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tv   Federal Government Waste Report Released  CSPAN  November 27, 2017 3:46pm-4:00pm EST

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ahead. >> we have get this done by christmas, senator? [inaudible conversations] >> congress is back from thanksgiving recess. senators braced for 15 minutes. the rest of the week the focus will be on tax reform. the full senate expected to begin work on that bill by midweek. the house returning for legislative business tomorrow. on wednesday they will consider a resolution requiring anti-harassment and discrimination training for all house members and staff. watch the house live on c-span and the senate life here on
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c-span2. senator james langford released the third volume of his annual report on federal wage and talk to reporters about his efforts to curb fraud, waste and abuse in government programs. he also addressed the work of the senate on the tax bill. >> good morning everybody. at the -- hope you had a great thanksgiving holiday and had a great time with your family. welcome back to the capitol today. today i'm releasing my third item of federal -- 100 ways the federal government has dropped the ball in this book is designed to be reminded that we still have an issue with debt and deficit in america. for some reason the conversation has slowed on the issue of debt and deficit. it should not. this should be an ongoing part of our conversation. starting in 2010 winter deficit was $1.4 trillion and at the deficit caught the nation's attention because it'd grown so
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incredibly large. since 2011 that deficit has gone down every single year until 2016. starting in 2016 the deficits started increasing again and it increased from 2016 to 2017. we have got to pay attention to the debt and deficit. needs to be part of our ongoing legislation. we uses resource as a set of ideas. if we are going to manage our economy and our spending better than there are specific ways to do it. their central things we need to be able to spend money on. transportation, national defense, disaster relief things that are essential for us to be able to do. to be able to afford to do the things they got to be alert to pay attention to other things so we set this out. let me set a bit of context free. there are certain things want to build a put into perspective with this. this is not just a simple set of ideas. they are illustrations of larger set of issues.
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if we are going to have straightforward issues we have to fix some process things beginning with the budget and the preparation process per the budget process was created in 19744. it's only work four times since 1974. it was created to give us greater transparency. this provided greater complexity and has been difficult if not impossible to run as design project to build affix a budget in the appropriations process. we have to fix the grant process. over the years has been a lot of attention paid to contracting and how we are putting checks out to individual contracts. that same attention as not been paid to the grant process so because of that the easiest way to get dollars at the door more agencies are spending more and grants. those grants have little to no oversight said that red state additional oversight to be able to fix that. we put out a thing called the taxpayers right now. every year we talk about duplication and every year we talk about duplication from the previous year and it keeps going
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on and on. six years ago i put up the taxpayers right to know. we still continue to carry that here. passed unanimously in the house of representatives and is being held in the senate. it's a very simple straightforward piece. you can't tell where there is duplication in government say go to jail and get a request for them to study specific area. 18 months later they can come back to and give you information on that particular duplication. that should be something you can do and 18 seconds. we should be able to see from every single agency what they do. right now the new cabinet officials cannot tell you everything that agency does. there is no master list. you can't do a duplication if you can't see the duplication so that's an area we have to fix directionally. the final thing is when to be able to fix the senate rules. if we can't debate these hard issues we can't solve those hard issues and currently we can't get to debating these issues.
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some of these things come up every single year and everyone says why are you not addressing them? we cannot get to the issues to be able to address those are my hope is we can actually get to the point where we can fix the structural problems in the senate and be able to do what will work. from that the book itself as i mentioned before is a set of illustrations. not designed to be an exhaustive list. i wish there were 100 ways the federal government dropped the ball. there are more than 100 that we gave in a-listers that 100 i break them into large categories. the wasteful spending is the easiest one to be able to see. a lack of oversight is the second one. where there is spending you need additional oversight or to third when the structural changes that are needed and the fourth one is not wasted money but from wasted efforts. all of these on our way will web site at you will have a chance to
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download the chance to download this. the free resource on the site. some of the things he listed the national science foundation did a small study $40,000 that's incredibly small and its surrounding area fortune to d.c. d.c.. they did a $40,000 study on the effect refugees are experiencing and iceland when they come to iceland. i understand why the u.n. may want to do a study on refugees and iceland and their effects but i don't understand like federal taxpayers are paying for study for how refugees are handling iceland in when they move to iceland. their 60 refugees that move from syria and iraq in that location we spent $40,000 studying those. we identified again i look at it and say it's fine if it actually happens. doggy hamlet is the name of a the production with a va put him $30,000 it uses no lines from hamlet. it's another production where
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they chased dogs are the big pan into a big or formants. i've seen some of the eclipse of the performance and begin its line of the local committee wants to do that. i'm just confused by the people of oklahoma are paying for the production of doggie hamlet in new hampshire. there is a billion dollars being spent on the streetcar in san diego. it works out to about $100 million a mile for that streetcar. i look at it from the perspective of a governor from oklahoma. as a streetcar being installed in oklahoma city. the people in oklahoma in oklahoma city are paying for the streetcar in oklahoma city and all the construction work in the details around it. the only federal expense was the initial environmental study required by the federal government. the rest of its being paid for by the people of the community. i'm a little confused as to why there's a billion dollars being spent for local transportation projects in san diego to be able to extend that out. there are also areas with lack
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of oversight to give you small examples like doggie hamlet and large examples as well pay the tax gap has been an issue the gao has listed year after year is a high-risk. is currently afford a 58 billion dollars. that is where the iris is the mayor on the valuation through the national research program trying to identify where they are collecting taxes and they have identified ford and 58 billion but they are not actually acting are to collect the taxes that aren't owed. there's also a do not use system system. the system set up among multiple agencies to say this is a contractor or today that should not be paid before and since they are in the dead master file from the social security mr. sim meaning this person is deceased so don't pay them a check related to whatever entitlement may have been due to them in life but not in doubt.
