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tv   Rogue Spooks  CSPAN  October 1, 2017 10:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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mass murderer. if this is a topic that interests you, go to the website and in the search bar type in mental-health buck. all of the programs are available to watch online. [inaudible conversations] >> can i get everybody's attention, please.i know i know there's a lot of traffic so we appreciate you coming here. i am not giving the introduction yet but this is the first time he's been here at the club. thank you and welcome to the club. we are so glad to have our friend from c-span here.
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just a couple of quickckan announcements, the next adventure at the club will be the first thursday. the next event the first thursday october 5, and that will be the farewell party to the chairwoman who she and her husband moved to washington, d.c.. her husband, david who is a noted economist is the undersecretary of the treasuryne for international monetary affairs said he's been confirmed as the undersecretary of the treasury. b he apparently is going to be here that night so it is a great opportunity for us to celebrateo them and wish them all the best to keep up a good connection in washington. the first thursday october 5 will be two weeks or so so it
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will be a great event. please make sure you come back for that and i want to put in a plug it's very nice for us to come here and talk and complain about the city is not going in the right direction.g but now is the time for us to be doing something about it and the time to get involved in campaigns. whether you want to get involved in the mayoral race for city councicouncil race, there's plef candidates that need our help and we can make a difference here. for instance, we are sitting in the district with an open city council running a very strong campaign she ran for the state assembly last year so she has a lot of name recognition. if you want to get involved iny the campaign or anybody else's campaign here in the city, please see the ore e. n., rebecca's campaign manager.
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so, please get involved. now is the time we are getting really close here. i will now turn the podium over. [applause]yo we appreciate you guys coming out tonight it's been a crazy day in the city. i am the executive director of the revision and our motto is pragmatic choices for the future and what better test than somebody experiencing not locked down by the whole battleake pragmatic choices for the american citizens and there's no better time than that in american politics today.politica
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she's one of the finest political consultants and the united states today there's no doubt about it if you can find a better mind and analyze in the to political scope he offered and hopefully you buy his book tod today. without further ado. [applause] [cheering]'ve be
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i'm just curious i've beenok mentioning this on my facebook page and on my website how many of you have heard about this event? this is your group. these are your folks. good to be here.
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donald trump represents a very important change in the politics, and i don't think that people realize the change because the media doesn't want to write about the change because it basically tells the people you never counted and talktalked to and looked at reay control the country and it's quite a shock for people. let me put you a story.wa in 1995 in june i was with president clinton and i said you are so far behind that of poll you need to do some television advertising. and he said it will be a sign of weakness. and then he said people won't give me money because they figure i won't win. i said you're going to be out on television, how much would be spent over the country are you
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going to keep it a secret, how are you planning on doing that and i said well he will advertise in the entire country but not in new york or la or washington. everybody is saying the slogans back and they were repeating it every five minutes and because they were in the delete area they didn't know what was going on in the rest of the country. as much as i love hillary clinton tim and my deep abiding affection for her.
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as much as i adore the lady come it wasn't the negatives, or the russians were comey or anybody. i don't know if she knows that she was defeated actually. [laughter] what it was just positives on donald trump.he i followed it very closely andre about three weeks before election day, 21 days out if you broke out in the national polling, people who have been to high schoohigh school but wantse and were men and you saw howthey they voted, women in that category voted similarly but not quite as extreme as they were. g but those groups, white male in high school graduate of college. three week's before, that group
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led by 14 points. three weeks before election day they went up by 34 points and on the election day they went for b trump by 46 points carrying them 66-20. they carried high school women by about 35 points, not quite as much but still a very significant margin. they were completely obliterated the national media. they paid no attention to them and they didn't exist.
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it was like tectonic plates are shifting. if you compare florida and north carolina on the one hand with michigan, pennsylvania, ohio and wisconsin on the other hand, in the two southern states where the economy hurt, it was bad but it wasn't a wipeout.od it has been a very good economy which was interrupted by the recession and then went down and came back up and now it isba getting basically fine. in those areas, trump ran two p points ahead. but in the northeastern states,8 trump ran 18 points better than
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romney because they got clobbered by the recession. it was bad going in and were spinning out and be economic situation was desperate forad af them. and i read a fascinating speech by michael but despite this ideology he really hit it on the head. he said first i lose my job and then i lose my attention, then i lose my car, then i lose my house, then my wife takes my kids and then i lose my wife. and i have lost everything there is to lose because of the economy and there is only one thing that i have not lost that vote that is going to enable me to get back out of this horrible situation in which i find myself and have lost everything this.
