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tv   Mother of All Rallies  CSPAN  September 21, 2017 12:27pm-4:39pm EDT

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what was the job that it was doing for individual americans. i think one thing i was realizing that this took a long time to realize in fact, is a very language we use when we talked about foreign countries has been kind of determined for us a very long time ago because we tended to look at muslim countries and especially countries in the east as with a catching up with us or with a behind us? what that does is that prevent you from being able to see the country on its own terms. >> watch "after words" sunday night at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span2's booktv. >> on saturday president trump supporters held what they called the mother of all rallies. people gathered at the washington monument with organizer saying the rally team was american patriotism. [cheers and applause] let you all the youngsters out there. come on up.
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the other day you are the next generation of american patriots so, appear, take a part in it. >> alt-right, everybody come here we go. ready? i pledge allegiance to the flag of united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [cheers and applause]
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>> all right. so first off thank you for coming, and first up we have got singer and conservative radio talk show host monica matthews from atlanta, georgia, is going to lead us in the blessing for the day. keep everybody safe and she's also going to sing the national anthem. so here she is. >> thank you. thank you. honored to be. if you can stand please stand. if you have a hat on, please take it off. thank you. ♪ oh, say, can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright
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stars ♪ ♪ thro' the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free
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♪ and the home of the brave? [cheers and applause] >> amen. are you ready rex we all need a blessing. amen. fellow patriots, we are gathered here today to call upon the collective heart of this great nation. i am here today to call upon the author of all liberty, order, justice and prosperity. to call a blessing come and order of this nation beginning with each and every one of us here today. i dared to speak life and liberty over each of us, to call us to remember of who and what
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we are as a people. and what it means to serve and protect the values that make us the greatest nation on earth. we honor and give thanks to those have gone before us in the shed together on blood and is is currently defending our nation come to ensure that we had the opportunity to live abundantly in this land, under the umbrella of our in alienable rights. i knew that was going to get me. we bless this nation with the renewing of the collective might of our founding fathers who knew these rights are not i endowed o us by man, rather the author of all life, liberty and justice. we call upon the spirit of hope and solidarity to be renewed in the hearts and minds of all of those who seek shelter under the ban of this great nation and contribute to the restoration of the united states of america. i pray that every destruction,
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disunity and disorder becomes against the fabric of this nation and her constitutional foundations will be exposed, and repentance of such treason will be afforded with a return to restore vision of liberty and to opportunity for all. i give thanks for every person here today willing to stand and sound the trumpet for a patriotic revival. amen. i give thanks that our hearts have not failed us, but our resolve has only strengthened and our quest to take our nation back. we speak unpleasant truth and sovereignty over this nation from our capital, and for that to declare no weapon formed against this land of liberty and her foundational values will prosper whether from within this nation or without. every life of every tribe matters, and we speak freedom to all of those who live in an
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oppressive mindset of the transgression of our nation's past. i pray for the minds and hearts of all those who are led astray do believe lies about their fellow countrymen, who live in a necessary and propagated fear and suspicion of one another, to be set free. amen. and we declare restoration between every culture and ethnicity in this nation. we are all blessed to serve and call home. we cast off spirits of chaos, poverty and apathy of mind and heart and call upon the author of life to renew and restore us to order and honorable standing. we bless this nation with our mouth and with our actions as those entrusted to preserve the treasure of liberty. let us be reminded of the servants heart and let us be moved to restore each other to the joy of standing side-by-side. in our efforts to standing unity and over in this nation i bless this land today by the authority vested in me as a ministry
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servant of god through jesus christ, at patriot of united states of america. amen. with a heart burst in reconciliation. we are one voice, one nation under god, indivisible. we seek liberty, order, restoration and justice for all in the name of jesus. i declare this land wholly. amen. [applause] >> and i don't know who is coming up next. they will be here shortly. >> can you hear me real good? thank you for coming out to washington, d.c.. ladies and gentlemen.
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my name is joey gibson, i'm expatriate prayer and a comedy with a bunch of other pages from the west coast and i'm telling you we've got so many people that are working their butts off on the west coast to stand up for free speech and some of the most darkest intolerant cities in the united states of america. unfortunately washington, d.c., is also one of the darkest cities in the united states of america, one of the most corrupt cities, most corrupt spots in the world filled with lies, filled with deception. there's so much going on in this country right now, we've got to wake up. i'm telling you guys are so much going on in this country and to many of us are sleeping. the reason why you come out today's you know there's something not right. you know there's things going on in this country that we got to fix it starts with some foundational things. one of the biggest things read to understand as a country we need to begin to admit the facts
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that we are problems at a cultural level that no politician will fix for this country. no president will fix. the problems in this culture and country come from you guys. we got so many leaders today from across this entire country, cultural leaders. i'm telling you there so many people they go on facebook, i don't how to do it. they go on facebook live and it literally will have like 50,0000 views in 24 hours. i'm like holy crap, how did he do that? sf will be amazing. that's the thing with traffic went to bring the punk movement into the liberty movement. that's what we need it we got to bring in the kids. we got help people understand freedom is sexy. dammit, freedom is so beautiful, it is so sexy and we got to spread that next -- message. i'm telling you, that's the thing we don't talk about freedom enough. we talk about politics of all this crap. freedom is one of the most beautiful things in the world
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because there's no argument against freedom. none. no argument. the argument against freedom. the wants to be in chains who wants to be in chains? every single year with that washington, d.c., slowly tighten their grip on us every single year. more regulations, regulation that don't help the poor. all they do is help the rich. tax is more every single year, every single thing they deal. bernie supporters, i know there's not many an crowd today but if you're here, to take something, bernie supporters, you think you are against corrupt corporations are you want to tax them and give it to the most corrupt corporation in the world, the united states government. that is ridiculous. but listen, you want to get someone and want to help out the pork and whatever your ideas are, instead attacking us ivan id. how about we shut down all the
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stealing that's going on washington, d.c., all the spending, the stuff, the 1000-dollar hammers. they are morally corrupt. when we take care of that problem we will have so much money to spread rent in this country, spread rent in the right way, in a beautiful way, in ways that don't enable people that help people rise up to grow, to build business. i'm telling you one of the most frustrating things are become let's talk about 2008 real quick. we had that collapse, all right? obama came in, all right? kissing you want to do was he wanted to pass regulations to punish these big corporations, these big banks. past all these regulations that the big business push for and what did it do? all it did was bail at the big banks to make a big banks even. and he kept the small banks down. that's been done a purpose. these people act like therefore the lower class but they're doing everything to destroy the lower class. i'm sick of it. i want to talk about my west coast. if you guys don't know, some of
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these other groups can we have soldiers that go in the streets to stand up. i love you on east coast all of you who don't know much about nt for. i love guys make fun of them. and it pretty easy. let's be honest. you of nursing discuss not just against come visit out to fight recent the thing is out to fight you guys. you want to destroy what you guys do. they want to distort you guys believe in. they want you to be so afraid to go industry. they will beat the crap out of grandma. they will beat up anybody they disagree with. i want you guys, i need your help. we will be going up and down the west coast going to berkeley, portland, seattle, the most intolerant areas and do it with a tightknit group. we will go in and challenge the liberals. i'm trying to bring moderate left and moderate buy together but we will challenge the liberals. they have teamed up with antifa. they believe it's okay to team up with antifa. we would go in and exposer files from the car. get it on film and i need your
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help to spread the message and spread the word because it is not okay to have a gang dressed in all black running through the streets laced up on par and beating people up. especially when they beat up grandmas. [applause] that is how we'll take back the west coast. i was a passion about the west coast. we take that west coast background telling you we would get this country back. it is a passion to me. the last message i want to spread before i go and appreciate you being here today, the atmosphere is great. it is possible there so much love today and the wedding widowhood but enough in this freedom movement, we got to go back to love, ladies and gentlemen. we've got to go back to love. i understand the hatred. i did it. we have been, i hate use this word but we've been, this movement has been hiding. we've all been hiding for way too long. we see with going on on the tv. we see the corruption of the right and left. we are all angry and we have this movement and so this movement is like a little baby.
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it's like a baby and we are slowly starting to grow, starting to learn at the beginning is all about hatred, anger, about going in the streets and yelling at liberals. i'm telling you if we bring love into this movement that only does it destroy the narrative by the media, and by this corrupt politicians but it will bring people in. do you understand of people are for love confirming positive, peace, strength? to walk the way some the best week ever to walk the way that jesus walked, the way the martin luther king walked. these are the message, we've got to bring back into liberty movement. i have tons of atheist don't know what to do because i don't judge people. i don't care if you're an atheist. i don't care if you're gay but if you believe in love and freedom, believe in peace as exact same thing. jesus .4. jesus was revolutionary. look at it from a historical point of view but all i'm asking before i go, here's what i'm going to ask, okay? whenever someone yells at you,
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when someone cusses or treat you like tracking outlets and controls you. if you respond and hatred their controlling and they bring you down to the darkness don't do it. we've got to stop it. we've got to stop it. respond in a way where you are an example. response in love, respond in kind is, respondent patient and a gift to you you will -- it's amazing. thank you so much for coming out to today. you guys have a great day. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> how're you doing, everybody? [cheers and applause] this is the mother of all rallies, everybody and i and hip-hop patriot. how are you doing, everybody? [shouting] >> we are going to force them to put this on camera, i can bet you that. they are going to see the diversity that we have in this patriot movement and they're not going to be able to hide it. unlikely to be able to cnn that stuff. sorry about that.
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anyway, just want to get the next three speakers lined up over if we can. that's bruce, kelsey, michael. you guys ready to -- you guys ready to build that wall or what? you guys ready to inject some patriotism back into this country today? let your summer music and let's get these people lined up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> if i can get your attention. to everybody on the side, over there on the side, come over to the middle so we can all shows and unity in front of everybody. can we do that, please? thank you. ♪ >> all right. at this time, at this time i like to give a shout out to the trumpeter, give a shout to my
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main robert rosen very and jamal what you saw coming. wave the them flags, boys. wade then flags. you know what it is. hey, i want to give a big shout out to poa tommy gun. everybody make some noise. it is on his page on his life page that this entire thing originated pic and it was right after out president trump got -- summit said you have to call it -- tom is like all right, let's do. and every single one of you pitched in to make this what it is today. so dan, make some noise for poa and all of you. robert, everybody look at it. what's he going to do? [shouting] >> join or die, baby.
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[laughing] >> look around. black, hispanic. [inaudible] >> we are not going anywhere. we are right here. >> hey, at this time i would like to bring up the next speaker, mr. bruce nathan. can you come up and speak, please ask a disenchantment portrayed together for mr. bruce nathan. [applause] >> hello, america. look at this crowd. this is what happens when real americans decide we are fed up, taking control, to take back america and make america great again. i cannot even guess how many of
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us are here, but from what i'm seeing, it looks like we have enough to march right in that capital right over there and drained that swap. we've got to drain the swamp. last year we united behind juan, one candidate who promised to make our bold and defiant donald j. trump as our president, and we went behind in and he is now president of the united states. [applause] before his inauguration he hit the ground running. when he arrived in d.c., he went directly to work. that is what our founders was looking for. they were looking for the best and the brightest to come to washington. and then when they were done they would go home to see what
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they had done and be with that. that is why our capitol buildings are not supposed to be stuffed with wealthy and incompetent professional politicians to serve their own interests. who are they to tell our 50 states we cannot even keep men out of our daughters public restrooms? i have six children, five daughters, and i got to tell you, it hurt my heart. entrenched party powers have gotten so far out of control they now refused to do their jobs so they can just damage the president that we put in to clean up their mess.
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we are not going to let that happen. we already showed been we are awake, but we did not, they did that get the message. they are fighting back and they are fighting back we the people. fine, let them fight. we put a true leader in the vision of the founding of the white house. now the 2018 elections are coming up, and we're going to be replacing the swamp rats in our congress in all 50 states let them fight is. we won in november and that was just the first of the battle of an ongoing war. in 2018, we will show them we are not done. we are not b being. we are taking back our country.
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i always knew if america was to be saved it would not be by a career politician. it will be by you. it will be by our bikers, our truckers, our farmers, small businessmen, our teachers, our trade then, our laborers. it will be by parents and grandparents who care about this nation, to our children that we need to leave the legacy towards. saving and restoring our united states is bigger, it's a bigger job than one man can do alone. donald j. trump can't do it by himself. our system was deliberately built, structured so one person could not do it by themselves. someone else had to come along. so why does this federal
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government get away with ignoring the ninth and tenth amendment? and telling us they know better how to run our own states? drain the swamp. they still control of our schools with common core, our churches, our social policy, our businesses, our health care which is a disaster. even control of our air, land and water. they think us by doing a poor job of running anything. our state governments have completely dropped the ball when it comes to protecting themselves from the blatant abuses of all powerful central government that was never even
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supposed to happen. you know this is wrong. i know this is wrong. isn't that why we all came here today? isn't that why? we are here today to deliver a message to those people over there in that capital building. we can run our own states. get out of our lives. try doing your jobs and we will do ours. we elected the president. we want him. he is doing, he is going to do, he is going to get the help that he needs to do the job we hired him, even if we have to replace every member of congress in 2018.
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i would like to thank my good friend, the northwest florida bikers for trump. and i want to thank the producers of putting on more, absolutely fantastic. my name is bruce nathan and i'm going to be the next governor of the great state of florida. [applause] i am not a professional politician. i am just like you. i worked and sometimes starved my way to college. i delivered pizza. i even dressed up as barney the dinosaur. after graduation i begin to work in my chosen field of physical therapy, and continued until september 11, 2001, when all of us had our lives changed forever.
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i felt a duty to our country, and i joined the united states army reserves. i proudly served for nine years and honorably discharged as captain. as a physical therapist i ran into stifling federal healthcare regulations. our demands of tax laws and then the disaster we all know of obamacare. everywhere you turn that are stumbling blocks to success put there by the federal government. we can no longer go to college, start a company, get a home loan, or provide for our families without jumping through hoops. we get caught in bureaucratic red tape from washington, d.c..
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some time ago i started asking myself, where is my state government and why won't they stop this? the enumerated powers of the constitution strictly limit federal power. so why do they keep expanding and send us the bill? i found out why. because state governments have failed their citizens as well. they gave away their own duty. their own constitutional obligations and they belly up to the federal trough. the big swap in d.c. feeds 50 little swaps in the state capitals. because governors and state legislators were absorbed. the states are as guilty as our federal government. these debts are going to keep piling on to our children and
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grandchildren, and i cannot look my six children in the eye and not do anything to preserve their future. is this what you want for your legacy, or are we going to drain the swamp? this is why i decided to run for governor. america needs to have at least one governor who will show the states constitutional rights of the states, and that's the way people were meant to be. the federal government must be kicked out of our state. they must go back to the capital and be caged in d.c. where they belong. state rights, you got that. we all see how our party elitists pick and choose which laws, which parts of our constitution they will enforce. that is what we get when elected officials serve their selfish
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interests. every issue they stand behind, every position they take is decided by how it will affect their chances of getting reelected. that is what motivates professional politicians. they avoid the hard choices of acting on their sworn oath in the best interest of the constituents within the confines of the constitution. ..