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that is not being fully integrated among all the different agencies. this should be a common thing to do. let me show you where that shows up in s.n.a.p. are the retailers that provide s.n.a.p. benefits there are 3400 retailers that are using an individual that is deceased. that is $2.6 billion just because they are not connecting the dots with someone who is deceased and not connecting it with s.n.a.p. retailers. that needs to be addressed. immigration has been a hot topic topic. this is an area the new structural changes. immigration is an area that needs more enforcement or enforce existing laws. let me give you some the problems they have. about 66% of the individuals in the country right now not legally came in under an illegal the sand overstay. after the 9/11 commission the federal government was required to do a biometric into the visa
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system so we would know every person that came in and when they actually left the country or if they didn't leave the country. that has not been done to this day that was a major portion of the 9/11 commission. although conversation about hiring 5000 i.c.e. patrol. it takes 150 days with i.c.e. for the border patrol to hire one person, ford and 50 days of hiring. one additional immigration judges it takes 742 days to hire one immigration judge. these issues sound simplistic to be able to solve that they are pro problems with hiring and operating in these different agencies. these need to be addressed. when i deal with things like not wasted dollars that wasted time and wasted efforts. some of those are things like the nomination process in the senate which i address. there are rahway is to address the time and the link of time it takes to do nomination. in 2013 the senate was said to have the exact same problem.
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eight hours for everyone else except for the circuit court, the supreme court and for cabinet officers. the senate is one year and would walk away from it. like to bring them back in and have it bring a row. if we are going to get back to being a body that is operating in taking up legislation as well as nominations we have to have an expedited process for this. claire must lemire working on something called face that is passed through the senate. it's dealing with customer service. right now agencies can't do what every business in america does have an on line survey for how did we treat you in customer service? just send out some basic questions to send back. the reason for that the paperwork reduction act. these agencies can't do it because they have to follow through with the paperwork production act. it takes so long they just don't do it at all. we are trying to be able to fix
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that. if agencies are going to give better customer service and taking care people they have to be able to get feedback. it's a lot of wasted effort. it's a way that we are fumbling the ball. there is a lot that needs to happen. we are trying to get some specific examples. it's not intended to be the big one but if we are going to deal the deficit we have to be able to address it did we have to think about it to talk about it and find ways to solve it. there are things we need to spend money on but they are also things we don't need to spend money on and there are some things and to stop doing or start doing if this is ever going to turn around. let me open this up for questions. yes maam. the mac was going to be critical critical? can you outline that a little bit? >> what i've said all along is we can't out ignore the debt and deficit issues. if we are we are ever going to get ahead of the deficit we had to control spending and halve the better growing economy.
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if we use all of the tax reductions to offset we are never getting on top of the debt and deficit so my first question is how are we dealing with the debt and deficit? are the offsets real and i'm trying to try to address that. to me the big issue is how are we dealing with the debt and deficit? do we have realistic numbers and is there a backstop in the processing case we don't? the night will they have the meeting with you? we have had phonecalls to the thanksgiving time period and we have had constant interaction. this is not a finished product. there are lots of questions. we will continue to work on that. >> are you concerned about the fact that some of the provisions as the bill currently stand are set to expire. we take you live to the four senate


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