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it's the construct of economic progress. whether you are being killed by vikings were something coming you sell all of your rightsto over, give them all of your crops and he runs your life. and the nation protected you and
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what they wanted in return wasas all the money. it was based on the market capitalism that we know but then what is after capitalism? the socialism and communism, but the capitalists never reallyti answered that question. and trump in effect is answering it saying that capitalism was left unfettered and is a a pyramid, very sharp. there's one guy on top who controls everything and in this pyramid situation he said that
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if you liked the economy go on its own, people are going to say i want the most efficient meanss of production and that is robots, just have robots do it. reduce your labor costs enormously and make profits for the top management. you may not need them as producers because they were able to do the job but you need them as consumers. you obviously can't have an economy of one and what he is saying is we have to take care and protect and work to help those people who are displaced by that and who are moved to the side and fundamentally and we
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need them as consumers for the economy to function. and the constitution doesn't sas one robot and one vote. he brings these new perspectives to capitalism and the economy. it means the united states is competing with other workers ino the poorest country in the world and our people have to compete with the people of bangladesh and get their income way down so that they can compete with that
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and if you give them more machines makes it more productivit makes it moreproducr the place. and help the bangladesh person. and his point was you've absolutely got to integrate the needs of the country with the needs of the economy and the needs of the people in that country. and in a strange way, the world is round. and that ideology has a lot in common with the occupy wall street ideology of the extreme left talking about there redistribution of income andtalk talking about the need to protect people and so forth. but it calls for a revision of the conservative economic doctrine. traditional conservatism says no restraints on free trade. trump says you've got to stop countries from manipulating the currency. the doctrine says the free flow
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of labor into that means you can't really work for a living and make a living. abraham lincoln was a republic republican. he used to work on a farm for his dad and he hated every minute of it. he split rails that he hated it. kerry if he wanted to make a living to move up and at some point he left his farm and got a job as a riverboat guy, riverboat pilot and he got a cash wage that said this is u incredible, this is what i can use to move myself off but how can i possibly do that in a society where 8 million people can be built to meet compete into working for nothing. and that was the basis for the opposition to slavery and just
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that it was immoral and everything but it made it impossible for the basic class to move up. and unfettered immigration is doing the same thing here in the united states.s. if you look at the census and every single job that was created in america since the year 2,000, it was between born in the u.s. and not born in the u.s. which includes naturalized citizens into a lot of peoplee. who should be here but they do it based on birth.f them wor job loss, fever of them working than in the year 2000. all of them dropped about 25% have been among the people not f born in the united states.
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that serves to keep the wages at the bangladesh level. i think they brought them forth in a very important way but in doing so, he challenges every tenet of the establishment come, every single idea that theysh te have. the most fundamental idea that he challenges his lessons of th. nationstate. in his speech today at the un, he used the word sovereigntyat t because he makes the point that this is not going to be one world and if it is, we want out. they live in the authoritarian
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countries, so when the united states votes in the un it represents 330 million people.ep when china votes which represents about eight and whenn the rush of votes it represents putin. and how can you equate them as an equivalent, give them one vote each. and his point is that national sovereignty, giving people the right to control their ownin destiny through their own country is the foundation of the government and of our political fury. the whole idea that if you make money in a democracy can be taken away but if you live in an authoritarian country what is the point in private property someone can just come along and see get away from you and therefore the fundamental element of the market economy doesn't exist in three quarters
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of the world in his point is we don't want to go to their level. we want to force them to come up to our level and if we want to protect people from being forced into the lower level, so, i believed the threats to the sovereignty are enormous. there was a point when the irish and italian and german in asian immigrants came in and in massive numbers changed the voting habits of new york city so that the establishment and people thathe people that used y occupied were held through the c masses of immigrants as they came off the vote. so what they did it said okay we are not going to let the city do anything. we are going to put all thest
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power at the state level where they can vote with us and we can don't vote all of the people on new york and then around the 1950s and 60s they begin to run their states like petitions discriminating horribly againstt anyone they could find.let' so they said let's take power away from the states and invest it in the federal government with a fair-minded people of new york to compensate for those in alabama that are running the country that way. take now they say let's take the decision-making away from washington and put it in new york where the global experts can run things. it's the system that favors used
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to. you have no democratic heritage. italy has been a functioning democracy for about ten minutes now. france hasn't really been functional since 58 as a democracy. and everybody else has a very limited heritage of democracy. and in european history it dates from 1848 which was the ea yearf the revolution throughout europe and that came to germany and they rose up and demanded an overthrow of the generation that was running the bismarck was the prime ministerr then and he went to those people and said come here. how about if i gave you workers compensation, health insurance, welfare.