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we got hit by back-to-back disasters in texas and in florida and when the situation is tough we come together and we unite as americans and eat-- in united states of america. i'm so glad to be un-american-- american. you tell me, we had a flow from the top, the great president donald j trump decided to make sure everything would happen the right way for texas and florida. do you think hillary would have done this? anyone think hillary would have done a good job? all of our problems could be overcome with the same efficiency. as they say, my time is running out over here, so let me end
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with this, i as governor will close the century cities that are in the state of florida. [cheers and applause] >> it's time for the sanctuaries of the american citizens to go back. as i am about to go, i want to tell you one way or another we will drain the swamp and we are going to make america great again. i want you to remember, bruce nathan for governor 2018 and god bless these united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> thank you! [cheers and applause]
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>> since we are in mr. trump's backyard and he is in town today , let's remind him about the one thing that we wanted to do to drain it the swamp and repeat after me everyone, lock her up. lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! >> exactly. [cheers and applause] >> i want to give a shout out to the us marine corps. [cheers and applause] >> i want to call up the next speaker and i truly believe this man is pretty much like a carbon copy with his own style of mr. trump it will be the next us senator in pennsylvania. can you make noise for mr. bobby lawrence so he can comeuppance the to you to you all?
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[cheers and applause] >> im new to this. on not a politician. i'm a small business owner and i want to thank everyone for coming out today. thank you. i'm running for u.s. senate in pennsylvania to support our presidents and how is our president doing, by the way? are we happy? [cheers and applause] >> they have asked me why we are all here and what's the point and the point is over 63 million of us voted for president donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> are those some beautiful words or what? president donald trump might two favorite words since january. we voted for the america first agenda and president trump in his-- this is how intelligent the man is and how much forethought he has. he actually has published on his
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website his contract with america and america first items that he was running on. remember those campaign speeches in his rallies would love to go to? and he published that contract with america and guess what, i signed it beside his name on the 26, of last month. i signed the contract with america and it did me honor. i am running to support the america first agenda and restore personal liberty and individual freedom back to our kitchen a table. yes! there are a lot of different ways we can do that. the first one is to give it president trump some support. can we agree he needs support? yes, so it strikes me as we watch the news reports of how the rhinos are coming out against president trump and the actually attacked-- has anyone been following the share from
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arizona? yes. when president trump pardoned him we actually had some of the senators attacked president trump as being unlawful and breaking his word to restore law and order. john mccain, should we make john mccain retire? it is time for him to retire. then we have the flight from arizona, jeff flake and right now kelly ward is ahead of him, actually running against jeffs-- jeff flake and she is ahead of him by over 20 points right now in the polls in my race, in pennsylvania have eight other candidates running against me. three of them are politicians currently holding office, to reinstate and when a us representative. do we want to elect another politician to go to dc? have we had enough of politicians? i'm a small business owner.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] >> is make great president trump is proud to be on american citizen? president trump makes us proud. [cheers and applause] >> it makes me-- [inaudible] [cheers and applause] >> that's about enough of a campaign speech. i want to thank everyone for coming out in making this happen we will make america great again thank you. [cheers and applause]
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>> glad to see you with us, folks. i'm over here under the black canopy. , everyone. thank you so much for coming. are we good? are we good? can nobody hold me down marco-- all right. actually, everyone has a phone; right? pull out your phones and do something quick. this is very important. pullout your phones. ago to your browser and put in patriot right now and you get yourself a bulleted necklace like this to support our veterans and that's
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owned by the same gentleman supplying all the sound and lighting and stage and two trucks driving here. patriot necklace. sean lowery is responsible for this, folks. the only payment he said he would accept is he actually get something in return and that means we can go and get 100, 200 necklaces from him for $10, 10% goes to 22 kill-- oh, 20% of the $10 goes to 22 kill, a veterans organization and he does it every monday of every week, so if you order a bulletin necklace right now, it helps to pay for this staff. please can round of applause to mr. sean lowery patriot [applause]. >> appreciate that. we have the next four speakers over here.
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we have a lot of speakers left so we will try to keep the speeches to about 10, 15 minutes tops and if you still want to speak and you have not registered, please go to the tent and get your name so we can get you in here to speak. so, the nest-- next person i would like to call up is another person doing like the ultimate sacrifice to drain the swamp right for office, congress and mississippi running against a right now, to drain the swamp and i like you to put your hands together two to be brian rowe for u.s. congress in mississippi, ladies and gentlemen. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much for having out here today. my name is a brian rose and i'm running for congress and the great state of mississippi. i went to thank president trump for inviting me to come and speak today. i want to thank them, the
1:10 pm
mississippi chapter as well as the national bikers for trump group for inviting me to speak today and endorsing my candidacy to represent mississippi in the us house of representatives. [applause]. >> i love the high energy of all the speakers here today, but i want to tone it down a bit and the reason is because i want to make sure everyone here, but more importantly i want to make sure everyone there in that building back there hears everything that, not only i had to say, but everything you are here to represent today. i will take it down just a bit. i always dreamed of speaking in front of crowds like this, never thought i would be speaking in front of the washington monument, though. more that i would play bass guitar for van halen, but just like every other dream it takes detours and i think my friends
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and bikers for trump i don't think when they bought their first harley they thought i can't wait to drive this to a political rally in washington. i think our dreams take different paths. i think i first started speaking about politics when i was 13 years old and i got my first job bagging groceries in a place called the farm stand and got my first check and i think all of you can relate. i looked at it and thought there must be a mistake. i looked at the taxes that they were taking out and went to my boss and said this is wrong and he said no, man, that's not wrong they take that money out to buy your roads and afford money for the army. i believed him and i thought, okay and i felt a bit better about myself. i felt that way throughout all of my jobs right up to when i joined the us military and served in the air force in the early '90s. after my uncle sam took me to great places like bosnia, somalia i took a job working for
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the federal government's and that's when i learned that i was mistaken. the government wasn't taking as good of care of my money and your money that i originally thought. one of the first weeks i was working for the us governments, was told by by my boss to buy software. i'd bought about $300 with of software and it came to me at: days later and said we told you to buy some software and i said i did it thinking i spent too much money and he said no thomas bennett sent-- $10000 and i said i don't need to spend $10000 and he said that's what shells are for and that's what i learned about use it or lose it spending anyone has worked for the government is probably familiar with that when government agencies throughout the country are forced to spend every dime in the budget or risk losing a portion of the budget for the year later and this leads to wild spending sprees and wasting
1:13 pm
of our tax dollars. our tax dollars that we work hard for every single day and i vowed wednesday was going to make a difference and put an end to this. after my days with the government i became an entrepreneur and the more money i made the more taxes they paid and i'm sure as we grow older everyone is going through that same situation. i've vowed to do something about it and in 2010, when american through my neighborhood speak in a smaller government lower taxes and the pitfalls of obamacare i listened and i was inspired by him and i did what i could to help him get into that building back there, but i was duped like a lot of you people were duped. i fell for it. i fell for, we will make small government. what are they doing in the last six years? these guys that promised a small
1:14 pm
government, smaller taxes and repeal obamacare gave us 6 trillion more in debt. that's debt that your kids, my kids and our grandkids will be paying for for many generations to come. after i did everything i could to get this guy elected, i'm not doing anything i can to get this guy out of the building behind me. i know a lot of you people were duped as well, voting for guys that gave great speeches at podiums like this, rallies like this because you are promised a smaller government, promised more of your hard-earned money that you could take home with you and we got the exact opposite. inventing a man named donald j trump and he started speaking our language. he recognized that this city is a swamp filled with politicians
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who have their best interest in mind, not our best interest. they will say do anything to get elected and reelected instead of working for the american people and they will do whatever it takes to get to the next level for donald trump ran on a platform of draining the swamp and clearly i wasn't the only one that listened. look around and see people from all over the country here today and then i look back at my home states, mississippi. my guy in congress brands on tv how he voted over 15 times to repeal obamacare. let me ask you this and this is important. if republicans control the house and republicans control the senate and we have a great republican in the white house, why wasn't one of those 50 bills to repeal obamacare ready to go on the president's desk january 20?
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i will tell you why. because none of these bills were ever designed to pass. they were a show bill, fake bill they knew they would never make it past the desk of obama, but they sounded great on tv, didn't they? they were nothing more than a way for these rhinos, these republicans in name only to raise more money to feed their own campaign to give themselves job security. we have an amazing opportunity to guess, vote them out like she said. we have an amazing opportunity right now to do everything we want to get accomplished in that house back there, but instead we had a congress doing nothing and i zero a lot of you in the military and a lot of you in the audience have served in the military so let's give it up for our veterans out here. [cheers and applause] >> if you are like me, a veteran , if you're like me
1:17 pm
sometimes you wake up in the morning and you miss the uniform. you miss the days of having a mission. you miss the days of having something to fulfill common mission to fulfill. i am here to tell you that you have the most important mission of your life ahead of you right now. we have a mission to help president donald trump drain this swamp. [cheers and applause] >> we have a mission to get candidates elected throughout the country that are going to help donald trump drain this swamp. we have ambition to tell our friends and our family that now is the time to elect people that will put the interest of americans ahead of their own careers. right now, the media is boggling my mind trick instead of arguing and debating about repealing obamacare something that is hurting every single american,
1:18 pm
we are debating daca and what benefits we will give to illegal immigrants. i'm sorry, the un- politically way of saying it, illegal aliens of this country. americans are suffering. our families are suffering with healthcare premiums that we just can't afford and we have a feeling obamacare system and we see how we can make more immigrants, illegal immigrants comfortable. american families need to come first. we have a mission, my veteran friend, to educate our friends and our family. we have a mission and is coming up in the spring of 2018, midterm elections are coming up in our mission is to put conservatives in office that will put americans first. [cheers and applause] >> my name is the brian rose and i'm running states house of
1:19 pm
representatives in the great state of mississippi and my personal mission and if you join me in this mission i want you to say with me, my personal mission is to help president donald j trump to make america great again! thank you. [cheers and applause] >> we are going to run right through everyone because everyone has something to say so next to the microphone can i get healthy young, please? oh. [laughter] [cheers and applause] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> bikers for trump has gotten behind about 15 different politicians. we are kicking us in a bitches out of the house of congress.
1:20 pm
we don't need them. [cheers and applause] >> we don't need fakes. we don't need frauds work we don't need people who will steal from the veterans. we don't need people who take zero find me money from the american people. we take care of our own. brian rose, we will help him win mississippi. we will help him win mississippi we've got a whole bunch of politicians that are absolutely draining as a dry. we got a guy down in florida by the name of bill nelson. we got him on his way out. we got a governor, a governor over in ohio by the name of john
1:21 pm
kasich. we had him on his way out. if you're from ohio get behind jim burt kornacki. these are the kind of people i like around us. i like to talk about commitment. back in 2015 when donald trump walked down the stairs, i made a commitment. i made a commitment, not only to donald trump, but i've made a commitment to every american citizen that's going to stand and be counted. people say we are not around anymore. people say we give up. we ain't gave up on the statues. we ain't gave up on the flag. we ain't gave up on our veterans
1:22 pm
some of us have, but we haven't. are you committed? are you committed? can i hear a, held yeah? that's what it takes to be committed. you don't show up when there's already seekers. you don't show up where there's already a crowd. you don't show up and do a little dog and pony show and walk off and leave them. you don't walk off and leave your brothers. been doing this [bleep] for brief i believe in-- [bleep] years and i ain't never left a brother. [cheers and applause] >> i don't care what color you are, what nationality you are.
1:23 pm
you are my brother. [cheers and applause] >> it's time for brothers to stand up! we tired of the keyboard warriors took we are tired of the keyboard warriors. keyboard warriors are a dime a dozen. a keyboard warrior can put together a facebook page and get 2000, 200,000 likes and call them members. i gotcha. we don't need to keyboard warriors. we need american citizens that are going to stand up. we need american citizens that are going to be counted in the numbers. that's what we need.
1:24 pm
if you are on american citizen and you believe in your constitution, why, why, why will you let illegals-- why will you let immigrants, why will you let those kind of people walk on you the time for being walked upon is dead. it's time to stand up and be counted with the numbers. [cheers and applause] >> this is what we need. tell you a little story here real quick and i will be done, tommy. back when the children of israel and the god of israel, but god of abraham, isaac and abraham, the god and we trust here the united states, that is the god
1:25 pm
we are talking about, there was a prophet in the old testament that said god told him he said nehemiah, build me a wall around my city. of the city of jerusalem was in tatters. the city of jerusalem had been overrun by the babylonians took the city of jerusalem had no more economy. the city of jerusalem could not take care of its people. and god told nehemiah, said build me a wall, nehemiah. nehemiah said how can i lord on the only one left in the crowd. no, my friend, you're not the only one left in the crowd. same thing god told nehemiah. we got 7000 that you don't have a clue. we got 6000, bikers for trump that are america's.
1:26 pm
their members. folks, without organization, in this day and time of an artery, in this day and time of thieves and thugs and druglords, and in this time of politicians that want to give out country away, not to be organized, not to attach yourself to some group that's ghana have your back is a sure way to die. it's time for us to unite as americans. it's time for us to come together. it's time for us to say, here, lord, send me. do we have a half-dozen that will say, send me? by guard-- by god i think that's enough to take over.
1:27 pm
it don't take many. it takes commitment. it absolutely takes commitment. donald trump has commitments. we have a congressman down in florida by the name of gats. i been with him for the last three weeks. our congress, our house of representatives, our congress has passed 15 laws in the last three months. our senators haven't passed the first damn one. we have a lawsuit in on the book that the house has already passed work we have border wall laws already passed. we can't get this damn senators to get behind them. time to get rid of some senators [cheers and applause] >> bikers for trump, we started
1:28 pm
the first chapter back on july, 23rd. you go back and look at it. northwest florida bikers for trump. we ain't going nowhere. have i got anyone here from florida? there you go. here is my man right here. we got a guy fixing to take takeover governorship of florida we got him here to take over the governor of florida. we will stand behind him. we will support him. folks, i'm glad to see all you guys here today. i'm glad to see everyone of you. thank you for coming out. i'm sure tommy appreciates it. can i get a big, hell yeah? god bless america!
