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tv   U.S. Democratic Senators on Legislative Agenda  CSPAN  November 14, 2017 7:25pm-7:43pm EST

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senator grassley took the lead on and that working group located in the rules committee is considering what further steps we may need to take. thank you. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning or good afternoon and i'm joined by my colleague here who are focused like a laser on helping the middle class. now, we just saw what happened out of the republican lunch. thelma and louise are warming up the car preparing to drive it over the cliff. it's just unbelievable what they
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are doing. their tax bill is such a mess in terms of not helping the middle class, in terms of the deficit that they are just tying themselves in a knot. it's like yogi bear all over again. there again raising, sorry they are cutting taxes on the wealthy and taking health care away from millions in raising the premiums on millions of others all to help reduce taxes on the rich. does that sound familiar? well it does to us because that's why the health care bill failed and that is why their tax bill is going to fail as well. it's a backdoor attempt to get trumpcare back. the american people don't want trumpcare just like they don't want this bill which focuses its tax cuts on the wealthy and
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raises the taxes of 13 million middle-class americans in 2019 and 20 million americans by 2026. to take away people's health care and raise their premiums, to lower the top rate is what president trump suggested is so against what the american people want and again they are just headed for failure. to listen to president trump is a huge mistake on this issue. just as it was on health care and yet they are so twisted and i'm not in her eager desire to reduce the rates on the wealthiest people and the biggest corporations that they don't know how to deal with this issue because it creates such a huge deficit and they go back to their old nostrand well let's
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reenact trumpcare. let's get rid of health care for people. it didn't work then, it's not going to work now. plus our -- what a republican colleagues to do is abandon this misguided effort and work with us to create a fair bipartisan tax bill that focuses on the middle class that reduces the rates for all middle-class people, that doesn't raise taxes and her teen million people in the middle-class and that really gets america moving again. senator cantwell. >> thank you, leader. i don't know if the senate is trying to break a speed record for passing a tax bill but it's clear this legislation needs to be slowed down. the notion that we started the discussion of tax reform and our colleagues said well we should make it deficit-neutral and then they said well we should make it
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closing corporate loopholes because the corporations would rather have some of those loopholes closed and have an overall rate reduction. now we have before us a tax bill that doesn't do that. it basically takes two-thirds of the money out of the pockets of middle-class americans by taking away essential deductibility that helps them live more affordably in their home, deductions for education, to deductions for their sales tax for states that don't have an income tax to literally more than 300,000 people in the state of washington could pay as much as $900 more under this tax bill bill. for what? to get the corporate tax break to corporations in our state? i don't know if that's what amazon or mark or soft was asking for but i know they are not e-mailing me or calling me asking me to open up a wild life refuge and put oil rigs on top
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of the harmless helpless animals just so they can get a lower tax rate. so it is time for our colleagues to look in states like texas and nevada and florida and tennessee in states like mine in washington that have tax efficient states and their citizens are going to be paying hundreds of dollars more. that is not good for the middle-class. overall more than 12 million americans could be in the same vote. all middle-class citizens pay more taxes and give a tax break to those corporations. if our colleagues want to continue to pursue this legislation get off the backs of the middle class and go back and close some of the loopholes. ..
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one garage and that is a house my mother lived in berkeley until she died. that was our house. and my mom was a teacher until she was 70 years old. my dad a newspapers man. we were able to make it and i ended up in the u.s. senate. that is a happy ending to a middle-class story.and the republicans are trying to tell a middle-class story with this tax bill.but it does not have a happy ending. and it reminds me of later in my life, new houses came in at the top of the health. they had three-car garage is but we had the same public school and we were all in the same situation. this bill does not do that. because for over 380,000 people
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in my state, it would mean a tax increase. the latest analysis we saw showed that in 2018 alone, one for the middle-class tax plays would have an increase. for 65 million people these are numbers that they just put out. 65 million people would either see an increase or they would see less than $100 parts. this isn't about the middle class. this is about shoving more money to the top. i am more than happy to work on tax reform. i would like to see it. i would love to do something about the money overseas and bring it back and help put in infrastructure and do something to simplify the tax system. but this makes it more complicated and more unfair. >> good afternoon. from the beginning of this process, i joined my democratic colleagues in making clear that we need tax reform that helps middle-class families and small
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businesses. but we have seen from senate republicans is a focus on an approach that favors big corporations and truly the wealthiest few americans. even president trump's top economic advisor, admits that it is big ceos who are the ones who aren't his words, most excited about the republican tax plan. under the republican plan, millions of families earning less than $200,000 per year would see their taxes increase. including thousands of families in new hampshire. homeowners in suburban and rural areas across the country would have a harder time making ends meet without the deductions are the state and local taxes. losing the deductions for state and local taxes isn't just an issue in high tax states. in new hampshire, we don't have an income or a sales tax.
