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tv   New Jersey Governors Debate  CSPAN  October 19, 2017 4:51am-5:51am EDT

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it comes courtesy of debbie cbs-tv in new york city. live and uninterrupted the new
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jersey gubernatorial debate sponsored by cbs 2, cbs three, w. cbs news radio eight a.d., it 1010 north and william patterson university. here is your moderator cbs 2's christine johnson. >> good evening to you. we are coming to you live from the campus of william patterson university in wayne new jersey where the candidates for governor will face off in the final debate before the election election. this debate is sanctioned by a lack to the new jersey election law enforcement commission. joining me here at the table my colleague from philadelphia cbs three anchor jessica dean. opinion page editor of north at the records part of the new jersey usa debate network and also levon putney evening anchor wcbs news radio eight a.d..
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we also would like to welcome our live audience or tonight and we do as those in attendance to remain respectful and not interfere with the debate. this debate by the way streaming on new york and philly. you can watch it in spanish on debbie allen white tv 1055 and north jersey and wps g. in south jersey. candidates will have one minute to answer each of the questions and also 30 seconds for rebuttal as warranted. now, let's welcome to the candidates on stage or tonight through running for new jersey governor former ambassador to germany phil murphy and lieutenant governor kim guadagno guadagno. welcome to you both. [applause] my first question goes to you lieutenant governor. you served alongside chris christie for eight years.
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what do you say to voters who just cannot consider to vote for you for governor, considering just your affiliations with christy? >> thank you for the question and welcome liam patterson and thank you for having us both tonight. i want to say to start a frankly anybody who knows me, knows i'm not chris christie. i'm running on my record. i'm running on my values. i'm running on my principles. my record for the last eight years since chris christie lieutenant governor could either been the governor of the state of jersey. he was the one who made the final calls. when i had a complaint about governor christie's i made it privately predicting that soy should happen. vice presidents and presidents don't get out ahead of governors or presidents and i don't think lieutenant governor should get out ahead of governors. i do believe though that when the governor finally decided
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that he was going to start hack the individuals increase for gas tax, sorry i had to stand up and disagree. murphy on the other hand serves with the governor and spoke in favor and support of the gas tax. >> you mentioned you did bush or concern when you disagree with the governor on some issues. can you give us an example of where you may have dissuaded decisions? >> i don't think we should play that. think people need to understand the lieutenant governor's office at work or quite frankly if i become the governor would expect my lieutenant governor to disclose her private conversations. i did agree with the governor when he started attack the middle class in. i stood up and said no last summer and some of the stood with chris christie and said yes to the 23-cent gas tax.
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>> mr. murphy your campaign commercial documents that you were raised in a working-class family but that is not how you live today and it's not how you lived for the past few years. you made millions at goldman sachs. how can you possibly relate to the working-class family living in new jersey? >> let me say first of all i'm honored to be here with the lieutenant governor and all of you at william patterson. i see that last question differently. i would say with all the due respect to lieutenant governor has been standing beside the governor, 2829 days at his record is a record. i grew up in a home which was working poor. my dad didn't get out of high school, my mom did. we all worked. i worked under the table when i was 13 years old. i slept in my parents bedroom until i was nine. that experience of growing up barely hanging in the middle-class day in and day out is what burns most deeply inside of me so with all of the
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chapters of my life as an adult that proud public school products i've worked in business, i served the united states under president barack obama is the u.s. ambassador to germany producer from the national board of the naacp. i chaired a women's shelter in monmouth county where we live and i'm proud of all that but the experience of burns the most deeply is how i grow. >> and you see the concern concern here? last year you made over $7 million you live in a multi-million dollar home in new jersey. you do not know what it takes to struggle to put food on the table. >> i would say with all due respect i do. i grew up that way. again my dad took any job he could. he did not have a high school education. my mom was largely a secretary and help bring us up to chimichurri went to college. he made sure we get about the community and service but i know all too well believe me. >> her next question from jessica dean. mr. murphy said you are willing
