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tv   Alabama U.S. Senate Special Election  CSPAN  December 12, 2017 10:29pm-11:47pm EST

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this is going to be one of the last luncheons of this year. they sure to check out the national press club events in the calendar for next year. once again on behalf of the national press club today's meeting of the national press club is adjourned. [applause] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] birmingham alabama board doug jones is declared the winner and the alabama senate race. n he takes the lead in "cnn" projects 25 years as a democrat will be elected senator of the state of alabama a ruby red state a very republican state. doug jones is the winner. "cnn" projects he is the winner in this race. this is a huge moment a huge win for the democrats a huge set at for the president of the united states. they are getting excited over there that doug jones headquarters that let's go get doug jones headquarters. they just got the news. we made a projection doug jones has been elected to the united states senate.
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>> wolf blitzer listening and watching "cnn"." joining us live on the phone is national political reporter for the national post. doug jones the winner in this race. surprising turn of events based on the results this evening could walk us through what you think happened. not that surprising if you've been on the ground in alabama. being there for the past week i got the sense from my reporting this candidate doug jones was rallying traditional democratic voters especially african-american voters in places like terming hammon huntsville and montgomery. he builds a new coalition and in spite of the president's support for roy moore and his controversies you had republicans and democrats turn out in a regular place tonight
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to support the jones. it's a seismic victory to win a senate seat in the deep south and to bring a 52 seat republican majority to 51 seats is a major political event. >> having been in alabama over the last week or so getting beyond the strategy by the progress they looked at this race that the "washington post" wrote the story in early november. how does that change the dynamics for democrats and for doug jones in particular? for democrats to change because of the allegations in a change in this way. doug jones was burned by a support for abortion rights. now with the allegations a few months ago you had moral questions not about the abortion issue in alabama the moral debate shifted over to roy moore and his conduct and at times even about person trump's
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conduct for someone who would endorse roy moore and because of that shakeup and how alabama's look to the morality of the political questions at hand how they looked at the issues of character wasn't just through the prism of abortion. then they pulled in some ways doug jones to move forward and build a coalition that wasn't voting simply as a traditional social issue but it a complicated answers when it came to character questions. >> robert costa where looking at the map on the "washington post" web site and as we look at the results from mobile and birmingham and huntsville doug jones was able to pick up 75%, 80% of the vote in those key population counties. >> you look at the turnout and looking at the exit polls there is significant turnout among african-american voters in this trump moment in the roy moore moment. these are recent to come out. also doug -- saad doug jones are
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very well three in 10 white voters in the state of alabama. that's much better in terms of performance than we saw for president obama 2012 and hillary clinton last year. this was a light voter in alabama we saw tonight come out for the democrat in the way they haven't in a decade or if not more than decades. that shows you a shift. every democrat i talked to and i've talked to david axelrod don't read too much and alabama that you have to read it as a boon and a wake-up call to the whole democratic party. and we are a year away from next year's midterm elections but everything seems possible at this moment if you are winning a senate seat in the deeps south. robert costa is stay with us for opening your phone lines. we have a line set aside for those who live in alabama that number is 2027488922 and democrats number to call his (202)748-8920 and for
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republicans 202-74-8291. we will get to your phonecalls in just a moment. the "associated press" declaring doug jones the democrat the victor in a special election and robert costa this is a term that will continue at least until january 2021 so for the remainder of the first term of the trump presidency. >> that is correct. this is to fill the seat vacated by attorney general jeff sessions filled by senator luther strange of moderate republicans trot ally. >> host: what can you tell us about the jones background of what he will bring to the u.s. senate? >> doug jones was appointed u.s. attorney by president bill clinton in the 1990s and he was an unknown attorney at the time but well respected in the birmingham legal community a low-key man. talking to us for the comes across not a big personality. he is known for prosecuting members of the ku klux klan and their role in the 16 straight arming of the baptist church in birmingham in the 1960s.
