'm good. i was born sell. donald was born to sell. he should be across the country in football stadiums to repeal obamacare. obama did it, he's a great salesman by the way too. i recognize great salesman. i like what he believes in him? zero. to appreciate his skills? ten. ronald reagan was a ten. trump is a ten as a campaigner but he's not doing as president what he did as a campaigner. you to go out there and campaign and fight by what you believe in to pull congress and put your foot on their neck and make them do what you're proposing. he didn't do that and that's why it failed. i'm definitely thinking he doesn't get its ten for pursuit of the policies or salesmanship. he deserves a ten for potential to be a great salesman but he has not been a
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great salesman as president yet. anthony is a great salesman. one of the greatest salesman in america. he's a hedge fund billionaire. he's as good as you get. donald needs a guy like that in the white house. >> one more story from the book. you say you are audited. >> you have no idea how bad that was. >> anybody can say they were audited for political reasons. anyone can say that irs persecuted me. i'm one of those who has proof. when it was over, it was a massive attack but it was two years, we took them to court because my lawyers said you can't beat them. there's a vendetta. we go to court and let the judge decide i want. five days later a new irs audit. in the history of america my
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lawyer said he's never heard of that. two more years go by, thousands of dollars spent, tons of sleepless nights, scared, worried, what are they going to do to me, we won again. then judicial watch called me and said we been watching this, we want to take this case, we want to demand the irs hand over your files. they have 30 days. they do that. they stall for 16 months. they broke the law for 15 months in a row. that's our government and when they finally were told on judicial watch, if you don't hand over this month were get a subpoena, the handle over my irs file. what we find, all my political beliefs written in pen all over the file. he's a conservative, we studied his life online, every bit of it is online and to
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this day, who's been punished, no one. they're criminals. everyone involved should be imprisoned now, lost their job and lost her pension, no one's been fired, no one's been fired, the head of the irs didn't go to prison, didn't lose pension, nothing. everyone involved is criminal. can you imagine if this book was turned and it was thing donald trump going after the naacp. what if that happens. what would america's media say about that. can you imagine what if they went after black groups, hispanics group, muslim groups , it would be the biggest uprising in the history of america. obama went after me as a critic to the president tried to destroy me and nobody said a thing. >> wayne allen is the author of angry white male, how the donald trump phenomenon is changing america and what we
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can all do to save the middle class. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> here's a look at some of the books being published this week. in what happened, former presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton shares her personal experiences from the 2016 campaign. nbc news correspondent reports on her challenges covering president trump during the 2016 election in unbelievable. law professors explore how technology is changing warfare in striking power. in war without mind, atlantic magazine staff writer franklin ford reports on how the largest tech companies influence consumers. also being published this week, historian jeremy, chronicles the expansion of power in the executive branch and why he thanks it makes the job more difficult in the impassable presidency. in the faraway brothers,
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lauren follows the journeys of twins from el salvador in their efforts to become american citizens. science reporter sheds light on the impact of the 1918 spanish flu in pill writer. success academy charter school ceo eva details her battles against the education system in her memoir, the education of eva moscowitz. look for many of the authors in the near future on the tv on c-span2. >> one comment investment fraud is the pyramid scheme. this involves promises of profitability and initially delivering on those promises by taking the money that leaders investors put in and using that to pay off the dividends early investors. this can't last forever because eventually run out of people at the bottom of the
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pyramid. >> the actual form of that is very consistent, but so is the mode of marketing. in almost all of these types of schemes, the approach is to look for some group of insiders and to have someone in that group, almos almost all of those are perpetrated by individuals who can't expect to have trust because they are selling to people like them who are distinct from the rest of society. >> so the most famous example of this is the ponzi scheme and that's why we call a ponzi scheme. charles ponzi invented this in the early 20s. the earliest example that i know is a scheme by a woman, sarah howell in the 1870s in boston and she focused on unmarried women, bond of trust.
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i'm unmarried, you're unmarried and quakers give me resources that enable me to make good on my promises of investment return. once that starts going, the chief marketers of the scheme start advertising word-of-mouth. that is a pattern that has occurred right up to our time. >> you can watch this and other programs online >> good afternoon. welcome to the richard nixon presidential library. i'm with the nixon foundation. before we introduce our special guest for today, i want to announce a few upcoming events. on september 7 we are going to have cold war historian and member of the national security council. his name is ben cramer and


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