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to go beyond sanctioning cities which protect undocumented immigrants and make new jersey a sanctuary state. would you do that knowing that new jersey is at risk of losing millions of dollars in federal aid? >> i'm glad you brought that up because we had an incomplete discussion about this last time. the fact of the matter is one of the biggest police unions came out and made this point better than i could. the reality is when residents in a city or a state feel comfortable about engaging with law enforcement and they are not worried about their immigration status without question you have a safer environment. yet safer communities and the safer state and again the lieutenant governor has a law enforcement background. she knows that. we can put politics ahead of public safety. the reality is folks feel free to engage. you have a safer community. i believe then i'm not a lawyer
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but i am relying on advice i've gotten from others as it relates to this threat that the federal government and president trump could use against us. i think that's an empty threat and we would fight that tooth and nail to the full extent of the law. our dreamers and her immigrant families we need to make sure they are welcome in the state. >> if that money does go way -- [applause] you are talking millions of dollars to a state like new jersey. what would you do to fill that gap? >> this is a good example and enforcement one of many examples of governors was steal back rounds that will stand up to this president whether its threats to withhold federal funding, whether it's the environment or public education or criminal justice, social justice. we are going to probably in court for every single day with an attorney general alongside who was steal back for every
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dollar. >> do you have a response? >> when i became the sheriff i was shocked to find out that we could release a violent criminal from our jail without running an immigration background checks i got a computer and i got someone trained on the computer to do one simple thing a criminal background check to see if he was a lampett i don't believe the people of new jersey want to see a violent criminal release from our jail if there's an immigration detainer can spam. i think they believe and i believe that those detainer's and background checks are being run in a way previously had done just that josé cora would not abandon schoolyard in 2008 shooting for children in the back of the head. if we had done that ackerman does i would not than climbing up the back stairs of a house and raping a six month -- six euros a month ago. all i'm saying is one of the things the governor the state of new jersey has to do in one of
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the primary things they are required to do is to protect the public in a sanctuary state will harbor criminals and it will impact and challenge law enforcement officers and as you said already it will put at risk millions of dollars of funding to those people who want to help the most. >> thank you and we are at a time on that question. like to bring in alfred for the next question. >> missisquoi dog know we are going to talk about something that is near and dear to everybody's heart. property taxes. of the circuit breaker plan to provide property tax relief. the school portion of the local taxes hits a certain point it kicks in and the state depending on income could give that homeowner up to $3000. that's a lot of $3000 that's a lot of breakers. where's the money coming from? >> to be more specific on average the homeowner would earn $800 per household so on average
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and we believe it will cost 1.5 billion. we have played out specifically a plan for how we pay for 3% of our 34 billion-dollar budget. i believe the people of new jersey need property tax relief. then number one problem facing them today and i have a plan to fix property taxes in new jersey jersey. >> your plan if i understand it if you want to do an audit of all government functions, state functions $1.5 billion is a lot of money. you are part of the current administration. is there $1.5 billion summer in the state as we don't know about? >> let me tell you a couple of things. first of all the last time an audit was done was in 1983. two other audits have been good recently in other states and they save $2 billion apiece. at least i have a plan. what i hear from bill murphy's team as he is not going to
