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tv   Radio Television Correspondents Association Dinner Part Two  CSPAN  October 25, 2017 8:57pm-9:55pm EDT

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to advance in the halls of congress. >> we are about to see a declaration from the president. what does it mean that we do not have the head of -- >> i think again, filling vacancies is very important. we are fighting an epidemic. we need professionals and clinicians to be fully equipped. >> and the c-span table -- we are going to give away another really important award. if you guys could just slowly get to where you need to be. let's talk about this award, it recognizes extraordinary careers and photojournalism. selflessness, mentorship and commitment to quality. the award remembers jerry thompson known for his generous
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friendships, willingness to help others in consistently pushing above and beyond expectations. here to present the jerry thompson award, the 2011 chairman of the rgc a, cnn senior photo journalist and the chief political correspondent, dana bash. [applause] >> i am a little out of breath. i was on the way in the back of the room. [laughter] >> the jerry thompson award was established to honor the memory of our colleague, cnn photo journalist jerry thompson. by recognizing those who not only have the traits of a photo
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generalist but also a great person. >> as a professional jerry has a rare combination of exceptional professionalism, reliability, a steady demeanor, attention to detail and an easy nature about him. and he had humility. he was quiet, thoughtful. when he spoke, we would listen because it meant he had something relevant to say. and he wanted us to listen. and we did. >> he was also an amazing father and husband and one of the best parts of driving with him was getting to hear about his family. especially his sons, jason, ensure you and brandon. his face would light up talking about his three boys. and then there was his generosity as a colleague. when i started at cnn as a 22-year-old library assistant, jerry was one of the first photographers to take me on shoots and teach me basics. he was patient and kind and i was hardly the only newbie that
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he took under his wing. >> the recipient of this year's award is basically a living carbon copy of jerry. and jerry's qualities. he is someone that every network has the ultimate respect for. and that they look to him for his rocksolid reliability.
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[applause] that was a big honor and huge honor i don't take lightly to be part of this award is very humbling. you've probably heard already for those of us that worked alongside, you learn to appreciate not only his skills but his style. he had a way of making things look easy. some were successful but the thing was he was also a teacher.
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she was also comfortable staying in the background, didn't say a whole lot but when he did everyone do a send a. it's how you handle it ourselves you will always be remembered and deeply missed. it's amazing to see the news coming out. everyone is doing double duty depending on the time of day wearing different hats and with all the news coming out, it's not going to change anytime soon. i get to work with some talented
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men, beer of peace. bureau chiefs and one of the many hats my boss. [applause] >> at the beginning, i was a twentysomethin20something not ss doing. now i've turned into one of the old guys trying to show them where to go and what not to do. but the more i watch them, the more it is clear they will be okay and i am the one watching the social media stuff. i have a feeling i know some of you gave me the space have time to do my job.
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you've grown into a great person. i love you today as much as when you became part of the family years ago. the special person you've grown into has made our families stronger. you are the rockefeller family and our best friend. [applause] thrown at you at the wrong time and you've been doing this as long as we are together and every day i keep telling myself how lucky i am to be with you. i love you and this award belongs to you and ricky. [applause]
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we would like you to take a look right here terry at rick morris as a friend to everyone, conscientious and all-out great guy. he is one of those guys when you get up in the morning and see that he is on a ship with you, you know everything is going to be okay. he has the ability to go into any situation in any event no matter how hectic and keep the same attitude. he is constantly talking about
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his son and wife. wife. he's a laid-back founder, wonderful person. person. >> the man is a monster. i can't think of anyone better to get the award. in all serious mess i've worked with him in a variety of setti setting. [applause] the david bloom award is an exceptional enterprising investigative reporting and the
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particular journa journalism ths fresh or undertaken in difficult circumstances that honors the memory of david bloom, a correspondent and anchor. [applause] good evening. to honor you all of your accomplishments the past year. as it turns out, college applications takes priority. it's about the events of the war
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and the lives of our soldiers. i am proud of how passionate he was about his job and although his life is cut short, he died doing what he loved. she strives to get the most accurate story no matter which environment he was supporting. in the battle against isis one was more significant in that fight on those at the families were a constant by shoving the battle as well as the human impact, quentin somerville gave an up-close look at the challenges involved in fighting on the ground on the offensive and provided viewers a first
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hand account. progress isn't always easy to mark and much is still to be retaken. it's just been shot in the che chest. he left the house only a few minutes ago to sell eggs. this is a horrible situation. and this is the moment.
