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tv   New York City News Conference  CSPAN  October 31, 2017 7:11pm-7:31pm EDT

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with the director. author and former obama administration official talks about his book impeachment, a citizen sky. watch at 7:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday morning. >> in his this evening, the driver ran down people killing at least eight and injuring others in new york city. mayor bill diblasio and andrew cuomo called this an actor tear. they spoke after the incident. >> we know will get down to the bottom of what happened. i want to ask all new yorkers and americans to keep the
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families of those lost in your thoughts and prayers. they will need our support. and i ask all new yorkers to be vigilant. we know it's halloween night. we know the days ahead people will be uneasy. we ask you to live by the idea if you see something, say something. if you see something unusual that worries you. be vigilant. no there would be extensive officers this evening and throughout the days ahead. we will keep you posted as the investigation continues and is nypd gets more information. >> thank you. first, our thoughts and prayers are with the new yorkers who we lost today. the remains of us all of how precious life is. they left the house this morning enjoying the beautiful west side of manhattan on a beautiful fall
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day and they will not be returning home. that shock and pain will be very we real in a thoughts and prayers are with all of them. our first responders stood next ordinary job. the ems, we have the finest security on the globe. to see that an action today prove that once again. we used a terrorist tactic which is called for by these lone wolves who commit an act of terror. this is all preliminary, only a couple of hours. no evidence that suggests a wider plotter scheme. but the actions of one
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individuals who meant to cause pain and harm and probably death and the resulting tear. we will be vigilant, more police everywhere. you'll see them in new york and in the tunnels. it's not because there's evidence of any ongoing thread or additional thread, it's just out of vigilance and out of caution. the truth is, new york is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. that is what we are. we are proud of it. it also makes us a target for those people who oppose those concepts. we have lived with this before and felt the pain before. we feel pain today.
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but, we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever. we are not going to let them win. if we change our lives, we contort ourselves to them, then they win, and we lose. we will go about our business. again, there is no ongoing threat. no evidence of that at this time. there is no reason to have any on doing anxiety. you see more security forces that's only because it's an abundance of caution and not a signal of anything else. there are be continued investigation and justice will be done.
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again, for those we lost, they are in our thoughts and prayers. to the first responders, thank you for the job you do. you put your life on the day life on the line every day. and to new yorkers, be new yorkers and live your life. don't let them change us or d2 euros in any matter, shape, or form. thank you. >> join us this weekend for book tv live at the texas book festival in august. coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern on saturday. michael heard in his book, thursday that lights, the story of black high school football in texas. author of folks post faxon fake news, peter wadham, farewell to ice. danielle allen in her book, the
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book deep in the shadows, undercover in the ruthless world of human smuggling. and sunday come our live coverage starts at 3:00 p.m. eastern with carol anderson and her book, "white rage". ps spoken truth of our nation divide. in the true story of a drug cartel, the fbi in the battle for horseracing dynasty. and then exposing rape among college football sexual assault crisis. the texas book festival is live saturday and sunday a book tv. >> c-span's "washington journal", live everyday with new
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some policy issues that impact too. wednesday morning the house republican tax reform bill scheduled to be released. joining us is tom mcclintock in hawaii and on the recent indictments. the selective service in the pentagon's work takes include women. then, author of former obama administration official talks about his book, impeachment, citizens guide. watch "washington journal", live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. join the discussion. a year and a week from today voters head to the pole for election 2018. were join now with a nonpartisan race readings but to what extent
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are the midterm shaping up to be a referendum on president trump? >> guest: that's a big question. midterm elections are usually a referendum on the sitting president. we can talk about the history of elections in my think it's on the democratic side. president trump doesn't like the regular president. fewer tests the majority people is present trump the leader of the republican party they would say no. they view him as his own brand or not quite his own party. offenders disapprove it's not an automatic connection that the voters will throw out incompetence because they don't necessarily see president trump as a republican. the other side of that is the republicans that are most loyal to the president or letter to the president first, if they don't believe republicans are doing enough to pass the agenda what are they doing. >> you mention the history of
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election. can you talk about the history that is now as of yesterday reaching to the trump campaign with indictments and one guilty plea. how has that impacted past elections. >> were in uncharted waters in different areas. the thing i'm watching as far as the investigation goes, i think it needs to get closer to the president to have more of an impact. were still in this tribal politics. what the president was doing before yesterday happen with manafort, you're probably still not going to like him. if you are supporting him before yesterday, you'll find a way to explain what happened. until it gets closer to the