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he prosecuted them decades later and he got a lot of credit for that for being a u.s. attorney focused on some of the racial reckoning and the state of alabama and he has taken a profile of u.s. attorney to the senate race but it was only after senator luther strange lost the primary runoff in september. only then did doug jones become a national figure worthy of national attention because suddenly with roy moore as the republican nominee the race in alabama was a competitive race. so this is hedlin washing doug jones projected winner in an upset over roy moore and a twitter page robert costa if seismic. >> if seismic and the reverberation. reverberations are immediate. in the senate you have republicans pushing a tax plan that has not yet passed its final version. that could be the process jolted
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for republicans. finish the darn bill so we can give to the floor before doug jones is sworn in as a u.s. senator so it all impact the tax debate. will impact what happens next year could with 51 republicans in the senate you have the whole party now with senator susan collins of moderate in senator rand paul conservative. the math for majority leader mcconnell to get anything done on the infrastructure welfare policy is going to be difficult with only 55 or -- 51 republican senators and enemies the whole dynamic of the u.s. and changes. now they have to reach out to the democrats would like doug jones of alabama through reach out. they shape which direction the bill will go and of course it shapes their shapes that 2018 midterm outlook. now they wonder if alabama is possible is a democratic
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battleground where you can get a victory then maybe president trump's becoming toxic to republican candidates nationally and not as much trouble as they may have thought. >> host: we are getting pictures from huntsville alabama. doug jones is one as one in the special election in the state se capitol a very quiet roy moore headquarters. robert costa we heard from mitch mcconnell that the senator won't be seated until january so luther strange will continue to cast votes. they are going to move quickly on the tax bill and they are negotiating that but i was just talking to ed rollins who is a pro-trump super pac strategists. he is telling me this could mean panic for the republican party and pentagon the hill.
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the party thinks the deep south is what we should pay attention to. that will have a consequence for what president trump can do. they can just ankar down and handle this chaotic political moment. you made the comment on "msnbc" burn wounds that republicans had doug jones winning and it removes the seat from republicans and had roy moore one the seat it would have been having further republicans party to move ahead. >> in a way that's true and i stick by that calm -- comment as a politician might say but if roy moore and would have won every republican in the senate would have been asked about whether they are with roy moore and if roy moore represents the republicans party republicans party paid as rollins said now republicans are going to be panicking at the same time they
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would be troubled to say the least way by reporters like myself who put a microphone in front of their face. now they don't have to answer those questions but it's embarrassing for the party to lose in the south. losing the mayoral race would be like democrats losing the mayoral seat of san francisco. when you talk about republican base to talk about alabama. >> two final points robert costa the announcement by senator richard shelby the senior senator that he was not going to avoid -- vote for roy moore two days before the election. >> it was significant but more of an echo that i heard that the state from suburban problem -- republicans. they are proud of their state and proud of their republican
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roots. they take morality seriously. they go to church or synagogue. they are serious people. they are not for list people they don't like to be associated with the idea of the south king backward. they are proud and when they saw rory more start to criticize and start to criticize muslims in congress or wonder if women should be serving in public office they scratch their heads and said this is what we want in our state? he became a choice not just between r&d but between alabama's past going back to george wallace and segregation versus alabama future. it's huntsville in birmingham and mobile the automobile companies and richard shelby who represents those voters. he has been around for a long time. he used to be a democrat and became republicans and the skittish about roy moore. a lot of people in alabama if
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you talk to them they say we know our past we know it better than you. we lived it. it was messy and unfortunately bloody and we want to move on. tonight in a way republicans may not like the outcome but alabamian voters feel like they have moved on. >> host: when the president delivers his state of the union address in january for senate that has 51 republicans and 49 democrats how does this impact his agenda in 2018? >> with that thunderclap right now. what is he going to get done in 2018? that's what white house officials are telling me and that's a questionnaire asking themselves. 51 votes and you start off with someone like senator paul who doesn't like to run through any kind of legislation and senator cohen of maine. she is very wary of the top agenda to start with. you take away those two votes they are hard to win over his
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center mike lee and senator ted cruz as well and senator flake and corker who have been very critical of the president and senator mccain critical of the president who has been unhelpful to the president's agenda. he gave thumbs down health care vote early this year. now there are 51 republican votes but it's not really 51 republican votes. on most legislation they start out with the core of maybe 35 or 40 republicans behind the president's bill but not more than that and that makes losing a feat his feet when the mouth is so tight it makes it tough for the for the present them before. robert costa national political reporter for the "washington post" down in alabama covering the newsroom is also the moderator of washington's week in review every friday on the cbs channel. bob costa thank you very much for being with us here at c-span. we appreciate it. >> thank you. reporter: followings in the tweets kris-ann holland democrat from maryland says trump loses and america wins.