1:29 pm
god bless america! god bless america! that's what we are all about, folks. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:30 pm
[cheers and applause] >> keep the music going. if there is any media that once to come up on the stage and get a good picture of the crowd because we let-- know how you love to show crowds, if you want to come up on the stage right now and get yourself some pictures of the crowd area, now is your chance. , on up. [cheers and applause] >> , on up. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:31 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:32 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> we will announce the next speaker, but america-- captain america, where did he go? where did that guy go? i don't even think his flag will fit up here. come up to the front, man so everyone can get pictures of you. now, that's american flag. that's on-- an american site. please welcome the next speaker, a nice young lady by the name of
1:33 pm
kelsey yong, ladies and gentlemen. [cheers and applause] >> that will be tough to follow, but i think you guys can show her some love. >> i am kelsey from detroit and speaking on behalf of jane arnold. she can't be here today. her sister passed at this week, so i ask you to send her and her family lots of prayers. she was desperately wanting to be here, but instead i get to send it to you. on behalf of jane, here we go. ladies and gentlemen, our beloved american patriots, before i say anything i first went to give thanks and glory to our creator above, for we know by the very words of our founding fathers that are enshrined within our constitution that they too were many women whose living flesh and blood were inspired and
1:34 pm
driven by the same divine spirit and providence that has brought many of you here today. i am but one tiny whisper of a voice in a nation that is filled with millions of other tiny voices that have gone unheard or ignored for far too long. i may be a nobody average american, but i'm also the proud daughter, senate and inheritor of this spirit of my veteran father and two bloodlines of veteran grandfathers, one casper sawyer he received accommodation after serving honorably and wounded while serving in 120th hornets supplying me company. uncles who all sacrificed, fought for and served in the interest of keeping our great nation and people secure, peaceful, sovereign and free. just as many of you and your ancestors have done, which is on the more reason to use this moment to thank all who have
1:35 pm
sacrificed before us and who all still served today. also, a deeply heartfelt thank you to mr. tommy hodges and that organizers, staff and other average americans who have worked tirelessly to make this day happen, you all, we all did it together and if we can do this we can do more. originally, i had hoped to speak about gratitude and sacrifice, but over these past few months since the oregon video and waiting there sounds for my request to speak i began asking other people's civil question, average people like the nurse who tends to our loved ones, the long-haul truckers remove vital good strategy, like the lifeblood for me to nation the men and women who have been training and standing at the ready to preserve all people's constitutional rights to free speech, assembly and association without fear of a violence.
1:36 pm
my scented as in all left-- [inaudible] >> the officer who never forgets to kiss their spouse and children goodbye before every shift, the old timers who hang out sipping coffee encompassing every morning at the local could say, the family members of the veteran who returned home from more in the mother who worries and wonders that her child have to fight here on our own soil one date come i began asking all these questions to people and many more from all walks of life one single question. if you had the chance for your voice to be heard what message would you want to send and here are the few teams that began to emerge from our brothers and sisters. liberty, means many different things to many different people, but the common thread that binds us together in agreement is that our liberty is a fragile gift fought for the revolutionary war and hard-won victory. we as a nation and generation
1:37 pm
have prosperity greatly. i have talked to people who risk their lives to come to america where they can experience their lives-- what to many take for granted here and i have spoken to others who live beneath authoritarian regimes until american soldiers liberated their villages and country and they say the same thing, they would never go back to living in bondage and slavery. the quality of your life and lives of your children depending on how you answered what would you say. what if liberty-- what if. [inaudible] >> would you recognize it if it was being removed from our grasp? is my belief we would not be convening today if we thought our liberties or nothing to be concerned about. free will, interesting i know many people are concerned about this one. most of the people who brought
1:38 pm
up free will or either of deep and abiding faith or with the old definition of what it meant to be a liberal use to to be. nothing like the characteristic who identify themselves as liberals today. are founding fathers were liberty minded individuals with worldview with values such as we will, liberty and accountability when crafting article five of our constitution and putting in our bill of rights are founders -- founders thought it necessary to include the first pre-steps as the constitutional republic which they set forth for us. there's a great difference between a democracy and republic. a republic is defined as government with the constitution whose role is to protect and ensure that you may label rights endowed upon them by their creator are protected and upheld by the rule of law and that
1:39 pm
these liberties shall not be removed by our government. even when the government is elected by a majority of voters. its citizens are sovereign in a rule through elected officials who are supposed to subject to the same rule of law as the governed. in contrast, a democracy is unrestrained and can impose a majority will against the minority, people of faith naturally understand this concept and its importance as this is one of the very first guess the creator endowed mankind with. we are all accountable for our own choices and actions whether we accept or deny this truth, but many in our government today would have us to believe that they will bear our responsibilities in absolution. we know this is untrue, but many secretly put a management in responsible to their promises. what would you be willing to sacrifice in order to throw off
1:40 pm
the shackles of dependency? israel and honor of the vast landscape of the middle east there stands one facet of freedom and peaceful safe haven for people of all faiths, israel and america are forever in its lines for our shared heritage faith in core values and we have stood as allies for decades. unfortunately, and unbeknownst to many of us we have had an ex-president who is working hard behind the scenes to undercut the bonds between our two nations. and it was only in his last days that he made a public statement that america now suddenly stood on the side of terrorist organizations and openly declared we were throwing out oldest ally to the walls. about dishonor of such a move called embarrassing and unbearable to many. who will you stand with any time of need, your oldest reliable friend or would you turn your back on them in order to please
1:41 pm
and gain the approval of an enemy whose people freely can't -- [inaudible] >> communism and socialism, everyone sees what this has been involving an emerging to society with past 10 months, but there are many who are only now beginning to comprehend that our schools and universities have become incubators for cultural marxist to have literally been raising an army of people who do not want a constitutional republic. they truly believe that wealth redistribution ushering in stalin's paradise would bring about that utopia, radical educators have suggested and forced them into believing in and now they are willing to fight for. communism has killed over 100 million people, more than all wars combined. the only way i see it of turning this is to direct engagement with our local level officials
1:42 pm
are talked to our school boards, police and sheriffs offices and ask where they stand on these issues. if they are wishy-washy vote them out now look around at what we did together. we have this. these are just a few of the things on the minds of many i have spoken with and i feel honored and humbled to their their messages before you today. this is what we are all about, sharing information, lifting each other out and leaving no man, woman or voice behind and on forever honored and grateful to have been a small part of it as far back as chapman's debut at the first battle of berkeley. my profound gratitude for the special opportunity to confer with you today even though i cannot be here in body i pray you will hear my earnest passion spoken through a gracious and generous woman without her offering to deliver these thoughts to many i would've felt a deep sense of dereliction of duty and dishonor in addition to burying my sister at this moment
1:43 pm
to thank you for being the people you are and i would be proud to call you a friend. i'm going with it. piece today, our patriots hopefully some will take interest. lets educate. this is the best country or what? thank you for your patience. this is an awesome responsibility and opportunity to speak my heart and are the thoughts of others as well. god bless this unification rally and all who are here. god protect him bless our president. god bless the amazing opportunities this nation provides and got here our pride for righteousness and the rule of law to be restored that we may feel secure, confidence and within our beloved country. on the half of members of tennessee south carolina, new york, ohio, and florida these words are for y'all brothers and sisters i hope i represent. ♪
1:44 pm
>> on the call up the next speakers and put the next four people on deck, glenn maier, kyle chapman, then varga and liz , please. ♪ >> right now i would like to call up sean dugas put your hands together for mr. sean dugas. [applause]. >> all right, everybody. this guy over he was trying to make it in earlier when the media was up here and he missed all the party stuff, so let's give him a big american pride, cheer and hell yeah or something.
1:45 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you, everyone. so, this is the biggest crowd i have ever spoken in front of the four. so, if you will forgive my nerves for a minute. i'm up here from south carolina. [cheers and applause] >> representing south carolina 3% errors, south carolina patriots all of the state. and i would like to say before i actually get started with my speech that i wrote, throwing a
1:46 pm
little ad lib. in here, that following these inspirational politicians appear really makes me nervous. okay? but, we have one of those swamp creatures in our state, also. it's time we vote his athletic out. 's name is lindsay graham. [cheers and applause] >> if i had to do it myself and run against him, i am making it my mission to remove him from office, get him out of our public lives. [cheers and applause] now, to my prepared statements. i would like to thank tommy for organizing this and dropping the idea. i got on board with tommy as soon as he said that when he was talking about surrounding the white house and all of that stuff and then they change the name to more xhosa thank you, tommy.
1:47 pm
i would like to thank monica schmitz who's done so much work behind the scene to line up speakers, to handle media issues, hell, so much stuff. figure, monica. i really appreciate that. anyway, like i said my name is sean dugas. some of y'all know me. i stood with y'all in places like charlottesville and gettysburg and raleigh because it's time we stand up. i that tried doing live videos like some you guys, but i found that has a tendency to stick my mouth and my foot oh, putting my mouth, sorry. anyway, i can't find aid decent pair of peppermint shoes anywhere. all right? anyway, let me tell you little about me. first of all i am a christian,
1:48 pm
and i think god for the opportunity to stand here and speak in front of y'all today. second, i'm a human being. i'm a member of the human race. that's the only race that there is. part of being that is being a son, a father, husband and most recently a grandfather. last november, i had my first grandbaby and she's a precious gift from god. third, i am an american. almost 30 years ago i took an oath to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic and if you had told me that that domestic part would have been in play i would have told you you were out of your mind. but, it's real today.
1:49 pm
i, like many others, once wrote a check to the people of america in the amount of up to and including my life come as i would like to thank all the veterans that are here with us today. [cheers and applause] >> you are overlooked, passed over an illegal immigrants are put before us. it's got to stop! [cheers and applause] >> on a second. in my time in the air force, i traveled to places that many of you have never heard of. most people can't find it on a map. i was in marrakesh, morocco, where i sang hotel california in a bar with a muslim rock band. [cheers and applause]
1:50 pm
>> i paid $10 for a loan budweiser hilton hope-- hotel in the country of djibouti and out mistake it at all. backcountry is just like it sounds. if they was going to give the earth on enema, that's where they would stick it. anyway, i want you to believe me when i tell you that the best part of all of those trips was coming back to this country and putting my feeds on the soil of the country that i love. [cheers and applause] >> this country was a served by many people in the past who bled in sacrifice to make it what it is today. i had two grandfathers that served in world war ii, one was a b-17 tail gunner who is in a
1:51 pm
plane crash in training the plane it nearly cut them in half and he survived and i love that man even though he is in heaven above, now. of the other man of the tailgunner on b-29s in the asian theater. he was shot down and held in a pow camp and-- in tokyo japan. this man, when he got back from that pow camp, they had to do reconstructive surgery on his face to put it back into place from the brutal beatings he received. these men are part of what we call the greatest generation. they fought evil in all of its forms. the difference with them was people that they were fighting war uniforms and were on foreign land. the people we fight today, not
1:52 pm
only don't wear a uniform, but they wear suits and they work in that building up of their. [cheers and applause] >> anyway, today we all have the opportunity to carry on in that tradition, but it requires that we all did out from behind our keyboards and stand up and do what's right for the people of this country. i understand that not everyone can do that for financial reasons or health reasons, but if you are sitting at home complaining about the people that aren't doing it and you have no valid excuse, then you have nothing to complain about. second thing-- hold on, sorry. lets me back up. it requires us to put aside our egos. we are all equally important in this movement in this country.
1:53 pm
we will be most effective when we come together as one patriot voice. [cheers and applause] >> had we do that? how do we leave here today, return to our homes and truly make america great again? keep in mind the men that we elected, president donald j trump who is in the white house over there will only be here for a short time. so, we had to keep that in mind as we progress. we need to follow that lead in returning to common sense principles and a common moral compass based on our founding documents and the rule of law. we do that by putting america first because if we are sick and cannot help ourselves, we cannot help anyone else.
1:54 pm
[cheers and applause] >> in case you haven't noticed, it's not just that-- it's not just america in turmoil. it's the entire world that is in turmoil. we need help from our god to battle this. lets every ic and every ear here from the very beginning this has always been predicted to be that way. in the meantime, i will stand and i will fight until my last breath, the last breath or until jesus christ returns to take me home. [cheers and applause] >> once again, i would like to thank tommy and monica for everything they have done and i would like to give a special shout out and thank you to my
1:55 pm
wife, caroline, who would love so much. for her patients in her understanding while i'm a call to surface for this great country. [cheers and applause] >> thank you all. god bless you all. god bless the united states of america. god bless our president donald j trump and don't forget-- [inaudible] ♪ ♪ >> before we bring up the next speaker, i just want to introduce to you have any jazz and, who is the author of this book and the bill-- we'll be right here with this tent with the backdrop. he's the author of the
1:56 pm
"terrorist whisper". to introduce him click and he will do some book signing. of the story is an extraordinary story of a young iraqi who was recruited by the us intelligence , after serving american military officer was nearly abducted by al qaeda. intelligence information change the battle for the marines in falluja by taking out one of al qaeda's main operatives are cute and went on to protect the americans in the operation center in the iraq he ministry of defense by interviewing a suicide-- interviewing a suicide belt before dennis-- detonated and was known as the pro- american to the higher intelligence agencies who would report history level intelligence to the direct presidential advisers, people called in the terrorist whisper because he could take on the terrorist face to face by identifying their weaknesses for the great states-- i mean, a
1:57 pm
great country of the united states of america, so put your hands together for him. >> : hello, everyone. i can't hear you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you all for being here and i am a product of the american dream! i am a product of it and here's why i support donald trump because i am part of this process and i know that we-- our immigration rules need to be fakes and i'm looking forward to talking to you. i will sign books and look forward to talking to you. >> lets get the next a speaker a, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for glenn mayor. >> thank you for letting me be
1:58 pm
here. thank you first and foremost to the staff of more and apologies i will be reading my speech off my phone. bear with me, here. first and foremost, greetings my fellow americans and thank you everyone for coming here. thank you to the staff, tommy and everyone. i'm so glad you were able to set this up. it's often, the greatest, friendliest atmosphere i've been in a long time and i love to see the patriots coming together. without any of you guys it wouldn't be possible. were it not for dedicated staff of more we would all have to worry about the great-- crazy stuff going on and thanks to them, no problem. now, let me cut into mice each. i'm from the city of chicago, the southeast side here and from
1:59 pm
and also a couple friends of mine, one that goes by scooby 331 will be giving a speech also to my friends in the tent toward in chicago, they know me as nighthawk. to all the people i've met here, you know me as burnside. that name wound up sticking with me. my handle on there is burnside-- [inaudible] i'm not only just one of the few people from chicago that's not only a trump voter in support of, but as you can tell from the uniform i'm wearing i'm an anarchist. ..
