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tv   Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution  CSPAN  September 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:07pm EDT

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evening september 18, booktv will be covering a discussion between hillary clinton and the politics and prose co-owner and chief speechwriter lisa muscatine. they will discuss the presidential campaign in 2016 and its aftermath. for more information, check the website at [applause] ..
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>> specifically to address young people involved in politics. those that supported senator sanders in 2016 with impressive numbers we owe them our faith in guidance going forward since last year he has doubled down on his commitments on american democracy and tonight he is here to a encourage us all. and now i will sit hubert's but his policies. [applause] senator sanders will not tell you this but now the most popular political figure in america. [cheers and applause]
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nobody else even comes close to his popularity when he first gave to i was to talk to small groups of democrats he was about 5% in the national poll and how he would do in the iowa caucus he had ideas that were in urgent with a crisis in he did not want to discredit those ideas he was not running to become a celebrity or the most popular politician but as he cared and the policies that need to go into effect. , also he ran without any support and it turned out to be a good word he was a socialist.
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[applause] and overwhelming unexpected support he tied in the iowa caucuses which made news and then he goes on and now he will talk about those ideas tonight. now let's whelks -- welcome senator sanders back to iowa [cheers and applause] >> thank you let me a cue for the introduction and i do remember the wonderful event we had at the
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bookstore in their few more people out here tonight. also jeff for his early support one of the great fears that i had about running was that if we did badly dat is we were fighting for would be discarded. nobody supports this or that so let me begin with a discussion about a book i would be remiss not to think the people of iowa and i was city for the tremendous support during their campaign. [applause] during the course of the campaign i talked about the
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need for political revolution precisely what this book is about and what me be very clear from the electoral point of view today is spreading all over the country began right here in the great state of iowa. thank you. [applause] what iowa was about in essence was whether or not the people of this state or the united states were prepared to except ideas that people thought were fringe ideas are wild and crazy ideas that were outside of the box.
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but dozens and dozens and dozens of town meetings here and to explain to people if we stood together and focus on the most important issues facing the country, if we have the guts to stand up to the greed of the billionaire class then there are enormous things we could accomplish and the people of iowa said yes. [applause] and iowa is about the country woke up and said oh my god. this is not san francisco. this is iowa and wanted to hear progressive ideas we did well in new hampshire and we ended up winning 13 million votes.
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[cheers and applause] so we did that to take on virtually the democratic establishment. [applause] so also with the campaign it is called our revolution. with the school board and city council and all the way up through congress of the united states. and that is what this book is about. with a handful of billionaires to have extraordinary power over the
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political process of read citizens united supreme court decision. and those to be in the political process and the modern history of this country. so the campaign was part of that. so it turns out that progressive ideas that the majority of the american people believe it so should we raise the minimum wage to a living wage? yes. that is what people want. [applause]
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should we have to pay equity for women? yes. [cheers and applause] >> to talk about these issues for what is happening now all across this country there is a heckuva lot more appetite to try to create a government and the economy that works for all of us not just the small percent of the media ever dreamed possible. [applause] so let me say for a moment what is happening in houston.
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and for those who lost their lives with the rescue operations are successful but clearly the property damages unbelievable but something was pretty bad for us. they lost everything that they alone was incredibly painful and traumatic experience. if there is any silver lining that is now taking place is in texas that we are one nation and one people.
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and what we see it in texas is people coming together whether they are black or white or latino. but then coming to gather. and waxing to eloquently. to be seen time and time again. all of the american people. in the same way we expect the people of texas to help iowa in the time of need in
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the time to come together. so i make that point so when people are in trouble is to reach out to help if you are black or white so at this moment in history we never president of the united states who was trying to do exactly the opposite. based on the cover of our skin and our religion based on sexual orientation. i have massive disagreements [applause]
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but what i detest more than anything. so anybody here who has read history understands in to try to overcome discrimination. with racism or sexism so to be as strong as we can be to prevent donald trump and his friends to bring this country together to fight racism. [applause]
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so right now as early as tomorrow donald trump:the daca program that is the dreamer program the program by which 800,000 young people who came to this country whose parents are undocumented who only know america as their home for school or work or serving in the military that as early as tomorrow may end that program ending the status of those 800,000 young people.