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he played a key role for the democratic campaign committee as he oversees the 28th teen midterm elections again from chris van hollen. trump loses come america wins. doug jones in birmingham and roy moore in montgomery alabama taking your phonecalls chris' first up from campbell california. go ahead, please. >> caller: hi i'm just ecstatic with this book. it's just unbelievable. i did not think this territory in the u.s. could be taken over by democrats but a great job by the campaign. i am stoked. i hate the tax bill so i'm glad there's a majority in the senate. i think it's good for our country and i'm sure trump's --
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right now but i'm ecstatic. i really did not think this could happen. let's go thanks very much amigo next to daniel joining us in the public mind from brooklyn new york. go ahead, please. >> caller: good evening, how are you? klitschko your reactions from the results in alabama? >> caller: roy morris is not a good person. democrats should not read too much into this. people weren't adjusted in voting for a child molester and the next time the senate seat is up for election republicans. [inaudible] >> host: thank you for the call.
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republicans (202)748-8921 and democrats (202)748-8920. we have a light for those of you who live in alabama. that number is (202)748-8922. doug jones the democrat has been declared the winner by the "associated press"." a look at the numbers courtesy of "the news york times" web site. can see how close this race is with 94% of the votes reported. doug jones with nearly 60030000 votes compared to 619,000 votes almost 620,000 votes for roy moore so about a 10,000 vote difference and there are still about to enter precincts still to come in. those precincts are more heavily democratic districts which is why the networks have called the race for doug jones democrat over roy moore. the last democratic senator from alabama the first time in a generation a democrat has won the statewide seat in a special election. he previously held by attorney
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general jeff sessions. james is joining us on the democrats line from santa monica california. good evening. >> caller: thank you sir and i am so, so happy for media finally to get some recognition. i am believing in our constitution, our fbi, our society and i'm so happy because trump has put down everything that we hold dear as americans. maybe this will bring us all together and this is a rallying point for the democratic party's that we need to get her house together and bring in new blood, bring in the people. we got out the black vote. i am black and i'm so happy with alabama. i work at -- hospital and we were saying no way the republicans are going to win this but right is right and wrong is wrong. i disagree with one of your callers saying this isn't that
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big of a deal or anything. a win is a win. we are going to get momentum. everybody is not agreeing with it and taking us down the wrong path. i'm just so happy that americans need to come together and take our country back and yes we stand together. i'm proud to be an american. thank you for my time to be able to speak. i really appreciate you guys. god bless you all. as for janet joining us from sherman oaks california republican line. go ahead please. >> caller: yes, i am really amazed. i've lived in southern california and there is rampant homelessness among among white americans and everywhere you go people are speaking heavy
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accents. are you here illegally and you're supposed to say no. my point is i'm just wondering and i'm just wondering if the votes were in any way from people who were illegal or full legal. if it's a true alabamian vote so be it but i wonder if there's any way to verify alabama really did vote in this way and not just illegal or full legal vote. janet from sherman oaks california live at headquarters in birmingham alabama and jake is joining us from black mountain north carolina democratic line. you are on the air. >> caller: i just wanted to say how proud i am to see people
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turn out for the good and the right and this is an indictment on the trump administration anti-trump agenda that you don't have to go with hate and we don't have to go with these misogynistic pedophile family wants good things in this country. we want things that are true and right and we still believe in the constitution and important things to true americans. >> host: javier is joining us from alabama. who did you vote for today sir? >> caller: actually didn't vote. i was trying to avoid another establishment led election. >> host: what is your reaction to doug jones winning? >> caller: my reaction was how would have been for roy moore
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winning. either way it's not going to change -- the republicans still have the senate lead and the tax bill could go either way. i don't see much of a change coming on. >> host: thank you for the call through joining us live on the phone is with political and this is the headline the alabama earthquake democrat jones winning in the special election. thanks very much for being with us. your reaction to these results? >> caller: obviously this is a huge upset for the democrat party, huge upset victory and the immediate impact is the republican majority in the senate like a sometime after the new year but possibly before that could be down to 51 seats and that makes it a lot harder for the republican agenda to pass particularly once the new year comes around.
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they haven't elected a democratic senator from alabama in over a quarter century. this is really monumental earthquake. >> host: we are keeping in close land doug jones headquarters in birmingham is he comes the pudding. here he is right now. we are going to watch the scene in birmingham alabama. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] >> thank you, thank you. everyone, thank you. [applause] thank you, thank you.
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>> folks. i've got to tell you, i think i have been waiting all my life and now i just don't know what the hell to do. if you will indulge me just a moment. folks i'm overwhelmed but let me first make a couple of brief comments. you know i have said throughout this campaign that i thought december 12 was going to be a historic day. [applause] but i've got to tell you and you know where i'm headed.
