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tv   2017 Miami Book Fair  CSPAN  November 19, 2017 2:15am-2:31am EST

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to see the length of people to go to a book fair, i came back and said why don't i do that in miami? most people said i was crazy, that people would come to the streets of miami, you have to -- a place and time where everybody was going to december. i invited a group of people, librarians, bookstore owners, if they are willing to work with those to sign a book fair i would find sorts of ways to do it and help and as a leader in that effort, to cochair at that time but now is the chairman. the book fair and that history. a unique individual, keen knowledge of everything in literature, empathy, commitment
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to building community is unequal, nobody else, no energy put into something like this, takes a lot of work year round, take the thousand volunteers but something this community appreciates and something we are proud of. >> host: where is your book? >> somewhere around here. i keep losing them and carrying them and putting them somewhere else but i lose it and being able to witness for a long time, there is nothing more gratifying to be able to shake the hand of people that become your idols, you keep their books up close to you, because of what they have to say.
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for me it is difficult to concentrate on my everyday work. i want to meet every one of them and thank them, they make america what america is about. it is a celebration of the writers. you can find finance gathering, writers, everything literary and international. when we started, book fairs in the united states and we have been credited by the forerunners of book fairs, a dedication from almost every state to come down here, to see the fair and try to get ideas how to get a prayer site. even laura bush who started the national book fair in washington, when mrs. bush, not laura but her mother-in-law
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came and said this book fair is an embarrassment, got that work to laura bush, they wanted to learn how we were doing this and they were happy to see the national book festival in washington but there have been many others developed even in florida, 5 or 6 book fairs that are the result of -- -- >> host: you mentioned everyday work, what does the president of the college do these days? >> i spend a lot of time, i consider myself a cheerleader blessed with great faculty, very talented students and my role is to protect learning, students get the highest
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opportunity to get engaged in the learning process, have the latest technology and resources available to them to be able to flourish. so that takes me all over the world. that takes me a lot of different places. going to meetings which i have my to do list every day. if i do two i am happy. >> host: doctor eduardo petrone of miami-dade college and cofounder of the miami book fair, thank you for your hospitality. as i said we are on the campus of miami-dade college and there are a lot of booths. you see these all along here and these booths are often sponsored by individual authors or sponsored by publishing houses or whatever but we ran across an author we wanted to
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introduce you to, laura, here is her book, wife beater shirt optional. what is your theme in here? >> my name is domestic violence if the stereotype of people wearing what they call wife beater shirts whether they are men or even women. it can happen to anybody in any socioeconomic group or anybody. >> host: with the national conversation we are having right now, do you consider some of the events publicized, domestic violence? it >> guest: it definitely is about power and control. domestic violence isn't usually a problem with anger. it is about control in a relationship. a lot of the anger is about losing control or not having control and what we are seeing in the media is powerful people
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who have abused their power with other people. >> host: where do you practice? >> guest: fort myers, florida. >> host: what is your specialty? >> guest: my specialty is trauma, domestic and sexual violence. i have been working with trauma survivors for almost 30 years. >> host: if somebody picks up the wife beater shirt optional, what will they learn? >> guest: they will learn the difference between healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationship. i work with so many people who come in telling me they are having problems in a relationship, not realizing buried and abusive controlling relationship but they are not getting hit so they don't realize their relationships are abusive. >> host: what is the response you have gotten in miami? >> very positive, very positive, very eye-opening, very heartwarming. >> host: you are the author of wife beater shirt optional. there is no dress code for domestic violence. thank you for your time.
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booktv's live coverage of the miami book fair continues. let's go back to chapman hall. up next is katy tur talking about her book unbelievable about the 2016 election. we will hear from the goldstar father and katie will be taking your phone calls. all live from miami. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[silence] hello everyone. please take your seat. we're about to begin the next session. as other guests come in, let me greet you with a good afternoon to everyone. i'm alu harrison and again welcome back to chapman session e her at miami book fair. i don't believe anyone this this room is joining us for the first time today, if there is anyone -- no thank you. thank you for being here with us i hope you had an opportunity perhaps to -- produce various booth and activities throughout the fair, and tonight is almost coming to a close.
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but not quite yet. and we have a real treat in store for you right here in the chapman center for this session and the very next one. so i know that you will enjoy it. at this point i would like you to help me to welcome the individual who will introduce our guest's author and the moderator, and that is is none other than mess pathy political writer from the miami harold. patty. [applause] >> hello. welcome. today we are going to hear from two people katy tur who needs to introduction to this crowd and tony decople a cbs news correspondent and also he was previously a senior writer for nbc news and senior reporter at news week where he published an
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article that led to his book the last pirate. he holds master degree in american studies from columbia university, and once attended elementary so got some miami roots. katy tur is a correspondent for nbc news and anchor for msnbc recipient of the 2017 walter cronkite qeard for excellence in journalism she was called disgraceful, first third rate, not first rate and not nice by then candidate donald trump. [applause] she reported on and took slack from the most captivating and volatile presidential candidate in american history. at some rallies including here in miami at a memorable news conference if you've read her book -- and later at a rally at base lib park six days before the election where he called her out
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by name and someone in the crowd turned against her about her book front row seat to the american history is her dark comic fascinatingly bizarre and scary story of how america sent a former reality show host to the white house. it's also the story of what it was like for tur to be there as it happen whatted inside of a world where reporters we are sat on, demeaned, and discredited. please welcome tony and katy tur. [applause] >> hello, hello. it is true i am mr. katy tur. and if anyone didn't get the joke that is reference that we are husband in wife to in addition to being colleagues in the world of journalism. thank you. [applause] i wanted to --
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interview. and it is a recent three weeks old, and i will hope to avoid -- [applause] which means there are no marital issues to work out on stage it is too new so i was hoping to get a sense from the audience of how many people here already have read the book and how many have not. how many have read the book? so we have a lot of curious, maybe on the fence buyers i think that's helpful because we can start with -- things that go to the beginning of this story. because the donald trump trajectory and katy tur trajectory are entwined in a very fascinating way, and in the very same way that he -- is is a political neophyte who meads unexpected progress in his primary cig


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