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back then there was no concept of retirement, the word didn't exist. he laid this program out that subsequently became the new deal and then became the democratic party. forget the democracy stuff, it's called the democratic party. get rid of all of that and we will give you all of these. and that deal underscored the german politics in the 19th century and continues today. in the government of aristocracy from birth if the government of aristocracy from the schools, i went to oxford, cambridge so it
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was an effort by the bureaucrats to assert power over the populace and over the average person. [applause] they were talking to me about the issues fishing, farming, manufacturing, immigration and they said how do we do this a slogan. i said your slogan should be no pronounced the way they three or a four year old " so it's like ghostbusters no and that embodied the whole campaign.
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but that is their tradition of this power. that's what it's like to rule in the u.s. today. of course in national securityii became the military-industrial, complex and of course the intelligence community. for four years or eight years, i'm here for 20 or 30 and he doesn't know much and i know
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everything. so better follow my lead. periods are not old enough to run your own foreign-policy yety so the national security adviser and secretary of state will run it for you and when you turn 21, they will relinquish their guardianship and you can run the foreign-policy. he said they don't give me many options. there are three things you can do, blow up the world, do nothing or do what we recommend. and he said we never get a turn at his options and that's howgon they govern. so we have no choice but to go with interaction they want and they are clear about what they
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want and the bureaucracy extends not just from the limited fields i talked about the fold of departments. and i talked to clinton, we proposed a 13th and 14th grade kind of wha pop standards is pug now. we passed it, but then the state legislatorlegislators took all y you used this for themselves and the kids were screwed again.n. but i went to the department of education and said this is what the president would like to dopu and they said we don't think so we would like the money put into the reading programs and remedial math and socialen. counseling for at-risk children anthat's what we want to spend . he said that this is what he wants and we better do it.
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it's the leadership of theope f country thinks. he's been studying this his whole life and isn't motivated by the partisan considerations. he has power and legitimacy we are going to listen to him. the establishments in the united states whether it be benign like the department of education.nt a
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now it's time to introduce them to donald trump. who does he point to run the intelligence community, but the worst nightmare who is the head of the defense agency fired everybody. he had this crazy idea that they could go into afghanistan and get guidance from within the country rather than just reading books and magazines and they all hated it and forced him out and he was fired.
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and it was going to break everything in the shop. he got in all kinds of people who were determined to change things the way the presidentsid wanted. they decided very early on but this guy hathatthis guy had to t couldn't put up with them but this wasn't the first and the establishment had decided that. i'm not going to get into theory about the assassination because they are controversial. i don't know what happened. nobody does. but there is a school of thought is that kennedy wanted to end the cold war and that it was by the cuban missile crisis where the world almost got blown up and in retrospect, by the way, there were people like the secretary of state who wanted to bomb cuba and he said there were no russian troops, don't worry. but it turned out that there were 20,000 if we tell them
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there would have actually been a world where it became aclose to doing that and they shifted the consensus at the last minute. when he saw what happened he was completely freaked out and said we've got to end this thing and the escalade said he fired him and the head of the cia negotiated a test ban treaty at the beginning of theians, th de-escalation and gave a speech talking about the importance of changing direction in a fundamental way and then threech months later he was assassinated in a plot that has the footprints and fingerprints of elements of the deep state and i'm not going to go further than that because i don't want to s make that assertion.
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but they wanted to change the iny the world works and to transform a focus in the foreign-policy up to each high focus including china and that represented a threat in the establishment and we know what happened to him. we are accustomed to these as some sort of a renegade agent. he was the acting head of the fbi. he was j. edgar hoover, he was his successor. here's what you need to do to overthrow the president of the united states. does that sound familiar?
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then he came to the iran contra was designed to derail ronald reagan by hoisting him on the amendment because he insisted on giving money to freedom fighters in central america. so, this history of the deep state of toppling regimes they didn't like existed in american history. can someone pass me a copy of my book, i want to read you nevething. [inaudible] >> how many of you have seen the movie homeland, the tv series. this is a quote from it. he is talkinhe's talking to thet elect and says you are missing
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it right now. it's happening in front of your face.ys we have a determined disinformation campaign designed to discredit the president elect and as of today, we have boots on the ground. is that familiar to either of you because it sure does to me. that's what we did in congo and a dozen other places will be back to iran in the 1950s. and it does not end well for the elected regime. you are fighting for your life you cannot afford to and then the cia basically studied and perfected a method of oustingy the dictatorships andd and democracies when people voted for the liberal government and it included the media that would
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run the information and discredit the president and all kinds of stuff that is precisely what they are doing. it's the same playbook. when obama took office, heic realized that the permanent establishment of the state did not want him as president. they are in charge of the fbi and cia.e eric holder and the fbi and john brennan. he is so radical that in the election eve of the communist because jimmy carter wasn't liberal enough for him for the party candidate.
