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tv   White House No Conversation About Jared Kushner Resigning  CSPAN  September 12, 2017 7:36pm-8:01pm EDT

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although every group does have some local aspirations. i don't think there's any that's doesn't have local focus.scussi but i really want to thank you for being and inviting us to be here. [applause] >> thank you for coming in thank you to c-span, it was wonderful discussion. [inaudible] >> now, today's white house briefly with sarah sanders. she took questions on tax reform, immigration, north kor
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korea. [inaudible] good afternoon. [inaudible] the president and the administration continue to monitor the situation in puerto rico. the united states, the virgin islands, florida, texas and all those areas affected by hurricanes or harvey and arma. fema's traveling to the areas today the president will be making a trip to florida on thursday. the president's action during these times demonstrate why he's a true leader who can bring the country together and get things done for the american people. he wants to continue building unity by working on more issue
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supported by both parties especially restoring fairness or broken tax code and cutting taxes for hard-working americans. last week north dakota she invited heidi high camp on stage to welcome her during the tax reform event. tonight he will host senator high camp and colleagues from both parties, senator steinle, hatch, manson, tim and julie to discuss working together to achieve real tax reform that allows americans to keep more of their hard-earned dollars. ahead of the dinner secretary mnuchin is on the hill this afternoon to continue conversation with key members of the important policy push. the vice president attended senate republicans weekly policy lunch in this meeting with house leaders on the upcoming agenda. issues ranging from national security day hurricane relief, the presence reach across the aisle and to cut deals to help the american people. he believes that in order to
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succeed and grow we must work as one team, one people, and one american family. finally, speak in a family once say congratulations to eric laura trump on the birth of their son. eric luke trump. we look forward to meeting him in with atul take your questions. >> on tax reform the legislative director said that one thing you could learn from obama care said you can even reline your party to bring votes across the finish line. the same time you haven't been able to get much bipartisan support. what is the president hoping to do tonight with this bipartisan? >> start the conversation and talk about things we all agree on. many times most everyone can agree that americans should keep more of their money than the government. they spend a far better than the government can. i think it's something that is a common goal that people want to come together.
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by nature of them sitting down with the president it's a good first start. and i can get ahead of the dinner tonight but i think it shows that is a great indicator that we have a big agenda and a big one legislatively. we want to get as much done as possible. >> you might be would get bipartisan buy-in on lowering taxes for corporations and middle-class tax cuts. democrats are drawing the line on tax cuts for the highest income earners. can the president cut some deal with them and stick to his principles? is there an unreachable. >> the president has demonstrated both in his business world and its president that he can make deals. that's what he is looking to do. he will work hard to make sure we get the best deal possible tax reform. that starts with things like tonight having this conversation and moving the ball forward and
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looking at bipartisan support from both sides. >> the secretary expressed empathy of those who lived in high tax states like new york and california. if it moves forward and it eliminates state local taxes, theoretically people in those taxes states could see their taxes increase not decrease. >> were trying to work with congress to get the best deal possible for all americans across the board. that includes people in high tax states. >> spirit and reported that the malaysian prime minister stand at the trump hotel. to that come up at all in conversations with president during the meeting? is it problematic under someone under doj investigation looking at the for-profit companies of the president.
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>> i'm not sure that came up. we certainly don't book their hotel accommodations. i cannot speak to the personal decision they made but where to stay. >> is there any attempt to have favor with the president? >> no. [inaudible question] key does bannon and the president speak more regularly? >> i don't think they speak that frequently. a mower of two conversations i've had. nothing beyond that. >> but not every two to three days? >> not that i'm aware. >> and one other topic, why hasn't president trump called the president of mexico in the wake of that earthquake. >> there's a call taken place today within this hour. we'll have a read up this
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afternoon. >> is the present aware that steve bannon said firing comey was the biggest mistake? >> whether he is or not i think everybody knows for the president stance on that issue. the president is proud of the decision he made. he was 100% right of firing james comey. he knew it could be bad for him politically but he also knew and felt he had navigation to do what was right for the american people and the men and women at the fbi. there's no secret, comey by his own self admission leaked privilege government information weeks before president treat trump fired him he said in fbi engagement engage in the same
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issues. he leaked memos to the new york times, he politicized investigation by signaling he would exonerate hillary clinton before he interviewed her or key witnesses. he's happy with the decision he made in his been fully vindicated by those new things and knowing it was the right one. >> will hope to have details ironed out later today. we'll keep you posted on his travel. >> to the ongoing doj probe question come up with the president and on a different matter the president going to new york in past presidents usually have a theme or key idea they want to get across in the speech whether individual leader meetings,. >> i'm not aware of a specific conversation coming up. in terms of the un general assembly i don't want to get ahead too far. we will outline some of those
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plants more details about the trip at the end of the week. as we have done in past practi practice. >> you said the actions with comey could have been illegal. you refer to potential false -- with the president encourage that to prosecute comey? >> is something that they should look at. >> i think if there's ever a moment where we feel someone has broken the law, particularly ahead of the fbi that something that should be looked at. . .