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address property taxes at all. i haven't seen or heard him address anything to help the people in new jersey who need the most help now and that has to do with property taxes. [applause] c mr. murphy what is your plan to? >> i would say with all due respect i think it not it is a good idea. 2829 days we could have had an audit accomplished by now. [applause] >> i don't think a fancy title, sounds like an overstock item a crazy eddies eddies. you have to back it up with real money. it's a frustration property taxes are up 70% during the christie's guadagno years but if you are the wealthiest among us a big corporation or hedge fund you have the time of your life because you'll have lots of breaks in the middle class is paying through the nose. funding schools fully his property tax relief. we are committed to undoing the benefits for corporations and hedge funds and the wealthiest
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among us have had in driving that money into fully funding public education that's direct property tax relief. >> thank you mr. murphy. one quick question to her audience every time you clapboard scream it takes moments away from our candidates and it all adds up in the end. we would like to get to the issues tonight. one more time, let's stay quiet. right now we are going to go to the next question and that again is the issue of property taxes. we can talk a little bit about that produced you know mr. murphy new jersey homeowners pay the highest property taxes in the nation and there is a salary tax that limits raises for police and firefighters to 2% which then helps keep property taxes down. that is due to put expire at the end of this year so we keep the and side with homeowners or will you side with police and
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firefighters admit that fire? >> that's a false choice in my humble opinion. we'll make a decision based on the backs produce a report coming out in december. of the committee put their report out which was a complete political stunt. >> election days in november and our voters would like to know where you stand on that issue. >> i would like reporters to note that i want to make decisions based on facts and that's what i believe then and only half of that is come out so far. imagine 2% which is important. again this is an us versus them administration we have had from the figures in this case pitting fiscal responsibility who would want fiscal responsibility giving -- given the train wreck of our economy gets perhaps the bravest people in of the state police fire and first responders. leadership gets both of those interest around the table based on the facts and makes the decision with all interested that is what i would do. i would also remind folks as i
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mentioned a minute ago telford that 2% is important and we have to get this right and we will make that decision based on the facts. 53% of the property tax bill is public education. that's been underfunded by $9 billion. >> one more time they forget to ms. guadagno you will not go on about it tonight on whether or not you will keep that. >> i've want to see the facts and get all the parties around the table and make the right decision. >> ms. guadagno web site are you on? >> let's talk about leaders. you have all the facts available to make a decision he does want to dodge the answer and i'll tell you why he wants to dodge the answer. [applause] he has been endorsed by virtually every public sector union in the state and he has promised them privately that he will not endorse the 2% because they don't want to. he's the man who runs commercials every day about how he's not in the pocket of special interests. it has resulted in his refusal
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to answer your simple question a question by the way that the lieutenant governor that he has chosen has answered not once but twice and she think she would have signed a property tax. when she was the assembly leader shoe wanted to provide property tax relief and she voted it on the second time when it ran out. and i have one question for you fill where you getting the money quickly these and gentlemen with around the room. that $9 billion is coming from your about pocket. [applause] >> may i answer that? >> yes. >> line million dollars is coming from your wealthy friends the biggest corporation and hedge funds. [applause] >> let's go on to the next one. this one coming from levon putney. >> this is for both. tens of thousands of jobs were lost in atlantic city.
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it it's been under state control so now what is your vision for success for clinic city and start with you mr. murphy? >> thank you. linick city has gone through hell and back to the good news is soft the map but the price was paid was enormous. enormous job losses you mentioned. atlanta county leads all counties in american or closed homes. as unique of the committee we have the state it's a proud community. i was there last night and there'll the time. it needs help. i'm not a fan of these takeovers takeovers. every single time it's over the top that every single time it's communities of color whether school districts or entire communities. i am a believer that communities like atlantic city needs a governor who is a partner working on the ground hand in glove to continue to develop the momentum that is started. the casinos have stabilized, employment is stabilized.
