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tv   Texas Lawmakers on Hurricane Harvey Response  CSPAN  September 20, 2017 11:06am-12:01pm EDT

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healthcare in this legislation being considered in the senate. thank you for your time. >> lauren of seat you roll call reports show 15 republicans supported while ten have come out against it. for republican, one independent and five democrats. cspan, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, cspan was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. it is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> in houston texas, recovery continues following hurricane harvey. over the weekend we foun followed three lawmakers in the area as they participated in relief efforts. we will start at the christian tabernacle church where jean greene spoke with
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volunteers in hurricane victims. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> i need an english spanish interpreter. come on, hurry.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning everyone. i am pastor clark on behalf of our senior pastor [speaking in native tongue] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning everyone. i am pastor clark.
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the senior pastor of our church welcomes you to christian tabernacle. we want to let you know some things that are getting ready to happen. we are getting ready to open in just a few moments. we know it is hot outside and we will try to rapidly move you through the line. translator: [speaking in native tongue] >> it's important you pay close attention to all of the instructions because they are vitally important. translator: [speaking in native tongue] >> if you are in line in front of the door, stayed by the walls and stay in line and know who is in front of
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you and behind you. translator: [speaking in native tongue] >> just as a show, say good morning to the person in front of you and behind you. if they didn't speak to you i will make them go get on the playground >> fema is here. they will be here between ten and 2:00 p.m. do not move. we will give you instructions on how to get supplies and how to get in the line for fema. do not move. translator: [speaking in native tongue] >> everything we do, we will
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do in order so you can get properly serviced to move on with your day. translator: [speaking in native tongue] >> finally, look at the building behind you. we ask for your prayers and condolences. there is a service there this morning. translator: [speaking in native tongue] >> if you have parked in the very front, in any section close to the church, i'm going to ask you, if you don't mind moving your car and parking in the rea rear. translator: [speaking in native tongue]
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>> we only want to make sure we respect the family and their service that they are having at 11:00 a.m. translator: [speaking in native tongue] >> we are not getting ready to start right now. we will start in a few moments. if you don't mind giving them some space and moving your car to the rear, that would help us out greatly. translator: [speaking in native tongue] >> please join me in a moment of prayer. please bout your heads. heavenly father, we come before you this morning. we thank you that you are a good god in the midst of our adversity. we ask your blessings on today. we ask that you continue to
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flourish us, that we would have all that we need. we give our trust you lord god, in the midst of this devastation, we put our trust in you. god, we thank you that you continue to bless us and feed us and support us. we pray for your blessings and we pray this in jesus name. amen >> instead of doing announcements in here, you have to do them outside >> okay. yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> we want to thank the congressman for being here this morning. he is a great supporter of this entire community. he is, i can let him say
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this, but he is very conscious of the need in this area. i'm glad he is here. would you greet our volunteers from christian tabernacle and the distribution center >> thank you because we couldn't do this, we've been through disasters in our community a lot of times. i remember 1961 where water was almost up to our entire house is in houston. i wish the lord didn't think we could handle all these big storms, but we are handling them because of you. thank you for spending your time here. we are housing and helping people. when the water went down, we started working with churches because churches are outgoing, just like christian tabernacle, and they will serve. with the commodities and things that families need, i was driving over here in the good news is, i'm glad they
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are taking some of the debris off the curbs. we were in session this week and last weekend i kept saying everybody's possessions are out in the front of their house. as soon as we can get them to pick that up and get it out of the way, that means we are rebuilding. working on your house, making sure your children get back into the schools and you can get back to work. i don't expect the church to do it, but as you know, i grew up in a church, my wife did, and we are not christians just on sunday. we are christians seven days a week and we serve. thank you. the good news today is that we've had some issues with people in our district not being able to apply for fema assistance. we have almost two did two dozen fema with laptops. the toll-free number is hard to get through and they don't
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use laptops. we can get a number and follow it out. i joked, you need to talk to your grandchildren to follow your account. some of us don't follow, don't use laptops. thank you. i can't say thank you to the church enough. we are going to continue, we have a lot of sources, food banks and red cross, we have a group that has been sending truckloads of commodities into texas. the interesting thing is all of this will be depleted in a few hours. we need this break and we do need more surprise >> we will start getting some over here. there is a warehouse and it
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was a good article about it. they are bringing truckloads of food and commodities and we will make sure they bring that over. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning my name is mr. greene and i'm a member of congress. i will welcome you and thank christian tabernacle for opening up the church, not just today but also for the whole time of this disaster in getting food to families. will try to get you in as quickly as we can to get you out of the heat. today we have fema here with a number of folks with laptops, and if you don't
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have your fema number, you can apply for it. we also have small business and ministration here, but if you do have your fema number, you can still check on, see where it sat in the process. if you live in our district, we also do casework. we been through these disasters before. we are going to do everything we can do to make sure you are made whole. today, this is sponsored by not only christian tabernacle who has been serving this committee for many years but our state representatives and our city council members. i will turn it over to senator garcia and she can talk about some of the programs both in english and spanish. thank you for being here and partnering with us. >> thank you. good morning. we welcome you and we know it's hot.
