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tv   U.S.- Canada Relations  CSPAN  November 3, 2017 11:42pm-12:10am EDT

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spin that it does fall to meet to be the guy that interrupt your dinner so you know, this is the day that is excellent now tonight i can intrude on your dinner and it is worth that i hope the tests you have an extraordinary moment of going on for decades but tonight for the first time to give people at the center may be the most important issue for our economy betrayed internet en the united states the
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renegotiation of nafta obviously security issues talking about the resilience of friends in new york so please give a very warmth of welcome to the brand new u.s. ambassador and her counterpart joining us on stage by the chair. [applause] warmer grove warmer. get warmer. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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surviving for that grade introduction in the blood is wonderful and there is a lot of things going on between u.s. sen the canada to have that opportunity to have you here to talk of the importance across of borders but ambassador you have been here a hot minute a head when i was asked to moderate the conversation to find out what i could and with that fantastic video to pull together and we could play
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that here tonight for gold the video. >> i am the u.s. ambassador for awareness the che privilege and honor to serve my country and especially in our neighbor, our friend and ally. i grab bin kentucky my father was a veterinarian and the glove on the farm. my brother i graduated from the pony to the horse. >> the my father brought everything i needed from the
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animal clinic. and middle school taking me on a cross-country road trip on the canadian side of niagara falls. that was my first introduction into canada. so that culture of canada. joe and i love sports to have several players from kentucky who played for the rafters. and two negative day alexander. and my passion and is engaging our young adults develop to make sure they give back and also helping
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others to contribute to society. ♪ the first thing i will do i just cannot wait to experience. we're very eager to hit the ground running. if this. >> we could never dream of a higher privilege to serve our country of the united states of america as a bus of death to canada for selfie liffey economic prosperity thumb fend for
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ruth fowler family. >> it is my privilege to introduce united states ambassador to canada. [applause] >> i really need to up my running game after watching that. [laughter] left ben on the job almost two years. the first time we met was that the governors' meeting this past summer in white fish montana with a the most beautiful places i could spend many more days there.
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but talking about the mutual love of canada and we thought that they need to manage that relationship than the western governors meeting serve the government has been working hard. with the national governors' association. and then to build the beltway how was that working so far?. >> just to welcome ambassador craft and i know
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i consider my job to be a privilege to have a friend and ally to work out things so welcome. so talking about his grandmother to be an american and but to grow up in california and the reason he would become a canadian that he was one of those that cross the border referred united states entered the war. and then to oversee the canadian troops then buried her. [laughter]
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>>. >> the al reach has been going very well. so i find that first of all, with those relationships with business people on both sides of the border. and then with burroughs business is what creates jobs but the premiums are the same way. end to the community in general and they understand
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they're interdependent. server to the federal government to reach out to to use the consulate to work with the business community to tap into a great relationship. soviet verdes there anything you would do different? i said no idea started three years earlier. [laughter] >> ambassador craft you just are they your job that so what you doing to cultivate a relationship? how was
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that going?. >> first of all, things to the committee for hosting this. [applause] >> most importantly the person that i love the most in the relationship is here. the best that any ambassador could dream of. so talking with our relationships and with this relationship. and then immediately and to the prime minister and his
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wife. and then arriving six days ago. and then with those credentials. and the power that we have seen before. server thank you so much. so i feel as if being from kentucky bourbon and an end automobiles are our gift. and that makes for great party but a thing fetid is
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important to note in kentucky there is no border patrol. we do not know the border because without canada we wouldn't we within a wonderful situation that we are economically. and i feel this way about all of the state's as the number one trade party are we need to reach out and remember it is more of a trade situation. to talk about real stories and real people with of people to people connection so at the end of the day you are best friends and we need to nurture the relationship. [applause]
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>> band to focus on the positive to bring together the best of the best and to me that is what i want i don't want to say what should i have done? but what we're going to you do together to promote without a border. [applause] >> you have had a busy year with a change of government to the united states so how you feel with the relationship today moving forward how this relationship has been over the last few months?. >> last summer we had day cabinet retreat and we did