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december 12 has always been a historic day for the jones family. this is as you know my and louise's 25th wedding anniversary. [cheers and applause] i could not have done this without her. the love, the support and encouragement. earlier in the evening when she kicked me in the rear end when i was down. so this has been a wonderful night. i have to thank my family and i have my wonderful son carson christopher, my daughter courtney and make beautiful granddaughter my son-in-law rick. all these friends back here u.s. attorneys, my mom who couldn't make it here. [applause] [cheers and applause]
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my dad is here with us in spirit spirit. he is too ill and unfortunately my sister carrie and her husband scott savage, hey earles, thank you, thank you. i am surely overwhelmed. i am truly, truly overwhelmed but you know folks and you have all heard me say this at one point or another in this campaign i have always believed that the people of alabama had more in common than what divides us. [cheers and applause] we have shown not just around the state of alabama but we have shown the country the way. [applause]
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we have spent so many hours i have got so many people that i can thank but i will tell you very quick weight there are three people that i want to have knowledge tonight because if it wasn't for them we would not be here. they are the folks that sent me down in early may and said doug you can do this and they showed me the way. i want to make sure that everybody in this room, we have an incredible staff. started with a small group of folks just been weighed and garrett. [applause] but the three people i need to acknowledge before i go any further, i have one of the greatest political consultants in the world in joe trippi. [applause] i know you are tired of seeing my ads but they were all joe's work and he showed me the way. doug turner we have been friends for so long showed me the
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numbers and then the one that i called the yoda of the campaign, charles perkins. [cheers and applause] charles has had his own issues to deal with over the summer but this campaign and what he has done whatever the history is written about alabama politics remember those names. doug turner charles perkins in joe trippi. i want to just say this. folks we have come so far. we have some -- come so far and the people of alabama have spoken. [cheers and applause] they have said to each other and
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as i've said i have said from the very beginning this campaign has never been about me. .. different communities in the state. [cheering] my friends in the latino community, thank you.
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[cheering] we have built this everywhere we have gone we have had that same energy and excitement. at the end of the day, this entire race has been about dignity and respect. [cheering] this campaign has been about the rule of law. [cheering] this campaign has been about common courtesy and decency and making sure everyone regardless of where you live is going to get a fair shake at life. [applause]
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let me just say to all of my future colleagues in washington -- [applause] i want to make sure in all seriousness there are important issues facing this country, important issues for jobs and the economy, and i would like to make sure this campaign is about finding common ground and reaching across and getting things done for the people. [applause] i have a challenge to my colleagues. don't wait on me, take this election from the great state of alabama --
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[cheering] take this election from alabama and say we want to get something done, find common ground, take this opportunity in light of this election and funded the program. [applause] [cheering] i'm not going to talk much longer, it's been a long night and a long campaign. this vote i've said it before alabama has been at a crossroa
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crossroads. we've been at crossroads in the past, so ladies and gentlemen, you made the right move. [applause] [cheering] [cheering] [chanting usa] i said this at the top. i want to thank each of you for helping me fulfill the dream of serving in the senate that started out. thank you for that.
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as we approach this history and crossroads, we have work to do in the state to build bridges aninthe state and the reach acrs for those that didn't vote for us to try to find that common ground. i pledge pledge to do that toni. tonight is a night of rejoicing because to quote it bends towards justice. [applause] tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we are a little closer to that
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justice and not only was it true but said the right to the heart of alabama dog bless you and the great state of alabama in the united states of america. thank you. [applause] [cheering] ♪ ♪
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the senator elect from the state of alabama, the democrats making reference to his former democrat senator the last democrat to hold the seat in alabama. live in birmingham alabama and we are here on c-span2 and c-span radio with the result. this is what it looks like on the drudge report website with the white house shock. we are going to continue to watch the scene in birmingham and rejoice who has been following all of this thank you for staying with us. what did you hear from the speech tonight? >> what is clear is doug jones ran the race as a pretty standard issue democrat and that was reflected. he didn't just give the speech and then talk about why partisanship. jones did talk a little bit about that on the trail but most
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of the positions are those you would expect of a standard democrat even though he was running any deep states like alabama. the one exception to that, he's more conservativhe ismore conser typical democrat. one thing here if you are looking ahead, expect jones to vote like a typical democrat. he's not going to be as conservativconservatives even ae like joe manchin is what appears to be the outcome. >> 1954 paying tribute to a number of staffers including the debate for those responsible for the ads. he raised a lot of outside money. but we share one of those donors, jeff flake the senator from arizona who isn't seeking a second term and wrote on his twitter page he gave the campaign a check for $100. your thoughts on all of that?