2:00 pm
we the people to oust corruption and our great nation. there's too much corruption going on. someone mentioned the clintons. they have all the crazy crap when you have regular free speech rallies. you get the crap beaten out of them. i don't care what the local installation is, you have your constitutional right and they should be upheld. thank you and my only regret
2:01 pm
sadly is that the other antifa are self-proclaimed anarchist don't seem to grasp this concept is because our president -- with his movement with all the patriot united we can actually set a great chance reform our nation and all the tennis is to get words can wring out to them but i'll be honest with you it's been a doubtful. it's an uphill battle. they are not very diplomatic unlike myself. so in this great time of trouble, my fellow americans, sally rissman by violence, deception immigrants. it's everywhere. there's a a vast and all reaching conspiracy of treason. like george orwell said, in times of universal lies, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. but also -- let's see here. the truth is a thing that is being rapidly silenced. and i sadly say the truth should
2:02 pm
be heard. the naysayers say our president is just some fascist tyrant. you know what, i say no more of that crap. enough. he's not that bad of a guy because my fellow americans, we need to band together and stop this unholy treason and to smash its controlled machine, flat out. if all these people are going to work together to not only get the president of each but cause all these bogus russian claims and try to provoke absolute political violence without right just beat the crap out of people, we need to work against them. simple as that. i'm not saying we need to get by the but we cannot start a civil war. we shouldn't have to fight a civil war with these guys. nuts. it needs to stop. these people are turning down the monument and the history of our own civil war. what will they do with the
2:03 pm
monuments of history of the war that they are making now? what about the rest of the worst we've had? god knows we've had many of them. world war ii, vietnam, iran, iraq, kuwait, i want to wipe that out. they want to to complete eradicate the rest of her history wars are terrible. what a horrible. [shouting] >> that's all fine. that's all fine. i'll talk to you later. [shouting] >> by all means. anyways, why do we want to wipe with the darkest hours of our history? we need to learn from mistakes our past we don't repeat them. it's as simple as that. i don't think we should get rid of the statues come get rid of her history and try to rewrite t because we had some terrible things happen. we need to learn from it.
2:04 pm
it's absolute nonsense. they want to make it an impossible reality that borders on psychotic delusion. they basically innocent as i understand they want to take plato is republic and blended in with george orwell 1984, like the actual society of 1984. they just want to modernize it into this postmodern society. [shouting] or political correctness. i don't like -- [shouting] [shouting] [shouting]
2:05 pm
[shouting] [shouting] [shouting] [shouting] [shouting]
2:06 pm
>> i want to bring everyone together. plain and simple we need use this speech while we have it. we cannot let these people, i distend the woman is upset but aside from that we cannot let them start the civil war. we cannot have a repeat of 1936. the spanish civil war was bad enough, the american civil war was tha bad enough. we need diplomacy. that's what i am proudly sadly the only anarchist backing trump's a thank you all and thank you in particular. [applause] >> let's make some music.
2:07 pm
[chanting] usa. [chanting] ♪ ♪ ♪
2:08 pm
♪ >> now that's what i call patriot, baby. are you guys ready to sing it? are you all ready to sing as well? let me hear those patriotic voices. are you ready? sing it. ♪ we're not going to take it. no, we ain't going to take it a note we're not going to take it anymore. ♪ we're not going to take it. i don't care what the words are. no, we anchored to take it. we're not going to take it ♪ ♪ anymore ♪ ♪
2:09 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now that we got your attention where it needs to be right up here, let's give a huge d.c. welcome for the congressional account of maryland. [applause]
2:10 pm
hi, everyone. thank you so much for coming to washington. i love you, too. i just want to say thank you. i'm actually a d.c. native. and i live in maryland now. any marylanders? any service members? men and women in blue? police officers, all of them. most importantly loved ones and children of service people. i want to give a special shout out. i have my brother is a marine. my boyfriend is a marine and we not difficult and important it is to support them in their service i wanted to thank you first. as you heard before i actually ran for congress last year in 2016. my trajectory, i know this is a nonpartisan event, but i became a republican in 2016.
2:11 pm
i left the democratic party in 2014 when i learned -- [applause] >> thank you. the truth. growing up, i went to school with the clintons, the sulzberger is, the bradleys, you know, every powerful person, i went to school with her children. so when you talk about the establishment, unfortunately i have fought the whole time against the establishment. when i became an independent for six months running for congress in maryland, i got to really hear and see the pain we all were feeling. if somebody is okay, most of us are not, especially economically. when you leave the beltway which a lot of these people behind me do not leave the beltway, they don't understand how much pain is out there. in order to knows that what's happening in carroll county, frederick county, baltimore county, all the counties beyond montgomery county and even in
2:12 pm
montgomery county, we need to do better or each other. when i became a republican, i know i get it's not a partisan issue, i found out about the history of our community. african-americans initially were republicans. the most successful, i see some conservatives out there, the most successful we were as a community was when we were republicans. i think our president one with 30% of the black vote. there's a lot of information out there in early they have spoken about being online and off-line. this has been, person was afraid of coming down here, even if it's my hom hometown. i did know it was going to happen but i'm glad i came down. i think that something we need to do. we need to stand up for our citizenship. a lot of people have forgotten how important american
2:13 pm
citizenship actually is. american citizens are the most powerful citizens ever created in the history of humanity. it doesn't matter what you look like, who you were born to, where you were born, if you were native born or you earned your citizenship, it is up to us to stand up for it. we are about freedom. we are about faith. we are about family, and we are about free enterprise. when people don't understand those of the basic principles of our foundation, that's why we are conservatives. we are conservatives to conserve this american republic. i know i'm getting a little wonky, but i am very encouraged, i would encourage more and more people to run for offices, whether it's school board, governor, for congress, your
2:14 pm
city council. all these positions, if we don't step up to it, then they, and i know who they are because i grew up with them, they will control it. they work for us. i don't understand when and how we forgot about that. so do continue to do what you do because if you are bikers for tom, if you are bikers for america, if your citizens, just a soccer mom who just cares about the sanctity of her soccer team, we want to make sure that we protect our country. so do not ever, ever ever, ever apologize for how much you love this country. because if you don't stand up for it then it will fall. that is a plant of some of them. they think that we're divided. we are not divided. they are divided because they gerrymandered the crap out of our districts.
2:15 pm
they made sure that they would try to quell our voices. that's what happened in mind. jamie raskin is my congressman. he is left of bernie sanders. he's representing my district from takoma park all the way up to maryland. how is that justice? he's the one who introduced the 26th amendment move for trump. he has to pay attention to what's happening to our country. last note. the language. the reason why we push americans to speak english is because that's how we unify. when our country was founded, they spoke german. they spoke i wish. they spoke dutch. they spoke africa, whatever random languages they spoke, and english did win out. they should've called it american but they didn't. they wanted to perfect the
2:16 pm
english language not only because they themselves spoke different forms of english, they had unify these colonies in order to trade, in order to remain firm. that's what we care so much about our language. when you don't learn our language, you voluntarily cut yourself out of our country. we are not pushing out. we want people to encouraged to learn the language that is how we become so successful, and again i just want to thank you all. if you're connecting a facebook connect on facebook. but when they shut facebook and make sure you connect off-line because you know they're going to do it. the moment they see how powerful american citizens actually are, they are going to find ways to shut us down. the bikers are not going to let that happen, right? thank you so much for your time and usa. [applause]
2:17 pm
>> one more round of applause. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> all right. we have a marine coming up next to everybody put their eyes forward and semper fi. we have a pattern of 196 1967-1. can we get a heads together together for hamilton? [applause] >> semper fi. >> welcome home. >> thank you. thanks for letting me be here, tommy. and thanks for putting this on.
2:18 pm
i just want to do an real quick prayer for all of us. father god, just thank you for this event and thank you for all the people that are here, and make sure that no one comes upon. amen. number one, i've got to tell you i love the lord, jesus christ is my savior. i didn't come by that fact really easy. some of the gifts he has given me is that i am now in my 30th year of sobriety through the grace of god and the 12 step program. i'm a father. i am 70 but i got a 19-year-old son. that was valedictorian of his high school. i'm very proud of him. i got an incredible incredible life. penny, thank you for let me come here. i'm a physician assistant, been
2:19 pm
a p.a. 437 years in surgery, and i'm a small business owner. i just want to tell you a little bit about something i call perfect timing. after i came out of the service, i disabled, after came out of the service i was kind of angry, as many of us are, at our government. didn't trust anybody. went to college, went to p.a. school, and started this business assisting in the operating room, was having problems with the government. and they told me well, go talk to this congressman. this is in atlanta, georgia. he will be able to help you. i said i don't even know if i'm in his district. they said he doesn't care. he likes helping people. i went there first time in my life i've ever done that, and i'll be darned if the congress actually didn't meet with me. i mean he did meet with me.
2:20 pm
i told him my problems. he said in five days we will have your answer, answers. in four days that all answers except one. he said it will take a couple more weeks. he came through with that. and i left that meeting understanding there was something was different from the man i met compared to what i was shown on tv in atlanta, georgia, and in the newspaper, the atlanta journal constitution. we lovingly call it the atlanta constipation and urinal. this guy was totally different. it kind of piqued my interest and he taught a course at college, and i waited to take the course because i wanted to learn more about why this seemed to be not sitting right. and the first of the course i sat i'll seed, first seat in front of the lectern -- i'll seat. he did his lecture that day and i went home and we were getting
2:21 pm
ready to go out i heard the tv, local tv station mentioned it so went and it up thinking a little ego, i might be on tv, i don't know. they talked about what he has lectured, and what they said was never said. and i know it because he gave the class notes, i recorded it and i took notes. and i thought it was just a one-off. the next morning "the atlanta journal-constitution" had the same mistake on front page. it was a coordinated attack. still clueless. so next saturday at the next course i went back and i said, i showed in the paper. i said, look, get those people to have retracted this peer by the way, the tv station did wrong. he looked at me he started laughing. i said was so funny? he said you don't know, do you? i said what? he said it's always been this way. and i said how in the heck am ii
2:22 pm
supposed to know what to believe? he said you have to trust your sources. national review and then he suggested i listen to somebody on talk radio that at the time i hated, although i had never listen to them. i just listen to what people on tv and read in the paper about him, and that was rush limbaugh. fast-forward to today, and that man that was lecturing that course was newt gingrich. he's a history professor. all right? and that one online encounter changed my life. it changed my families life. it changed my sons life. he is a hard thinking conservative son. fast for today, and we have a president that has come into our being the perfect timing for the perfect man.
2:23 pm
and he is teaching us individually with his tweets. and they go out and people ask questions wait a minute, cbs said this, but let me go check this source. and i tweaked to somebody and they tweaked to a couple people or facebook, and it's changing the nation. so many more people are understanding what's really happening here and that needs to be changed. now let me tell you about some of the stuff i've done personally trying to make some change. i've been reviewing high school textbooks for the last six years. it's very painful but i've been successful in having two of them removed because our school district, because it was indoctrination, not education. i find people from school board and for the city council that think like i do.
2:24 pm
i'm a conservative and i support them. i don't make a lot of money. i support them in that way but what i really support is putting in yard signs, knocking on doors, just lifting them up. the other thing that i do is there's a wonderful organization for all you parents, grandparents, parents to be, and it's called truth in textbooks. and you can go online and they have a wealth of information about textbooks that are throughout the united states. most textbooks are decided on by florida, texas and california. we've already reviewed all of california. we followed reviewed all of texas. florida is next. so guess what. you can live in the middle of nowhere and you can go and you can find a textbook that they want to bring into your school
2:25 pm
and you can see what the reviews were. our reviews specifically notate source information. and that is what we need to do as parents and grandparents. because what is going on in college is going to be repeated in k-12 with common core. common core is nothing but indoctrination. it tears our nation down and it tries to replace it with socialism. so anyhow, i just want to tell you guys that don't give up. you just keep fighting, just keep fighting and reach out. god bless you all and god bless america. [applause]
2:26 pm
♪ >> how are we doing? [cheers and applause] >> my name is kyle chapman. want to go ahead as vice president of the proud boys, gordon introduced this next gentleman, been. i would like all the proud boys to come up on the stage please. if you're a proud boys go head ends assemble on the stage here behind me. they note are you all doing all right? there we go. these are proud boys, ladies and gentlemen. we are a virtual organization. we are here to defend our western culture society and
2:27 pm
civilization. we already to fight, bleed and die for this shit, guys. let's hear it. we are the proud boys. all right ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, i would like to introduce a very special man here. let's give it up for ben varga. [applause] >> hello, fellow americans. my name is ben. hello, my fellow americans. my name is ben. i'm here as a concerned american. it is with great honor and pleasure that i speak to you
2:28 pm
today here in washington, d.c., at moar. since the time i was a child, i have passionately believed it a great american flag. everything it stands for, but passion only goes so far. we are a competitive country. we like to think of ourselves as the best and most everything we do. and rightfully so. the fire in our bellies burned bright but also sometimes in goals more than intended. competition at the heart of all great sports, the greatest combination of passion and competition count some legendary rivalries. ali versus frazier, the lakers versus the celtics. yankees versus red sox, and duke versus north carolina, to name a few.
2:29 pm
these rivalries share many things including excitement, sold out arenas and sometimes borders. but certainly not bands. it's the greatest thrill of all for fans to come from beating your babies favorite team. in sport we keep our competitive arguments usually in content. when limit them to whose of the greatest team or player and may have intense but hopefully friendly arguments. when it comes to our politics to our fires that burned even more intense, we take it personal. we feel as if, as is our problem. we, one nation under god, all american must unite and forget
2:30 pm
about, forget about our differences. it doesn't matter if we all call ourselves liberal, conservative, independent. at the end of the day we have a mother, father, brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter. the reason we get, the reason we get together today to celebrate the american flags. it represents our core value to include all people of the united states as one collected group. it's probably the best summed up by president calvin coolidge who said our constitution, our
2:31 pm
constitution guarantees equal rights to all of our citizens without discrimination on account of race or color. i have taken my oath to support that constitution. it is the source of your rights, and my rights. i propose to regard it and administer it. it's a source of the rights of all people, whatever their belief or race. we stand today in the crossroads of our country, politics, racism, separatism, radicalism, all tests the strength of our unity. we need to turn to our faith in god and our fellow man to work together to overcome our faith
2:32 pm
urges and our misconceptions, and rise up as one country, indivisible, under god. americans have that many circumstance of deal with tough choices in our country, but looking back in the past there is a common pattern in the solution. abraham lincoln faced some of the greatest challenges they could face any man. he won a hard-fought presidential election, and in 16 weeks before he goes to the inauguration ceremony, he has seven states secede and form the confederate states of america. whatever you feel this place among the presidents, there's one thing about president lincoln that cannot be denied. he had faith in god, and he read
2:33 pm
the bible and he believes in god guiding us, and the u.s. constitution. he led the country out of the civil war, and he abolished slavery, a general who would later become president grant famously said holdfast to the bible as the anchor of your liberties. write it on your heart and in your lives. to the guide in the future. therefore, we must believe in god and gods words in our country. and the turmoil. in conclusion, i would ask that we seek common ground before differences, mentioned before
2:34 pm
rivalry, unity before conflict. please continue to defend and represent our constitution and help to teach our younger generation to lean upon our forefathers who gave their lives so that we could live as a free nation. we need our youth to learn the bible, believe in god and his kindness, and learn to look for the good in our fellow man. i hope that i leave you today with the revitalized the vision of how we can turn to the bible in our time of difficulty. and we can work together in a a beautiful country to move forward together. thank you. [cheers and applause]
2:35 pm
♪ [chanting] build of that wall. hilda that wall. [chanting] build that wall. build that wall. >> actual job. ladies and gentlemen, that young man for the first time to have public speech. let's give it up for ben varga. [applause] >> what is the one thing that unifies all this is where all sons and daughters of western cultures and western civilizations and we are all united by god. let's hear it, the west is the basket ladies and gentlemen. the west is the best. the west is the best. the west is the best. the west is the best. the west is in the best. thank you, everybody.