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they were under instructions to fire everybody. get rid of everybody in your agencies, take them from the bastions of the right, the fbi fighting communists and liberals all over the united states come hounding them and violating the civil liberties and the cia going abroad in search of the regime. they gave to the party thatcrat they've raised during the 1960s and 70s to stop them from taking italy and with what hthedisinformation and sabotagig the whole deal but now they turned to capitalism and
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democracy of the left-wing tenets of the global governments that was the collectivism of the whole obama agenda but they still remembered their playbooks.s. they still remembered the moves but now they were deploying them on behalf of the left and not of the right. when trump got elected they called all the guys together and 60 at your desks. don't quit, don't re-sign. renaming your position and we will transfer you to civil service jobs so you can't be fired and those were at the cia and fbi in a ten week period transferred from the civil service positions for precisely that reason. they said your mission is to stay behind and sabotage the administration from within.
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when the soviet armies were retrieving during world war ii they would leave political commissaries behind to go to the villages and organize and that'g literally what they did so there was this resistance from the community. they ha have this absolute total fiction that russia wass colluding with him to influence the outcome of the u.s. election. total and complete fantasy. yesterday they published adds that the russians apparently put on facebook and this is supposed to be evidence urging people to come out and join anti-immigrant demonstrations of sorts. it's very similar to what the communist party did in the 1950s and 60s using the civil rights movement to try toh
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infiltrate the democratic party and make it into the arm of the political system, this is the head of the party who was also the head of the southern poverty law center and johnson got bobb kennedy to fire him and that led to kennedy being wiretapped. but anyway.being wi the point is the left completely controlled and created thisat fiction that russia and ciampa were in cahoots and it began to acquire your life when the democratic national convention came into the computer is beingi hacked and exposed. i believe that was a leak is not a hack because it never mentioned hillary, they never mention the trump. n they were all directed at the internal operations of the democratic party during the primary in which wasserman schultz elevated hillary and
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helped her and denigrated sanders into the position required neutrality and people were furious about that and wanted to expose what they wereh doing and that's what it was about. put upodesta, and by the way ths proof of this, the democratic committee refused to let the fbi have the computers to examine them. they wouldn't even let them in the kennedy to examine them and then recently, a group of retired cia people called vips, veteran intelligence professionals said this couldn't have been done remotely. you have to have physically been there with a flash drive or some drive to get the information out of the computer. but podesta who was running thee campaign saw an issue. hillary had been shooting negatives and they bounced off
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of him like bullets on the armor of a tank. trump university, tax returns, importing tires and clothing from central and south america. none of that stuff, stuff, bankruptcies, casinos, none of that work sit worked so they cos idea that he was beingso controlled by the kremlin androb the russians and they hired a guy named christopher steel for $160,000 working through a group called fusion to come up with material proving this collusion. i believe that there was a foreign power to intervene in the u.s. election of 2016 to frame the results that i don't believe it was russia, i believe it was britain and steel is a former british agent is a spy and ask out for three years. trump scared the hell out of the british establishment by endorsing and opposing nato and
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the united nations. they have extensive reason to fear donald trump. but whoever did it came up with a dossier that hillary paid $160,000 to a man that was a totally flawed piece of garbage. it said for example to arrange the collusion with a guy namedee michael cohen and he flew back and forth from new york during the whole summer of 2016 and arranging this collusion andd then he produced his passport. he's never been therhe'd never r been to the czech republic. he spent the whole summer in the states, then they fingered a guy named [inaudible] and they said was the person attacked the democratic computer and it turned out he was in a colony in siberia without acces to phones or computer for pedophilia of all things and
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couldn't possibly have done that. and one after another if justan came flying apart including the prostitutes. it just became a piece of garbage and nobody in the american media would publish it no matter how hard they shocked it because they were afraid of libel it was unsubstantiated. so then he took it to comey at the fbi and said here is what happened. he said this is ridiculous you've got to substantiate and verify it for us to use it. he then offered to pay steel $50,000 to do so. in the middle of an election campaign, offering a subsidized negative research of the democratic party against the republican party steel said i can't do it, i don't know who the sources where he said i didn't write it.he i got this entirely from other
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anonymous sources who sent me this stuff and awaite all i dids compile it he swore under oath that was the case so that raises an interesting question who fed him this garbage and i believe it may have been the cia and fbi to develop a storyline in the first place and cia and fbi refused to answer the question whether they had an ongoing financial relationship with steel. we know they did work together to investigate a soccer scandal in 91 and they have a history and we don't know the answer to that yet. that's one of the key things that grassley and feinstein are going to uncover in the senate intelligence committee hearings as to who created this. but with all of its walls it became the basis for getting the warrants to wiretap carter page, one of the so-called volunteers and paul manafort, his campaign
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manager. trump said the fbi's wiretapping me and they said you were crazy. they were wiretapping the guy that he spoke to five times an hour, his campaign chairman. and that was all justified by the warning warrants that couldy have been rooted because back then there was no other piece of evidence linking trump to the kremlin in any way. so before the election they try to peddle this to get it printed and nobody will touch it so they go to a conference in nova speaia where john mccain is speaking. they go up to mccain and he says i know about it. i've heard about it and they say we've got to get you a copy. he said that's fine just send it to my office.