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>> it is more or less symbolic of a week or break. there was the never trump republican and that may have given some a cover or permission so to speak to vote for jones even though they still identify as republicans and they might not like his position on issues like abortion or taxes or anything else. if anyone like jeff flake who is a devout conservative though he has estranged relationship then there's no reason a republican voter can't do the same so those symbolic actions could have played a key role pushing jones over the top of the main reason
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he won tonight is because of the huge turnout from the african-american community and alabama. >> host: 49.5% of the vote he is the winner. roy moore 48.8%, a difference of about 9,000 votes between democrats and republicans, so the win for the democrats, but a very narrow. >> he needed every last vote he got. there are still some precincts outstanding. it could expand a little bit. most of them are democratic leaning areas but the way he one was pretty astounding. it wasn't so much that he cut into the margins which is what some people thought he might have to do. he did that in a few places but in a lot of places he won by the same margins in 2012.
11:12 pm
what happened is the turnout and a lot of the black belts which a conservative african-american voters although it is named after a very dark soil in the area and that is an area that runs across the middle of the state through birmingham. so jones was able to turn out the voters come heavily african-american and democratic counties. he was able to get a high turnout and close to what you would see during a presidential election nevermind this wasn't even a midterm election, it was being held two weeks before christmas which you would expect to see a low turnout. >> the president didn't campaign that was in pensacola friday and encouraged republicans to go to the polls to support roy moore just a moment ago the president of the united states congratulating doug jones on a hard-fought victory. a win is a winner.
11:13 pm
the people in alabama are great and republicans will have another shot in a short pier co. of time. it never ends. but it's not open again until 2020 said the same time the president is running for a reelection so doug jones will be in th the seats the next two or more years. >> yes, he's definitely going to be able to play a major role sort of deciding whether or not the parts of the agenda passed. right now it doesn't look like he's going to get in office in time to have an impact but they have sort of laid out pretty ambitious agenda foa prettyambir things they want to do they said the next thing they might want to turn to is reforming the safety net in america jones will be able to have a role in that. in most of the political positioning its been more or less the standard democrat but because he is from alabama you
11:14 pm
can expect they are hoping they win the vote on some issues which there are not many they can reach up to, so i think he could end up being a figure that plays a major role in the policy debates. >> those listening on the coast-to-coast serious x. m. you're looking at their headquarters in birmingham, alabama and joining live on the phone from politico. lepolitico. what we ask that the certification of the seat because as you mentioned, doug jones will not take the seat until early next year. the interim senator will stay in the senate. why is it going to take a sort couple of weeks to certify? >> it's the process of alabama uses. they go around to different counties and the state has to certify the results and then of course there's the christmas break. so it doesn't look like he will be seated until the new year.
11:15 pm
>> you live in montgomery alabama as we continue to watch shaking hands, greeting reporters, thanking volunteers for victory and there is singing going on. we have not yet heard from judge roy moore. typically the loser comes out first but that isn't the case this time. we are not sure if he will deliver remarks tonight. >> it is unclear. both roy moore and the former chief strategist of the trump white house who played a pretty critical role at times and backing roy moore through the general election while others sort of stuck with him was eventually joined by the president himself in backing roy moore. both of them were scheduled to speak but right now it is unclear if that's going to happen. >> final question thanks for staying with us the course of the evening. what do you think is on the minds tonight if senate republicans including the leader mitch mcconnell? >> a lot of things.
11:16 pm
there were a lot of decisions made by mitch mcconnell, donald trump even that brought republicans to this point. tonight entering they were in a lose lose situation they were either going to lose the senate seat to the democrat doug jones or elect a man that had been accused of sexually preying on young girls to the senate which is the kind of things democrats would have been able to use against them in other elections, so it was a no-win situation. they got themselves into that situation and there's been a lot of questioning on the political team and how they handled the race and so really i think there is a fair bit of regret and maybe relief they won't have to deal with roy moore and the
11:17 pm
investigation that would have lasted more than a year and caused a headache for them so there's probably a lot of the motion going around for the republican majority. >> kevin who is on the ground in alabama much of the last week and a half covering for politico joining on the phone in washington and his work is available online at, thank you for being with us tonight. we will open up the phone lines tell us what you think about victory. there he is live in birmingham alabama declaring victory tonight for the first time in more than a quarter century a democrat has won what is considered to be a solid red republican state he will become the junior senator from alabama in january when he is seated and this is from "the new york times" the results to give you a idea of how close they are using the results 49.5% and about 98% of the vote now reporting with a difference of less than 10,000
11:18 pm
votes. joining us from murphy north carolina on the republican line your reaction to all of this. >> i have a sense of shock the people in alabama voted for a man that didn't serve this country and they voted against a vietnam veteran and a man of g god. i am disappointed as someone that spent his whole life serving this country in the military that he never got the benefit of being innocent until proven guilty. he was lynched by the "washington post." i'm very, very disgusted. so you did not believe the accusations put forth by those
11:19 pm
women when they were teenagers? >> no, i did not. why did they wait 30 or 40 years to come out against this man just before an election? he never had the chance. he should have had the benefit of the doubt by the american people. >> jennifer duffy of the cook political report has this on her twitter page the biggest losers of the night for president trump. he managed to be zero for two in the race and of course he initially supported the republican primary and he lost to roy moore lost tonight by less than 10,000 votes. for brooklyn new york philip, good evening. >> yes, good evening. it's been a long time since we've spoken. i have to tell you i have a good track record but tonight i have been fooled. i did not expect.