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the economy of atlantic city must be diversified. stop universities opening up at camp -- campus in atlantic city. that's a good step in the right direction. i've wanted linick city to do that. >> ms. guadagno. >> i find that incredible that they sought your position when it comes to tax cuts. the only thing that keeps atlantic city alive now are those tax credits that have allowed places like the hard rock cafe. that's why atlantic city is on its way back. what i want to know from you is while you were in atlantic city last night did you face at that food bank that i talked about last week so you could talk to some of the people who are working two jobs every day to put food on the table. did you visit that food bank to talk to the woman who needs to go to the food bank twice a week in order to put food on our table. you had you would have heard they can afford more property
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taxes, higher property taxes. i'm going to lower property taxes. you are going to raise the mini-will move these people out of new jersey. >> you've left the middle class behind and now you have left the church behind. [applause] i wasn't in that the bank last night but that's how i grew up. i know that all too well. >> you said you're no fan of state takeovers. if elected we did and the state takeover? >> we would be there on the ground the governor the thicket of branch would be on the ground working with local elected officials to keep the progress we have seen in atlantic city and hopefully a whole lot more. >> would you support gaming in north jersey? >> north jersey gaming i've supported strongly and here's my rationale. number one is a huge job creator and we are desperate for jobs. number two is not in north jersey before we notice going to
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be on the west side of manhattan. the projects that were voted down last year had elements that would send a significant amount of income to atlantic city and that's a big basis upon which i was supportive of it. they won't send one red cent to atlantic city. i'd rather have gaming in new jersey. >> ms. guadagno very quickly i believe we should put on the ballot the question of whether or not gaming should the up and i agree if somebody should get the jobs we should get the jobs and we are in the best possible position to get those jobs on condition and that is that we can afford to do business here in new jersey. phil murphy would eliminate tax credits and phil murphy would eliminates -- he would raise taxes on business and make jersey city on affordable and
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make business unfriendly. >> and want to talk about pension and mr. murphy i will start with you. advocate fully funding for public employees system which is severely underfunded and obviously we are obligated to pay what is already being committed. going forward to consider the state switching new employees to a 401(k) type program like a lot of private businesses have done? >> i share the original commission on this 12 years ago and if we had taken the steps we had outlined we wouldn't be in the position we are in today but we are. the pension plans of an underfunded in the christie's guadagno years by $20 billion. if the principle reason why we have been downgraded 11 straight times. the state must own up to his obligations. it must get as fast as possible to fully funding its pension obligations. we are a state for many reasons but this is one of the biggest ones that folks no longer trusts trusts.
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trust is something we can't lose him they have lost is so the answers we got to get back to fully funding the pension plan. only then can we talk about where else were going to do. if you've been left at the altar 20 years in a row and most notably in the past eight years and the only answer is we might find a way to find more money. that's unacceptable. the state must meet its obligations. for office people at home that are owed that money what is your specific plan? >> here we go. again you have an administration over here with governor christie that's taking care of hedge funds big companies and the wealthiest among us that have stood starkly significant tax breaks. we want to unwind those tax breaks and fund getting back to funding the middle class and they stay. those are three big items. public education fully meeting our public obligations and build the infrastructure that this administration is kicked down the road. >> ms. guadagno or not -- i
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wasn't a specific plan. very specifically is going to cost another $10 billion in health care payments in order to fund pension suggested by my opponent and want everyone in this room to close their eyes and tell me what you see. you see nothing because we have no plan whatsoever, phil has no plan whatsoever to fund pension. what i would do simple. take the law enforcement pension and spend them off tickets they are almost fully funded as it is predict they want to manage their pension they should manage their pension and do it in a way that puts taxpayers at risk. we have to sit down and admit what we cannot deny him that is that the pensions for the teachers and other public sector unions is broke. what we are doing right now it in jersey is hiring 21-year-old teachers and telling them they will have a pension in 25 or 30 years. i will sit down look at the
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pension commission report and start negotiating fair fairly successfully and openly. >> is there a rule for telling the truth in these discussions? >> if you are going to start to interrupt --. >> show all of us respect and keep this subject matter. >> i was going to try to get it right back on the right track. this is a transient question. to ms. guadagno you will advocate nj transit that you have a nj transit user but under the christie administration we have seen dedicated funding has been cut, fares have gone up service quality has gone down. we have a mass transit super
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bowl where tens of thousands of people waited hours to leave the stadium. we saw a large portion of the new jersey transit left in the rain due to superstorm sandy. if you are the advocate, you have been there. where were you? >> a good question. in the next four years the first thing i'm going to do is go back and audit everything that's going on at the department of transportation. i'm going to ask every single person we are allowed to ask by lott to resign. i'm going to make those people hand out their cell phone numbers like i did when i rehire them but i'm going to make those people said down and take the train every day. i know what it's like to have to be to court on time and take a train. i know what it's like to have to be home on time in order to meet a babysitter so she doesn't walk away from me. it's very important that we get this right. in fact i would say seconded property taxes it is the number
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one problem that will be facing the governor going forward. >> he's as lieutenant governor is not your function to necessarily criticize the governor but during all these changes not for the better with nj transit you have been silent. have you taken eight new jersey transit train in last five or six years? >> absolutely. that's the only way to get back and forth to new york. i've also taken amtrak train. like my opponent who is a goldman sachs billionaire i'm a working mom who has deadly tank him and my husband is retired that i have to pay public transportation to get back and forth not just now but for the last 25 years. >> i'm when you have to move on to mr. murphy. i want to take a slightly different tact on transit. if something called positive train control. its signal system to close down the train. the accidents that happen in
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hobart -- hoboken with a fatality that would stop it. it's a federal mandate yet a small portion of the nj transit system is operating underneath. how would you ensure if you were elected that he can meet this deadline? >> i take nj transit and my family takes it all the time. number one and number two some of these ideas we agree on some things that you've been there from most eight years. thirdly our hands is the fourth smallest state geographically we sit beside the largest markets in the country in philadelphia. you would think if you got one thing right with the commuter rail. instead nj transit has been gutted and the fares are up 36% and commuting is up 36% of the capital budget has been into the operating side.
