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tv   American Israel Public Affairs Cmte. AIPAC Lobbying Agenda  CSPAN  March 9, 2018 6:17pm-6:28pm EST

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coming today to speak to us. thank you.♪ ♪ [music] >> good morning! conference is all about learning, reading and lobbying. on tuesday morning, thousands of us will take action on capitol hill to stand united with israel. we will come together to urge members of congress to cosponsor legislation which will enhance the us relationship. and to ensure that israel maintains the strength in the
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face of growing threats of war. >> in attendance yet is biggest on three issues. providing israel with much needed security assistance, opposing iran's regional aggression and nuclear ambitions and opposing boycotts in israel. also threatened us companies. >> which brings us to our first message with congress. denies this must provide both security assistance to israel. this is the foundation of our work together. supporting the needs for them to defend himself by themselves. annual security assistance is the most tangible manifestation of american support for the jewish state. for decades, america has understood it is in our national interest that israel has the resources it needs to respond to decisively.
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>> america depends in israel as one stable democratic ally in the middle east. both countries share intelligence, technology and so much more. but instability grips the middle east. and israel faces growing security threats. requiring her to invest more money in sophisticated and expensive weapons. to the north israel faces hezbollah with an estimated 150,000 missile and rockets capable of hitting every part of israel. and in syria, iran is cementing military forces. and in the south they control gaza where they're digging more
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and more into israel. and it is affiliates from the sinai peninsula. >> israel relies on our help to meet near term threats. as well as longer term threats like a nuclear armed iran. to meet these threats, on tuesday, we will ask lawmakers to fully fund $3.3 billion in security assistance to israel. $500 million in cooperative missile defense funding. and to support the overall trend by the further, we will ask lawmakers to cosponsor the united states israel security assistance authorization act of 2018. bipartisan legislation just introduced by representative -- and senators marco rubio and -- [applause]
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they deserve a lot of credit. the bill supports agreed-upon funding levels and to dramatically strengthen us cooperation with israel in many areas. including enhancing and expanding israeli based american war reserves stockpiles for which the us can share with israel in an emergency. >> this brings us to our second message for congress. for over 25 years, aipac has been instrumental in bringing attention to the threat by around. we have worked with administration and congress to peacefully adjust the iranian nuclear threat. unfortunately, the 2015 nuclear deal with iran has not moderated iran's aggressive behavior. according to the state department, iran remains the leading state sponsor on
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terrorism. over the last year, it has established military bases throughout syria which threatens the northern border. iran's regional aggression directly challenges american interests and our allies. as secretary of defense james mattis recently observed, everywhere we find trouble in the middle east, the same thing is behind it. i ran, just three weeks ago, i ran launched in syria a hostile unmanned aerial vehicle. otherwise known as a uab for a drone. he went into israeli airspace. this is a stunning provocation the highlights the threat in syria that it poses to israel security. through diplomacy we must address this behavior as well
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as shortcomings in the 2016 nuclear deal. to ensure that iran never acquires a nuclear weapon. [applause] >> we go to the hill tomorrow and we will ask has members to cosponsor the iranian revolutionary guard for economic exclusion act. bipartisan legislation that sanctions the rgc. introduced by representative -- [applause] and in the senate, we will lobby in support of a bipartisan letter to secretary of state, rex tillerson. circulating by senators corker and menendez. [applause] and it wasn't easy to get. the letter urges stronger
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actions to counter iran's regional aggression. and vigorous diplomatic engagement with our european allies to prevent iran from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon. [applause] >> ellis turned to the third message for congress. the need for america to fight economic boycotts against israel, the united nations and other international governmental organizations. almost every day, israel faces unfair criticism and -- that seek to stigmatize, delegitimize and isolate the jewish state. syria's human rights crises equip us. israel is the only country the un home and writes counsel scrutinizes every time it needs. this issue became more present in 2016. when the council order the
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preparation of a database of companies conducting certain business beyond the 1949 -- including east jerusalem, and the jewish corridor of the old city. in a january 2018, the human rights commissioner for human rights threatened 206 companies including 22 american companies. these threats directly support the objectives of the movement. and can set back the cause of peace. further, they could lead to international -- will companies doing business with israel. and deter others from engaging in any trade or investment in the nvesent in the jewish state. >> tomorrow we will ask both senators and representatives to
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cosponsor the israel anti-boycott act. which prohibits us companies from cooperating with international boycotts in israel. it is co-authored senator portman and cardin. -- co-authored by senators portman and cardin and -- [applause] lex on tuesday you might get some pushback. you might hear the anti-boycott act restricts free speech. but that is simply not true. nothing restricts constitutionally protected free speech. the bill only recognizes commercial conduct supported international governmental boycotts that our government
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opposes. moreover, they have expressed concern the senate bill sponsors are adding clarify language to make it crystal clear that there bill protects the first amendment rights of all americans. [applause] let's so, this is our passport. providing israel with much needed security assistance. >> opposing iran's regional aggression and nuclear ambitions. >> and opposing boycotts in israel that are also threatening us companies. this is the path preserving the safety of israel and of our nation and this is your message on tuesday.thank you. [applause]


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