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it is important to report damage and file that fema claim. [speaking in native tongue] >> it's important we do this because it not only helps you today, but it helps us later when we are trying to get federal dollars so they can see there's a lot of damage and we will need more dollars. it helps us document. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] there is so much damage everywhere. people are hurting and we need those dollars. please do that. let us know today what else
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you are needing so we can try to address it. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] we will be helping everyone, whether you are from here or mexico or nigeria, where ever you are from, we are here to help everybody. [applause] anyway, [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> if you don't have to wait for a female inspector, just take pictures, shoot the video, use your cameras and documented.
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you've got to have proof that you have damage otherwise you will not get help. please do that, and thank you again to the church for letting us be here. [speaking in native tongue] may god bless everybody. [applause] >> another thing that fema, last week we did the same thing at a church on 45 south. if anyone in your family has a social security number, that's how you can access fema. if your child has a social security number, that's all you can do it. be prepared that they will ask you that when they are sending it in. a lot of the information and a lot of help you can get, you don't need to have a fema account. you can get commodities here already. like i said, if anyone child or adult and household has a
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social security number, you qualify. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> as long as you have one person in the household with a social security number, that's enough. don't worry about it again. all you need is one. >> now we will start handing out the numbers and you will be called in order.
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we will start appear the front. keep that number and you will be called in order particularly if you need to meet with the fema representatives. to stay in line and give that number. are they pretty well filled up? there's people getting in line for the disabled and diseased that don't have numbers >> are they here for food >> i don't know. >> i'm giving numbers as they want their food are they filling up the room >> yes >> good. there are a whole lot of folks out there.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> let's go ahead and do that. i'll point you in the right direction >> do you have a fema number already? they can look it up and just check and see where your claim is in the process >> my claim is pending and i was trying to get an update >> okay, you can get that here. [inaudible conversations] >> this lady has a number, she just wants an update on her claim >> okay, we can do that. come with me.
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[inaudible conversations]
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the shiite mold in the house and wanted to look and see. >> we can stay in a house like this. >> you got a letter saying -- [inaudible] >> right. >> okay you can start with the appeal process. we need to look at it financially. >> would need to look and see what the inspectors said with the recommendations. let's take a look. >> you want to go with him?
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>> we do a citizenship day every year, we've been doing it for 20 something years. we do something like this, volunteers help fill out paperwork or our goal is to make sure -- i will try and encourage to make sure folks get there. [inaudible] >> bad design. it can be verified. >> as they ran a business where i got to congress and we want to make sure it's done efficiently. we only have two folks that i like to see everybody in front of somebody p.m. we have on the
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other side of the table. i will go see how that is working. how are you doing? >> are you doing on right? >> yeah. >> are you all doing the same thing, getting the numbers and checking their account? [inaudible] >> permitting, okay. our goal is to get people a number in just to get them in the system. anyway, that's good. >> i got hit again. >> that is what you're going to need. >> it is going to take a while.
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>> hey, how are you doing? good to see you. >> sheila jackson lee. all right, thank you. >> thank you so much. ♪ >> thank you. i am doing fine. we are going through the normal process. we are fine.
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we got our fema number. okay. now you write here? okay, i'm great. thank you. thank you. you know, i appreciate you all greatly. >> we appreciate your giving us the opportunity. >> you help me more than once. you seen the devastation. we are very grateful for you. thank you so much. [inaudible] >> thank you so very much.
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>> where are we looking? great, thank you. >> thank you for what you do. >> thank you. >> do you want to go inside here? all right, thank you. okay. >> they have them going on inside. >> here he is. he knows when i come i do what i want to do. i don't want them to leave i'm not. coming here and speak generally and then come out.
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you know how that is. [inaudible] >> i think when i go there, they will know. >> with the fema intake. >> that is right. you have a might? >> thank you. how are you? good to see you. >> i know you are all working and i'm excited about the houston realtors. thank you so much for setting this up so people can get back in their homes. thank you. i'm sheila jackson lee. can you see me over here? if you are in need when you come out, we have buttons and other
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items for you to take away. i know right now you are getting your fema information, but also getting your mortgage and insurance information. that is very important. this is a one-stop shop. can you give everybody an applause? one stop shop. >> mr. cooper is here. [cheers and applause] all of these are sort of under federal jurisdiction. so they feel good about the fact that they are out here because we want to restore people into their homes. that's what we want to do. we want to make people whole, whether you're in an apartment or a home, a house that is your home. the apartment are the houston zero. with that in mind, we want to make sure they are whole. i want to thank the man and red cross. and you are right. come stand over here.