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in terms of leadership positive train control is one of a consequences. we have to fund it. this is a mandate. it's a federal mandate. we have no choice. we have to get back to doing what we used to do really well mistake prior tours in the economy that drove us. the structures one of them. >> you didn't answer the question about positive train control. >> to fund it. there is no choice. >> where were the funding come from? >> the state has to grow the economy again. we have left tens of billions of dollars on the table of economic growth in this administration. that's two or $3 billion at least annually of state revenue and that would be well enough to do positive train control but you have to prioritize. infrastructure has to be prioritized and has not been. >> i like to get to the question regarding congestion pricing to words that a lot of people in new jersey do not want to hear. congestion pricing to enter
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manhattan is looking more and more likely printer looks like it's going to become a reality in new jersey could actually be paying double now wants across the river and then again to move below 60th street. would you support a tax rebate to offset the extra burden levied on commuters? ms. guadagno i'll let you and surfers. >> the short answer to your question is absolutely. we need to use our tax cut wisely. the way we used our tax credit was to encourage companies to stay here and grow here and expand here. the numbers show they work. we have more people working today than ever in the history of the state and this report came out this week that we have or% more in our back pocket than we had before but the problem is as you know is hard to get back and forth into new york and most of our people, a lot of our
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people up north to work in the city. i would advocate for transportation credit. i would advocate for a review of oliver credits to make sure the middle-class and working people of new jersey have more money in their pockets. that's what this campaign is about whether or not new jersey is affordable and one of the ways we can make new jersey affordable is by a tax credit. the problem i have with my opponent is quite frankly he's going to increase taxes on just about everybody to do all of things the things we have outlined. >> with that tax rate how do we pay for it? >> we will go back and re-examine, cut unemployment to 50% and we done up by aggressively pursuing the only thing we have in new jersey to create jobs in keep jobs like subaru or panasonic or lg electronics for any of the companies in camden. camden was a -- five years ago and today is going to be the
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shining city on a hill because of tax credits. >> i'll have the dretke right there because we need to get to mr. murphy on this question. would you support his state tax? >> the first line of defense is to convince them to not do it. >> how would you do that? >> is worker for the passwords, but we need leadership that pushes back. we had a real breakdown in terms of our ability in a relationship between new jersey and new york whether it's the port authority projects, canceling the art tunnel whether it's a discussion like this. we don't have the leadership at the table iti defending the interests of all of us but certainly our commuters. i would say by the way tax credits to get jobs in new jersey we send them out at a rate of $162,000 per job right now. massachusetts right now we have friends $22,000 a job.