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not know the results of the election so we were talking about lahood will we needed to think about but the most important thing to focus is what we agreed on. those are big difference is end the relationship with the new administration coming in to start off with a good solid relationships so that when difficult times came but he knew the people you were sitting across the table from so the prime minister call the president the day after and said congratulations you will have lots of problems around the world canada is now one of them we are your friend will always be there for
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you. so from then on all the ministers got to know their counterparts a rock star in
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the state of kentucky and i hear that a lot from our governor to give individual attention and that is what is important right now
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especially with the new administration. . . . [inaudible][inaudible] >> at the end of the day if you don't have that in a time of
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crisis, you cannot pick up the phone, you don't have the grounding. >> something which assaulted an issue here, my right? [laughter]. >> strike your remarks tonight in this conversation as a member of the canadian business council i think these are comforting words, we are in turbulent times and it puts ascites to your running diplomacy between two countries. it's fantastic to hear, again, a seasoned veteran diplomat that we have to leave canada. >> i do want to say one other thing. while clearly in the media and
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also our conversations because of the importance of the trading relationship, it dominates the discussion, but something i've come to realize is the number of things we do together. not just to our mutual benefit but the benefit of the world, other that be to with venezuela, north korea, iran, or all over the world where canadians are taking leadership and not fear, the security relationship between the fbi and rcmp and military with drug interdiction in the caribbean, also the criminal people when they're trying to illegal move into the country, the degree of cop
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cooperation echoes is remarkable. it's unprecedented. there's no two countries that share that not just information, but trust. we had an event at the embassy called partisan defense. our chief defense staff in the joint chiefs of defense of the united states. every soldier you talked about talked about serving in afghanistan are working together to meet a common threat. when you think about what we face around the world now, it's comforting that we have the relationship we do.
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we've seen and not just in new york but other places. the threat will continue, i'm confident that we have a relationship that our citizens are more say because of the way we can't cooperate together. >> i like to complement the prime minister because she's taken a focus during times and were [inaudible] the same tape page, she's taken a focus have been positive and complements to her, that's an example we should all follow. [applause] >> before we wrap, we need to address the 800-pound gorilla in the room, the stanley cup. undertaken wagers and bets on where the couple and up.
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in a some people don't want to talk about the mapleleaf's. where will it end up? >> we did her canadian cards revoked if we didn't talk about this. >> i'm just now learning hockey. i absolutely cannot venture into that area, although as an american i would the cup at home. so if i have any pull with the. >> when i arrived in washington, what happened is there is no canadian teams in the stanley cup playoffs. was last year. someone asked me or maybe the year before. someone asked who do you like in hockey and i said well we don't play professional hockey in toronto so but, that is changed.
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so i'll go out on the lemon say at some point before the next 50 years front mapleleaf's. >> thank you for your time, the great conversation. thank you from the business council. please give them a warm round of applause. [applause] [applause] >> c-span's "washington journal", live everyday with new some policy issues that impacted. on saturday morning ever hand denmark of the wilson center joins us to discuss the goals
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and significance of president trump's trip to asia. the feature atlantic writer van -- on his recent piece looking how hurricane maria worsened the environmental crisis in puerto rico. watch "washington journal", 7:0y morning. join the discussion. >> join us this weekend for book tv live at the texas book festival in austin. coverage begins saturday at 89:00 a.m. eastern. kevin young, author of funk, posts facts and fake news. peter wadham, farewell ties. a report from the arctic, danielle and her book, because, the life and times of michael a,
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deep in the shadows, about human smuggling. on sunday, our live coverage starts at 3:00 p.m. eastern with carol anderson in her book, "white rage". the unspoken truth of the racial divide. melissa with bloodlines, the true story of a drug cartel, the fbi the battle for horseracing dynasty. others are violated exposing rape amid college football sexual assault crisis. >> next, the head of the fda talks about efforts to evaluate and approve new pharmaceutical treatments and the fbi's role in
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combating the bid epidemic. this is one hour. [inaudible] >> good afternoon. welcome to the national press club. the place were news happens. my mantra, part of the bloomberg breaking news desk and vice president of the club. like to remind you to please silence your phones. for our viewing and listening audience, please follow the program on twitter using the # and pc live. like to please hold the applause till all of the guests are introduced. guess, please stand briefly as your name is announced. from your


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