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he said it doesn't work that way. you go to the airport, go to the baggage claim and find a guy reading the financial times. have your agent go up to him to exchange a word code and then you will get a copy.of by the way that is a comment with a limited print circulati circulation. but that was the method. so now mccain has a copy of it into the first thing he does is give it to comey and he now has an excuse. he hasn't seen it before. now he's officially received it from a republican senator said he has the excuse to bring it upstairs to president obama who has 11 days left in his term. obama takes it, they give it to congressional leaders in five minutes later it is in the media and all over the press for the
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first time the stove nobody believes it because of his obvious garbage so then you winn and hold or get hold of theseol guys who they say stand by your desks, be our moles infiltrating the administration to bring itna down and be orchestrated like a conductor a crescendo of weeks to justify the idea of thision. collusion, the biggest one three weeks after trump took office in "the new york times" ran a lead article saying that the fbi overheard russian intel officials plotting the collusion with senior members of the staff and they had a recording of the conversations.comey he called tendinitis can out and said i'm sorry this isn't true.s i don't know where it came from. it's inaccurate. we never overheard and we have no tapes or anything. he said don't deny it to me.
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go outside they are outside of my door, say that it's not so and he said we can't dignify every week involving the bureau with a press statement. it would be beneath the dignity of the bureau and that's one of the reasons he loves comey. now it's out and ratified by "the new york times." it was four months until he said to the senate committee this was garbage. it never happened i'm sorry i don't know how it came out andt in those four months it became the convention of wisdom and that conventional wisdom led tot sidetracking sessions, firing michael flynn, mouse trapping trump to firing comey and then leading to a special prosecutor and still the basis of the war meant on the campaign team and the whole purpose of this was to discredit the president elect and then the president with a
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massive flow of disinformation. that's what is happening then and now. after cow [applause]here it now where is this headed? obviously they have no way to establish it was collusion and more importantly they can point to anything russia did to influence the outcome putting little ads on the internet saying attending an anti-immigration rally in union square. and there's no evidence or suggestion of anything theyun might have done to turn ther election around. i know there was nothing they could even remotely run it's like a pop gun against a machine gun so they can't prove that ano
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they won't. their strategy is now they have a special prosecutor who can look at anything he finds and prosecute any crime he stumbles upon. kenneth starr was hired to investigate a deal in arkansas and they ended up investigating the white house. a little bit of a difference but it came within the purview of the special prosecutor so now they are going to manafort and squeezing him and he got ten orr $20 million of cash from the bad guys in ukraine. i worked for the good guys in ukraine and i remember havingin lunch with manafort when he was named the campaign chair man and i said i enjoyed meeting you in that campaign and he said i was paid 10 million, how much are you paid. he didn't really say 10 million but it was a lot. i said i did pro bono.