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we always lump you together. sba, 1% months getting yourself back on your feet. she cannot decay, but we are in washington talking about some aspects of grand for individuals who can't make the 1% loan. let me be very clear. we are discussing it, advocating for it. is that right? 43 in congress introduced for me for her keen harvey for all of this region. obviously, we share from beaumont to port arthur. corpus in rockport putting $174 billion. we want to make ourselves whole. fema is right here. we think are very much, double-team and make it up to $33,000 if you're eligible for home and/or apartment and it's still going. now, if you don't have a fema
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registration number, you're in the dark and we are asking for it to be extended because i've come across people who have not got it. get your fema registration number. and if you get that number, you're in the system and you can get more and more information about how they can be helpful. they can be helpful in more ways than just money. everybody should get the fema tracking. i call a tracking number. it's not tracking it. it is registration. again, we thank you very much for opening up his home to all of us. we had the greatest of generosity that he does. thank you for that. we will head out. help us serve. not doing anything right now. it's not working inside right now.
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[inaudible] >> and congressman sheila jackson lee for taking the time to come out and address us today and it's very important initiative that we have. thank you so much for taking the time to come out and be with us and always, always advocating for us. thank you so much. >> your work is very important. thank you for being there whenever we need you. thank you so much. [applause] >> good afternoon, everybody. charles blake with the american red cross feared first of all, i want to apologize for the inconvenience of the financial assistance system that has gone down. we were trying to do something new and innovative and make sure we got money into people's hands immediately and it was just an overload of the system and it crashed on us last week.
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we are working to get it back up and ready. as the congresswoman said, by thursday we should have a more robust system to turn it on and for those of you that did not get a chance to apply, you will be able to apply. for those of you that already applied and were proved but did receive your confirmation number is, once the system comes back on time you will receive those numbers and be able to go and receive your financial assistance. this is just a first wave of support that the red cross through the generosity of donors in the american people are providing to the community and other communities around the state of texas. stay tuned. listen to messaging a new report. we will have the link in the information for you to start the application process. >> everything was dirty in the boxes are ready. >> so just push people down this way. this is supposed to be the way it's supposed to be.
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[inaudible] >> the blue box. the green box is the food box. so you open i'm not. >> just the whole box. [inaudible] >> okay, and i'm going to give out these big boxes appeared in the other locations we were just giving them the box. okay. i'm ready for them to go. how are they going to get the drinks?
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coming this direction. okay. this is the way it goes. >> we are going to help them. [inaudible] [inaudible] "varney" [inaudible]
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>> this is a little lighter. see you, okay? there you go. thank you so very much. where do you live? so let me ask. they are going to get one of these. tell mamma she has to give her fema number two you. okay? so we can help mamma. thank you. thank you, sir. hello, next? okay. see, this is light. thank you. are you okay?
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we have the red cross here. so you can get on the red cross and get $400. get online, thank you. you're going to get this happy one. get that home. can you grab it? all right. >> thank you. >> this is late. go down there and get paper towels. all right. i need manpower. manpower quickly. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> next, next. thank you. i don't want to go over there. thank you. get online with the red cross
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and are able to get assistance. further assisting. we'll put it here. got it? and then just go down here. thank you. thank you. family? >> you got it? you got a big boy? you can do it. you got it? there you go. >> there you go. are you going to get the green first? okay, she got around grella. can you manage? okay, good. thank you.
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hello, everyone. thank you so much for your patience. these boxes will go as long as you are here. thank you to the realtors, the black realtors, sheila jackson lee. thank you, feed the children and magic johnson. we got together, but i want you to know that the red cross is here you can get online on thursday on the red cross. and if you've been damaged, you can get $400 by thursday because the line crashed. and then of course, there was hearing you can apply to fema by getting a registration number. don't make a judgment on your own. don't say that you're not eligible.