2:36 pm
thank you, proud boys. thank you, guys. love you. ♪ ♪ >> all right, there we go. i want to make a point real quick, guys. we had some people out here who don't agree with all of our ideas, but they stood over there. they had civil conversations. they debated their ideas, and there was no violence. and that is the point. that is really the point of this whole event is to show that we can agree to disagree without raising at this to each other. in america we don't have political violence over freedom of speech. that shit happens in iran.
2:37 pm
that shit happens in russia and north korea. we are america. so in this country we voice our opinions without fear of violence against us. we debated with those folks. we heard their ideas. they are ours and that's the point of moar. mother of all rallies is everybody can come out, voice their opinions and if you can't shake the hand of every person here, you are probably in the wrong place. so when we come i just want to tell, all right, four feet, fiv. hey, when i do my song tonight, build a wall, will be performing on that trump bridge over there. it's going to be nuts. let me get the next few speakers up and on deck we have johnson on deck and raymond herrera on
2:38 pm
deck, and stephen on deck the right to put your hands together for michael, ladies and gentlemen. >> my grandfather lieutenant colonel donald mcbride is buried across the ancient potomac river at the hollowed grounds of arlington national cemetery right in view of the part of the pentagon that was struck on 9/11 over a decade ago. he rests beside my sweet grandmother as well as such dignified war heroes as audrey murphy, supreme justices, and even the eternal flame of john f. kennedy. providence brought here today to depart as short message to patriot. god-fearing warriors of our republic of the eternal promises laid out by our ancestors and forefathers in the declaration of independence and the everlasting constitution.
2:39 pm
from the icicles that the revolutionary battle of valley forge were not even malnutrition disease and the prospect of fighting the great british empire could change our path. or at the foothills of the round top when general joshua chamberlain and the 20th maine ran out of bullets while bloodthirsty rebels advance towards what was the far flank of the union line. chamberlain ordered, later receiving the medal of honor at this historic act. the rebels out of pure panic never seen a bayonet charge before surrendered immediately. what could be seen as the final turning point of the civil war. that even a lack of bullets could halt our noble destiny. fast-forward a century and our grandparents tirelessly worked in the factories, the city pittsburgh creating enough steel to exceed all the production of the axis powers combined.
2:40 pm
not hitler, not mussolini, not even the crazed harry carey, cozzi japanese could alter our date in history. and here we stand together today, whether you call god my lord, yahweh, jehovah, allah, krishna or just plain lord jesus christ our lord and savior, we worship one god. we are one people united by one flag with one eternal destiny, except, except where are our enemies today? what are thei the tools of war ? what weapons to the use against us. there are no longer continents being torn into mass battlefields. there are no longer panzer division dotting the landscape had to bet combat artillery blasting into the wee hours of the night. but if we didn't leave our enemy wasn't out there-strong, we wouldn't be here today.
2:41 pm
it's a new enemy, a faceless one just like the nazis or the rebels or the redcoats. this faceless enemy hates our way of life all the same. the enemy hates our freedom despises our bold american ways, wants to topple our government and burn the statues and monuments of this national mall. who is this enemy you may ask? if the enemy doesn't use guns, they don't use artillery, what are their weapons against us? put simply, our enemy employs fear, disinformation, black propaganda, uses our own ignorance against us what can properly be called socialist ideological subversion. an ancient chinese military general said the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting, to break them without firing not bullets but
2:42 pm
bola, don't fire a single shot if the mice will become the flash will go and you can defeat them without open conflict. the enemy plays off of our differences, our perceptions. the email is to promote racial tension always taking a little fact with about that they can go to amplify the battlefield call. when you see a publication such as german der spiegel or the stern and i blew them up but we don't have it up on the stage because we know the media will misrepresent what we are saying -- then you start to see really how far the enemy is willing to go to deceive and stir conflict. publications like the economist follow suit weeks later revealing how far our enemies network spans continent to continent. if you want to see those blowups, they are over there. you can see the kind of white
2:43 pm
shirt. he will show them to you. they want to tell us we are wrong for saying merry christmas, harass us for doing that never happened to them by people who are long dead. this is what ideological subversion is. it turns us against our parents, makes us take the very flag they gave us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. those two european publications are confirmed former channels of soviet disinformation, confirmed by former textile balking intelligent agent litman pulls the congress employed against east and west germany in order to so division, break the german will and keep germany from uniting. some of you are old enough to remember reagan's famous words, terror down that wall. america always has a way of defeating totally obliterate its
2:44 pm
enemies, then and now. i am here today to call all patriots to stand under oneunited party, the national american first political party, a dagger to phony rhinos of the republican establishment but paul ryan and john mccain who won't represent our interests. i also call for all disenfranchised democrats who saw hillary and debbie wasserman schultz steal the nomination from senator sanders through voter fraud to join our national american first movement. we welcome you with open arms. [applause] and with our ancestors are looking down from the pearly gates of paradise in the words of one of the great forgotten presidents, dwight d. eisenhower, i use one measuring stick by which i test all major problems.
2:45 pm
that yardstick is, is a good for america? [applause] >> thank you. ♪ >> did he kill that are what? did he kill that are what? ♪ ♪ >> liberty is freedom. [applause]
2:46 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:47 pm
♪ ♪ >> all right. let's give a big round of applause for diamante johnson, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] >> i hate to interrupt such a beautiful time but i need your help. if you look around the borders, come over here, some of the side, some the back and look at all the militia men that are here keeping everybody safe. turned around, give them a round
2:48 pm
of applause. tell them thank you. [applause] you got park police, you got d.c. metro police. you have law enforcement here doing their job keeping all of us safe. [applause] >> how are you all doing out there? listen, we have president trump in the white house. we have president trump in the white house now, the fake news says i shouldn't be right if it they say i should be over there protesting but i'm here and in telling the news that you guys are wrong. i am here. i support the president. i am an american. he is my president and we will not impeach him. we are an american. we are americans together. when we leave this country were not a black american, not a white american, not animation american. we are simply americans.
2:49 pm
i am grateful everybody was you. this event is amazing. it's amazing, it's amazing. as a present of the black consumer federation address you custody country found and like the black conservative federation where making america great again. we bringing other races, making minorities know that you are conservative. you have a voice. the liberals not care about you. the conservatives do. they have their interests at heart. now, hillary clinton thanks, hillary clinton thought that she is going to to the black community i dating beyoncé and by getting jc and by getting them there. polemically something hillary clinton. there's a majority of the black that care, madrid at the blacks that you will not get by dating beyoncé or jay-z or any of them out there. so today i say that hillary, you
2:50 pm
love, we know what happened. donald trump happened, and we now have a president of the united states of america. god bless america and god bless the president of united states of america. make sure you like a black conservative federation. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:51 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hey everybody out there. everybody look on the ground to your left, look on the ground to your right. etc any trash pick it up and throw it away for us.
2:52 pm
let's leave this place the same way it was when we got here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
♪ ♪ >> how many people here have been banned by facebook? if you ain't been banned on facebook you need to step up your game, people. with infinity finally does launch you are all going to have a home where you can say whatever the blank mac you want. >> all right. i want to bring up somebody who just came in, just said they
2:54 pm
want to speak and the donor how long they will be here so i apologize for bumping anybody, raymond herrera, sorry buddy, you next don't worry. let me get peter boykin up on the microphone right now, ladies and gentlemen. >> folks, it's been a long journey and here we are. and more the mother of all rallies, that's huge, huge event put together to send a message to the sin and the congress, the media and the world that we stand united to the, stand with american culture and value. boughbinary to say a few thingsd you can do me if you want, but i ask you to listen to what i have
2:55 pm
to say before your reaction. in berkeley, charlotte on polly richman today today and other places that went down. i seem to much fighting on each side that's going against our constitution and our freedom of peaceful speech. this has made actually anti-rally. and i almost didn't come here today. why? it's not because i don't love rallies. because believe me, folks, as trump said we had the biggest and best rallies, don't we, folks? right? i should go because i was with other individuals like victoria, kia jones, randy ross, jack, and scott and many others put together a march for trump earlier this year. i hope a lot of you all were there. but why am i against rallies? because they are useless.
2:56 pm
why do i say that? because for one, we do so great at whipping up the crowds, right? patting each other on the back and preaching to the choir. which is great but we don't take this energy back home. we don't help out with our local gop. i come from a large city of ovr 250,000 people and 5 50 people show up to these meetings. 50 people. i vice-chairman because on the second person who showed up in my district. hey, scott. liberals, they might not work. they might be lazy. they might hate everything, but somehow they packed their meeting. they get values the together every time trump sneezes wrong. do you not understand what we are up against? so if you're going to leave this rally and not support your local
2:57 pm
gop, this rally means nothing. now, i'm sure many of you heard my message before many of you still complained about the so-called establishment of the gop and the rhinos. i've heard many people say they will not support the gop. but do you not understand the government and the gop is for the people, by the people, and of the people? so folks, remember we are the gop. just like paul pot kaplan model change within, inclusion matters. you have a problem with the gop candidates, then replace them. just like you replaced the use at the american what we want america to be the best at everything and we want to win again. so let's join the gop and
2:58 pm
support -- we can elect t a gret people like paul nealon, bobby lawrence, christopher chamberlain, corey stewart, omar, kid rock. there you go. and maybe one day even me. i'm sorry if i missed you. so just like we tell others come you cannot complain about who was elected and less useful. you cannot complain about the gop effectively unless you become a part of it and work to change it. so again this rally is nothing less you leave here today and you volunteer or get involved or if you get to that, with a local organization, then financially give an volunteer to the network from anybody. we can provide you with a list. we can't do everything out of our pockets of our pockets are empty. we don't have a daddy soros.
2:59 pm
crowdsourcing does work. look at what happened. we get this rally going. i'm an large trump supporter. on the president of the gays for trump. and yes, it's affinity politics at the largest degree. many conservatives don't like that they say we are all americans for trump. i agree. but the media is who we have to compete and combat with. ..
3:00 pm
>> >> we welcome all into the embrace. the media calls us terrorists and a hate group and that we continue to denounce violence on all sides of anti-semitic right and all trade a small fringe group of radicals like on the left we condemn the kkk we support within and we protect against radical islamic terrorists so wire
3:01 pm
reconsidered a hate group? because we want to make america great again and we support trump. due to the allies of the center because of the support for trump this same lgbt que l m n o p whenever if in the loop for that transgendered surgery to discriminate to be treated special in the military that is not about the individual to give these people a gun? that is a great idea. the same people force their way into a st. patrick's day parade but the kick out the jewish the same group that
3:02 pm
will beat you over the head they cannot give that same thing that they should not be serving. then you have the anarchist and fascist and the racist blacks promised black lives matter and the socialist liberal viewpoints that have corrupted the minds of the nation's youth. watching his entire graduation graduated from college campuses. no more. this is why we support donald trump everyone shares one common belief america is the greatest country in the world we will make it better than ever with technology
3:03 pm
wealth and military and individual freedom. we want to be the strongest and safest based on conservative values to achieve for the independent trump's victory is huge but the fight has only begun. we want to take our country back. [applause] throughout the campaign he has been consistent to make america great again. long before donald trump he sat in the trump tower making history ronald reagan was the original champion fighting for maga since the '80s he said he would improve the lives of all
3:04 pm
americans making american agreed again. reagan said to find them a way to get new skills with job opportunities. particularly in the inner-city is where they live. and to be welcomed to make america great again. then again in his labor day speech 1980 reagan said these have easily been spoken by the curb president donald trump and ronald reagan said this country needs a new administration with a renewed dedication to the freedom of america that will give the dream space of to make america great again. yes. make america us a great again is not a political slogan but the american concept shared by those
3:05 pm
people in this great nation the matter their gender or sexual orientation to live by that code to hear maga for me but for everyone so to truly make america great again. [applause] i'm almost done. i for one am proud once again we have a president that is the american exceptionalism that is key to ensuring that they are safe. and also lets talk about fake news. donald trump is big on fake news. this is serious andrew breitbart said to find the
3:06 pm
sources and asking the right questions those waiting for that propaganda mill it just takes that truth to take that media middleman from the equation. to give access around the world we cannot be tricked by fake news we have to do our own investigation. it is extremely important that we wake up and think for ourselves and not fall for knee-jerk reactions. >> i am involved in many organizations that i consider myself part of the
3:07 pm
new right a journalist for the radio social media maga first. we will have any event november 11. to take a dirty four-letter word and we will win. so follow me on twitter. i have ben for donald trump for a long time i have been doing these defense so few are listening we would love to work with you. i am your man. you have my support. i will hold everyone to the number one principles make america great again the maga network so make sure the
3:08 pm
rally does not go unnoticed. we are here to celebrate maga and the right to assemble peacefully to use our freedom of speech but take this energy home with you and get involved. [applause] god bless america. god bless donald trump. god bless maga. god bless the world. ♪ >> holy cow. i know you've been here most of the day we will be here all night. you know that right? we have this permit all might
3:09 pm
and then to finish out the night with a live performance so right now to bring somebody up to put together the lot -- a lot of the information not all over social media that was vital to putting this together and was vital to all information gathering i cannot find half of the stuff she did. >> i am sitting behind a computer talking to ready by that i have to do this today without all of the people out there who have helped mueller the last few months.