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it may be something we have simply ignored and secondly the labor market is at a 10 year low in terms of participation but the answer is you got to hopefully convince them not to do it. otherwise you have to find the money. >> levon putnam has the next question. >> we will start with mr. murphy. said legalizing marijuana is a social justice issue. he also said to fund your proposed programs to increase taxes on its wealthiest and legalize marijuana. is legalizing it about justice or really about taxes? >> it doesn't paso social justice tax you can't talk about the revenue implications in the fact of the matter is we have a white is not white gap of persons incarcerated in america in new jersey. not the only recent but the biggest contributing factor is our low-end drug crimes. i'm saying this as much as a former board member of the naacp
5:24 am
naacp. it's got to pass the social justice tests. my opponent last week and i'm glad you brought it up because we had an incomplete discussion talked about decriminalizing a bit about my health was that as the growing industry stays underground run by the same people are then break it waited so miners in particular are exposed to that. put aside the fact that the owner of the tax revenue which is a reality remains in the wild west. a lot of other states have done it and make mistakes and at the end of the day when we earn revenue it will be social justice first. scenic ms. guadagno. i want to pick up quickly on what he originally said in the primary, he was going to increase taxes $5 billion, 300 million of that money coming from legalizing marijuana. he has since changed his story to add the social justice aspect of that which the criminalizes
5:25 am
it. it falls under murphy's law. any taxa can be raised to the race and that's what the people of new jersey no. with all of these promises and all of these entitlements it's going to come from your pocket. there are not enough millionaires in new jersey to pay for the type of increases that phil murphy is promising you. slight promising a chicken in every pot. it's not going to happen. the fantasy and people in new jersey know it. [applause] >> as a follow-up you are talking about ringing in revenue but at the same time why are you not willing to fully legalize marijuana if it would? >> or a simple. colorado shows there's a 40% increase in the number of traffic deaths which they attribute to marijuana use in colorado. i don't want our children and i don't want our people to walk down the street and buy a pack a
5:26 am
drug dealers. think it sends a large message for a state that is funding the opiate problem and i think if we are going to be -- call it what it is which is another tax raising policy. >> with that to move on to another topic. >> this next question comes from her debate or to spend community magazine. development of new jersey's two largest cities newark and jersey city has grown tax basis and the number of businesses but residential rental prices are trending upward. they are displacing low-income residents so what policies do you envision to prevent long-standing residents from being displaced? ms. guadagno was there with you. >> is a problem it to be alert to be one of the programs that the tax credits are supposed to
5:27 am
pay attention to is making sure they hire people in the community to get the tax credits. for example in jersey city they got billions of dollars with the tax credits. they are supposed to be -- and can than they are. there's a company that has $2 million for the tax credits and they are hiring citizens and trained them in a high and bring them those are the things we have to monitor and make sure it happens and actor happening happening in new jersey. it's a condition of the credit itself. the other thing we have to do is fix the housing act. what we have to do in my opinion is come up with a state plan to put jobs in transportation or portable housing where the jobs are and were transportation is that we can do that by simply having a state plan. >> mr. murphy. >> i can't help but go back to the last conversation about legalization. number one colorado has eight -- opiate definites correlated with
5:28 am
the use of legal marijuana number two social justice is not an entitlement. [applause] the big question is affordable housing. this administration has done everything it can to kick the can down the road through the courts. they have taken money out of dedicated funds. i apologize you will have your shot. other states have bought up empty foreclosed homes and converted them into affordable housing. >> with that be something you'd want to do? >> 100% and i say this all the time, i want to help the folks who fought and stayed not just for the folks who come there because those communities have momentum. they sure do by the way but it has to work for the people who fought and stayed. >> since we are at william patterson university we thought
5:29 am
it was a good idea to have students be involved in this democratic process so we would like to welcome a student from william patterson. his name is cody or siddiqui and he has a question for both candidates. >> my question is this student debt is about $1 trillion in america. some people aren't even able to pursue higher education due to the huge debt. new york has recently started offering, they started offering free tuition programs to students. would you support free college programs for bachelors degrees in new jersey and if you do how would he pay for? >> mr. murphy bublé hansen at first. >> this is one that comes up all the time. higher education is out of the reach of too many young people and their families. you've probably seen this at the university of maine advertises on a billboard above the turnpike, and check us out. our good state tuition is lower