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but the point was they can go after him for everything. did he sign a disclosure that he is working for a foreign government, did he report his lobbying activities, all that stuff.f. the prosecutor will go after it and then he will go after everybody. m everybody. there's a guy named carter page views in their sights is a long time representative of goldman sachs in russia and he gaveth speeches during the campaign saying it was his opinion of waump was elected he would liftt the sanctions and he claimed to be an advisor and in the middle of the campaign they wrote in a letter saying you are not an advisor and never have been. you've never met donald trump, you've never been in the same room so please stop telling people you are an inside advisor
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and because he had hypothesized that sanctions may be lifted he will now be a witness in the table below his testimony up until the end of the world and this combination of a totally compliant press hand in glove with the intelligence community using disinformation and weeks to frame an analyst a serving president is what we are looking at today and if this succeeds, trump is gone but more importantly so this got elected government, every president will be looking over his shoulder like he is in argentina saying whaseeingwhether the generals tg because the intelligence committee were manifested its ability to oust the president of the united states. in 1970s, carter wanted to clean up the cia so he appointet ted sorensen to be the director and all of a sudden, all of the
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history with his first wife and that he was a conscientious objector during world war ii and all kinds of stuff came out. but the state taking care of its own. i believe there are two key ways to defeat this. first, we need a special prosecutor of our own to investigate the leaks that are the core of the investigation. where did we get the information that he made almost $100 million in eastern europe from the special prosecutor to nowhere did we get the information that after the house was searched the token you are going to indicted. we got that from the
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investigation. all these guys are specialists in leaking and using this to build thestability case in publr a defense attorney can be called into the charges may be put in writing before the procedural norms take place to create an atmosphere so prejudicial that the convictions for any of their indictments are almostnviction inevitable. second there is a lot that needs investigating a part from this particular story of the russian collusion. what did bil bill clinton ask te florida lynch on that airplane. [applause] what was behind comey saying he would exonerate hillary before she even testified before he had spoken to any of the 16 witnesses he called? what about the pay for play stuff and even more coming out
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yesterday about the pay for play they wanted a meeting in singapore and gave the clintons a million dollars speaking fee. get a prosecutor insisting that and put these guys back on defense. but there is another strategy that i think is important for ua to understand. you can't impeach a president until a 60% approval. it is not a legal proceeding. it's a political proceeding. it's not a random journe journee ifor itis the senate elected hof representatives and if you have a president on the ropes with a 40% approval rating he might be able to impeach him, but if you have a president like i helped
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build bill clinton up to be with a 60% approval during the i hel impeachment nobody is going to throw him out of office and evidence doesn't even matter at that point. it's a political proposition. you're not going to take a president is creatin that is cr, turning the economy around, andt threw him out because 20 years ago he got money from russians might have ties who bought apartments in his real estate development and he made a lot of money they used to buy the apartments may have beense laundered into trump may not have known about it. on that basis we are not going to throw out a presiden provides doing a good job and my belief is that what he needs to do is to just as he's doing, raise the rating within a high towards accomplishing his agenda but also making himself more popular in the process. people say that he's sellinglarn out, he's caving into the deep
10:59 pm
state. there are sometimes keble have to trim and i don't object toi n that. what's important about daca isn't the principle that if you came here illegally even if he were an infant at the time you not be rewarded with an ability to stay here. i don't think that is particularly what is vital is you don't become a citizen. say you can't be the anchor of a whole new immigration chain and bring your spouse, your mother, your father, third uncle once removed and bring him in tiger t village with you all of whom then have the right to be theire own anchors to bring millions o people. i believe if he uses that approach as he will he may make some concessions and on the other hand i think it is going to be very good and it's going to work out very well.
11:00 pm
and i think that he needs to move aggressively in getting rid of obamacare. the bill is pending in the senate is a good one. it was originally ted cruz to give the money to the states and let them set up their own obamacare system, or nothing or anything in between. but if that doesn't work, there is an administratively to get rid of obamacare and if you go to my website and you sign up and get my column each day and my lunch alerts and broadcasts, you will learn it. i think what obama can do is to say i am not going to enforce the mandate. as president, i can decide who goes after them and wha let us t go after and i on tax cheats not those that don't have health insurance. and we may never get to your case. so if you want to send in a voluntary contribution of 1% of your income, because you don't
11:01 pm
have health insurance, be my guest and we will use it to reduce the national deficit in the meantime, we can't repeal the provisions we are not going to enforce it. it's just going to sit there and there will be a meaningless nor mandate. .. it will sit there and it will be a meaningless mandate. and then the problem in replacing obamacare is that it makes it illegal to go out and buy health insurance that does not contain all of the bells and whistles obamacare requires you to have. i'm the 70 your old man. i need maternity benefits, substance abuse, psychotherapy, sex change, anything that is there i have to be in a position to get. well, if i go out and get a policy where i say that is not what i need. i just need bare-bones if i get cancer or heart disease. get run over by a bus. you're not allowed to buy that. and i would like th >>
11:02 pm
>>. >> endured are not requiredte to do that. so the subsidized system nobody can afford. this service is nobody needs and the market system to work very well. what about those poor peoplebo who were very sick and need a lot of care with pre-existing conditions withpr no health insurance that can cover them? then put them on medicare. take them out of the system now you are the honorary 65 year-old we will cover you.