11:20 pm
this tells me two things, this is a pivotal point for the republican party. they are either going to get their act together with president trump and move forward or regress. there is no choice here and the fact that alabama of all states in the nation elected a democrat to the senate, in the united states of america this is beyond an overhaul. this is a huge night for the democrats and they have a lot of opportunity. one last thing i want to say, they must let the new blood as this man is come forward. if the democrats are smart, they will take the old ones they've had for a long time, let them retire and let's bring in some new blood and that goes for the republicans got to, too but espy the democrats. i never expected this in my
11:21 pm
life, 56-years-old voting in every election this is a bombshell of good news. >> on the republican line joining us earlier it's a political earthquake and the president saying congratulations on a hard-fought victory. they played a very big factor but a wi win is a win of the pee of alabama are great and the republicans will have another shot at this in a very short pier co. of time. next time this will be on the ballot will be 2020 and we are live in the headquarters in birmingham alabama and we are told that judge roy moore who is in montgomery alabama will also speak. they are adjusting the foot again and the microphone and we will have it for use by right here on the c-span networks. eli in port washington on the democrats line good evening. >> caller: thank you so much for taking my call.
11:22 pm
i think americans are finally drawing a line in the sand. we elected a bigot for president and he -- i think a state like at the bama with a pro-choice democrats proved that even the staunchest conservatives are rejecting the party for the disrespect for the office of the president has struck the american people the wrong way and republican parties will be feeling it for the years to come and one last thing, two calls ago it was said why isn't he considered innocent until proven guilty? that is how the legal system operates but that isn't how the world operates. when four people come out with the same allegation, i tend to believe them. thank you for taking my call. thank you for calling us. an upset victory over the republican ro roy moore.
11:23 pm
>> i wanted to say this isn't just a win for john but for america. >> host: next from colton california on the democrats line, go ahead. >> caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. what a good day for america to understand. he had a history of not respecting the law. [inaudible] [inaudible] this is the united states of
11:24 pm
america [inaudible] we should work together. let's stop picking and choosing because we are destroying the democratic government. >> former governor and now the senator from new hampshire, congratulations. excited to work with you in the senate. we are following the members of congress and the president. tony is joining on the republican line in north carolina, your reaction to all this? >> caller: i'm very upset. >> caller: why is that? >> caller: ivv.
