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tv   Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at Human Rights Campaign National Dinner  CSPAN  October 31, 2017 12:30am-12:50am EDT

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[applause] >> good evening. i first joined amazon in 1996 as the 25th employee. that's when they were just an on line bookstore. i left amazon in 2001 to join the public sector and in 2012 worked with hrc board member ben waldman. the successful marriage equality campaign in washington state. ..
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the gift was from jeff and mckinzy respected prominent successful great people. over 1000 articles were written about their generosity in the days after their donation and donations from straight people
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begin pouring in. it sparked so much conversation and the media but also in people's homes and change people's hearts and minds and we won. just bezo's is a local community leader but he is also an internationally renowned business leader said his willingness to stand up and support marriage equality and support lgbt americans has made a difference across the united states and around the world. >> we need leaders and jeff is a leader. the definition of a leader is a picture of jeff. tonight just thank you for being a huge leader and a strong voice. congratulations jeff on an award well deserved break thank u. for starting this great company were so many people can come to work everyday and know that is the content of what they are doing
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that matters and not the extraneous things. it's a great place to work and i felt or china. thank you. >> her ability to hold faith for politics and for multiple views for a wide range of heroes. your ability to hold faith for ideas for risk for possibility and for that i'm eternally grateful. [applause] >> jeff bezos is one of the world's most highly respected leaders. he is known as an entrepreneur passionate inventor and a success builder. at amazon we know him as all of that and much more. he is our trusted ceo who guides us and challenges us with his
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remarkable intellect and curiosity. he is the model for using amazon's leadership principles in our daily work. he is a warm and witty conversationalist who loves to laugh and he is a old strategic thinker who thrives to maximize impact. stefan mckinzy's donation of $2.5 billion to washington state marriage equality campaign exemplifies how to have meaningful's far-reaching impact impact. their gift was 25 times more than the amount i requested. it was a staggeringly generous gift and it beautifully strategic amount. it allowed us to make big early advertisement and gets discounted rates. it also enabled us to quickly build a field team and talk
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face-to-face with over 100,000 voters. it was a lot of money but not too much. our campaign theme had worked hard to capitalize on their generosity and to leverage this effect to raise the money we need to fund our campaign and to engage washington voters. the money was critical for us but just as critical as the money was jeff's offer to let his public acknowledge their gift. he and mckinzy could have donated anonymously. they are private and humble people and they don't seek the limelight but by allowing us to take their donation public the world quickly new but jeff bezos supported marriage equality. [applause]
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their donation supercharger fund-raising and we raised $10 million, more than $2 million more than our initial goal. jeff and mckinzy's donation to bear to quality accelerated the acceptance of marriage equality in our country and the effects of their donation contributed strongly not only to washington's victory but also the marriage equality when in maine in maryland. [applause] those three electoral victories and 2012 were first the tide of 14 years of losses and helped set the stage for her ultimate supreme court victory. i have been with lindsay franklin the love of my life for 27 years. [applause] i am so happy to be legally married and to share this right
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with every ocb tq american. [applause] thank you. i have never thanked jeff publicly for his generosity and for the role he played in our country's marriage equality victory and i'm so honored to be able to do that here tonight. thank you jeff for your commitment to equal rights. [applause] so please join me in welcoming 2017 equality award recipient jeff bezos. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause] >> a huge thank you to the hrc. and big thank you to jennifer. i've been lucky enough to know you jennifer for 20 years now and i have seen first-hand how your passion and determination have change lives and promoted equality in washington state and throughout the lgbtq community. thank you jennifer for everything you have done and for
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everything you continue to do. i also want to take a minute to recognize some other amazonian tour here tonight and who work on equality and inclusion every day at amazon. there bunch of members of our group here. [applause] our diversity director latasha gillespie, thank you latasha. and of course the brilliant storytellers from transparent including jeffrey tambor. [applause] whose remarkable portrayal of lawrence lawrence peppermint has touched so many of us. thank you jeffrey. [applause]
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i am very proud of the work that all of you do every day to improve amazon and to improve the larger community. amazon has more than 500,000 employees around the world and from our earliest days we have been committed to equality in our workplace. [applause] we want our employees to be empowered to speak their mind and to be heard. every amazonian should feel comfortable sharing their unique perspectives and every amazonian should seek out the perspectives of others. we want our employees and the communities where we operate to embrace that we are all human, we are all different and we are
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all equal. [applause] at amazon equality is a core value for us and it's simply write. yet in equality persists in many forms across our communities and we must never just look past it. we have to expose it, understand it, question it and fix fix it d we end i mean at duguid, all the people in this room and beyond we are fixing it. [applause] after decades of fighting, marriage has become a right for all americans.
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[applause] and across the united states more people now support gay and trans rights than ever before. [applause] i believe that the idea that equality is ingrained deeply within all of us. it is inalienable. children accept one another for who they are, and gay, transgender, straight day they think of their friends as people with individual identities, experiences, we'd mrs. end strength. they inherently understand the concept of human equality. it's innate. we live in a world more accept being than the ones that our grandparents lived in and our
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grandchildren will live in an even more accepting world than the one we do now. [applause] they will be embrace for who they are, how they identify and who they love. i am incredibly optimistic. so many companies communities and organizations like hrc are embracing this future and helping to create it. it's up to every one of us to keep making progress together. i'm so honored to receive the equality a word from your innovation that has impacted so many lives. [applause] thank you to the hrc team and all of you for your ritalin was
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focus on celebrating and promoting equality across all our communities. thank you. [applause] ♪ [applause] washington journal continues.
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host: ken stern joins us. >> ben stern is a former ceo of "national public radio" and the author of republican mike me how i left the republican bubble. good morning. you open the story, the book with the story taste in your neighborhood and it sets the stage iv what you talk about. could you tell that story and why it's important?


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