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tv   Coast Guard Key West Flyover  CSPAN  September 12, 2017 12:24pm-12:41pm EDT

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with evacuation evacuation specm islands. we had delta have a charter flight evacuating americans. similarly in harvey southwest airlines help the with some of the evacuation out of the area. so i wanted to take this moment to thank industry partners for their support, too. >> and then one final message again, like harvey the whole community want to come around the southeastern united states and our partners in puerto rico and the virgin islands as well as a seminole tribe. the whole community needs to be involved, get involved the and you can activate your insurance policies if you have damage and go to if you been impacted as well. thank you, folks. [inaudible conversations] >> florida senator marco rubio and bill nelson got an aerial view of the damage done by hurricane irma earlier this
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week. here's a look. [background sounds] [background sounds]
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[background sounds] >> [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> i'm surprised you didn't have a greater -- >> again, sustained for over seven hours and then category
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four. the high category four. 130-150. i was with the captain at the marriott. we shared a room that night and we ar were watching was going on and we watched power poles come down, trees come down. i don't know what we were doing. so this was completely evacuated. and this -- that took the brunt of it. the wind damage to the facilities here, worse than other places. >> so you kept the 35 people here, down there. this is done in key west area here. >> right. we don't have any category five facilities here. we were going to go to the prison and we decided to ship to the marriott. this city at key west police
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were at the marriott as well with 30 personal. i thought that would be best for networking and 1 14 medication o we went there. >> that's something we've got to look at. no cat five facilities. our heroes are going to go to the prison to wait out the store. we can do better than that. >> yeah, of course. >> [inaudible conversations] >> on commanding officer. >> did you have significant damage on your base? >> yes, sir. you see the gaping hole above the window. it looks small from here but there's significant damage in the control tower. >> see the pickup trucks? the pickup truck with radio, that's how we talk you down.
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right now we are out of tower. we would normally keep 60, 70. we made a decision. we had that number. the decision was made to further downgrade the number from here. it was predicted to be a category five so we figured the minimum, to be safe -- [inaudible] the rest of us hunker down for the storm. >> what's your number of employees here? >> total people for everybody that is here that includes command and effeminate is about 5500. >> my goodness. you had to evacuate a lot. did all of your civilian
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residents evacuate as well? >> not all of them, but most of them. we gathered at, and as we're going to fly some folks out and we gathered if you as a realize the storm is going to be as powerful as it was. they came to us. some of them did not. they didn't follow orders, they didn't listen. the good news is i have no reported injuries for u.s. navy personnel. >> could you say your name and your rank. >> captain bobby baker. captain u.s. navy, commanding officer of u.s. naval station. >> [inaudible conversations]
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>> i'm commander coast guard sector key west. it looks like our driver, captain bobby baker, key west. i been the only coast guard here for the last week so my staff is up in orlando and they get out of there before the storm hit so they are safe. of the talking to family members and really appreciate try to keep the anxiety down. [inaudible] >> wasn't i just in this building? when did the last vessels leave? >> the last vessels left on
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thursday. >> today's monday. >> it's been a week. i think it was friday. that was important, the preparation, getting everybody out of harms way. the exodus from the keys with the mandatory evacuation. i saw the government earlier, i think tim personally. they are very proud, they don't like to leave. i thought he did a very good job of encouraging people to leave. although i did hear from key west pdb were approximate 400 residents taking shelter at the key west high school and high school, if you can imagine 400 people and only for police officers, they had their hands full. >> how prepared were away from harvey and irma back to back, and so some of the aircraft that
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are flying these nations now our aircraft that crews flew in harvey. some others are ones that we reposition after response after hurricane harvey toward the gulf coast, be ready to respond today to hurricane irma. and also lessons learned from the response to harvey are being applied on the fly to hurricane irma. so many of the coordination pieces that worked well, for example, airspace -- you may have heard us talking to and navy are air force aircraft -- [inaudible] >> that's a good point. i think that helped. you will see a lot of people did stay.
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>> congressman brian mass, tweets going up with the u.s. coast guard today to assess damage as i continue fighting to get martin county and st. lucie county approved for individual assistance. from congressman carlos carvalho of the 26 district, thank you to all who have been working to clear debris and check bridges so people can get back to their homes and businesses. on capitol hill the senate in a break for the weekly party caucus lunch at a given word on the 20 can defense programs and policy built but when they
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return and a couple of hours we expect them to turn to the nomination of kevin hassett nominated to be the next chair of the council's economic advisers. a boat is scheduled for 2:35 p.m. eastern time. more flights and coverage when the gavel comes down here on c-span2. >> during thursday's "washington journal" we are launching our 50 capitals to work for the c-span bus. join us at 7 a.m. eastern to learn more about our plan to visit every u.s. state capital, the 50 capitals to work celebrating 25 years of the c-span bus program. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service by anarchist cable-television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider.


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