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to prevent that from happening and congress passes legislation to protect young people. >> when we talk about trump to divide our country up the jewish community was outraged to comment on the march by a nazis of white supremacist with the global sides. there are no nice nazis. [applause]
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and to stand with the minority community whether they are muslim. [applause] once and for all that which existed in this country in today the gay community was shocked by trump's decision to deny it transgendered for those that have served in the military. and our job is to stand with the truth is gender community. in to fight all forms.
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and don a larger book with the future to believe then. and those that are prepared to stand up and fight back. [applause] so why did i write the book? so in that prophesy speak directly to the and regeneration. i have seen so many beautiful young people that
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so just talk to the young people of this country. your i.m. quoting bernie sanders. and with the most progressive generation to oppose racism and sexism and that grotesque level is not with the united states is supposed to be about. so to have a moral responsibility to take on the fossil fuel industry to transform our energy system
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with energy efficiency. what this book is about with that generosity of spirit into do that i have no doubt to create a lot better world than the one my generation left to. [applause] so what that speaks to is the need of a political revolution in this country to transform the country economically and politically and socially and environmentally and speaks to the fact that people in
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my view will play a leading an interval will -- interval role. pass to do with courage or outside of the box in thinking big and not small. to escape the limitation with the constraints of the status quo with the need to reject it what we see every day around us so with the need to understand the emperor has no clothes.
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and to have the courage to ask the question i have always believed it is much more important to ask the right questions and to provide the writing answers. it is more important to be on issues for a variety of reasons rather than providing answers to questions that may not be all that important. and then globally and that
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six people own as much wealth globally as the bottom half of the planet with 3.7 billion people. six people own is much wealth as 3.7 billion people and of those 3.7 billion with hunger and malnutrition so they don't have the sense to buy the of medicine that they need. and then to have drinkable water.
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with substandard housing. and not a great deal of money. but a round the world for a new set of priorities with hundreds and hundreds of millions of people roam the world that are dying and suffering unnecessarily. [applause] how often have you heard that? it does not appear perot but just because it is
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not on cnn does not mean it is not one of the most important issues we face on the planet. because income and wealth inequality is an american issue so easily understood reasons so in america today sofa inequality so for the last 40 years we have seen a massive redistribution of wealth from the middle-class to the top one-tenth of 1%. that owns about 7% of western america today that
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same one-tenth of 1% owns 22% of the wealth of america. where 90 percent of the american people go wider and wider. to say that level of income and wealth of inequality it is moral and unacceptable and not with this country is supposed to be about. >> for a wide variety of reasons it is time to ask ourselves the 20 wealthiest americans now owning as much wealth as the bottom half of
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the american people. warning more wealth and the bottom 42% at a time when we have 43 million people living in poverty and what they are seeing in the last 17 years it is high we raised those issues with the government not just the billionaire class. >> i am often asked by the media that donald trump won the election.
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because that is the enormous amount of pain around the united states of america. those that refuse to of knowledge they have not seen in television or on the newspaper's. and to say to the american people of vermont, a iowa, i a understand your pain. if you cannot hide the high cost of prescription why donald trump? to take on the pharmaceutical industry. but the only problem is he lied and lied.
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[applause] but the fact that he lied to that the analysis was incorrect. but right now median household income is almost $1,400 less than it was in 1999. the median income of a male worker today from 43 years ago. so people are hurting and in three in their working two or three jobs scared to death about the future and cannot afford child care or health care. democrats largely ignore that.
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every thing he said was a light day after was a person or president who works overtime so told the american people we will have health care for everybody then supports the republican proposal thank god we did stop that. [applause] that would of thrown as many as 32 million people off of health care. so with that tax plan in $3 trillion of tax breaks
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but yet massive cutbacks with a low income or middle income people that they desperately need. and to recognize there is pain and hurt in this country and that has the guts to stand up to the special interest that they will stand with the working families of this country and i have said many times in that democratic party that
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lost the election. with the last nine tenures with the 1,000 legislators in a river that democratic party is nonexistent. is then ready to open the doors and have those working people with the idealism into the democratic party. [applause] >> in today to have a
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corrupt political system is a result of this disaster assistance united supreme court decision like a coke brothers goodstein and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars every single year to buy elections and candidates to represent the interest of the wealthy and the powerful. what this book is about and i am here tonight to urge each and every one of you to understand the only antidote to control the political processes when those that get involved in any race.