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the fight has only just begun. [inaudible] exemplifies the work and legacy and what this is all about. congratulations. [applause] this is worth coming all the way
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from beirut. i would like to thank the radio and television correspondents members and the family. i knew his work and bravery for the war correspondents. [applause] if it is still going on, we are still reporting from there as well.
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the current war against the islamic state is not the western service person now, but despite the broadcasters are still covering the story and we still go there for the sources and risk our lives to deliver that story. it is very important because your data to be that the power of witnessing and telling the audience not only what they wanted to hear but also what they needed to hear. and i think the other thing that strikes me is that about this current battle i often get asked or i sometimes get asked by people why aren't muslims doing
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more to confront the islamic state. i can tell you there is no growth in the world giving more than tackling that hateful ideology. it's overwhelming and not just that but the security forces fighting the muslims and it is astonishing to get this job do done. at the moment it will be celebrated in the middle east.
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they've sacrificed a lot, they see the cities destroyed, people displaced. far away from here we make the time and cities safer. [applause] [inaudible] [applause] the award recognizes excellence and congressional or political reporting in the past year. they would honor the memory for
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the countless journalists known for her tenacity to medina and it could detailed answer for politicians that was known by this here. the correspondents reporting on the new hampshire senate race by supporting both not necessarily endorsing the residential nominee. it's republicans grappling with donald trump as their party leader that is forward-looking and also provided coverage of the dynamic over the country. it is pushing him to seek beyond the talking point. here's a clip of the footage. >> years ago they wrote an anti-obama waded into the office and now she's battling a head when caused by donald trump ice
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said i am going to be voting for him, but i do have significant disagreements which i have been clear on so i will not be endorsing. there is a big distinction because everyone gets a vote, i do too. but an endorsement is one where i'm out campaigning with someone and so while he has my vote, she doesn't have my endorsement and i'm going to continue to focus. i will be campaigning in the senate race. and aggressively campaigning for helping republicans hang onto the senate majority.
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the battleground states like new hampshire that is down 50 points in a recent poll. that is democratic senate candidates. she said she's voting for him but she's not going to endorse him. she is trying to have it both ways. eager to a line himself. 64% of the voters believed clinton isn't honest or trustworthy and asked three times and wouldn't give the opinion. do you think she's honest and trustworthy? can i support hillary clinton for presidency because it shows
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that she is qualified to hold a job. she has a critical plan among others for making college more affordable. i think she demonstrated the commitment to something beyond herself. the senior congressional correspondent. [applause] [applause]
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thank you all so much for this honor i am humbled to win this award from eight distinguished group of journalists, fierce competitor that is really means a lot. give me some time to prepare these remarks. thank you for having good sources. since i joined about two years ago in the first two months on the job, john boehner resided as
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a speaker, paul ryan took his job and my wife and i have twi twins. when i came back from paternity leave i was in iowa doing live shots next to a guy fishing in the subzero temperature. we had one other all of that was protecting the most important thing, the camera. i swear i wasn't questioning my life choices at that point. as some of you may know i've been a print journalist most of my career and now that i am at cnn people stop me all the time.
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they sa say we put your sunday morning show. it can be embarrassing at times not having a typical name. people butcher my name all the time. when i was on a c-span show the washington journal several years ago, the host called me the wrong name the entire hour, true story. i didn't have the heart to correct him on the air. i can assure you i'm the real
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person standing here chasing facts. on my first day on the job as a print journalist i'd show up with my recorder and baby photographer and that was it. this time there were dozens of people involved, coordination, logistics but it was absolutely worth it. one thing i've come to appreciate and television reporting is the impact that it has and how we shine with what
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is happening to the viewers around the world who need to understand what is happening in this town and it takes a great team to do this job. one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. [applause] not to be outdone, kristen wilson, ashley and harvey and of course the photojournalist that has to look around, chase members around the hallways
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standing outside committee rooms for hours for the witness who may be going in and out of the house or intelligence committee i will get a senator before he or she hits on the stairwell to avoid us. all of these are forced to run around high demanding reporters and great guy, deserves the shout out. i have a lot of bosses and they are all terrific amazing people. virginia moseley, adam levine, david, special thanks to jeff and the executive and jeff is
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all so here and of course wolf blitzer. they have the ability to post questions, hold lawmakers accountable for what they promise voters what they are and are not doing. they can't ignore us at any time, they often do come if we have to develop some thick skin. i've had adorers shots in my face, members running into elevators, some have pushed me, many have yelled at me, dianne feinstein seems to cringe when i
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approach her these days. she literally sprinted to a car the other day. i barely caught up with her. while corker once said he would rather talk to osama bin laden than me other than yesterday of course. [laughter] i think they are joking. our profession is under attack these days some people who questioned the basic reporting the facts are more important now than ever before in our push to continue reporting what they call the most obtainable version of the truth and that is important no matter where the truth leads. before i go, there is one person
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i have to thank who puts up with me every day in her own company that she has to worry about. i think my job is tough, hers is a lot tougher. [applause] congratulations. [applause] i know it's wednesday night and you are alone.