11:25 pm
the [inaudible] >> host: next his chin outside washington, d.c. on the democrats line in falls church virginia. good evening. >> caller: thank you for the c-span programming. i've enjoyed watching everything going on at the headquarters. but i think i agree that this is a seismic event and a seismic outcome will be following virginia and now this thing and are sending intelligence and personality i would say that we are seeing the beginning that is going to stir the house in 2018. >> host: another democratic voice, senator chris murphy williams of little kids all across america say in tonight thank you alabama and at this is from the twitter page it is a
11:26 pm
loss and a win for democrats. we have a line for republicans, 8921 and if you live in alabama, (202)748-8922. (202)748-8922. doug jones who spoke a short while ago in birmingham alabama and in montgomery alabama we are still awaiting to hear from roy roy moore. >> caller: northeast alabama. >> host: in your reaction to what happened in the state? >> caller: i am excited i think the right candidate won the election and it's a huge step forward for alabama that we are all bought conservative and we made the right choice tonight. i think this is a huge step for alabama to not [inaudible]
11:27 pm
>> host: go ahead i'm sorry. >> caller: a comment to a caller that called previously about how he never served in the service [inaudible] >> host: he was making reference to roy moore who served in the army. from debbie wasserman schultz on her page tonight the people of alabama did what donald trump has refused to do, reject the politics of hate and embrace a vision for the future and women deserve to be heard, congratulations senator elect that is from south florida and the former chair. another call from alabama. your reaction? >> guest: >> caller: i'm very pleased. earlier someone made a comment
11:28 pm
that there was probably a lot of illegal alien voting. i went to the polling station at 9:00 this morning and went straight to the supermarket and every one of the supermarket was talking about doug jones and how they wouldn't vote for judge roy moore. the people don't realize is we just impeached a republican governor last year for improper sexual behavior, so it is not a surprise to us that it would go to a democrat. he didn't have a chance. when i went to the poll you would see along the side of the street vote for me. i never saw one campaign sign for a charge to roy moore. it was doug jones from the polling place to the
11:29 pm
supermarket. i didn't see one vote for roy moore in this town. this is north alabama and it's usually a republican city that still, i'm so happy we finally have a democrat in the capital. happy, happy. >> host: judith from decatur and they are still celebrating and alabama, doug jones headquarters were the cemetery elect spoke earlier. earlier. democratic congressman adam schiff of california calling it, quote, a hanukkah miracle. sorry, the good man one. she said among the things they have a it happened last night. good evening, dave. >> caller: i just want to say that it's a shame anyone gets judged before they get tried.
11:30 pm
it happened with president trump they try to accuse him right before the election he molested me, no heat and because you don't wait 30 years to say it. it's fixed and it is a sad day for the country. another sad day for the country. we just need to move on from here, that's all i have to say. ..
11:31 pm
>> on the republican line is richard from new york city. good evening pgh so, c-span fan and i watch as much as i can. i'm curious where you got back so late to the election headquarters. cnn called the race, you still have the agricultural secretary at the press club on a repeat airing. >> we are right on time. they called the rice and we are on the air 40 seconds later if you look at our coverage. >> okay. i don't believe you were. i think you're behind on that. anyway, i want to let you know on the fan. >> host: if you tuned and you heard the cheers, we're live here with that as well. >> i think it was at least five minutes after ap called it.
11:32 pm
i was just curious why would you be with agriculture secretary. >> we are waiting for the speeches to come out. roy morris now speaking and working to listen to him live. >> thank you, i really want to thank you for coming tonight and realize that when the voters this close it's not over. we still have to go over by the rules with this recount in the secretary of state has explained it to us. were expecting the press will go up there and talk to them to find out what the situation is. we also know that god is always in control. part of the thing and part of the problem with this campaign as we have been painted in an unfavorable and unfaithful
11:33 pm
light. we have been put in a hole if you will and it reminds me of a passage, i waited patiently for the lord. that's what we got to do. he came to me and heard my cry and brought us out of the horrible pit and establishment going to put a new song in my mouth. many shall see it, here it is should be moved by that. if you will. that's what we have to do. wait on god, this process play out. i know it's late. but the votes are still coming in, we're looking at that. may god bless you as you go on. may you get safe journey, it's not over. it's going to take some time. thank you.
11:34 pm
[applause] thank you. [applause] let's go home and sleep on it. we'll take it on tomorrow. thank you. [applause] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> very brief remarks from roy moore saying it's not over yet. calling for a recount. there is a recount if it's within .05% or less. the mets are in a doug jones, the democrat has a 1.1% lead,
11:35 pm
still a close race but it may not trigger an automatic recall. to give you a sense, the democratic areas in blue dark blue are strong areas for doug jones. democratic stronghold. in the northern part of the state those are heavily roy more areas. the black belt reference to the dark soil which runs right across the center part of the state. that is where doug jones pulled off a victory rendering between 70, 80, and 82% of the votes over roy moore but still a very close race. we look at the results of the campaign headquarters. let's get your phone calls for
11:36 pm
alabama voters. the number to call is (202)748-8922. jonathan from springfield missouri, good evening. >> caller: good evening. i'm really happy that jones won the election today. i strongly believe raymore was not going to win. i'm really happy. it's a big win for the democrats. i'm really happy. >> host: senator tom udall has this tweet. the good, decent candidate one tonight. thank you alabama for putting country were party. in congratulating doug jones. murray is joining us from west virginia. good evening. >> caller: good evening, calling to say thank you to alabama. alabama took a strong stand for the entire country this evening.