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do you know how they discussed the interview with steve dan n.? he hasn't said whether he backed to discuss that, at least not to me on that front. >> thank you, sarah appeared first going back to john's original question regarding the "christian science monitor" breakfast this morning, mark short was also asked about whether the president still supports luther strange. when asked the question he said the goal constrains. he said this morning that he is standing by senator strange and he believes in him the runoff of september 26. is that the white house official position? >> he has abilities i don't and i'm not allowed to comment and
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so i will not weigh on that conversation. i'm sorry, i'm not a place i can comment directly from behind the podium about elections, et cetera upcoming. >> it is a political question as well. two united states senators and jeff flake of arizona, dispirited primary challenges from a state representative justin simmons, strong supporter of the president declared his candidacy again congressman charlie didn't announce his retirement on friday. will the white house back challengers and sitting republicans? >> again, you're not going to weigh on elections on going from the podium. it prohibits me from being able to do so. [inaudible]
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>> he actually said it is a small step and part of the process. but look, the ultimate goal here is a denuclearize korean peninsula. that is up if the push towards. we will continue taking small steps, but at the same time the very parties devoted to do this all has to do more to the president has called on them to do more and we continue to hope that they will. >> is the president comfortable with donald trump junior testifying publicly on capitol hill? is the president comfortable with his son, donald trump junior fired -- junior testifying that they'd like to see that happen and separately -- >> she said she backed him testify. this administration has been very clear. we'll be transparent and cooperative at this process. we know there is nothing, no wrongdoing and we are ready to see this come to full conclusion and everybody else. >> is the president are to
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comfortable -- >> the president is comfortable with us being fully transparent and cooperating with this process as they done everyday senses darted and will continue to do as we move forward. >> a quick little follow-up question. jeremy fisher stepping aside this year in the administration. >> no conversation i'm aware of in no presentation as the president's attorneys have gone on record to say. >> mark short also said today that the administration -- [inaudible] >> i believe you said it would be premature to determine whether or not i would have been. [inaudible] >> the administration would be open to a bill, the daca legalizing them. >> what we are saying is what
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we've been saying all along. we have mixed messages here. we want responsible immigration reform. that hasn't changed. the president is committed to the wallpaper also commit to other principles we've laid out in none of those have changed. john decker. >> just a couple of questions on the efforts of tax reform you mentioned the three democratic senators donnelly, senator heitkamp, all up for reelection next year. do you know of those so far? >> or their willingness to sit down and have these conversations with the president, certainly something we are looking forward to and hopefully will be very step forward in the process of having a very ambitious legislative agenda. >> the senator indicated today it was opening to tax reform. does that mean they will be a future guest of the president for dinner?