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[laughter] congratulations to all of the winners tonight. business is over now let's have some fun, the correspondent for comedy central, 2017 the new host of the storytelling. this is not happening. the one-hour standup special also with an extended uncensored album release and native of birmingham alabama where he earned a degree in broadcast
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journalism. [applause] thank you for that. good evening. my voice found out this was going to be on a c-span2 with a decided not to show up. there is a lot of courage in the room. i see our servicemembers in the room and in the line of fire to keep us safe. a round of applause for our
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servicemembers. [applause] she earned a round of applause. i also see in this room elected officials sitting at the same table with reporters they blocked on twitter. some of you don't know who i am, that's fine. for those who don't know me, i'm from blackish so you can take a picture with the actor to enjoy with your friends. [laughter]
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i think we recognize them for what they are in the dome -- democracy we also have to give it up for print because it does a lot as well.
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>> ben carson, avoiding the question. c-span three is where they show the new york knicks games where the next avoid victory. [laughter] i respect these and the fact that c-span has a network -- as a network they have given up. they don't care anymore, c-span
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used to care, they don't care, no theme song, no sponsors, no hip catchphrases, they don't even have an app. you have a radio app, not youtube, one thing your friends will never say to his hey lance, can i borrow your c-span password. there is no c-span on demand because there is no demand. [laughter] those most just make it we are, if there's a c-span app i will download it later tonight. i'll delete my c-span three up on my phone people, i'm here to talk to tonight about the
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serious topic on a talk about a resource that is running out and i don't want to get all al gore on you that were running out of trust, trust is on it all-time low in what we have learned in the last year is that we need trust to run this nation. you need a little bit but the problem is who can you trust, who can you trust? can you trust the facts? don't know can you trust politicians? don't know can you trust the police, you want to but you don't know. we don't even know if that's melania standing next and many more. you can't trust the news once
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someone had the article they said it was fake news turned out it was real news and you can't trust fake news. trust starts at the top and it trickles down. the two people whose trust we need most they are not here tonight. they didn't think enough of me, are you or c-span two to show up. into that leader, i say, read, where you tough now, with our golfer and chief if they're different story. not a lot of trust there as
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well. were not sure if the staff trust him he said that he wanted to double our nuclear arsenal and his staff scoffed at him. double the nuclear arsenal. you know how big our nuclear arsenal are ready is? we have enough nuclear warheads to destroy the world two times over. two times over. that is the destructive power of at least four new york time harvey weinstein new york articles. just isn't going to come to the top. it has to come from within i don't know what you think about the commander-in-chief, but i know he act like a teenager at best some time, his teasing
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north koreans he's using nicknames like little and bigl bigley, donald trump behave so much like a teenager, anthony weiner sentiment picture of his. we don't put c-span in jail, they can hear this, do they get c-span in jail? to your apps go to jail? i just think trust is concerned is time for us to just admit it, just admit it, trump wasn't the dog that you wanted you brought the wrong dog home.