3:10 pm
many of you don't know this because it is not a my profile. >> diego who they are organizations on line and we have our own profiles because they don't like what we have to say. that is why in kennedy is where i am going. if not for them we would not have gone viral. because schaede -- llord show me how to use twitter and the #. that have a few people who were instrumental because i
3:11 pm
had to deal with family stuff my husband had an accident so to help him and beat -- and still do this because they'll is picked up when i needed something. and then today i ask for volunteers to sign everybody in with last-minute you know, who you are high priest of a moment to spend a year today. and to bring us what is one less thing we have to pay for. i want to thank everybody that we needed more money for something and tommy has
3:12 pm
been good with cost over $3,000. it wasn't for you because there is not a corporate sponsor. but to gauls showed up locally because i don't know logistics' and all the things that i can do so genevieve were my local girls. and then above all else if not for the two of you is stood through me through thick and thin knowing that we could do this.
3:13 pm
>> from the trump unity bridge and then straight out of california. [applause] ♪ >> we the people my name is raymond over the last 14 years starting off for the minuteman project. and across the united states and we ended up at the capitol building i have been
3:14 pm
battling this battle 14 years and i am also the mastermind that set that blockade for the american people so with that said and the commonwealth of we the people is not a nation of immigrants it is a nation of we the people. and with that creed but those that were violated the with the newspaper if they are not equal it is politically incorrect.
3:15 pm
as they tried to cram amnesty down their throats. we will not surrender and to the future we now have donald trump in the battle for america. is central to the national identity. it is who we are as of people and as a nation we shall not surrender for american exceptionalism. not at any level or party politics in washington d.c.. so we the people in the battle for america and the last 14 years i was in the
3:16 pm
streets for 14 years what i called the old guard with this project we are here today what happened to america the last 14 years my older children would laugh at the net and then. but we are ready. and with that party politics. and then to speak their language which is a battle for america. this a standing here united
3:17 pm
and where does that come from? from zero november 11 on the of mayflower. that was the first component there was no monarch. or aristocrat. or corporation to oppress the people. this is a major component of the american dream for girl that is what violated this. from those republican and principles of us the government the constitution as a of we the people to
3:18 pm
resurrect that constitution to make it a major component and for many years i have been across the united states with that national identity for where we the people when we fight from that moral political platforms to the anti-immigrant we are not beholden to immigrants or illegal alien standing on american soil. and with years past so we will invoke the american creed and the american
3:19 pm
people to stand up broadly as americans. to hear the tyranny and the of treason here in washington d.c. we shall not tolerate that anymore. any violation is by we the people with bad english language to give that community across the nation we all have the morals and common decency. and with that american creed that we shall not tolerate any further violation of the american creed.
3:20 pm
this day we are gathered here that we the people will take this country back to defend culture and to be on the american people. and to not surrender american. with american prosperity or the american in cultured pearl and with day culture society many have died on the of battlefield. and with that greatest generation is the american people that the world has
3:21 pm
ever witnessed and with the solomon islands. we shall not sacrifice by not standing up to defend our culture. so with these anti-immigrants but we will not solve the illegal aliens is a criminal element each and everyone who crosses the border to the american culture in the american dream. we shall fight them with the american creed in with their words and then we shall show
3:22 pm
them what the american spine looks like i have done hispanic media 14 years. i like to talk to all those of mexican or latino descent to join the battle for america's upper girl because of those people that we fight in mexico, 85 percent of the people are from mexico so therefore i feel we must invade mexico sooner or later and a direct violation of the mexican culture in mexico. we will not surrender america across the border
3:23 pm
and they took my job in 1980 per girl i was displaced in there millions of american tradesmen that were displaced died of the work sector per girl and if we do not correct these violations we will lose america. we shall let never surrender america and within a corrupt member and a violation of the american creed with at national identity and where i serve as a 12 month riflemen and i refused to
3:24 pm
let my counterparts died in vain. our fathers in world war ii did not fight for illegal aliens to come here to take over country from us without firing a shot. and even here in washington d.c. as well. the american people will unite and we are united in we shall remain united from this day forward without moral political platform of the american creed. the question and has been asked of me the past 14 years of the american people who are you? or who are we? this is what i say we are
3:25 pm
moms, dads, on goals, hence goals, hence, a grandmother, grandfather and born of the american creed red, white, and blue we are defenders of the american dream because we are the defenders of america. [applause] >> are you tired? ♪ ♪ ♪
3:26 pm
♪ ♪ was when you are all americans. [applause] ♪ ♪ we will stand together. we are here for america.
3:27 pm
there are people up there who want to take away your freedom and your freedom of speech and those that are trying to give away their own freedoms. and for that government to take care of me. i know what will happen here today and it is important that you never bowed down or submit.
3:28 pm
it does not matter. [applause] i am so happy of the turnout today. i am so happy we came together one reason only. guess what? you have the right. even though we see that venezuela is fucked up. billionaires' and those people. we have people that want to sit out there on their
3:29 pm
fucking i don't. we will not submit. with that sexual orientation issues this is about liberty in america. ♪ i love you mother fuckers, man. [applause] . .
3:30 pm
>> so i represent a group called american patriot for god and country. it was formally no more abominations. for obvious reasons. but i just want to start my speech, i just want to say i don't know about all do but i'm having a blast today. i wish we could do this every single day. i mean, can we do it every day? let's get more people to organize rows and events like this that stand for freedom and have fun. nothing doesn't have been busy. they can be bliss, too. so there's nothing better than a patriot rally at this is the mother of them all s what an hor to be able to speak your and have him introduce me.
3:31 pm
so how many of you out here agree when i say there's no suh thing as too much america? , get ausa usa chant going or what? [chanting] usa. usa. [chanting] >> there you go. i mean, i love this country but let's get right into it. i'll try to be quick because i know there behind here today. we all know how the liberal controlled mainstream media likes to push fake news and false narratives. but what some may not know is how they are successful in convincing people that fiction is back and fact is fiction. their methodology is as follows. they brainwash and manipulate the minds of the uneducated misinformed, ms. led and
3:32 pm
misguided people of america, using them as pawns of their political chessboard to advanced division so they can implement your wicked agendas. they blur the lines of truth in an effort to keep everyone confused all the while knowing that a bewildered populist is one that is easier to control. these unpatriotic treacherous democrats coupled with the republicans, republicans in name only, the rhinos, i like to call them wolves in sheep clothing, they prey on the stupidity and ignorance of the average american. once the seeds of deception have been planted, adequately watered and grown to maturity, the brainwashed people he come right for the picking. groups like antifa, black lives matter and muslim terrorist
3:33 pm
organizations, they recognize this and they snatched up these misguided types and their ill-advised hot tempered states. they then throw fuel onto the burning, bleeding hearts and ignite a flame of mistaken hatred towards all things out of right and good. in other words, mostly everyone on the left side of the political spectrum is using you to push their own talking points. they could care less about you or whose lives they destroy in the process of everything. all they care about is getting attention of power once he had your interest and control you as a means to an end. i know some of you are associated with political parties and other groups i just mentioned. i'm sure what i just said might have triggered you. sometimes it's good to feel uneasy though.
3:34 pm
it means someone just hit you with the truth. they hit the nail on the head. so the triggered, that's fine. you have the right to. but do yourselves a favor and educate yourselves. if you put in a little time it will go a long way and you will find out that those right-winger republicans are not and never been the party of racist or the kkk or the nazis, okay, guys? i'm not a nazi. i'm not kkk. are you guys secretary that? how many times are going to be called these things? i'll tell you a quick story. i would say boston free speech rally at it showed up with one of my middle ground friends and he was a jew. the first things i was then calling it a nazi and he's like, is like i'm a jew and you don't know when you calling me a nazi. think that, guys. these people are so lost and confused as insulting in the talk about being offensive and offended then they offend
3:35 pm
everyone. it's really quite a think when you think about it. as the old saying by sir francis, knowledge itself is power so don't be tricked into a constant state of victimization. on friday january 20, 2017, we the people watched the inauguration of the 45th president of these united states of america. that president is donald j. trump. since then the corrupt establishment, their mainstream media news outlets and their liberal viewers have been in a panic. they've been taking temper tantrum and trying their very best to ruin reputations of trump and his conservative base. they've even got me fired from a job i was working for six years or, get this, social media and social networking. if any of you out their lawyers, talk to i think i have a case.
3:36 pm
so they have been taking temper tantrums and trying their very best to win the reputations of trump and his conservative base. we enrage them because of our relentless refusal to comply with a unconstitutional corrupt un-american godless totalitarianism. it seems they will stop at nothing to bring about negative change and fundamental annihilation of this country. it seems the left will never be satisfied until the move america forward in a direction that leads us to destruction right off a liberal clip that leads to failure and hell. this ithis is a well thought oud orchestrated attack on the heart and soul of america. it's nothing short of purposefully waged multi-five political war against the united states with the goal of fundamentally transforming our nation from the judeo-christian nation it was touted to be and is today and to the country
3:37 pm
where sin rules and evil in its many forms is accepted as the norm. if you try to speak out against their ploy in order to expose it, and they resort to line and slandering you by calling me a racist, bigoted, white supremacist that has one type of phobia or another. it's preposterous. it's unacceptable and it has to stop. the corrupt element of our government who is joined at the hip with the liberal mainstream media never anticipated a trump victory. after all they threw millions of dollars at this election to try to ensure that he would lose. these advocates of satan, i'm sorry if you think that's too intense because that's what i feel they are, have their plan but god had his own plan for the united states of america. they honestly thought with all the money and effort they put into brainwashing the masses that there would be no way the
3:38 pm
people would still be smart and awake enough to see through all their abominable tactics but see through it we did. not only did we see right through them, we dedicate ourselves to exposing them to everyone around us by alternative media. even hillary clinton herself admitted the reason she lost election was because us, that's why they started trying to call us fake news. but we all know that's not true. we know who the fake news is. it's cnn. it's msnbc. it's abc. it's these liberal think tanks, and there are many others. i'm sorry if that offends you. i don't care, the truth needs to be told. so you see the underestimate the power and the knowledge that we the people possess. but they won't be misjudging that again so keep that in mind.
3:39 pm
now they are desperate to keep the established corrupt order in place. for the first time in the past eight years they are losing. yes, we all know that slavery was a horrible thing and black lives, they do matter, guys so do the lives of every other race. so i wish that black lives matter would cut it out, okay? because it's pretty darned races for group of people who went through slavery to sit and talk about how only their lives matter, okay? and that's enough of their tolerance. if you join to despise the fact that your ancestors were discriminate against and it's late, and you should, then don't reverse discriminate against white people or any other race of people. stop ignoring the facts that disproves your belief, police have it out for us in all this quite all right? the facts could associate up like people kill black people
3:40 pm
more than anyone else, guys. it's the truth. look at that. look at the crime stats to the fbi, all right? there's no big white people conspiracy we are all out to get the black people, okay? some of my best friends growing up our black in spanish and everybody safe you were just saying that because you want people to think you're not racist. that's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. tell that to my friends. they are my friends. despite that when you do a google search all the top results for anything you search for will be lying on misleading liberal sources such as cnn, msnbc, the "huffington post", the new york times, nbc, the "washington post" and any other liberal think tank that google and other liberal companies have select for your top search results. dig deeper. as the bible says, ask and it shall be given unto you.
3:41 pm
seek and you shall find. not and it shall be opened unto you. matthew seven, 70 go to the fbi, uniform crime reporting numbers website and that's where you can get your facts. so if black lives matter and again they do, and why do we never see that organization protesting in the ghettos of inner cities were black on black crimes is running rampant? why? do you even care about your own lives? do you have the guts to go to those ghettos and do what you do in our streets, the good law-abiding american citizens who are not racist, who don't hate black people? who are with you. you see, the only seem to throw conniptions when the mainstream media pushes the false narrative of hands up don't shoot. but we all know at the hands up, that wasn't true. it's a false narrative. it's not true. our cops perfect? no.
3:42 pm
the corrupt cops should be brought to justice like any other criminal element in this country. because if you're not enforcing the law and what he doing as law enforcement? however, blacks themselves not police conduct the majority of violent crimes against the black community. the fact is that organization wilreally doesn't have protestig what needs to be protested. and making a difference. instead they are more focused on hating white people and police. after you sort through all the noise that appears to be their commission. let's be honest, guys, all right? people think the democrats about helping the lower and middle class, at the democratic plantation has tricked you into voting for them for years. years and years, and you all have taken the bait, okay? don't be their ponds. don't take the bait. look into what these people stand for. they are not out to help the lower and middle class. they never have. if i was in the case then why did they do it over the past
3:43 pm
eight years? -- didn't. in reality if you look at cities like chicago, baltimore, detroit, though cities have been liberal run and even african-american run for ages and still we see no progress. we see nothing done for these communities. still you all just keep casting their votes to the leftist candidate and you believe all the hype that is just lies. you have to use your noggins limpet, everybody, including myself. can't be fooled. that's not the police fall. that's our fault. that's in anyone else's fault. we are the people who elect these people. we have to take responsibility. these allergi lunatics have beee streets vandalizing and terry branstad yazidi mini case don't even have to do with slavery. that shows even when they tried to do something that they think is right they are still misinformed but they can't even vandalize and tear down the right statues. those that you spent up decades
3:44 pm
under previous administrations. if that were true their concern then those statues would been taken down a long, long time ago. they are just doing, they're just doing what democrats do and what other leftists always do. they are rewriting history and destroying evidence of their own crooked past. i'm sorry if it's going a little boy. i thank you guys for the time though. i will try to be quick, guys. i'm sorry. i want to speak to white supremacy and white nationalism really quickly. maybe it isn't that quick. in fact, the left is so different, approximately half our country to believe that we patriots are all hateful nazi racist bigoted white nationals of white supremacists. what people on the left use the term white nationalists, it's as if they completely disregard the fact that anyone from any race
3:45 pm
can be a supremacist or a nationalist. that's right, brother. chauvinist. it's almost as if they have a general hatred for white people even though many of them are white themselves. i mean, what is that? that it was about purposely interchange the term white supremacist with the phrase white nationalists. to incite people to violence against the right and divider so they can control us, guys. they have everyone believe that their victims of one atrocity or another just because we can't usa and lover country. that doesn't mean we're all supremacists. white supremacist or other types of supremacists. in fact, there's no connection between the two. everyone knows this at the left still continue to pretend there is a way. others still loosely use of the terms but don't really possess and understanding of what they mean for the history behind them.
