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tv   Wayne Allyn Root Angry White Male  CSPAN  October 14, 2017 6:01pm-6:21pm EDT

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never forget that when you open your mouth it is not you who is speaking but the president of the united states. to which rob said, oh lank. brought down the house. >> your book, angry white male, how the donald trump phenomenon is change in america and what we can all do to save the middle class. you wrote this before the election. >> i did. we need to start meeting like this. i looked up at freedom fest and by the way, i must complement c-span, while the things i ever do and i do major talk shows, i get the most book book sales when this runs on c-span. i go to amazon in the book sales rocket up the chart you guys do a great job. thank you.
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>> host: going back to book, you wrote this before the election. if you read this book it reads as if donald trump or president. >> guest: not only does it read like his president but it reads as if he read it and made sure it was his entire campaign message. may be a shouldn't be bragging about it. this is his game plan. it's a speeches. it is his midwest victory. visit victory with white males. it's everything he ever needed to do to win. he adopted all of it. >> are you an angry white male? >> i am. but it was never meant to be a race type issue. i wrote that because i'm angry and a male and happen to be white. is ready my personal testimony. if i had the same views as a black it would been called angry blackmail. fisa women it would be called angry white female.
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i really wanted it to be angry white voter because i thought it was going to be a white boating explosion. a lot of middle-class people who are angry about what's going on in america. i knew that was the fertile ground and the democrats last background. it's not racist to say it anymore to say that republicans have lost people of color. we don't resonate with them. democrats have completely lost white people. in a particular white man. were gone and not coming back. >> host: why? >> guest: because you don't say anything that helps us. i feel like i represent those who are middle-class and work for a living and are overtaxed. they feel taxed and if you look at the research i study those facts. the middle class happens to be
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not a racist issue they happened be almost all white. i think 79th and they feel completely overtaxed, overregulated jobs are being killed, they're targeting us. so plenty of black, hispanic, asian jewish and female not group. i primarily thought it was an angry white male issue. i was right that's what won the election for donald trump. if you and by 30 points, he one meant by 30 points. quite dramatic. >> you spend the first part of the book calling out the obama administration on what you see is bad policy and telling president obama he should apologize. >> often say there's only one way to defeat north korea, replace kim jong-un with obama
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they go out of business in a week. he has a devastating effect on the economy. been a little funny and facetious but i'm being truthful. the liberal idea sound nice but they fail wherever they are tried. but as well, cuba, north korea, people's republic of china in the old days, greece, italy, they're all out of business with socialist ideas. they kill the middle class. obamobama care doesn't work. it's destroyed the middle class. trump was good at it. you have to get personal examples. trumpet bring people onstage whose children were killed by an illegal immigrant. that's a personally example. in my case a family of six, four
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kids in my health insurance is 500 month when obama complained how terrible it was. i laughed and said what a joke. there's a couple surgeries in there, covered everything. fantastic. he comes long it goes from 500 until 2000 a month that covers nothing. every bill is on me. they find a way to tell me it's not cover. a few months ago i switched to liberty and freedom fest they have the booth opposite of c-span. i shifted to that and i'm jewish, does that tell you how bad obama karis? it's a disaster and now my insurance is 500 month instead of 2000. nobody can afford 2000 month in the middle class. >> you say are jewish but also born-again christian.
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>> yes. i guess you could say am a jew who believes in christ. c can be anything you want but if you're born jewish you'll always be culturally jewish. not super religious in anything. i pray to christ every day. i don't tend to go to church or temple but i'm culturally from a jewish mother and father. that makes me jewish forever the matter what i do. but i am effect born into jewish faith. i cannot for 2000 a month. the important point here is that the insurance company does ask a much money you make. if it's based on income and a middle-class family that makes 50, 60, 80000 a year would be paying the same in a covers nothing. they go bankrupt. so if obama had ever said to the
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american people here's the deal, there's 30 million people many of them of color and i feel bad for them. they're not covered. i want to cover them. but to cover them in might triple or quadruple your healthcare. deductibles and co-pays are going up and you might lose your insurance altogether and you'll go to the same dr.. he would've lost 100% - 0. instead he lied to sell the program. that's the mistake republicans are making. they should be crusading that this is. fraud. it was sold by lies, fraud and misrepresentation needs to be repealed and replaced based on the fact that if i did that in a private sector businessman i go to jail for that kind of fraud. >> you refer to paul ryan as an
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obedient lapdog. >> host: that hasn't changed. he's an enemy of donald trump. he can smile and put his arm around him but that doesn't change anything. same thing with mitch mcconnell. they are all sellouts. they don't want to let donald do what needs to be done. if you save the economy after repeal obama care, and it has to get rid of all the taxes and obama care. they left all the taxes in. doesn't matter if they repeal it now. neither one is good. they ruined everything. they're all for big business. both republicans and democrats in d.c. are bought and paid for by lobbyists and lawyers and the corporation and big pharma and health insurance companies. the people don't matter. how's kenny explained that republicans won every level of this country.