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get your fema number. they will determine whether or not you have all the qualifications. that is helpful for the sba, which is here, that may help you as well. the $400 is for immediate red cross online starting this coming thursday. we are glad to see you out here. let us know how we can be of help. thank you. >> all right, thank you. you're all going to be all right. >> well, thank you. let me just technologies banned, which is just joining us now for those of you who are viewing us on c-span, we have two county commissioners here. what a person to represent in the federal government including fema and the sba. we've been answering questions concerning some of the many concerns that people have. i see one that's left available
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for us to respond to and she would like to know about cars that have been flooded. is there any assistance available for persons who found her car flooded. can you give us information on this? >> yes, i'm assuming you'd have to have comprehensive coverage. is that correct? >> not on the speaker. >> there could potentially be coverage assistance available through >> , but that would be if you are qualified under the other needs assistance program. you should register with fema didn't go through that process to determine if you are eligible for that assistance. >> and can you go through and see if we can get the person on the line? i have a question about a permit while you're putting the person not, i will go ahead and start
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the questioning. can you hear? >> thank you for giving me this opportunity. we have federal road and it's called work for us. the house was flooded. we want to know, will we needed builders permit to start back to get the house and livable conditions or can we go and acquire a permit for building? >> we will have someone respond. >> this is fine with the national flood insurance program. you know if this property is located in the hazard area? >> could you hear? was your property or raise your property in a flood zone? i think we may have lost then. okay, assume both sides of it.
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>> there are vocal communities that in partnership participate with the national flood insurance program. in order to do so, they agreed to adopt a map and some regulations, which the regulations are designed to help make development and redevelopment reasonably safe from flooding. that process is carried out through permitting in the process of permitting with the proposed projects and so forth. in general, and if your house flooded, it would be advisable to go to your local community, development department or building department and acquire a permit and while you are there, inquire about what is called a flood plane development permit. because if you are in the special flood area, and it is
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required that you have a flood plane development permit to repair a flood damage toll. if you are outside the area, it would be the community discretion as to whether or not they want to require a permit. so it is advisable to go unchecked. >> given that we have just a little time left, and i will start. again, my phone number for my office at (713)383-9234 and we welcome your calls. i would also like you do know some of the things we have been doing to help you. we passed in congress on appropriations bill that will accord me to give to you the people who have been harmed some 15-point to $5 billion. about 724 billion of this will be for sda and a little less
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than 1 billion of that will go to small business. these are small down payment on what is really needed. this is going to be a long-term process and they want to stay in touch with us. if you need us, we want you to call us or this is why we consistently give out her number. (713)383-9234. on the question of debris removal, commissioners will have more to say perhaps about this, but i want you to know people are moving as expeditiously as possible. it's the size of the problem that is created the delay. we have not experienced anything like this ever before and it's going to be a long-term recovery. we want you to be a little bit patient with us and not to the commissioner rodney ellis. >> for those of you who need to contact my office, the number is (281)403-8000. county has close to 7000 homes flooded and we've already
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collect at about 150,000 cubic yards of debris. when we build fema this week for $10 million. check is in the mail i hope. >> this is rodney ellis. the number at our office at (713)991-6681. one of the insightful questions i see if there is what can be done to prevent future flooding. maybe to rephrase that, have we done enough to prepare for flooding? no. are we going to do more? it all depends. i'm proud of the way people in harris county, houston, surrounding communities came together. look, the congressman and commission and believe climate change is real. no city in america could've taken 50 inches of rain. not new york, not florida. these events will happen more frequently. i hope our community comes together.
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it will take money. very few problems,, lost our testing whether we do things we ought to do would depend on whether or not the public has an appetite to pay for it. i am so proud of the people of our region are coming together. let's keep doing it. >> as we close out in reference to the flooding, we are examining this in congress and we do want to do this and things to eliminate a lot of the flooding. they will have to be addressed. we are currently talking about the possibility of creating a third reservoir. we would like to make sure that we prevent this from happening again to the fact it could be presented. when you get 60 inches of water, that's about $33 trillion am told we receive. it's very difficult to eliminate flooding when you get that kind of inundation. it is important again to call if you need help. (713)383-9234.
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thank you. >> i know 800 people in this line, this is a very expensive call. thank you. we appreciate your patience. we will do another one down the road. thank you and goodbye. >> thank you, guys. we appreciate you for being here. [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> in the meantime, hurricane maria is crossing over puerto rico. the eye of the category four hurricane passed over this morning with 155-mile per hour winds, just short of making it
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to category five. when does slow down to 145 miles an hour. here is what it looks like. water surges coming in causing flooding. president trump commented on hurricane maria hitting puerto rico this morning during the paris at the united nations. >> we have a big wind. i've never seen winds exist. in puerto rico you take a look at what is happening there. just one after another. i think we are doing a good job. >> kamran treated this out. my thoughts and prayers are with their fellow citizens in puerto rico as hurricane maria makes landfall we are standing ready to help recover.
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>> the question every exceptional, but there's also the very question of why had i never thought this was a form of propaganda. why did i not stopped to question where this concept was coming from and what was the job that was doing for individual americans. ..


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