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in to rally the communities and educate and organize. in to have wrote working people voting for candidates that would tax breaks for millionaires for them and their children off of health-insurance. also with that progressive agenda which makes sense and mean something is and what is the agenda? what should we be doing as a nation? if
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yes people living in desperate poverty the first thing we have got to do is if you work 40 hours a week in vermont or iowa he were not living in poverty. [applause] that means raising the of federal minimum-wage $15 an hour. [cheers and applause] so during the campaign i was in des moines this was saturday morning i bumped into a guy at the farmers' market and he would take some of the produce not sold
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but what percentage of those go to the food and shelter are employed or unemployed? he said the overwhelming majority of people who go to the emergency food shelter in des moines are working people are -- you can do the arithmetic. but then child-care for your kids to keep your home warm in the winter nobody makes it on 10 or $11 an hour. [applause] in here is some good news that if i went before you
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raising the minimum wage at $15 an hour but with that incredible activism especially working at the fast-food industry like burger king or wendy's they stood up and told their community and that is all across the country as they begin to raise the minimum wage and then to introduce legislation $15 and our federal minimum wage we have 31 co-sponsors on that legislation. [cheers and applause]
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so the infrastructure in those airports is in massive disrepair. in that was a in flint michigan a year-and-a-half ago nobody should see that. children are poisoned by lead in the water people are drinking water. years ago i suggested we spend $1 trillion to rebuild
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but what is happening in this country for people to stand up and fight back so right now is the position of the democratic party to create 15 million good playing with -- good paying jobs. [applause] the point that i'm making now is we all making progress despite donald trump to bring forth that progressive agenda with pay equity for women and a massive program putting people back to work in with that progressive agenda and what that is accomplishing
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what iran for president to say that it makes no sense right now we consider public education to be limited living in a highly competitive global economy 2025 years ago the united states led the world the percentage of people graduating college and our e economy will not be strong and thus there that was the case. so i was talking about making colleges said university's tuition free that was radical and crazy.
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the now it is all across the country right now. new york state has legislation to do that. for a common sense reason for pro and makes no sense when they need more education to punish them because they do the right thing to get the education. [applause] we have legislation the next couple of months the only makes colleges and universities tuition free to
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those millions of debt that they are carrying right now. [applause] a couple of years ago a young woman came up practicing primary care she said period did thousand dollars for going to medical school i that that was off the charts i was your id in iowa the young woman came up and said i graduated dental school $400,000 in debt. the bottom line is our job is to encourage all people to get the education they need to do the job that is out there. that is what we have to do. [applause]
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>> another issue where we are gaining significant momentum. the affordable care act did a number of good things. 28 million more people in america with insurance with the passage of the affordable care act. [applause] looking back at pre-existing conditions that we cannot believe ever existed can you imagine the insurance company to say that i have to pay this out that is what insurance is to protect your in if you have breast cancer? we made sure young
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people also ended this business there is a limit to how much we will pay out if you have a chronic illness. having said that also to recognize very, very serious problems. those that have zero health-insurance. also in this country there are millions of people with high co-payments and the
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results of which they cannot go to the doctor when they should so every single year tens of thousands of americans died who will tell you people walking into the offices and the doctor says why did you come six months ago? because my deductible was too high. some die or in that big a the hospital at great cost to the system. the affordable care to act has done some good things but it is time to go further.
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is health care a human right ? i think it is. [cheers and applause] in and if it is a human right richard porter was never you have the right to go to the doctor without worrying about the cost of the of is that in the right to know if you end up in a hospital with tens and tens of thousands of dollars that could lead to bankruptcy.