3:46 pm
if they did then it wouldn't be improperly labeling people. we must all work together to put these false and fake, i love that trump says that, labels to rest once and for all. in order to do so it's vital re-examine what terms white supremacy and white nationals really mean. that is the only way we can determine whether both are comparable and whether each is good or bad. the first word in each of the two phrases is white which profiles white people based on the race and skin color. so let's constantly claim to be against racism highlighting peoples race seems pretty racist to me. i don't know about you guys. i guess that the left doesn't know that i guess it's not racism, right? at least that's what they would have split and that's what they tell themselves. so the second working these laser supremacist and nationalistic to be a supremacist many companies you think your races appear to
3:47 pm
another or all others but given my anyone from any race can't believe the race is supreme. is it right? actually not. but it's not just wrong when it's white supremacist kkk members. it's wrong when it's black lives matter black supremacist, too. it's wrong with any race believes there greater than another. now that we understand that racist and offensive morally wrong that move on to the international what does it mean to be a nationalist? to the nationalists to be someone who stands for an independent free country in this case united states of america. the best country in the world. in other words, it means you love freedom, you love sovereignty and your independence and love america. that's what it means to be a nationalist. that isn't something that limited to white people, guys. that's what we see full of all different races after amongst us and that's why we're stand beside them. others, brothers in arms.
3:48 pm
shoulder to shoulder. so i'm not sure why the left says nationals of that voice link up with white people at the there's a newsflash for you media. pay attention to are you recording the? probably not. you wouldn't dare, would you? that's right, they are afraid of the truth. but the truth shall set you free. so here's a little quick bit of information to consider the let's put this into perspective. many people from all over the world come to america, some of them come free independent from free independent -- free independent nations and others do not the most to come from whatever nation they come from a proud national heritage and so much so that when they arrived here they waved their home countries like all over the place. all right, absolutely. which i was walking today i saw a mexican flag, okay?
3:49 pm
they are proud of accident like the tha are nationalists like i. i get it like it we proud to be american when we are still in her own country? if your country was a wonderful why did you leave? [applause] the truth is is that you noticed its america is wonderful, okay? it's free. we liberated the slaves. the democratic party sister, and a finish with this even though i have a lot more help for consideration of other people's purposes, okay? [shouting] >> all right, buddy. is that all you got to say? that's the best you can do? we'll talk later then. thank you for your input, okay. the truth is that the democratic party sister is limited races and terror, the democrats with part of slavery, jim crow and the invisible terrorist monstrosity of the ku klux klan. while the republicans with party of lincoln reconstruction antilynching laws and the civil rights act of 1875, 1957, 1960, 1960, in 1964. we all republican more of integrity or racial matters hardly.
3:50 pm
we are a heck of a lot better than the democrats without question. like i said, guys, i've got a lot more. i could publish us on but if you want to rest of the speech. i'm wrapped up. thanks, guys. god bless america. ♪ ♪ >> our voice is gone so bear with me. i've been told it turned out and i told we're not could return to we only going to turn up. ♪ are you guys having a good time? i've got to tell you, man, you can be antisocial and noisy one big happy family. we need to get cody hill to the stage. we need to get jackson to the stage. we've got -- i want to tell you something.
3:51 pm
you should be proud of yourselves. it wasn't long ago that this would be happening because patriots were labeled as terrorist and you've proved today that's not the case. i am proud to look at and see all of you here in the crowd. i proud i got to walk rout righd have conversations with many of you. took pictures with many of you and your breaking the mold, breaking the stereotype and you should give yourself a round of applause or even being here. so we'll get frank to the state. give this gem of a warm welcome. thank you, guys. >> isn't this amazing? you have to think these guys
3:52 pm
because i've been doing this a long time. they open up a mic for people because it's not about them. it's about all of us in the country. you've got to give them a hand. because a lot of people don't do that. you've got to support what they do. on that note, we've got a lot of problems in the country. we grew up in north new jersey we had a welding shop, and everybody we had working for us, it was me and my brother, my father and everybody was a minority. so in the city of norwalk they would bus their chops telling us you got hired this, you got to hire that. fascism, a form of fascism the government telling you what to do. i'm not going to do the race think i was going to do but that's been spoken about enough. but listen to me. we all got our we got it all up our you know what. there's no ethnicity that came
3:53 pm
to america that had it easy. now you have easy and now you have it when they are illegal and that has to stop. now, let me ask you guys something. how many of you people shop at whole foods? on the saying, you've got to watch who you buy your stuff from. you've got to see who their supporting. we are at a whole nother level here. we can't go to these places that are working against us. i'm not saying it's whole foods but let's think about it. if you guys are smarter, where you are putting her money, the enemy has less arsenal to use against us. you've got to think about these things. we talked about a lot of stuff from different people. i try to get on the radio. actually to get on the michael savage you but i guess what a product he did want me to bring up because i if i could use in s next book. there's something that the founding fathers warned us of and it's called beware of
3:54 pm
fashions, specifically hamilton and madison who really was the architecture of the constitution picky said the weather of the fashions. so a fashion is a group in the electorate that we carve out to vote, the women folk, the mendel, the white, black. the problem with all of that is you divide the people up and we will see the fruits of that, what happens is you all this conflict and we have like a a vulcanized america and we can have that so you have to try to get on radio stations. you have to educate people. you have to tell your politicians we know what fashions are picked its current form of politics, especially embraced by the democratic party and it needs to stop. here's what i want you to do. because we do these rallies all the time. get out your text, get out your phone and a really want you to get out your cell phone and want you to text yourselves something.
3:55 pm
i want you to text yourself fashions because it don't want you going home and not doing this. i'm not telling you what to do but again if you guys really want to turn america around we've got about on hands can we got to step it up. so learn about fashions and get involved, like the bikers and of what else was saying. the other thing i'm going to teach about, your sheriffs, your shares come from the magna carta. they are not a constitutional office like people say. it predates the constitution. they shares compilation connecticut, and that state -- and less, when you have a sheriff in your county, they are in charge of the county. they are the head police. that's why you vote for them. the problem is that shares our republican which i call wrestles come are democrats which i call dazzles, right? they don't work for you. they work for the establishment, the party get we need to change
3:56 pm
that. sheriffs should not be republican or democrat. why is that important? because we had obama income clinton in the '90s, i don't know if you guys know share of mackey, they went to be on the people and we stop them. [shouting] stop them actually by taking them to court, and justice scalia in the prince case 1996, you can text yourself that, it's all laid out in there, that sheriffshares cannot be touchedy anybody, not your governor, no politicians, not anybody at the office. as a matter-of-fact when these guys defense goes to summerlike bind these farm and they harass the people -- bundy's farm. when you want stuff to stop you to know that. let me just stop. we are americans pushed back for trump. so we go out there and we push back.
3:57 pm
we are out in bedminster where trump's vacation home is. we push back. we might do chucky cheese in your city. does anybody know who chucky cheese is? schumer, okay? overlooking a something outside his house. we push back. we push back by getting in the face. we tried not to be violent. we are not violent, and we hit him with the fax like i'm hitting you now. the other thing i want to tell you guys about is all these towns all over america, especially if it doesn't meet a certain diversity level,. >> translator: uses funds to buy developmental grants, it's the governmental grants from. >> translator: and the next thing you know you might be in an area where its farms and open space and the putting in all the low income people. this is not a race think anymore
3:58 pm
because it's very, there's diverse people there of low income. but how do low income votes? obama -- how are these people going to vote when they come there? dunamis kratz. that's a form of gerrymandering. gerrymandering is illegal, unconstitutional. do you see what i'm saying? text yourself that. you've got to be on board with all the stuff and go to say one more thing. i have a lot to say but i think and to the guys lot of stuff. if you don't text yourself or get involved, this is all to waste. so there's a statute, usc 18, okay? usc 18 section four, a public official nose of a criminal offense and doesn't report it, they are liable for that, they should be investigated and they should be tried for that, not
3:59 pm
exposing the that's a form of aiding and abetting. ready? if i'm in new york city and have a lot of illegal people and on coming up for them, what am i doing? aiding and abetting. usc section 18 section four, he has to get investigated by the feds. you guys should all push for that. see? we could push back. we've got to know the law. we got to know the tools. you guys got to do it. americans push back for trump, contact us, we will send you information and do it. god bless. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> are you sleeping? are you tired?
4:00 pm
i lost my voice and it ain't stopping me. this is why american never sleeps. listen, i'm going to bring the next speaker to the states. get a warm welcome, treat them like you love them, give it up. [applause] >> good evening everybody. how are you all doing? nice warm welcome. nice warm welcome. so good evening. my name is cody hill. i'm 27 and i'm from the southside of chicago. at the age of seven i lost both of my parents due to incarceration. my grandmother raised me and my siblings. i can always look back it's fun because even though times are tough for us, the transition was easy. because you always had so much love. my older brother was only 11 of the time stepped up and races in the right direction make sure we
4:01 pm
always held our heads up with pride. sometimes the harsh rallies on the southside chicago, life is difficult. but my family always stood in the in house because love is a powerful thing. -- instilled in me. it can move mountains. i'm truly honored and humbled to be afforded the opportunity to speak you all today. it's an everyday guy like me gets to deliver messages to unite our country. on such a large stage, this is the mother of all rallies after all. let's assume i talk about -- going around this country. blue lies matter. i think hurricane harvey helped solidify the debate as to whose lives are more important or valuable. with the power of god come hurricane harvey show the world that all lies matter. not one life is more important than the other. point blank.
4:02 pm
it seems many of us have gotten about our ultimately social study clos cause the taught us t the declaration of independence our 7076. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. that they are endowed by the greater with certain unalienable rights, that amongst these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. let that sink in for a moment. times were different back then but these words hold true today. all men are created equal. during a devastating storm our country faced in texas and louisiana, americans showed their true colors. americans can together to save lives. i saw footage of a black man in the flooded territories to help people. he was not just tied to say black flies. he was trying to save all lives. i saw footage of the white and
4:03 pm
on a boat as well trying to save lives. they were not only searching for white lies, they were trying to save all lives. when a black man arrived on the the scene drop a white family, they didn't say no, we don't want your help. we are waiting on the white men. there were no black families turning down help from the white volunteer. at that moment in time during a natural disaster, a true national crisis, our people remember what our country is founded upon, that we all are created equal. everyone in your life, this is important as person nixie. i can only pray to the good lord in the future we put aside our divisive antics and truly can get a as a people, as a country. how many of you are parents? that's what i'm looking for. i wanted to see those hands. if your child was on a rooftop trying to escape from the rising
4:04 pm
waters, would you care about the person trying to save her child? i have a five year son myself and i can guarantee you i wouldn't get it wasn't in from out of space try to save my son as long as he is trying to help. [applause] i hope everyone can respect that because our children are very important to us. in tragedy all color barriers disappear, hate disappears. we become one. we become united. this is how we should live life on an everyday basis. we must accept that america consists of a variety of different people. all of us are from different lands. every group of people, as a group of people, every group of people have different -- but there's only one america. who here is searching for the american dream?
4:05 pm
a lot of minorities become aware when they hear why people say they want to hang onto history and culture. all of us do not have stories of triumph in her lineage and prefer not to look back, only forward. i say this is a huge mistake. we all need to look back. we all need to look back and learn from our past and try, and try to avoid the mistakes of our past. over the past month there been a lot of discussion whether or not we should remove the statues of confederacy around the country. ..
4:06 pm
how far we were, how far we've come and help her we still need to go. white supremacist that want to hang onto these for the wrong reason on the one in the community on a day-to-day basis. the kkk, the white nationalists, or the white supremacist are pulling triggers in our neighborhood. we're killing ourselves. that's why it's so hard to see my black brother and sisters on social media complaining about statutes. with all due respect, forget those. we need to be complaining about the lack of opportunity in our communities. not one statute has been removed has made an impact on the little black child live
4:07 pm
on the south side of chicago. most of my people could care less about statues. were worried about staying alive. read about putting food on our tables. we can say this is racist and that is racist all day long but that doesn't change the fact that my people are being eliminated at a rapid rate. black on black crime, police brutality, drug addiction, poverty or prison. we must stop crying and take advantage of opportunities in front of us and try to make more for ourselves. right now we have a president in office that is not your normal politician. he is a businessman. he sees one color and that screen. he wants to bring jobs and money back to our community,
4:08 pm
even if you don't like him, you gotta get behind his agenda. let's come together and develop a plan to help ourselves. we can't sit back and complain about what we don't have. we need to utilize what we do have and make it known what we need to improve to those in the proper position. we need to come together and use our voices and resources to combat poverty and we need to unite. there are jobs in my community that can support. [inaudible] sorry, sorry, sorry, the opportunities that would create those types of jobs. my sister and i had developed the foundation called hood. we are both on the south side of chicago.
4:09 pm
she is a west point grad who has served in the army and included in it to her in afghanistan. [applause] added server the military myself but i hope to serve in a civil community. i want to serve my community. my grandmother has been a lifelong child care provider has inspired us to make a difference in our community. we heard about this rally from a friend and we thought on facebook. we believe in a message of america first. we are the greatest country on earth. we want to support the cause and get our low income african american communities around the u.s. to support that. our younger brother was murdered in a drive-by shooting when playing basketball with friends. he was only 17 years old. his name is jason edwards.
4:10 pm
it was a senseless violence that took his life before he got the opportunity to graduate from high school. he was just playing a game he loved. the root cause for the incident is still unknown, but we feel like there are better opportunities for the younger generation within the city then we could've really made a difference. that is where our foundation comes in. we believe in present trump better urban community and his vision for a better urban community across america. we hope it comes to fruition. we want to do our part. we are trying to raise money to start developing programs for at risk youth that have lost hope in this country. we want to show them there lives are valuable. my siblings and i are living proof that some people will do anyone necessary to support their children while living in poverty.
4:11 pm
our dad was a drug dealer that has faced life in prison. he has been in prison for 20 years, but i can't blame him for the choices he made. he was only trying to feed his family. i'm sure anyone could cross that line when their children are in need. when you're having trouble supporting your children, there's not anything you want to do because our children are very important for us. i truly believe in my heart, if there's opportunities like what were trying to do with hood, back when he was young, he could've been a very successful businessman. our foundation is in its early stages, but we would like to raise money and start an afterschool program focused on skills to help our youth keep away from guns and drugs. they need to be placing a high level of importance on useful trade in education.