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trump was a close victory to the rest of the country governors and lieutenant governors, the house and senate we won everything, the message was repeal obama care notes a few months later nobody wants to repeal it did they'll just missed the november 8 election? i said all that would happen because of it angry middle-class another claim they don't need it anymore? what changed that they hated obama care enough to elect a guy that hated everybody and a few months later they don't like obama care? st. paul said he would lose as a landslide. the polls are fraudulent. they oversample democrats to get the answer.
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if you say to people are you for obama care, does it hurt you? they said it's hurting me and it against it. but if they say to help poor people or throw them on the street. it's however you phrase the question to get the answer. >> been in las vegas for a couple of days i've seen a commercial attacking your senator senate several times on healthcare issue. >> it's a leftist attack, and i month of bright saying don't you dare vote against repeal. no change my argument it doesn't matter because guys like you ruined the appeal. even if you vote for it sucks. i didn't say trump would be elected because he was slightly cut taxes are slightly repeal obama care. i said he was gonna kill it
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that's who he voted for. this is all fraud based on rich corporation pay enough everyone in the united states congress. i left the republican party and then i found out obama was 50 times worse see have no seat at the place of power and can't change anything. now ready to leave the gop again because their joke. >> six months and house president trump doing? >> i think he's doing great on one hand think whatever he's tried to do is great as activists and leftist is doing great on what he can do on its
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own. but nothing's passing and on the one side he just doesn't be in the trump i know he is. he's a great salesman, so my not shy about it not embarrassed about it, i'm good i was born to sell. donald was born to sell. he should be campaigning at football stadiums to sell the repeal of obama care. he didn't to it. obama did it. he's a great salesman too. i recognize great salesman. on a scale of one to ten i don't like what he believes in but i appreciate his skill as a tent. ronald reagan was a ten. trump was a tenets a campaigner but he's not doing its present what he did as a campaigner. you have to go out and fight for what you believe in to pull congress and do eight them do
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what you're proposing. he definitely doesn't get a ten for pursuit of the policy. salesmanship. he deserves a temper potential but he hasn't been a great salesman as president yet. as we do then that this unit we are just -- you just made anthony scaramucci a spokesperson. he's as good as you get. i think that will change things. >> host: one more story from the book. you say you are audited for political. >> so anybody could say they were audited for political reasons or that the irs persecuted me. one of the few people with proof. there is a massive attack, we
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took them to court because our lawyer said you can't beat them. there's a vendor data. so will have to go to court and let a judge decide. five days later miller said in the history of america the never heard of that. two more years, thousands of dollars spent, sleepless nights scared, worried, we won again. the judicial watch called and said we been watching it. we want to demand the irs had over your files have 30 days to comply by law or they did that and still 16 months. they broke the law for 15 months in a row.
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when their finally told if you don't handed over will get a subpoena they handed over the files. what we find? my political police written pens. he's a conservative. we studied his life, every bit of it is online but i got. to this day is been punished? no one. they're criminals. everyone involved should be imprisoned. nobody has been fired or gone to prison. the head of the irs was in contempt of congress was learner didn't lose the pension. everyone is a criminal. can you imagine if things were turned and donald trump going after the naacp. what would america say about that?
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what if you went after black or hispanic groups? muslim groups? you be the biggest uprising. obama went after me and try to destroy me and no one said a thing. >> host: angry white male, how the donald trump, nice change in america and what we can do to save the middle class. they give her media. >> thank you. >> book tv has attendant freedom fest several times. interested in listening to other freedom fest authors go to the website, and type in freedom fest. you can view other interviews online. >> book tv tapes hundreds of author programs are the country all your long. here's a look at events were covering this week. but the new york historical society to hear about charter
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schools. later, will be at word bookstore new jersey. diana will describe events leading up to the worst in wall street history. monday, october 19, 1987. them back to manhattan for the look at president uber hoover. katie will share her experiences covering the trump campaign. then the jewish museum on the life of -- israel's fourth prime minister. on sunday were on the west coast at the ss center in san francisco for the american book award. that's a look at events book tv
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will cover this week. many are open to the public. look for them to air in the future on book tv on c-span2. >> here watching book tv, television for serious readers. tonight, software engineer describes changes in technology. 7:30 p.m., will recall the 1928 paris peace pact. at 8:30 p.m., national book award winner examines race, the obama presidency and the election of donald trump. afterwards, craig discusses the life and political career of newt gingrich with former congressman todd davis. we wrap up at 11 with lyla jonathan on her business model designed to live poor communities out of poverty.
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that happens tonight on book tv, 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books every weekend. >> our programming starts now with ellen ullman on changes in technology. >> .com. my name is melissa. i have a round of applause from anybody has never been here before. that's great. gives us the opportunity to tell you about how we work here. for healing community of people living with and affected by hiv and


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