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he's. in the carpet is working at stuff he should be paying attention to and he growls at every black woman that makes eye contact with them in the black part of said said he would disrespect black women, black people especially considering earlier on how some black people tried to have his back, they tried to is just a little they tried steve harvey had to scale it back, presidents of black
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colleges had to scale it back. donald trump has disappointed so many black people he could run for reelection as a democrat that was a little spicy trust, that the issue can we trust democrats? can we trust the democrats? we want to, but we don't know. we won't know until you stop talking about 2016, you lost did they cheat? probably can't prove it to you lost, you have to figure out what the next plan is, even atlanta falcon fans have moved on you can't keep dwelling on it
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after medical man you have hillary going on with her book point finger which is fine, she's earned the right to decide, that's a weird thing to me. that she gets a book, it's a little weird school but it's weird the president is the only job he can apply for not get the job and then you get to write a book explaining why you didn't get the job this is a nonemployee person touring the country telling you why they are unemployed no other job lets you get a book for not getting the job. i'm not mad at hillary, i'm just saying i wish i would've known that was an option when footlocker turned me down. [laughter]
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speaker ryan came up and gave some words he had to leave because he had to rush and get obama care if you knew this not but in addition to donating his time he also donated his spine to science. [laughter] republicans, we want to trust you americans want to trust you. contrary to anything you believe what you think people think about you we elected you, you were elected because somebody believed in you. but we don't know if we can
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trust you we can trust each other. john mccain left brain surgery because he didn't trust you he literally said no, i've got to go back, i don't know if i trust them to not do the wrong thing. found out he had cancer, two weeks later right back at work which is what most of us will have to do if you kill obama care thank you. you have to admit you know that health care plan is bad is bad. the problem with healthcare's it so bad isis refused to claim responsibility for you would be
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so upset about the health care if it didn't go against the gun control, they don't work together. in the two policies that go hand-in-hand. if you kill everybody with the health care is can be left to shoot each other with the gun that like general motors be a broker but anti- wheels you have to get on the same page. people used to say, you know the funny, people say your white supremacist. like i don't know, a white supremacist there at least on the same page. they have an agenda they agree
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upon. nobody's leaving brain surgery to break up plan meetings. thanks anna really leaves me speechless because the search for truth the last. freaking ally tell a good life tele- legendary life. real life. i am not a crook, you know the lies we have no idea given a chance i did call his widow like those, that will never make it t-shirt hot topic. those short lies on the t-shirt you just accept the fact that you're gonna get caught if your line you're going to get caught the head of the cia cannot keep
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his affair a secret. the head of the highest intelligent unit in the country could not keep his sidekick a secret. you think you're not going get caught? [laughter] tell good lies if you're gonna lie to my members of the media, i hope that you stand fast and i hope you continue to do god's work please let the climate of the country now change the reporting you've done up until this point. there's been a lot of over correcting with trying to show how truthful you are, cnn, we
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don't need anymore boxes on the screen five talks max into all the broadcast channels, you don't have to send every reporter into the storm you went overboard the sheer there's like 12 reporters per channel standing in every storm, all you need us to three people. cnn sent anderson cooper, don't do that. that man is a treasure. anderson cooper doesn't stand in the storm, he shows up after the storm. it happened on your watch will
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you're supposed to keep him safe. i'll wrap it up here because i know some of you have lives to get home to some of you have mistresses to get home to is a look forward into the coming weeks and months, please do the right thing think part of the reason why trust has left us is because so many people choose themselves over their country.
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people choose their careers over their country. the cool thing about trust is that it is a renewable resource. all it takes is an active trust, one person stepping forward and doing the right thing and say, i'm not with that. i don't agree with that. that doesn't make sense you don't even have to stay and fight, you can just resign and leave. we talk about athletes needing to stand for the flag, but there's a lot of us that need to stand for the people if there is more of that but i think we will find trust again.
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thank you. [applause] >> thank you roy. please welcome craig kaplan, the 2018 dinner chairman. [applause] >> thank you everyone for coming out tonight. i hope you had a great time. thank you to speaker right, roy wood junior about a boats for the remarks. for the generous support of our dinner sponsors, i heart media, c-span the sinclair broadcast group. over, and also to allison at the d.c. improv for help and booking roy tonight. [applause]
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i want to thank my c-span family for every 20 years. [applause] brian lamb, and all of my colleagues who work there, you are all true professionals. thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime. i want to thank my own family, my caring parents, judy and sherry, my beautiful wife, harriet, and are two wonderful daughters charlotte and rachel for all their love and support. finally, i wanted to thank the executive committee members for their service on the board during a very, very, very busy year on capitol hill. to olga and mike and their hard-working senate gallery staff the could not do it
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without you. and to john parkinson of abc news,. [applause] for not only organizing tonight's dinner but also hosting last year's two. please join me in applauding all of their efforts. [applause] with that, please join us for a great after party hosted right here by a heart media and join us next year for the 74th radio television correspondence association. this meeting is adjourned, good night.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]
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>> c-span's "washington journal", live everyday with news and issues that impact too. coming up thursday morning rogers the new york democratic congressman talked about hurricane republican efforts in her case and the latest republican efforts to then jeff gives his view on the state medicaid program and how the has affected the states residence. sure to watch live on thursday morning. join the discussion.
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>> there's in the house members will debate the 2018 federal budget which contains provisions for the senate to contain tax reforms. the budget is used by the appropriations committee. the measure starts the budget reconciliation process telling the house to start work on tax reform. the begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> c-span, or history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service and was brought you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> next, hearing for funding on down syndrome research.


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