11:37 pm
we democrats in west virginia appreciate that. thank you. >> caller: good evening, i want to say thank you to the alabama voters for going out to vote for doug jones. praise the lord. >> keith is joining us. what was it like at the polls? >> it was awesome. i am beyond proud for the county that i grew up in which is chambers county to vote for doug jones, roy moore, she has been taken seriously for too long and has heard too many people. this is a big night for the democrats. i'm very happy.
11:38 pm
>> host: we have not heard from a lot of republicans. if you're running while reading democratic tweets, were tracking all of them. so far only the democrats have weighed in. ben cardin of maryland said i'm looking forward to welcoming doug jones to the senate. the people of alabama elected amend they can respect and will represent them well. on the republican line from ohio, eric your next. doug jones with just under 50% of the vote. roy moore with 40 and half percent. go ahead. >> caller: i want to make two points, number one, i'm a registered republican. some people like mike call me a rhino but i would not put much into that. the bottom line is, roy mo was a uniquely and qualified candidate.
11:39 pm
i would take those results in stride. and secondly, this is a great opportunity, we've seen a lot of partisan strakes the past several years with the election and other circumstances. the reality is, this is a great opportunity for the country. you have a republican they'll be representing a conservative state. it's a great opportunity for incoming senator, doug jones to create an example of bipartisanship in a way that his natural constituency might be
11:40 pm
more democratic and he might be able to bridge some divides our country. >> host: thank you for the call. back to new york times members, doug jones increasing his lead. you can see more than 20000 votes different between the democratic candidate. 671,000 votes for doug jones compared to 650,000 votes for roy moore. with 100% of the vote now reporting remains unclear if there be a recount. it would not trigger an automatic recount because the margin is increasing for the democratic candidate. a few more minutes from phone calls on the a chance to hear from doug jones. michael and alabama, where you located? >> caller: think for taking my call. it's south, but one of the blue votes in my red county. it's a relief that doug jones one. when roy moore was asked and thought america was great again
11:41 pm
he did decided to say when families were united even though we had slavery. he thought america was great again when only white males, i'm so glad that doug jones has taken the senate seat. >> caller: and talking to reporters who are crisscrossing the state they talk about all of you being bombarded with television and send this campaign has been nonstop, what have you been seeing and hearing? >> it's been back and forth. you cannot turn any radio station, to be station, website or videogame app on your phone. it's everywhere. for republicans and democrats. the craziest race i've seen so far. i've been voting for about 15
11:42 pm
years. >> host: thank you for joining us. next is trent from monro, louisiana. good evening. >> caller: can i said everybody straight about the fact that the one thing the media didn't discuss was that roy moore intellectual and philosophical framework was probably coming from the greatest intellectual framework that is a march the 20 century. that is the christian reconstruction philosophical work. bannon and his group are going to blow a hole in the republican party in the united states. this was a trial run. roy wasn't the greatest articulate. he was no gary moore, the fact that the christian community in this community is looking for what the intellectual and
11:43 pm
philosophical framework is is coming in the future. put it in the archives and cnn. >> host: leases next, st. petersburg, florida. >> caller: hello. good evening. let me just say this is a phenomenal win. a very proud that doug jones one. it shows that the light will shine through the dark. there's way too much going on in our world right now. when he positive people in office. positive people to hold seats. i'm so proud that doug jones won the selection. i'm coming out st. petersburg, florida. i'm originally from california. i'm a proud democrat. go doug jones. >> host: breitbart news was steve bannon working heading up the news organization, alabama
11:44 pm
alexa jones. here's an update on the recount rules. under alabama state law a recount is automatically ordered when a candidate wins by no more than .5% of all vote cast. that means the recount threshold will be a margin of somewhere between five and 7000 votes. as we look at the numbers the margin of victory is now close to 20000 votes. joanne is joining us from denver colorado. good evening. >> good evening. i'm just calling to say very proud of alabama tonight. seems the republicans and democrats voted for country over party the selection. >> thank you.
11:45 pm
the tweet, trump is toxic. were following twitter comments. this is what it looks like on the twitter page. our last call is cynthia. a democrat. your thoughts? >> caller: i'm so proud of alabama. i think doug jones that's what democracy looks like. black, white, yellow, all different ethnic roots. that's what america is about. i think they need to impeach trump. go to need to >> host: the speeches you saw tonight available online anytime at were back left more morning with "washington journal" and your
11:46 pm
reaction to the results, robert who he talked to earlier calls it seismic. political called it a political earthquake. a win for the first time in 25 years. he made reference to -- in case you missed it, the senator elect, democrat, doug jones. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]


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