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in to recognize that we have to ask another question how does it happen in the great united states of america? how does it happen we are the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people? [applause] so again you don't see this so how does that happen? they have universal health care for over three decades. go to scandinavia or every major country on earth it is regarded as a right the
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system is different and to provide health care to all people so tell me why the united states of america cannot do the same. [applause] so it isn't the only universal care. with the health care system far in the way the most expensive health care system in the world. what are we spending twice as much as canada? wiry
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spending today over $10,000 per person on health care? the answer is it is not designed to provide quality care to all people in a cost-effective way. it should be health care for all or quality care the function of the american health care system to guarantee enormous profits in the insurance companies. [applause] two years ago the five major
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drug companies in america made a $50 billion in profit because we're the only country on earth that does not negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry in terms of the prices they charge per ago today you can walk into your pharmacist to see the price of medicine has doubled or tripled. and that is as much as it will bear we see those prices doubling and tripling. with the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs but people are dying because one of five so that insanity of that system
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because the price of the drugs are too high. to lobby and campaign contributions into anything they want in so with that veterans administration pay so the pharmaceutical industry spent in one campaign $130 million. $130 million. with that initiative to control of prices one out of five americans.
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so with the pharmaceutical industry the best way to do that so to happen in medicare for all. [applause] medicare has its problems the right now with johnson signed the bill 1965 event to have good access to quality health care they're
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happier and more secure. medicare can work for people 65 or older there is a rational reason it cannot work for every man woman and child introducing the legislation i will be introducing the legislation in the next two weeks. [cheers and applause] so again the good news war in more people are moving in that direction so the pull the suggested 60 percent of the american people now
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believe the federal government should take responsibility to provide health care to every man, woman, and child in this country. that was of limited so to take on the insurance industry is taking non negative powerful special interest this will be a very tough fight asking the people of iowa we have to get involved in the struggle and confront our elected officials to ask whether or not the fat that makes the co rich drug the country so
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now is the time to guarantee health care to all people. something else that we talk about there are millions of people in this country who now stay at jobs they don't like. so what this means to this economy is to do the work they really want to do and by the way with countries
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all over the world to have small business people trying to figure out how they provide health insurance and think about what it means that they can focus of that business and not worry about health care for employees'. [applause] the president trump in the next couple of weeks will coming before congress because his definition of a tax reform means incredibly
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large tax breaks for large profitable corporations. that pays zero in federal taxes in the cayman islands in bermuda to have millionaires like warren buffett to pay the effective tax rate lower than middle-class workers that exist for dividends and capital gains. so now is the time to say we're not giving more tax breaks to millionaires but they pay their fair share of taxes. [applause]
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another issue on my mind for this great country today we have more people in jail than any other country on earth. that authoritarian country there four times our size african-american and latino or native american. we have got to begin focusing of real criminal justice reform. [applause]
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in this is the issue that brings progress s.a. and conservatives together. with the local state and federal level. it may be time to rethink what we are doing for us to be investing in our young people rather than jail and incarceration. [cheers and applause] so let me conclude to say a couple of things. number one how divided we are as a nation 100 percent
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pro-choice on the issue of abortion. [applause] so in terms of that there are those that a whole batch view but i do regard that as hypocritical when you have a political party to get the government out of our lives. let people live their lives so when it comes to the right of a woman to control her own body the federal and state government is there. [cheers and applause]
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i detect a bit of hypocrisy. . . and that's true. i agree with you on that.
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politics is and having 100% support on every issue. what politics is about and must increasingly be about is progressives go beyond their comfort zone politically. i know it is easy and i'm guilty of this myself to make jokes about donald trump. that's pretty easy to do. but, you know what, that isn't going to win the struggles they need to win. we need to respect people with different points of view and talk to those people. [applause] but most importantly in this very pivotal moment in history when we are fighting for so
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much, when we are dealing with the issue of climate change if we do not transform our energy system, i have very serious concern about the planet that will be leaving my kids and grandchildren. the stakes are enormous. what this book is about is you can go home and say it's too much, i can't do it. we can't take on the whole world. i'm just depressed, disgusted, this and that and i understand that, i feel that every other day myself. [laughter] dot, but we have to understand is we are fighting for much more than our own lives. we are fighting for our children and grandchildren. we are fighting for the future of this planet and i do not
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believe we have the moral responsibility of throwing up our hands in despair. a good job and education and to have an environment of course we have our disagreements. but our job is to get involved in the political process to take on the billionaire class that is buying elections. our job is to get involved in the important issues.
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what do you know about the government, you want to run for congress, what do you know but let me respond to that criticism of people not knowing enough. i work in the united states senate. [applause] [applause] the future of the economy is at stake. the future of democracy is at stake, is our political system.
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the only way we turned that around is the grassroots level. thank you all very much. [applause] [cheering]


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