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but the elimination of the property tax deduction would be a tax increase for thousands of homeowners. this is also social security and other critical attorneys. and now, after their failed attempt to repeal the affordable care act, what we just heard from republican leadership is that they are threatening to use this tax bill to undermine health insurance coverage for millions of americans. and drive up their premiums. we know that with the repeal of the individual mandates that the republican leadership was just talking about, we are going to see premiums increase at a time when they have already been going up. and i can tell you, that my
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constituents are not looking for a very small couple of hundred dollars tax cuts to make up for the fact that they may not be able to access health insurance. there is just no comparison. i will work with anybody who is serious about expanding opportunities of the middle-class families and small businesses. but that is not what this plan does. this plan would hurt millions of middle-class families. just to benefit corporate special interests. i will continue to stand with my colleagues, all of us in the democratic caucus will fight for the priorities of hard-working families and small businesses and fight as hard as we can to stop this plan. a plan that benefits the very wealthiest among us at the expense of the middle class and small businesses and is doing it in a rush and in secret. thank you. >> thank you.
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one other point here that just reiterating what senator hassan said. they said that if you remove, if you did with the republicans want to do in healthcare, premiums would go up 10 percent a year for 10 years. that means that in this bill, 470 middle-class citizens, they would, the amount that in this bill for 70 middle-class citizens, the amount they would gain with the tax cut would be more than taken away with premium increases. what the republicans, they cannot help themselves. they cannot help the middle class. what they are giving middle-class or some middle-class people with one hand, they are taking away much more over with the other in terms of healthcare. [inaudible question] >> what i am saying about roy moore is i did nothing he
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belonged in the senate. before all of these allegations. so i'm not going to make comparisons here. i think sexual harassment is a very bad thing. no matter who, where, when or how it is done. we want to make sure that we do everything we can to stop it in the future. i want to salute senator -- and others not only putting together a mandatory proposal but they are working on dealing with sexual harassment here as we should. [inaudible question] the budget talks are going quite well. our republican colleagues are very eager for a significant increase in defense. we are very eager for increases in nondefense as well as dealing with some of our healthcare issues. like ship and community health
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centers. as of those talks are going quite well. i would say we ought to be focusing on getting this done now. this is immediate problem. december 8, we run out of money. our republican colleagues are focused on tax reform and they are losing the ability to focus on what needs to be done right now. and they ought to, we can. i understand their problems are the more this bill is on the sunlight, less good it looks and less but it smells. but, the most immediate need is dealing with the funding of the government and our republican cause ought to focus on is that of kicking the can down the road. yes, ma'am? [inaudible question] >> the dream act, the full gene is extremely high priority for us. we believe will get it because they are both democrats and republicans that want it.
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[inaudible question] >> the bottom line is that 45 bel members signed a letter saying, no tax increases for the top one percent. no increases, no blowing a hole in the deficit. and do it in a bipartisan way. the three who did not sign agree with those three principles. we democrats are united. we are also united in welcoming our republican colleagues to work with us and produce a good bipartisan bill that will make america proud. not a bill they are so ashamed of that they cannot make it public first and then second, they are tying themselves in total nonsecurity think it will help pass this bill to take away healthcare from 13 million people and raise premiums on tens of millions of americans by 10 percent a year? no! but the way they have
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constructed the bill, is so backward and so wrong that every day, there are more and more of a not. [inaudible question] >> i am not, we should pass the alexander murray compromise. i believe we have plenty of opportunities to do that as the economist moves forward. we do not need to trade it for a tax bill. as we want. [inaudible question] >> well, they should not be. and we are making every effort in this congress to bring us up to what we need to do. that is what the senators are doing.plain and simple. >> there are a lot of
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workplaces dominated by males that need to learn a few things good that is in a private sector and the public sector as well. so i applaud senator klobuchar and our other problems believe in the windows. when you bring diversity into any situation, you bring a point of view. you show people that there are not certain things -- there are certain ways not to behave. >> i think part of this, the first thing that we did which is that we mandated harassment training. which had not been mandated. it is mandated in a lot of workplaces. but it was not ours and we got that done in one week. the second thing that we are now doing with the rules committee and there is a group of us working on this, is reviewing the reporting requirements and what is going on. it will require a large angel will cover both houses. that is the compliance office and a complicated procedure that you have looked at already. that is something we also have to look at. as far as why, back in 1995 people look at this differently. we are adding more and more
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women into the workplace every day. but now we are nowhere near where we should be.i think part of that is, when i look at this it is not just about toppling famous people. this is also about the shift worker, the nurse in the hospital, the teacher in the school and about having things that create a work environment where people can actually rise up. you wonder why there's like 21 women in the senate. for hardly any women running for hollywood studios were hardly any women running major businesses. when you have a work environment where people feel that they cannot get ahead, without having to put out ã that is what happens. >> thank you everybody. >> republican senator john mccain announced his opposition to stephen bradberry to the general counsel for the transportation department. mr. bradberry is the author of a number of prisoners interrogation memos written during the george w. bush administration. the senate voted to confirm mr.


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