5:30 am
than your in-state tuition. we have ravaged higher education in the state so a couple of things. there is no one magic bullet. number one we stand for me to college. there's a study that came out this summer that makes a compelling point that the middle jobs we are going to have the least number of folks who are trained in. secondly we love the idea of a public tank that we as citizens on a one of the lines of business are reasonable student loans and thirdly have a something like stay in new jersey for college, stay here five years after to work and we will forgive ears six, seven, eight, nine in 10 in x number of dollars off of your student loans and those are some of the things we are talking about. [applause] >> i have to comment on the public bank. i can imagine a worse idea than giving all of the receipts to
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some bureaucrat in trenton to hand out to the people. the idea that bank handing out loans is beyond words. that's a first. second free college education falls in the category of who's going to pay for it. i would love to provide you with a free college education and if you have the means to pay for it and we still want to provide you with a free college education because that would buy opponent says. my point is whether you can afford it or not you get a free college education and you know who's going to pay for a quick look around this room and look into the camera and you will know who's going to pay for it. everyone in new jersey is going to pay for it. phil murphy is going to raise her taxes and i won't. >> i'm going to start with you ms. guadagno. just this monday republicans and democratic state leaders agreed that newark is going to be the state's official did for
5:32 am
amazon's new headquarters. new jersey gets it and it will be 50,000 jobs. how far would your administration go with incentives, tax breaks, subsidies land to get amazon to come to new jersey? >> my understanding of the deal is quite simply that there will be tax credits afforded to amazon as part of the deal. the partnership for action will be presented and that's a benefit to the taxpayers of new jersey. that means the next benefit will be $9 billion over time. i have signed a letter that said i would agree to that. my concern is that we don't have enough people playing their. i love newark. we have worked hard to rebuild the work but the problem is we need a bigger venue. we need north brunswick and camden and atlantic city as competitors.
5:33 am
50,000 jobs is a lot of jobs that we need and the problem is my own and becomes the governor of the state of new jersey he will not use any of those. >> the point of the question whether it's a newark whether it's new brunswick is there a point of too much that we give back to get those jobs? >> i understand that the only way these credits work is if it's a net connected to the taxpayers over time exceeds the value of the credit. that's the way it's always been. you have to make our money for the taxpayers and you give out and in this case my understanding from the letter that was written to us from the government that it would be $9 billion in benefits. quite frankly i don't think you can put a value on bringing 50,000 jobs to new jersey. if my opponent becomes the governor the state of new jersey we are not going tax credits. we are going to raise business taxes and we are going to raise
5:34 am
taxes on people who live here and amazon will not find new jersey a business-friendly place anymore. >> first of all i hope amazon comes to new jersey. that would be a game-changer. they have got to work for us. i have looked at what they are looking at. we line up awfully well. it's me but general electric said they were looking for before they moved to boston. ..
5:35 am
5:36 am
>> when he did get some that are extreme like the bergen county borough n to you cannot beat people over the head. this is democracy. and as they've one to explore a possible services to help fund that ended you each independent lycee let's do this and incentives to communities and we will be a jet -- aggressive. >> but that is what my
5:37 am
opponent has yet to provide any of us with any of the 560 municipalities. the way we need to do that is put pressure to keep property taxes even lower but mr. murphy has promised the labor unions will never see those things that we would otherwise realize. >> you have a lot to say about one another and each other's policies. so i will let you ask each other one question mark. what is your one question to mr. murphy. guadagno: how do you plan to pay for kindergarten through
5:38 am
12th and college education with universal health care? id and adds that to be around 65 million without raising taxes on the middle-class. recall only provides $1 billion. with anybody says they will not raise taxes is out of touch. had you make all those promises?. murphy: that is quite a question. you know, those numbers are not true in to make them up and running for president get back to the of basis that is what they showed up for tonight.