11:03 pm
so 132,000 people and of them 6,000 accounted for half. what the hell is the big deal? and then to accommodate those people. >> make a voluntary.don't go that you cannot deduct your mortgage interest or your state and local taxes or your charitable contributions deduct to your heart's content but if you don't want to the set of 26 you charge 21% to come out better that there is a trek americans spend 1.7 trillion
11:04 pm
dollars that they give to the government on personal income tax also $409 billion filling up the dam forms. if you look at eight the forms you eliminate 409 billion that people get to keep the money now everybody says i want to use the short form. [laughter] all the lobbyist say you bought the house and you rely on the deduction you are in new york with no legislation and we say go ahead. but if it doesn't work out that will then use the short form. everybody will.o. i believe no president with a 60 percent approval rating can be thrown of office in a democracy.racy. so thank you. [applause]
11:05 pm
>> and i'm happy to take questions.coming. >> ed why president trump can do it but is it possible for him to eliminate?. >> moving to anchorage alaska. >> they cannot tell you where to work zero or under what working conditions. but understand here we have
11:06 pm
president trump and attorney general sessions and the director of the fbi and still not turning over hillary's emails. there is no public interesto puc that is how the deep state runs. it is like the wisteria bush >> you mentioned james cole me what is the of passion to support the previous administration. >> first of all, i will question in your fundamental
11:07 pm
assumption that is another reason assumption she was sabotage. but, we looked at hillary's emails and said that they show that he would fast and loose with national security that we can show you were motivated other than loyalty to the country or to yourself and with no criminal intent so we will not prosecute that started in early july.n early in the middle of august prosecutors from the fbi wanted nothing to do with the emails scandal investigating anthony wiener. for sexting and saw all the porn but then saw hillary's emails 13,000 she never turned over. and then to say no sir i did
11:08 pm
not have those emails they are not in my position.emails a because now the investigation is reopened because they had to read those purple it is because she plotted to hide those in almost succeeded until she was caught red handed two weeks before the election and that is the basis of her case. and with a healthy sense to make himself irreplaceable where there is a real measure of the group - - ego and to work together incredibly. now martha stewart may haveea done insider-trading but we never prosecuted anybody a citibank but we go after
11:09 pm
martha stewart? maybe it was overzealous. and i think comey was a publicity seeker it.g and then having to reveal what went on a. >> geeps state means the entrenched bureaucracy. >> du ever go to the department of motor vehicles? it is both parties. day you get your license renewed the old data processes it? that is deeps day. [laughter]
11:10 pm
only applied to the c i a and fbi those that will never leave. [laughter] >> thank you for being here tonight to talk about senators grassley and feinstein talking about the job situation that we saw what happened with trade dowdy investigating bin gauzy but gauzy so will they be any more successful? so why are they comply -- composing this dossier in the first place?. >> christopher is hiding so because the beating him from london via mass the british
11:11 pm
courts to subpoena and they will but i dunno if you saw that story two days ago on tucker carlson i was involved in that. there was a company that was hired to protect the benghazi compound 11 days before the attack the state department said the guys in charger not doing the job soe we will push them aside to put you in. they came but they were three weeks too late they deployed three weeks after the attack and at like the guards that were there theywerem were alarmed because the state department insistedd they are not armed to go up against machine guns and grenade throwers. this implicates hillary deeply because because that
11:12 pm
compound was under serious threat because people movedcaus to remove the guards 11 days before the attack took place. a fascinating development. >>. >> meeting with julie and a staunch.-- he -- assange. du know anything about that?. >> he always has benel relatively friendly with the kremlin ban on the other hand, he seemed to have the truth the of wikileaks that they did not attack hillary
11:13 pm
computer that was more like a leak vannatter act. thatl issue a general kelly is troubling to me and if you are old enough to remember that is nixes gatekeeper that can be very effective learning what it needs to learn. and the ability to overcome that. that works in 1995. and to get boris yeltsin and reelected as the president of russia talk about meddling in the campaign. so how can we help them? so take my partner and get themes to hire him and then he will be his pollster. and i'll take it into you into the political consultants.