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the senator tester in that regard piercing that the administration has been clear. we want to sit down with anyone being serious about real tax reform for this country, providing real relief for middle-class america and looking to make bold changes. those are conversations we want to have and i would imagine senator tester wants to be involved in those into serious about it. we would certainly be willing to have that conversation. [inaudible] >> the last week we asked congress to legalize daca. >> the president has spoken out very clearly that he wants us to make this decision based on a variety of fact there is, but the number one thing if he wants responsible immigration reform and part of that is included in the process. [inaudible] >> i'm sorry. [inaudible] >> the president has always wanted responsible immigration
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reform. something that is important for the country moving forward, but he also wants to make sure american jobs or protect it, american citizens are protected and that's why it can be one piece, the comprehensive. >> earlier your reference to things about the fbi director james comey. first is that the leaking of information likely could have been illegal. you are not to say some mean to be like that. are you encouraging -- as the white house encouraging the department of justice to investigate the form he fbi director comey for information? >> this is anybody that breaks the law. they should certainly be like that if they look at the course of action to take him and they should certainly do not. i'm not here to ever direct doj in the action situation. >> do a lot of conversation about midterm elections in 2018, what role does the president looking to play in the 2018 elections? will he be supporting specific
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candidate and will be be using support as leverage to have those members of congress on the domestic agenda? >> the president is going to support the agenda in a calm machine things that help america but in terms of specific elections and whether or not he's going to weigh in as i said a couple of your colleagues today i'm not going to weigh in from the podium i'm not. april. >> can you talk to us about tomorrow evening? also, supposed to be about -- [inaudible] >> i'm not going to get ahead of their meetings. i'd be happy to provide information after the meeting is over. it's certainly a conversation that senator scott wanted to have at the president and the president wanted to have the opportunity to meet one-on-one. i'm not going to get into anything beyond that at this point.
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>> is the conference happening or is it not? >> is going forward. it is happening and will take place at the white house. >> just for understanding, how does the president -- [inaudible] i know it sounds very trite. a lot of controversy about how the president has handled and how he keeps certain people in certain people out. you hear steve bannon say there's still time. you're saying you're not aware of it. believe this conversation. could you talk to us about the use of cell phones? is this after-hours? there have been stories. >> there have been a lot of things you guys things you got word that i've seen to be controversial. that hasn't been something i've seen a whole lot about. but the president has access and can make calls from a landline, too. i'm not really sure what the question is whether or not he
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made the call from a cell phone or landline. >> from the white house, using a cell phone -- [inaudible] >> again, i don't sit on every single call he makes that a play when what i'm aware of at this point. we'll keep you posted as we do with numerous calls that the president makes throughout the day and through the evening. [inaudible] >> the president is prepared to push for laredo seeking god. we will make sure we get the best deal possible. >> it seems like they are hovering around 20%. >> the president is focused on getting the best deal possible. we will continue working to make sure we get that done. [inaudible]
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does he stand by that assessment given everything, all of the nuclear provocations? >> the president
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he said the u.n. security council resolution was nothing compared to what ultimately would have to happen. if the president considering
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action including the chinese states or the u.s. financial system? >> all options are on the table. that hasn't changed for the president also said he wants every country involved to step up and do more. this was a small step in that process and we are hoping they will all take a greater role in a more a role in putting pressure on north korea. >> a moment ago used the language responsible immigration reform. >> the goal is responsible immigration reform, making sure we have principles that we've laid out in that i've laid out from a peer accomplished in that package. >> responsible immigration reform. >> you talk a lot about cutting deals with the president. marc short said earlier today you can't necessarily rely on republicans and then went on to say we don't feel like we can assume we can get tax reform
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done strictly on a partisan basis. so is it the belief of the white house that you are going to need democrats in the senate to get this across the finish line? >> is the belief of the white house that we want to have bipartisan support. i think that several times earlier today, the goal is to have everybody come together and help provide tax relief for americans across the board. we hope democrats want to be part of the process. they certainly should. >> i mean, what marc short said is what we learned from health care reform is even the people have been talking about doing one thing, that's not necessarily what they might do in 2017. >> what we need them at the country deserves beard the american people work hard everyday. they should get to keep their money. that's what the president is focused on and what we are focused on doing, working with democrats and republicans to make sure we get that accomplished. >> do you know of any democrats that are close with the president and the framework?
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>> we will begin those conversations and hopefully a lot of those people come on board. >> was still am not a little bit, the idea of democrats coming across the aisle. the question is whether there's enough of a shared vision between democrats and republicans in the attacks are formal look like. can you give us one or two examples of what the president could put into the deal that would attract those democratic votes, but would not alienate republican? >> these conversations are just starting with democrats coming to the table and as those take place, we will certainly provide more information on the run. this is the very beginning of the first step in the process. thanks so much, guys. will be around the rest of the day to answer questions if you have them. thank you very much. >> tonight on c-span2, and white house director marc short on tax reform and


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