5:39 am
>> the answer the question. [applause] >> we would like to keep a certain decorum end -- in the room anymore in a direction she will be asked he is answering the question murphy: with debating policy with governor christie you have taken care of hedge funds and big corporations with the sweetest ride of their lives and will be tax fairness and the beneficiary is the middle-class weld the pensions will be finally obligated household income is down 5% your tea year.
5:40 am
in the middle class has been squeezed and left behind. i would say to the middle-class help resolve the way. [applause] cry said this earlier things like other smart government. where have you been? to be at christie's side the you have made choices. at the expense of the middle-class. where have you been?. >> and that is the amount of money make per hour while
5:41 am
you were in goldman sachs with the hedge fund. >> but the government makes the ultimate decision. if i had a number of bottles with the governor and i did i believe that is the way the system works. i only started the battle publicly when he started to hurt the middle class with a tax increase something by the way that mr. murphy endorsed and that does not help the middle class. murphy: this is after you've bankrupt in the transportation trust fund. looking at my partner 50/50 every step of the way. [applause]
5:42 am
>> the speaker of the assembly had the budget not then in favor of sheila oliver it never would have gotten to the governor's desk. the tax credits a mature hand-picked to lt. governor. >> i'm honored to be on the ballot with sheila. [laughter] >>. >> now with the flash round with brief answers. >>. >> so the first question goes to mercer -- mr. murphy if convicted of corruption
5:43 am
should he resign? any speculation of anybody in the middle of the trial is a complete waste of time so he is innocent until proven guilty in we will see how this turns out i will not speculate. >> asked to resign. >> i will not speculate. the lieutenant governor is a lawyer and she would no persons are not allowed full extent of the law. >> should the senator be convicted of corruption should he resign?. guadagno: absolutely it is an embarrassment he has stood silently by the bedside of him over two years while under indictment. if we have the united states senator representing the state of new jersey and washington d.c.. >> a follow-up on my
5:44 am
question hypothetically, ed lt. governor guadagno if senator menendez is convicted and ask him to resign if you picked the replacement would you consider chris christie?. >> no. [cheers and applause] >> you are going on record?. >> very much on a the record i will not consider cruz christie. >> the next question we have virtual town meetings and they turned out very successful. but this one stood out the most. of new jersey is the garden state and as such what is your favorite fruits and vegetable and why?. murphy: grapefruit and
5:45 am
broccoli i'm a huge broccoli fan. >> why. murphy: i have loved broccoli since i was a kid. guadagno: tomatoes and cranberries. [cheers and applause] >> the coin toss to germans who would go first the tab 90 seconds. >> only in america the can the guy who grew up as i did find himself on the stage like this tonight so i am incredibly honored and humbled. we have to very clear visions of our state.
5:46 am
another chris christie term with the middle-class to be hollowed out with the truth left behind public education does not get funded and infrastructure is ignored more unfair by the day ended is us against them or turn the page to embrace change and leadership and new priorities that we respect our seniors and celebrate and invested in the middle-class. we fund public education and infrastructure to become affair and inclusive to fund a planned parenthood and do something about climate changes and we reject and deliver real tax relief to the middle-class. you have folks that is not right come from. being grown up people like john kennedy or bobby kennedy and barack obama.
5:47 am
if that is your vision i need you. [cheers and applause] >> lt. governor guadagno you have 92nd starting now. guadagno: i want to speak to the people at home and talk to those who say why should i go to the ballot and how do i decide? the answer is very clear. i will lower them that is we should go to the ballot box on november 2nd. we need your vote for carol my dad lost his job. i know what it means when the family has to leave the state and the town i want to see new jersey i put myself through law school and i was lucky enough to marry a guy
5:48 am
where i space wanted to raise my family. my family has been raised in new jersey the reason i am running for governor is that '01 other families to leave that -- lead the life i lead. but allowed their children to be raised the way i had to. if murphy becomes the governor the only person who can afford to stay will be mr. murphy pretoria's promise to raise taxes on justin everybody and prove that tonight. for overtaxes -- lower taxes >> that is time. [cheers and applause] thank you election day is november 7th plays go out to vote.
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