11:14 pm
antitrust liability as a politician because they grew up in russia so he did that and hired him every week ir meet with clinton at the white house and map out theho strategy.s. going to do georgia tomorrow , sign this bill, oppose that bill, then called yeltsin on the hot line and would tell him what to do literally structuring the television commercial. and it was the incrediblee effort.effort in addition of a campaign at one point the nationalalwe security advisor said you giving him the polls? i
11:15 pm
thought so there is ad meeting with cia he was quoting polling data not from our polls so they decided to use the accurate data for at&t said don't give it to the president it will be bad for everybody. and then clinton said keep him in the polls but albany were not. the president is trapped by that. particularly when it is ins disarray or chaos nobody is talking to anybody you're in over your head to fire kelly the stories are now we are back to chaos moving up in their ratings but now that
11:16 pm
is gone and kenny is put in there and that is why they got read it -- forbid of bannon part of the deep stay in a fundamental way. >>. >> so a question in of emigration from a personal point of view on the side of manhattan on a 90 block stretch i cannot recall the last tedder 15 years having a cab driver who was born in this country and it is very easy to tell. very candidly let's be serious this country's economy would collapse without these people doing
11:17 pm
things that neither you nor i or anybody in this room would do. >> i totally disagree with that. he is saying if we got rid of illegal immigrants nobody is left to do the job. >> i say they get paid because of competition from the third world but there is a study that showed a 70% of the landscape employees are citizens 60 percent of the off hospitality and restaurant workers arere citizens these are jobs if the competition in weight -- raises the wages and would be willing to do that and that includes agricultural orders and i believe that is
11:18 pm
a total misnomer that we would not take those jobs if available we damn well was. [applause] i just want to say that robots will replace labor w everybody in the next 10 or 20 years in the next five tenures the same thing now growing robotic we indoors it is all supply and demand some people like they're cheap household help if they like having a lot of servants. >> he is asking. >> can you just reply?. >> he is asking the keyju question that it is very clear that very soon all
11:19 pm
menial blue-collar jobs will be done by robots and a lot d of not blue-collar jobs will be done by robots. you have yet to meet your first robotic lawyer if you ever talk to a lawyer for the insurance company know what it will be like. >> the point is whenever something comes along in it changes the entire shape of the economy but it doesn't destroy jobs it destroys and it creates and looking 20 years into the future like cabdrivers or the whole category will be gone. and no longer be necessary to produce the goods and
11:20 pm
services that we need.robot is but the robot will not want to plant a flower garden were taking french lessons. so the entire economy shifted at that point to more voluntary jobs that relate to leisure time that we separate production from income in important but it does say we have gotten increasingly to understand the need to generate income at some level house to be separatedar from the needs to produce goods. >>.
11:21 pm
>> it was just a deep state related. but what about debbie wasserman shultz?. >> and in a telephone booth at 3:00 in the morning?. >> add a note yesterday that booked read up on it and it is incredible. is it too much to ask the of word for that hillaryrd defeated. >> you have a great facebook live i watch all the time i
11:22 pm
have two ways to communicateery not that i don't work at fox and my neck was severed but one way that i have been doing the last five years if you go to dick every day do a five minutey video commenting on the events ave -- of the and and every day at 4:00 i do called deep-sixed thews deep state and bought 100,000 people and i believe that will replace fox news and television and i want my show right there in the middle of that.s of you >> i am very jealous of your
11:23 pm
viewership. >> what about jared kushner kushner?. >> are you afraid if you really says she will have an accident? [laughter] hillary has not killed me yet. i think i will be okay. i only met kushner once. policy is not money thing. and how to be a white house adviser with that caveat?. elechis is a different topic
11:24 pm
, how did obama be romney?. >> because mitt romney came to personify and embody exactly what the white blue-collar industrial worker hated. he was the investor that is outsourcing jobs and to make a killing and. and people saw him not just an advocate for the wrong policies that the enemy.s the in to be personified. so even when we were begging and pleading and then just did not understand new d
11:25 pm
so who are they?. >> thanks for this fascinating insight into washington politics.on? because it is a tradition or a phenomenon. because of the >> gavel old chapter. >> that was the tipping
11:26 pm
point in to have the cia and fbi and that nixon tried to blame watergate and they would not let it happen. so the idea to make intelligence political during that period. but in the deeper sense it goes to eisenhower because eisenhower said i don't want to keep an army here to bankrupt us. i want a cheap and inexpensive what a -- way and they said could a tall lettuce do that. -- let us do that and eisenhower was hooked. i want you to do this all
11:27 pm
over the world in to go into guatemala and the condo and chile and it was a very short distance to go from doing that abroad to home. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
>> i opened my initials story over the objection of the psychiatrist and then had a dream he wanted to send his father to have been by killing him with a baseball bat by profile this example of the entreated and then this is in the same tie for a - - time frame that i learned from the judge who has really changed he gave me it to work -- let me look get the ninth floor of the miami dade jael tour but it simply does not do justice to the horror of what you saw. it is not even 19th century it is like the
11:30 pm
1700's. mostly minorities, mostly untraded and refusing medication are not treated properly surrounded by a cloth that they cannot use to kill themselves and spaldeen gibberish locked behind a dungeon sell they can only sleep in a rusted metal bed and the judge told the appetite -- told me at the time who is crazier? us for a that this is the system that exist?


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