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president for the campaign, i don't know phil have a huge impact. >> host: what you think voters will see more as about? healthcare, tax reform, her molars investigation. >> i think it will be about healthcare. he said dallas 16 democratic candidates who are running for the house. there are not that interested in talking about president trump. i think right now it looks like that's where the election will go up that's a year from now. the breaking news will help determine what the conversation will be we don't know what that will be a. >> house republicans have a 241 - 184 majority in the house between the two. which one should republicans be more concerned about losing in the election? >> the majority of the senate is
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small, the fight will be in house. democrats need and that gain of 24. a little bit of history they lost seats in 18 of the last 20. the average see losses 30. histories on the democrat side. but president trump not being a typical president does that connection get made? >> recent history on the republican side that we watch earlier this year. >> they were supposed replace some of the presidents cabinet members. republican sale of the site and look what happened, but i think the next races in virginia, the gubernatorial race. and i think that's the race to watch. democrats need to win the
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because they can explain away how they lost in the specials because donald trump one each of those districts and states. but hillary clinton won by five and half points. pressures on the democrats that there is something behind that enthusiasm that will carry them into next year. >> were looking at the congressional races but remind us of any other elections to wash in the off year? >> guest: the virginia gubernatorial race and new jersey, democrats are to be taking over in new jersey. his republican government is the republican nominee. democrats are expected to in that.
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then at the end of the year will be december 12. it's an alabama senate to replace jeff sessions. i think roy morris a polarizing figure. i think he has the advantages republican in alabama. the races and over. the democrat has been a tv with his own ads by himself. he's able to define himself in his own way. >> doug jones is an attorney who helped prosecute the birmingham bombers from years ago. i think he is a credible nominee. i don't think he's caught fire like they did. but if there is enough the don't like the brand then he could be there in place to take a vantage of that. >> if you like race readings
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like taking a look at what the big picture is, if you like some of the analysis, great place to go inside with nathan gonzales. this is the senate rainy map showing the total seats in play in 2018. the tossup seats lean democratic light we are solid democratic to save the the republican side of the aisle. we'll be talking with nathan for the next 35 minutes on "washington journal". give us a call talk about the racing your district or state any questions you have for the political winds are blowing going into 2018. >> caller: good morning. one of the questions that i have
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is that, can you hear me? >> yes. why are we so fixated on the russia when i just spent one month in europe. i just came back two weeks ago and i spoke to many everyday people. and it's sort of like they're laughing at us so instead we should be worried about the opiate epidemic health problems, i'm on social security and in six years will see $3 increase in social security. why don't we concentrate on this problem.
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>> it's sort of speaks to nationalizing election. in this issue we've discussed before about how the races are run. >> even though the opiate crisis does get a lot of attention, i hear candidates talk about it. when i met a couple weeks ago they were talking about it. something republicans and democrats are talking about climates private healthcare questions. but nationalizing a vocalizing i think democrats are trying to find a balance between carrying the momentum for president trump in an office and what that has done to the democratic base and also realize that just attacking president trump will not be enough to win enough elections. >> host: let's talk about a
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specific case. minnesota second district at a tossup in the rankings of your house races, what's going on in the second district. >> jason lewis the republican incumbent was viewed as a donald trump candidate because he was a radio show host who said some inflammatory things in the past. they had a woman named angie craig, former executive of st. jude medical. that race was complicated by third-party candidate who siphoned off the votes for jason one with less than 50%. now they're hoping that they don't run and focusing more and jason lewis and not as much on
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-- democrats had hillary crit clinton would win that district. she ended up donald trump on that district and so they're looking back to say maybe the messaging was off. this is a type of district that democrats have to win. >> host: happy to focus on your district and the races you're watching, we go to the alabama. >> caller: thank you. low more will win the race in alabama. he's way ahead in the polls. doug jones has no shot. the more money the national level people put into doug jones campaign, the more the alabama people turned gray just like they did in the past. they do not appreciate people from outside the state trying to
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influence elections that have nothing to do with them. donald trump is popular in alabama. even though he backed -- luther strange it was manyfold, but the main reason a lot rejected him was because the republican national committee, the senate committee, mitch mcconnell were all pumping money from outside of alabama. we don't need someone from washington telling who to represent us. >> first of all on the polls believe that wilmer has a big lead right now. although i think they probably want to vote republican but just aren't there yet. to your broader point about spending, think democrats


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