4:12 pm
we want to have tutors available, computer and internet access and even a college payment, college application payment program. most kids in my hometown don't have money to pay for an application and standardized test required for those colleges. we want our youth to have the tools necessary to go out and seek for better paying jobs. we have a plan to get our youth jobs immediately by learning the import export trade. this program will provide the youth with opportunity to put down the drugs and gun and get to work for themselves and work for their family. in order to present the opportunity to travel and volunteer, we are trying to take 15 different teenagers to africa at least five times year for two weeks. this will not only give those who don't have the opportunity to travel to do so, it would give them a
4:13 pm
greater appreciation for what we have here in the united states of america. we want to help our communities, we want help our community developed for the betterment of society. these are huge goals for our foundation and cannot be done without the proper funding. the idea is a start. we are committed to bringing these programs to life. we wanted to grow with nourishment and love. we want to give the love back to our community. with the people a of the united states, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, promote the common defense and the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity's do ordain and establish this constitution for the united states of america. these are words that our great country was founded
4:14 pm
on. these are words from our preamble. yes, many of you are looking at why is he reciting the preamble. it's because i believe in it. the foundation believes in it. general welfare for our people, this is so valuable to focus on. we need to continuously strive for improving our conditions. we want to bless them not only to last but to approve thiimprove this great nation. my name is cody cartels hill and i'm cofounder of the hood foundation and i hope i said some words that touched your heart and make you unite towards a better tomorrow. [applause] gofundme, go help our cause
4:15 pm
and visit our website at gofundme and help develop our website at hilltop and follow us on facebook the hill foundation on facebook and twitter. god bless america. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ excuse me, real quick excuse me. my name is henry davis. it's not my time yet but i got come up and say something about this young brother here. he's from chicago, one of the worst cities, other than st. louis, and he is up here trying to do something positive. i need y'all to get up off your and make some noise for this young person. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:16 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ brilliant. i love that dude's mind. ♪ ♪ ♪ i love it. i love watching it and
4:17 pm
hearing everyone speak. i love it all. this is awesome. only here. there is no division. we are all together right here right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> test 12. all right. want to get everybody's attention real quick. the next guest speaker we have coming has one hell of a story that i think all of you will want to hear.
4:18 pm
he's an iraqi born citizen. he joined our u.s. allied forces over there, he was vital to a lot of success of a lot of missions over there. matter fact, come on appear. he has been sitting down here and he's got his book, appearance whisper, you might want to take it home and read i it, but i will give you the microphone. he will be appear for the next half hour and he will tell you his story. it's a hell of a story. turn your cameras on, make sure you go live, and get this man's message out there. make some noise out there. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you. thank you. i would like you to move a little bit closer. make some noise a little bit. thank you. i was born in raised in baghdad iraq. my story starts out thousands
4:19 pm
of miles away from here. when i was 12 years old, i was walking out of middle school in iraq and i was going home like any other kid in the world. freedom was not a word that i knew what it was. i didn't know what mean because i didn't have the taste of it. sometimes when i look at my life today, i say lucky americans, they have the freedom they want. this freedom, i didn't have a back then. as i was walking out of the school, there was a regime member and he pulled me over and asked me if i have any cash in my pocket. i told him i had about 500 and i didn't want to have them away. was a common practice to take money out of your pocket and throw you in prison if you didn't give it to him. i decided i wasn't going to give my money that day. he got out of the car and slap me and through me to the ground. he told me if i found money in your pocket, you will not go home today. he found 250 and my other pocket and he grabbed me and
4:20 pm
pulled me in the police car and he drove for about 45 minutes. i didn't know where i was going that day that i had no idea where my life was going to happen. i was thrown into a prison that day and was given a pen to sign on a paper and the paper stated that i was a revolutionary fighter. i sign on my paper and i was just a 12-year-old. i couldn't even afford to have a backpack at the time. all i had was about 200 iraqi dino's and i went into that prison and i had no idea what would happen to me. within an hour inside that present, i was taken to a room at the end of that prison. it was a torture room. i was hung from my leg upside down and hit on the head multiple times. i was hit for about half hour and then i passed out. i couldn't keep up with it. i was lucky that i kept the
4:21 pm
other money in my pocket and i end up giving it to one of the corrupted guards back then to make a phone call to my family. change was in possible. standing up for what you believe was also impossible. i spent about four weeks in the prison until my family had paid enough money to get me out of there before i got executed. my family was told if they pay the money that i will get to go home. i family, my answer and uncles, sold jewelry and everything they have and gave it away so i could go home. at the time i had no idea that where i was going, when they called my name at that prison after four weeks later, i saw a door go by and i didn't know what was going happen to me. i thought i was going to be executed. i was tired and broken, i was exhausted, i didn't know what was going to happen at the moment and i saw my dad and i collapsed at that point. i didn't know what i was
4:22 pm
going to do. my life was nothing, living like a slave and that's what it was for me. that was not my reality until 2003 when i open my front door and i saw the first american soldier standing there and that was my change. that was my freedom, knocking on my door. when i open the door i saw an american and i said sir where you from. he said my name is brandon and i'm from texas. i said are you staying this time and he looked back at me and said yes, we are staying. were not going back anywhere. i went back and i close the door and i went back to my family and i said you know what, my family was all afraid this might be a trick saddam hussein, maybe the americans will leave like they did in 1991. what's going to happen? are the real americans? i went back and i talked to him and i said are you leaving this time. he said no. i went back to my family and i said you know what, this
4:23 pm
guy cannot be an iraqi because this is the whitest iraqi ever seen in my life. i told him, is there anything i can do for you. i looked left and right and i realized all the people who took my freedom away were gone. all i could see as their home but i can see you then. i can see where they are. i grabbed all the cigarettes my dad had and i gave them to the soldier. within a couple days the u.s. military established the new iraqi army. they were let go of the old iraqi military and looking for new fighters to fight side-by-side by the new american military in iraq. at that time, people wanted nothing to do with the military. they didn't want to die. members of the party were forming themselves as members of al qaeda. they went from being the regime members to members of al qaeda and islamic state. there were four people in line to join.
4:24 pm
i was one of the poorest people to get there. i was only 17 years old. i went there and there was an american guy standing at the checkpoint. they were taking people 18 years old and above. i was on 17. i showed my id. he looked at me and said sorry we, you and. we have to wait another year that i wasn't going to do that. i iran back to my neighborhood and there was a guy over there that takes ids. i changed my birthday and pushed myself a year had and i iran back to the same iraqi recruiting center and i was hoping the weather in iraq was 150-degree and that american would change in the basket was still there. i iran back there and he looked at me id and i was hoping him not to recognize me and he looked at my id and laughed and said i thought you were 172 hours ago. i look back at him and said i had a birthday. he know how bad i wanted freedom for myself.
4:25 pm
it was my only opportunity to stand up and fight for our constitution because i never had one. it was my only opportunity to stand and fight for my freedom. he laughed and said i can cut you a deal. get one your parents to sign and i'll let you in. i went home and i got my mother, the only non- english speaker in our house. she sign the application and i was in. i spent three months being trained by vietnam vets in northern iraq. after three months i got out of a training day and i was the most excited kid in the world with a gun in my hand going forward to fight for my freedom. i was sent to the most dangerous 2 miles in iraq could my job was to protect every new recruit, every new iraqi who wanted to fight by the americans. they were killing every iraqi who walked by to try to join the iraqi military because they learned how to put fear into our hearts by beheading people on national tv.
4:26 pm
at the time, i didn't want to go back home. i do want to go back to the same reality that i had. i knew i had nowhere to go. one day i got called to go to a mission to pick up 25 dead bodies of new iraqi recruits who just decided to join the iraqi military. i drove there not knowing that was an ambush that day. i went in, fast-forward that, long story, i went in with 29 and my soldiers and only left with nine. it was hard and i was broken and i only had 16 bullets left in my magazine. i can hear the voice of an al qaeda member talking to me on the radio saying you can give up. it's over. no one is out there for you. the military american military couldn't make it to us because they were exposed of devices but they figured out and got to us after an hour and a half. when i left there there was only nine of my soldiers people in the iraqi military
4:27 pm
were quitting because they felt this fight was impossible, that wasn't what happened. people have kids, and they went home because they were scared of compromise. i didn't have anywhere to go. i want to go back to that reality. i do want to get beat up again. i decided to stay in the iraqi military. the day after, i was promoted to command sergeant which is a rank usually about someone 25 years older than me. i was only 19 years old. and i want to go home. i wanted to fight. my job was to protect about 50 american advisers, every single day because there are about 5000 iraqi employees that will walk from the other side of the building which we call the red zone, and another 45 american advisers that would walk from the gray zone to build a new iraqi military. without these americans, will have no iraqi military. we would have no new iraq and terrorists will control our lives for the rest of forever.
4:28 pm
our job was to protect them at all cost. these 45 americans were the life for the new iraq. we were there to protect them. unfortunately, iraq was getting divided based on the religious background. all of a sudden we received a new iraqi minister from the anbar province. every marine knows what that is. members of al qaeda, about 99% of people in that area were fighting against the marine corps. 17381 american soldiers were injured. at that time, they put in an operation to kidnap an officer. i was there just seconds before happened and pick up that the american walked up the building before they even put their hands on him. the day after, i was contacted by an intelligence officer in asked to work for the u.s. intelligence inside the iraqi mod.
4:29 pm
at that time accepted the job because some of these americans were my brothers. they were there to protect me and they were there to give me the freedom that i always waited for. so is my duty to protect them and put my life before their life and make sure they go back home after a 12 month appointment. i was clearing the dust dust and there was a member of al qaeda who was out there watching every american, looking to take every american life in that building. my job, i was asked by u.s. intelligence to watch him and watch every step he was making inside the iraqi mod. after four days after i located him and give it to the u.s. intelligence, he was arrested by navy seals in anbar province and never seen again. that was the first one to be gone and put down. after that my job was to clear the dust out of the area. i had a member that made our
4:30 pm
number one list. he was also from anbar province and member of the a islamic state. he was there to kill americans. he came everything okay at 9:00 o'clock but every day we searched him, we made sure he does nothing but we realize that we made a rule where every iraqi would have to smoke outside the building. no one was able to smoke inside the building. he took 15 minute smoke breaks every hour but he was never seen in the balcony smoking. immediately the u.s. intelligence ordered me to go inside and make sure where was he disappearing. he had a locker inside the building where most of the americans were having a meeting my job was to clear that locker after he leave to go home. when i went to that locker, after 5:00 p.m., i wasn't expecting to see anything, but this is to show you that the enemy is always ready to kill americans, always ready to hurt us. when i open that locker and
4:31 pm
found suicide belt that was about 75% done. when i hit the emergency button i have activated every american in that building. my job was to protect them and bring them home life. at that time, every member of al qaeda made a phone call after i had that emergency button to notify them that this is the americans by that was watching us the whole entire time. my life, i knew i wasn't going to make it out of that building like that day. my life was supposed to be stopped that night. i walked out of that building, i didn't go home, i didn't go anywhere. i stayed in uniform. the u.s. intelligence that you need to evacuate. i decided not to do it. i had members of my team who were there fighting as well as me and i do want to leave them behind. i stayed there with al qaeda knowing that they knew i was the americans by watching them waiting for their attack in uniform and waiting for them to make the move.
4:32 pm
at the time they couldn't do anything. they started killing my team members after they went home and killing their children and that's the cowards they are. that's how cowardly these members are pretty never have the courage to face you face to face in combat. they go after your children and your family and that's only what they're good at. i was not gonna sit and wait for them to do that. they had a member of the islamic state come to try assassinate me by requesting me to leave the building for human rights investigation, to take me away once i leave the building. they were gonna shoot me on my head and never let me go back. the guy who was in charge of it was a member of the islamic state. i decided i was going to go surrender myself but i wasn't just going to do it like that. the one thing that he didn't realize, that he lived in the same neighborhood i grew up and in iraq. i said to my team members who went to his house and took
4:33 pm
his family hostage and i went there and i surrendered myself and he didn't realize that i hadn't his family. i went and i said you know what, i knew you want to kill me. i know you want to shoot me and had. you can do whatever you want to do, just don't go near my family. i'm here to put my hands up and do whatever you have to do. the point was from the terrorist template, to speak from the real face they're hiding behind. once he got up he gradually from the shoulders and pulled me down but i was the only american intelligent asset that was grabbed by terrorists. in the in the face and he said i was gonna smash your head today after i shoot you. i said you can do that but you might want to call your wife before you do that. when he made that phone call he was about to have a heart attack. is a real heart attack. it was the most enjoyable moment of my whole entire life to see a terrorists sitdown and not able to open his mouth again, and that was
4:34 pm
the moment. i said you have one minute and a half to tell me who you work for an hoosier commander and hoosier leader for your families not gone home. my point was not to hurt their family or their children, but my point was, and my job and my duty for the u.s. intelligence to get them to talk. he started talking. he said i work for the sonic state. hoosier commander. and he spit out the name i was priced myself because it was someone who was taking u.s. money, someone who was an iraqi politician taking u.s. money to kill american soldiers in iraq. it was 17381 soldiers that lost an arm and a leg, 4000 killed. they were doing their job and they were not stupid. we were also doing our job standing up to them. he was the only one walkway and go to his house and the iraqi turkish border, but we were able to get the name and
4:35 pm
save the american soldiers because it was not just about 45 american soldiers but it was every single marine fighting an anbar province spread my job was to bring them home to their family. at that time i couldn't stay in iraq. i couldn't stay with a target on my back. i had to leave the country. it was sad for me to leave my job it was sad for me to leave my team members behind, but i knew i did my job. i had broken down and made them kneel on their knees. that was my goal. i remember myself as a kid going to prison at 12 years old. i remember then when they beat me and take my life away, but i turned it around and i stood up for change. i stood up for my freedom, and now there is a
4:36 pm
constitution that there will be no more children like myself going to prison in iraq like before. if it wasn't for every veteran standing right here, if it wasn't for you, kids in iraq would never be able to voice their voice and enjoy the freedom. they would never be able to wear the clothes they want. you're not only serving your country but you are serving freedom all over the world. i want to congratulate you all for coming out here and standing up for change. i am a product of change in this is why i stand for donald trump and support his immigration law because i don't want these tears coming to this country to take your freedom away. i don't want terrorists to come to this country and take our freedom. i want them to sit back and won't ever stand up against.
4:37 pm
that was my goal. we have to stand up against terrorists, we have to stand up because america is the number one target in the world. i said today and let them hear it, let everybody in the white house here. we have to stand against radical islamic. we have to stand. i'm a born iraqi and i said. we have to stop these terrorists. if they want to take the fight back to them, we are happy to do so and donald trump is happy to do so as well. those days of barack obama in the white house are gone. these are the days, whether they call us out, where to put up our armors and shop anywhere they want, any country they want and we will take the fight to them.
4:38 pm
our immigration laws will have to be refined. i am one of the first people that have stood against the immigration laws of obama. we can never lie on background checks done by another country. we cannot rely on the un to do our background check for a spread we need to do our background check here. we would never let terrorists come over here and take money and hate america at the same time. they do not have the right to stand on the soil at all. i'm proud to call myself american now. i'm an american first then i'm an immigrant and this is what i stand for.


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